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Friday, May 14, 2010

COVERAGE: Manila Bloggers meet up with V Factory @ Spiral, Sofitel

spiral v factory
It was a great evening attending a meet up with the foreign artist for the Then and Now Massive Music Festival 2010. We were suppose to meet and have dinner with Jojo, but she was so tired from the flight and the concert organizers told us that she will rest and get her energy back for tomorrow, but the evening didn't end there because me and the bloggers met Jared Murillo and Nick Teti of V Factory.

Met them after our awesome and super dinner at Spiral in Sofitel. It was one of the best buffet ever in the country, a total of 300 dishes, from local and international cuisine. Thanks to Divan Media Group and Sofitel for organizing and inviting us Manila Bloggers. don't forget guys that the concert will be on May 15th at SM MOA concert ground.

more pics and video below

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dinner with Jojo and V Factory tonight

As of now, 7pm of May 13th. I'm now having a dinner with the concert producers, Manila Bloggers Network members, and with foreign artist - Jojo and V Factory. This is just an automated blog post. I'm so excited for the Then and Now Massive Music Festival 2010

super thanks to Divan Media Group

I'm going to post pics and video later :)
Jojo and V Factory

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival 2010 featuring JoJo, Frankie J, Baby Bash, Diana King, SWV, P.M. Dawn,All-4-One and V Factory happens on a Saturday, May 15, at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Tickets are available at Ticketnet and Ticketworld outlets.

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival 2010 is a production of Divan Media.

CONTEST : Grand winner of the 10 tickets for the Then and Now Massive Music Festival 2010

I just organized a crazy contest and giving a way 10 Bronze tickets for the Then and Now Massive Music Festival 2010 to one lucky music fan that is selected by an electronic raffle, and also a possible meet with the artist. I'm going to arrange if it is possible, because I'm going to have a dinner with Jojo and V Factory tonight at 7pm and I'm having an idea to meet the grand winner of our contest to give her personally this 10 tickets.

I like to thank Divan Media Group for sponsoring this contest in my blog. We have 117 valid entries and one of them is the solo winner of this contest.
And now....
the grand winner is..... tararaaaraarannnn!!!

(click more below to know the winner)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my laptop is back!

laptop is back! cheers!

I'm really happy that I already revive my laptop back in shape and it took me 2 days to fix everything and re-install those softwares I needed for my work. I'm still observing the activity of my laptop and see if it will fail me again. The kuripot in me strikes again and looks like buying a new and upgraded version of Compaq will be delayed for awhile. But I'm hoping to buy one next week. I need to blog and fill up those holes with work loads because I'm already out of time and deadlines are coming.

more story below

MOVIES: The Party Never Stops in SEX AND THE CITY 2

After the close of the long-running HBO series “Sex and the City,” which continues to enjoy success on DVD and through national and international syndication, the demand for further adventures of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda remained strong. In September of 2007, the first feature film version of “Sex and the City” went into production and was released worldwide in the early summer of 2008. The film was a global phenomenon, becoming a box office smash and broadening “Sex and the City’s” worldwide fan base.

(more news below)

My son is named Ashton and all about books of Baby names
Lace wants to name our son, Ashton, got it from my nickname Az or Ash. I kinda joke on her that the name Ashton sounds like Ashley hahahah. She want to have a pop culture or comic name. Ashton or Ash can be that from Joe Quesada's comic book "Ash" or that guy from Army of Darkness movie and not think too much Ashton Kutcher :(

But wait til I wrote it in our son's birth certificate "Ashton Skywalker", I want it. And hope Lace wont get mad at me hehhe.

Read Lace's mommy blog about baby names - New Books on Pregnancy, Baby Names, Etc.

MOVIES : Bruckheimer Brings Adventure Back with PRINCE OF PERSIA

“We love bringing audiences into new worlds they haven’t yet explored,” says legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer, “and ancient Persia is one of the most wonderful of them all. It has such a rich heritage of imagination and fantasy, and we’ve tried to honor that in our new epic adventure ‘Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.’”

He adds, “We tackle epic films, from ‘Armageddon’ to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ and ‘Prince of Persia’ falls right in line with those kinds of movies. It’s got enormous imagination, enormous scope and phenomenal action.” (more below)

MOVIES: Russell Crowe reunites with filmmaking legend director Ridley Scott for Robin Hood movie

I got invited by SOLAR-UIP to watch the premiere of Robin Hood this Thursday, and Im so curious to see how director Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Hannibal) give a treatment in movie making for Robin Hood. The movie is very silent and I'm not aware of this, but looks like another tale of the outlaw and hero of the 13th century. World wide release will be on May 14, 2010.

Here's a movie info --- Academy Award® winner RUSSELL CROWE reunites with his blockbuster Gladiator director, filmmaking legend RIDLEY SCOTT, for the epic action-adventure Robin Hood. Joining with Oscar®-winning producer BRIAN GRAZER (A Beautiful Mind, American Gangster) and Oscar®-winning screenwriter BRIAN HELGELAND (L.A. Confidential, Green Zone), they tell the story of the legendary figure known by generations as “Robin Hood,” whose exploits have endured in popular mythology and ignited the imagination of those who share his spirit of adventure and righteousness.

(more article and trailer below)

EVENT: Click: Web Advertising, Advergaming, and Other Online Marketing Strategies

Here's something that I should attend and start to learn more about digital marketing and advertising. I know that I'm active in digital marketing and advertising, but there are some things that I need learn and understand. Learning never stops even that you are a professional or a beginner, because there are new things coming in our way and we need to adjust and use this new knowledge to have a better future. I will be here and hope to be your class mate.

I like to invite you attend "CLICK", this is a 2 week online course that will start on May 14th, an online session and class, plus a face to face class on 15th at Ateneo Graduate School of Business Amphitheater, Rockwell Drive, Makati City.
( more details below)

Not our fault if we are invited to attend your event

I'm very upset after reading Rowena's blog "MEGA Magazine Launch FAIL". Another case of PR and marketing staff of a company who treated our blogger friends as nobody, they are been invited as guest and blogger to cover the event and then it seems that their contact person who invited them is not properly coordinating with them, so what happened? All people in the registration area and the one who will take care of the guest and media, and bloggers too, are so clueless on who they are, and they even took the press kit off the hands of our bloggers.

Read my full story below

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MS Office 2010 intstallation fail

ms office 2010 error
I'm very disappointed to see this error over and over again. I'm so excited to install the beta version of MS Office 2010, and I just discovered its great features at the Microsoft Bloggers Night last week, and people from Microsoft Philippines informed us that the beta version will be good til October 2010.

I don't know the cause of this problem, but I did download the installer many times and still encounter the problem. I'm not sure if they already locked the beta download because I heard that this software will be officially launch in the USA tomorrow, and they said that our local launch will be around June, so there's another launching party tomorrow to commemorate the official release. I'm not sure if I can attend, but I already registered few days ago. If ever I can make it there, I will deliver this issue to them and hope they can give me a better beta download link.

anyone here tried the beta version?

my only target here is the powerpoint conversion to video, and the unlimited use of clip arts :)

ELECTION 2010 : grab stats for precinct level

stats iba na ngayon
Here's an accurate result from the website of COMELEC. This is very helpful to you, if you want to know the result of the election by precinct level in your baranggay and city. Visit the site by region and then by city, and then select your desired cluster and then select the government position and you'll see the result with votes, percentage, visual stats.


CONTEST: Winner of the Limited-edition Cherie Paris “Peace” watch from Urban Time


It's about time to take a stand against anything that is contrary to the truth this coming elections. We don't have to put with up with lies anymore! - Clarice
We have a total of 85 valid entries in our contest and one will be selected via online raffle.
and for our winner, I like to congratulate Clarice for winning the "Limited-edition Cherie Paris “Peace” watch from Urban Time".

Winner will be contacted via email and give info on where and how to claim the prize.
Thanks everyone for joining, we have lots of contest coming in the couple of weeks, so stay updated here in my blog.

TOYS: 1:6 Black Widow (Iron Man 2, Hot Toys)

This is a masterpiece figure and the only way you can take home Scarlet Johansson as Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. The figure is inline with the Iron Man 2 movie. All details are accurate based from the movie. Face and body are accurate based also from Scarlet's features.

check out the specs and review from Shaun's blog 1:6 Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Black Widow

Monday, May 10, 2010

COVERAGE : Philippine election 2010 - photo of my own command center

Comelec and various tv stations have their own command centers in doing the coverage of the election. I'm posting a photo of what I have here at home, my own command center. Powered by wife's laptop, two cellphones and tv set up for monitoring the news. My laptop broke down this morning so pls. excuse the girly set up of the table, coz we are inside her sister's aircon room.

I still receive updates from friends and they are txting me their feedback and complains during the voting process.

COVERAGE : Philippine election 2010

I woke up in the morning and my wife told that it is time to vote. I ended my time at around 1am and check all updates and everyone are ready for the Election 2010 coverage . This is my live blogging coverage update.

The Line
Got the number at the precinct and there's a massive line of people, many people are complaining already and things are starting to heat up. Everyone is upset and losing patience in lining up. Some people want to vote together with their senior citizen family member so that they can leave the precinct together and early, but non senior citizen voter are not allowed to use the express lane.

Social media coverage
Been receiving txt messages from friends who are reporting incidents in their area. If you are online, feel free to report and share your experience on twitter with hashtag #juanvote, that's the social media coverage line up for the election 2010.

The voting pen
I got reports from people who just finished voting, and they say that be careful in using the voting pen in shading the oval of your modern ballot. The ink is heavy even if you shade it lightly over the shade, make sure that you wont over shade the oval and prevent ink smudge that will cause your ballot to be invalid by the PCOS machine.

Problems of 2010 Election
1. Comelec website is down, precint finder is not accessible. Website bandwidth exceeded
2. Long lines and late opening of the precinct
3. Defective PCOS machines are expected in many cities
4. Power interruption prevents postponement of voting in just minutes/hours
5. Vote buying is still active (heard there are many in Cavite)
6. Express lane for senior citizens, pregnant and disabled are not properly facilitated
7. Many people didn't know that it is required to bring valid ID
8. Unauthorized voters are voting and helping the elderly in vote shading the ballot for them
9. Many voters back out in voting due to long lines and unorganized system in some cities
10. In some cities, people are lining up 3 times. first line up to verify name, 2nd get a priority number, and last to line up and vote
11. Election violence, bombing and killing are active in South part of Philippines accdg to TV news
12. Dead people are showing active in the list of COMELEC, and already voted.
13. Extending the election to 7pm will not solve all problems
14. They blame crowd control issues in some precinct, but the real problem here is the delay and broken PCOS machine for not working on time.
15. Many people just dont know how to use the modern ballot. There are reports some use check marks in the oval of the ballot.
16. Candidates brings their entire family with them in voting, and bypass the long line of people who were there more than 3 hours
17. There are reports that PCOS machines are over heating due to hot weather temp in some areas. Some PCOS machine automatically stops during over heat when using batteries.
18. Some companies didn't approve the vacation leave of their employees, and let them stay in the office and miss the election. They will be suspended or kick out if they are absent for work.

will update this later
but for the moment, check the LIVE RSS feed of twitter updates from #juanvote

9th Philippine Toy Convention production note 5

Hello True Believers!
its time for another production note update for our hobby-geek convention

I just finalized and revised the contest page and the contest list with their guidelines today,and I already sent it to my team for final review. I did a lot of changes to our contest and rules, I'm trying to adjust on some request of our participants and trying to correct some errors we encountered last year. We are putting up a contest core group to focus and handle the contest activity during the event. The cosplay contest just experienced a massive change in the format, the guidelines are still the same,but we will be trying out a new system that will be applied to future ToyCons, as we are preparing for 2011 and a big gimik for cosplay. I really want to move my self out of cosplay, but it seems that I need to focus and create more concepts for this event. It could be my last handle for cosplay for this year, and will transfer all of it to our team who will handle future cosplay events for ToyCon. ( btw, contest line up is now updated, just visit

I'm adding some more activities and contest. As of now, I'm coordinating with other toy groups who will join in the toy gallery and exhibit and looks like we are ready to close it and come up a meeting with everyone. We are opening our doors to solo and private toy collectors who want to exhibit their stuff in our event, all you have to do is contact me and send us a photo of your collection via email.

In the couple of weeks, or maybe days, I might quit blogging for awhile, and will look for guest bloggers to continue publish news, stories and great content for my readers. I will announce soon who will be that guest blogger, but if you are interested to blog here and receive a lot of incentives, then contact me via email or bug me when we meet in some events.

and ohhhh. this is my 5th production note yay!!!! organizing the Toycon for this year is getting slow... means that we are now getting old.

I'm excited for 2011, because it will be the biggest ToyCon ever!, and also our 10th year anniversary and the longest running pop culture, hobby and geek convention in the Philippines hahha. And I' m excited that my son Ashton Skywalker will witness for the first time on what I'm doing here on Earth. He will be 1 year old next year.



Sunday, May 09, 2010

Chase the Sun at the Neutrogena Run this May 16th

Neutrogena, the skincare brand most recommended by dermatologists, is mounting its first ever run dubbed Chase the Sun: The Neutrogena Run, on Sunday, May 16, 2010 in Fort Bonifacio , Taguig City . Runners, both men and women, can register for the 3k, 5k, 10k, or 15k races at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street , Planet Sports Trinoma, New Balance Glorietta and Shangri-la Mall and Athlete’s Foot Alabang Town Center until May 12. Registration fees are P400.00 for the 3k, P550.00 for the 5k, P600.00 for the 10k, and P650.00 for the 15k. (more below)

COVERAGE: DOugh your part bloggers night

kkvote collage
hahahaha. I'm experimenting and looks like this will be my new hobby in making collage photos of events that I attended. I'm using Picasa 3 here in creating photo collages, its cute and saves a lot of time in re-uploading all photos. All I need to do is post a collage and then also post a link going to my Flickr album. Here's our photo from the Krispy Kreme's bloggers gathering for the DOugh your party campaign.

don't forget to vote tomorrow!

more pics at

FOOD : Krispy Kreme and Vote 2010: DOugh Your Part

I really love this voters education and vote 2010 awareness of Krispy Kreme. I'm surprised that they now help in spreading the news that you must do your part this coming Election 2010. The E-day (election day) will be tomorrow, and the massive campaign of various brands in our country really help us in exercising our rights to vote and choose the right leader. I've been to various voters education gig and the gimik Krispy Kreme for their "DOugh your Part" campaign really tickles me, because me as a super Krispy Kreme fan loves the idea and I'm glad they are concern this E-day. (read more below)
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