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Saturday, August 07, 2010

coverage: Jollibee and Transformers Animated adventure theme party

It's my dream since when I was a kid to have a Jollibee party, I was planning to organize one for my birthday last July 1 and then a week before the big date, I learned that they have now the Transformers Animated theme party package. I got excited and was busy inquiring on where I can have my Cybertronian party, but then my busy sched blocked my away in organizing, its okay and I'm glad that the Transformers theme party (the official) is here to stay and thanks to Jollibee for adding more exciting party for kids and ehem... adults.

I attended the Transformers theme party in their Roosevelt-Ortigas branch, I carried my son Ashton there with me and I was informed days before the party that there will be a Transformers contest for kids, and I heavily conceptualize a costume for Ash, but I decided to scrap a cute Bumble Bee costume for Ash, and I dont want to be busy stitching it over night. I just went there wearing a bootleg Transformers shirt Barricade design. Kids and adults enjoyed the day wearing their Autobots and Decepticon character party hats, the event is fun filled Transformers adventure party with games and they have this War for Cybertron Wii game and I played it for the first time, and omg! I'm going to buy this game soon! I

They got party games like Puzzle poster game and Shoot that bean bag in Megatron's chest. They also raffled off action figures and the Supreme Class Roll On Optimus Prime. I have one here at home when Lace bought it in HK few years ago and then we laugh when my sister won the raffle and her prize is that Supreme Class toy and a gift certificate for a party package. I just got the idea to use that party package in celebrating Ash's christening or maybe months anniversary.

I didn't know that it was a star studded event, saw the family of Gladys Reyes, and also super star bloggers Anton and Chuvaness, and fellow blogger mates, and fellow top bloggers (joke!), we enjoyed Jollibee meals eating a plateful of pasta, chicken bbq, cakes, sundae and twirl. They also showed to us the Transformers Animated birthday cake that was designed by Red Ribbon, I tasted the cake and its yummy and the icing is sweet. After the event, I took home some cool loot bags containing lots of Transformers goodies!

If you want to organize a party for your kids, then Visit your nearest Jollibee store or or call 898-7777 for details.

P8070178 P8070132

check out my coverage and photos below

coverage: Mom and kids meet up for the Bisolvon's Alagang Supermom kid photo contest

I went to this event with my family and it was a last minute decision of my wife to come with me to attend the launching of Bisolvon's Alagang Supermom kid photo contest at Marta's Cake in Serendra, they have this photo contest online and invite all to share a photo of their kid's greatest achievement, the contest will start on August 8, 2010 to October 8, 2010. You can visit the contest website at and the prize is P50,000.

They do this online contest because Bisolvon believes in our supermoms for their non stop bonding, guidance and give learning to their kids. And the kids achievement will be recognized via the online contest. kaya join na kayo! I want to join the contest, but looks like the only achievement I can show is that Ashton can finish a 4 ounces of milk hehehe.

At the venue, they have an activity for moms and kids, and its a cup cake and cookie decorating activity, at first I thought it was a contest and I'm looking at the kid's cake design with icing and decided to try it myself with a cookie with a shape of a car and fire truck. It was hard to pour that icing and make a design heheh, I quit after it and decided to take some photos na lang of the event. I met our mommy blogger friends in the event and its fun that they help their kids in decorating those cup cakes, and I look around and realized that I'm the only daddy blogger in the event.

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MOVIES: Transformers 3 teaser poster

shall I say happy birthday to me? hehehe.
yup,the movie will be release next year July 1,2011 and it is also my birthday, but weird part is that I'm not yet excited for the movie, I want to know first who will be the big villain here in the third movie, or shall we say final movie of Transformers.

pic source

Hasbro Star Wars 2010 Toys Launching today


If you will be in Megamall today, you might be interested to check out a Star Wars toy launching happening inside the Toy Kingdom store at around 10am-6pm. They will be launching the new Star Wars action figures and vehicles from the Hasbro 2010 line. The first wave of action figures commemorates the 30th anniversary of the movie and features the vintage line up from Empire Strikes Back.

Food bloggers visits Barrio Fiesta Greenhills

Here are the food bloggers to challenge their taste buds and tummy at Barrio Fiesta Greenhills.
check out my food feature at Food Pilipinas, visit Food feature on Barrio Fiesta Greenhills

P7228723 P7228724
mukhang busog si Jonel / Spanx Manila Boy and Mervin (son of Tita Cora)

P7228727 P7228728
with Tita Cora Ongpauco Tamayo

P7228719 P7228716
sharing the history of Barrio Fiesta over dinner / Arpee is busy finishing his meal

P7228667 P7228654
Tita Cora and son Jay / Zee and Noreen taking some food photos

P7228652 P7228650
my busog look

P7228600 P7228599
food bloggers are busy taking photos with my sago't gulaman.

Friday, August 06, 2010

video blog : interview with Phil Younghusband about 1GOAL : Education for all campaign

Last month, I just participated in the launch of the Youth Football League 2010 and also their campaign 1GOAL: Education for all, were they invite people to sign the petition to help them get 30 million signatures globally, and send this petition to the world learders in UN next month to send kids to school and have proper education, because education beats poverty.

Phil Younghusband promotes 1GOAL

Phil talking to kids and members of the Youth Football League, he explains about 1GOAL.
and check out the funny comments of one kid, and I'm happy to see that they are very positive and very supportive for the 1GOAL campaign. Kids signed up the petition after the introduction marks.

I'm inviting everyone to log on here at
( no need to sign up) and fill up the form and help send children around the world to school.

coverage: Youth League 2010 launches with a campaign for 1Goal: Education for all

The Youth Football League 2010 kick off last month organized by The Younghusband Football Academy (TYFA) and Muntinlupa Paranaque Las Pinas Football Association (MPLFA), the two organizations aim to professionalize, develop and also promote the football sport to our Filipino youth, not only or school kids but also with the out of school youths. The launch also is inline in promoting the 1GOAL campaign with VSO Bahaginan, a development organization committed to fighting poverty and disadvantage through a wide range of volunterring development prorams. The 1Goal: Education for All campaign is the official campaign of the 2010 FIFA world Cup, they are using football as a vehicle to promote the campaign globally and ensure that over 72 million children around the world (part of the 6 million are Filipinos) will get a chance to have proper education.

The petition is posted online and invites everyone to sign up and help get more 300 million signatures and have an awareness that education beats poverty. The signatures will be gathered and presented to the world leaders attending the UN Heads of State Summit in New York, USA in September 2010, in order to urge them to prioritize learning and influence policies on education in different countries.

Here in the Philippines, the campaign is leaded by the TYFA founders Phil and James Younghusband, they support the campaign via promoting it with the football sport to realize their dream of helping out of school kids and give them a chance to have education and also do sports. I talked to Phil Younghusband at the launch and he told me that they are heavily promoting football in our land and the 2010 FIFA World Cup really helped in boosting the campaign not only about the sport but also the 1GOAL: Education for all campaign. They are trying to push to make football as a professional career in some schools and hope that in the future we can join in the World cup.

I'm inviting everyone to log on here at
( no need to sign up) and fill up the form and help send children around the world to school.

also check: video blog : interview with Phil Younghusband about 1GOAL : Education for all campaign
more coverage and photos below

MOVIES: Yogi Bear the movie! (poster and trailer)

Warner Bros. has just unveiled the teaser trailer of its live-action/CG animated adventure in 3D, “Yogi Bear”!

This new adaptation of Hanna-Barbera’s classic cartoon will star Academy Award® nominee Dan Aykroyd (“Driving Miss Daisy”) as the voice of Jellystone Park’s most famous troublemaker, Yogi Bear. Two-time Emmy Award winner (“Saturday Night Live”) and six-time Grammy Award winner Justin Timberlake, previously starring as Artie in “Shrek the Third,” will star as the voice of Boo Boo, Yogi’s faithful pal and co-conspirator in his tireless schemes to separate Jellystone Park patrons from their lunches. (more below)

TECH: Samsung Champ, new and affordable touch screen phone at P4,980

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp (SEPCO) launches the Samsung champ (model: GT C3303K) a new, stylish and affordable touch screen phone that is perfect for users who want to switch to the touch screen interface with out spending too much money in getting a new unit.
read more below

Star Wars invades Mall of Asia

Comic book artist/illustrator/designer/Star Wars fanboy Gary Mayoralgo is back again doing more sleepless night and graphic edits of this photo of Star Wars characters and space vehicles invading the San Miguel By the Bay area of SM Mall of Asia. Gary pa request naman, gawa ka Star Wars invades Divisoria. heeheh

the photo above is his 8th series for the Star Wars: The Philippines invasion

Filipino Filmmaker Carlo Ledesma Set to Direct Australian Horror Film "The Tunnel"

Check out the good news here! pinoy film maker Carlo Ledesma is now directing the movie in Sydney and the Tunnel movie is about a film crew who went into the Sydney's underground tunnel to investigate something, but it turns out the that story they were hunting goes back at them. The amazing production of the film is now waving on the internet as they will release the film for FREE online via torrents download before the year ends. They get funding from online supporters by selling the piece of a frame film for 1$ and they dubbed the project as 135K project, because the film has 135,000 frames and they if they sold it they will earn $135,000 to fund the project.

more new below!

TECH: RIM unleashes BlackBerry 6 in BlackBerry Torch

RIM just announced the launch of the new BlackBerry 6 operating system in their smartphone line, and it debuted on the new BlackBerry Torch smartphone, the new Os delivers a fresh, approachable and engaging experience that is powerful and easy to use with its new redesigned interface that works like a touch screen and trackpad, with expanded messaging capability, can manage social media and RSS feeds, with an advance multimedia tools that can match the best smartphone in the industry, equipped with the new Universal Search tool that can search everything on your phone and also on the web, and a Web-Kit based browser that renders the web pages faster. (more info below)

Nokia C5 smartphone now available at P8,540

I just can't believe that phones are getting cheaper, after the successful launch of the Nokia C3 last weekend, now comes this Nokia C5 smartphone that is designed for social networking and sharing of media, and looks like the most cheapest smartphone!!

C5-00_white_front1_604x604 C5-00_white_back2_604x604
It has direct access to your favorite contacts located in the home screen, Facebook updates or stats will be visible, instant messaging and chat are also included in the new smartphone. Don't forget that it has email capability too, carrying different kinds of email providers and also the Ovi mail, all of it will be available through the Nokia Messaging.

Nokia C5 has a
- 3.2 megapixel camera
- 2GB memory card
- high speed data connection
- Ovi Maps with free walk and drive navigation
- fast web browsing
- available in warm grey or white color body
- apps - Quick Office & PDF Reader, Nokia Messaging for IM and email, Facebook, Friendster, Flickr, Youtube, Myspace, Hi5, VOX, video and image editor, music player, fm radio, Ovi and etc.
- Symbian OS v.9.3 wifi connectivity

now available in all Nokia Stores and resellers.

check the specs here

Fashion: Marc Ecko Picks Lindsay Lohan as virtual muse for the brand

Marc Ecko's secret project has been revealed and its a project with Lindsay Lohan acting as the endorser and model for the Marc Ecko Cut and Sew ad. A special website was also created were you can virtually interact with Lindsay Lohan with a help of your webcam and start to talk to her in video or in 3D hologram. The first teaser was shown via an artwork and a photo revealing a semi topless girl with a face mask like a ninja, but the website finally revealed that the mystery girl is Lindsay Lohan.

The project was done months before she went into rehab. The super secret virtual muse for Marc Ecko is here!

watch the behind the scene video at

photo source:
thanks to Katrina, our local Ecko Unltd peeps for sharing this news.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

coverage: launching of SM Cyberzone in SM Fairview

I first encounter SM Cyberzone in Megamall years ago, I visited this old shop and they fixed my 486DX desktop PC, and after that they expanded and got a total of 15 branches in different SM Malls nationwide. SM Cyberzone is not a store, but a hub or venue to house all kinds of electronic, mobile, and I.T. stores.

Last month, they opened their new branch in SM Fairview and they told me that the branch of SM Cyberzone in SM Fairview is much more different than the other branches, because they have different interior designs and the location of the stores and kiosk, maybe that they just learned how to create new and better concept stores to serve a more comfortable shopping and IT hang out for customers. SM Cyberzone is also serves as a hang out of tech people and those who need wifi internet, as the people of SM Cyberzone said that their branch in SM Fairview is much more modern and with technology-lifestyle design that can provide a unique shopping experience. (more below)

Play games and receive more free OREO

Few weeks ago, we posted and shared this news on how to get and claim your free OREO, we posted the details here at Share OREO mania starts now! get your free OREO here!

and now, we like to share more news and some ways to receive more free OREO and all you have to do is play a flash game at the official website,, and you have two kinds of flash games to play with during your free online hours, the game is so easy and fun to play, I even laugh here at home in looking at the crying kid in the "Bonding Puzzle game"and then there's this strategy and puzzle game that involves moving the position of boxes in the "Twist, Lick, Dunk" game.

to play the game for free, you have to register and then log in to your account,
after a successful game in every level, you will be awarded by a OREO pack that will be added in your account. Its up to you if you want to play more or stop the game and claim your OREO in the 7Eleven outlet you have chosen.

twist lick dunk
here's the game Twist, Lick and Dunk
you need to drag the Twist-Lick-Dunk boxes and place them in the "?" boxes, so that the falling OREO can land in your last box and hit space bar to drop the OREO in a glass of milk. After a successful run in this level, you will advance in a much more difficult puzzle. Each boxes has special moves if an OREO drops on it, like the Twist box that can bounce the OREO in mid air.

The Bonding Puzzle is the most enjoyable and fun part to play with. I laugh at every minute when I see that kid crying. The kid is hungry and your task is to feed him and get a chance to get the attention of his mom by dragging those objects located in the kitchen. The agenda here is that the mom and kid should sit on the table and eat their OREO. On level one, drag the milk to the kid, if he gets hungry, feed him with the loaf of bread and apple, the kid will sit on the table and will cry because he wants more, feed him some milk, if he doesn't like the milk, give the milk to the mom and she will drink a glass of it and prepare an additional glass, she will sit down and will ask for the OREO, drag the OREO to the kid and then they will have a great bonding time. If you do it right, you will advance on the next level and have more free OREO.

bonding 2

visit and get your free OREO at

Az video blog and using the LG Optimus GT540

here's a video blog I did after the press con at Mr. Rockefeller resto for the LG Optimus smart phone. This cool smart phone powered by Android OS is priced at Php12,000 and will be available next week. I think this is the most cheapest android phone we have for the local market. It can integrate your Google account to your gtalk, picassa,youtube and etc, it has SNS capability for Facebook, Twitter and Bebo, and you can expand your mobile apps by visiting the Android Market and download free or buy more apps for your LG Optimus.

galeng di ba? autobots....transform!

Another bloggers invasion at the All-Out Clearance Sale at Robinsons Starmills, Pampanga

edited  P8049968
It was a long road to Robinsons Starmills in San Fernando, Pampanga and the typhoon Domeng didn't stop us in the zero visibility of NLEX and glad that we arrived there safely. Me and our bloggers visited the Pampanga branch of Robinsons Mall and experienced the great food,drinks, and the shopping, in Pampanga style. It's my first time here and the mall is so big and saw some new stores that is only available here that offers great deals of price in clothing and wardrobe. The all out clearance sale is absorb in all branch of Robinsons Mall nationwide til the end of August. I just posted our pics here to share our whole day adventure and fun in Pampanga.

P8049753 P8049750
P8049766 P8049781
P8049811 P8049796
P8049836 P8049839
P8049901 P8049904
P8049919 P8049933
P8049944 P8049960
P8049961 P8049963
P8049965 P8049967

thanks to Robinsons Malls and to Mr. Lavern for accommodating us
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