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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Video Game Awards (VGA) 2010 premieres on Jan.23 in Animax, AXN, AXN Beyond and Sony Entertainment Television

vga 2
I just got a great treat from Animax and got to watch a VIP streaming of the VGA 2010 awards on Animax's website and its the most exciting part because I just watched the awards show a week before it will be aired on Animax and also will be simulcast first and exclusively in AXN, AXN Beyond and Sony Entertainment Televesion. I invite all gamer geeks and lovers to watch this awards show because you'll watch the world premiere of upcoming games that will be released this year til year 2013. (more story below)

Black Butler anime in Animax every Mon-Friday

premieres 11 Jan 2011, airing Mondays to Fridays 10pm, first and exclusively on Animax.

In the outskirts of Victorian era London stands a manor house where butler and bodyguard Sebastian Michaelis serves Ciel , an orphaned twelve-year-old head of the English noble Phantomhive family, with its Funtom toy and candy empire. The Phantomhive family also serves the Queen of England as a secret watchdog taskforce that deals with the state’s enemies when necessary…

With unquestionably perfect knowledge, manners, and talents, Sebastian is also exceptionally skilled at martial arts, and handles everything with absolute poise and perfection. Not only is he able to carry out any task asked of by his master impeccably, Sebastian is even able to deal with greater problems plaguing England, at the Queen’s request.

In fact, Sebastian is so amazing he does not seem human at all… and he is not. It turns out that Ciel’s parents were murdered when he was younger, and in seeking vengeance, Ciel made a pact with demon butler Sebastian who can and will do anything for him - in exchange for his soul.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A taxi driver's toy collection

We are very familiar with these Ferrari toy cars and mostly displayed on a dashboard of a taxi, other taxi drivers love displaying their toys,some of them place lots of plush dolls at the back, others are plush keychains at the front, others are wobbler figurines, and some place lots of mini statues of saints, crucifix and the entire holy family. But in this taxi that I rode few weeks ago got a nice collection of Ferrari toy cars. The taxi driver told me that the collection is from the 2009 series, I remember that Shell V Power has another set for 2010 and we have two cars that Mama bought for us. I know we have some Ferrari toy cars for the series 2009, but seeing a complete collection like the ones from the taxi driver, is a super eye candy.

more photos below

First look of Andrew Garfield in Spider-man costume

I received this FB update and saw this new photo of Andrew Garfield wearing the body costume of Spider-man, Great publicity photo for the movie! and I like the costume design, looks more realistic and not that rubberizes

Do you think that Andrew is fit for the Spider-man role?


The fun brunch at Seattle's Best Coffee

headshot sbc
I just experienced a fun brunch for a day inside Seattle's Best Coffee in GB3, and I already miss our blogger friends because it is different to have a brunch meet up with them and I realize that it is fun. We woke up early in the morning and dream of having our nice breakfast meal at Seattle's Best Coffee and then when we arrived there, I discovered that they are now serving all day breakfast meal to all of their branches. Then I remembered that I ate some of their breakfast meal set in their Megamall Mega strip branch years ago and I didn't know that they still offer it even in the afternoon or in the morning. My last visit there was every June, I order the big breakfast meal while waiting for the mall to open, but no need to wait for morning because I can now enjoy their breakfast meal everyday at any time.

Check out here my favorite breakfast meal.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cameron Diaz as Lenore Case in The Green Hornet movie

I didn't know that the Green Hornet team has a 3rd side kick and that's the character of Lenore Case, After reading this press release, and brand the movie as a action-comedy film, I start to have interest now in watching this movie, action with comedy will be kid friendly and easy to watch. If you add Cameron Diaz in the film, I know it will be more funnier and wacky when you see her in one scene with Seth Rogen.

read the feature below

Mandy Moore interview about her voice for Rapunzel in "Tangled" movie

I like Mandy Moore since I saw her music videos and then discover that she sings and dance well, then when she entered the world of movies, I started to like her more, because I can see her on screen with lots of exposure, but here in this movie, I'll see her in a different way, looking at the character of Rapunzel and imagine her voice as the 17 year old Mandy Moore. Here's an interview with Mandy Moore and she shares here her experience lending her voice for animation and 1st time in a large recording studio for animation.

read the interview below

Star Movies’ Sunday night highlights this January 2011


Time for another free movie night out to your own home because star Movies will air the best movies of 2010 and the opening for the 1st month of the year will bring great movies for our home. Its pop corn time for everyone and save more money for your next Sunday gimmick and glue yourself to your seats because the line up of Star Movies every Sunday of 9pm is a sure blockbuster.

I've watch the movie of Mel Gibson last January 2, the movie "Edge of Darkness" is a high action movie and it make me stay in our living room and closed my laptop because of the good story and very unpredictable scenes and life of a Boston cop who investigates and hunt his daughter's killers.

Last January 9, I missed the movie "Shanghai" starring John Cusack and Chow yun Fat, I like to watch this movie because of Gong Li, but I think I'll wait for the resched. But the Sunday movie screenings in Star Movies doesn't end there, they still have 3 more movies includng - When in Rome on January 16, Everybody's Fine on January 23 and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland on January 30.

check the movies below

Matt Damon talks to the living and the dead in Hereafter

As of this post, I know the movie will be available in theaters, Matt Damon displays a psychic skill and after quitting using that special skill, people will come back and will request for your help again. I agree that having this ability is like a curse and a gift, I like to watch this movie, because in real life I have this 3rd eye which I can detect and feel a presence of our invisible friends and also the weird part is that I can see people's past and future, I want to know the feeling of Matt Damon's character, we might have same feeling and experience. But I prefer to have it as a gift, but in other end it has bad effect. Matt Damon shares his insights about working with Director Clint Eastwood and how he deal to talk with dead and living people in Hereafter.

check out Hereafter info below

The Rite (sneak peak and trailer)

Based on a true story (according to the trailer) , this movie is about the proof that demons and act of exorcism are real. At first I thought that this movie is another "Silence of the lambs series", the photo of Anthony Hopkins is very disturbing in this poster photo, but when I saw the trailer, it creeps me out and this will be another horror film hit coming in the big screen here in the Philippines.

read more about The Rite after the jump

German Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck talks about "The Tourist", Jolie and Depp

I haven't seen this movie, but by reading the director's interview and his experience working with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp gives me a full color on what kind of movie if you combine Jolie, Depp and Venice. Well, Venice is not a character, but a location of the movie were the Tourist movie takes place. The German Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck got lucky on this after winning an Oscar for Best Foreign Film "The Lives of Others", and wow! I can't imagine the feeling if Angelina Jolie calls you on the phone and invite you to do a movie with her.

Few weeks before the premiere of the movie, I have this weird dream and in my dream, Johnny Depp called me on the phone and he hired me as his road manager for his visit in the Philippines. oh wow! I wish that it will come true, it was a secret visit here and then bamm!! I woke up! and its all a dream. (im not joking on this!)

read the interview below

Monday, January 10, 2011

Feast of the Black Nazarene 2011 - tension with the sea of people at P.Burgos st .

As expected once again, the crowd is much bigger this year and it was a surprise for me that many made it to reach the Nazarene and touch the wooden cross, teenage girls are also active in crowd surfing, jumping, and falling. I saw many people got hurt and most of them fell under and never been spotted again. There are a lot of tension and actions going on in here, and I noticed that the movements are fast and the arrival of the Black Nazarene here in my location is early, last year they arrived at around 3pm, but this time they were early at around quarter to 2pm.

See more crowd actions in my photo coverage below
more photos below

Feast of the Black Nazarene 2011 - all kinds of Nazarene

In this post are my my photo set of people bringing their own statues and sizes of the Black Nazarene. Many people bring their statues every year and most eye catchy are the life size versions, other statues are inherited from upper level of the family who bought or build their own statues for years. I remember that I carry our small statue when I was a kid and its a great feeling when people approach you and they touch the statue or wipe the statue with their towels.

This 2011 year marks the 404th year of the Black Nazarene here in our country.

more photos below

Feast of the Black Nazarene 2011 - colorful marching bands

Colorful marching bands were spotted marching in the street of Quiapo, they are there every year and they came from different cities and provinces. They paraded at around 830am infront of the church, and their grand entrance to the public gave us an idea to follow them from behind, and my calculations were right, we walked and passed the big crowd blocking the Quaipo church and since the parade gave an easy way to the church, we walked after the band and reached the front gate of the church with no hassle. I also joked that this post is the "collection of legs post" hahaha.

more photos below

Feast of the Black Nazarene 2011 - the vendors and the street

This will be my 2nd year for doing a blog special about the Feast of the Black Nazarene. My photo walk and adventure will start here from Recto up to Quiapo church, on our way to reach the church to attend the mass, even that it rain so hard, we got lucky to reach the church after some hours of waiting for the rain to stop. In this post, are my photo collections of street vendors who are so busy selling their items everwhere, I also complained on some vendors who always disturb you whenever you are praying, getting your attention and ask you if you want to buy their shirts, candles and sampaguitas. Most annoying are street kid vendors, they are noisy and makulit and didn't mind if you are praying during the mass.

I noticed that the number of street vendors has increased for this year, shirts are almost everywhere, priced at P100 each and sando shirt for kids at P50, I was planning to buy one shirt for myself, but I have no small amount on that morning, but my sis bought one sando shirt for my son Ash. I also don't like those tokneneng sellers in the middle of the church crowd, the smoke and hot frying pan are annoying whenever you are nearby. Mineral water and sodas are also sold, and those DIY print on the spot shirt are the most appreciated by people because it is less expensive.

more photos below

Meet Gerry Alanguilan on Jan.29th at Sputnix

I saw this poster from Gerry's blog update, and this is your chance to meet Gerry in person! Bring your comics published and works by Gerry at Sputnix Comic shop located in Cubao Expo.

hmm, I'm wondering if Gerry will print some of his photos as giveaways for the lucky first 100 visitors haha! kita kits there on 29th.

Panoramic photo view of the arrival of the Black Nazarene in Lawton

a P1090075_stitch
a P1090162_stitch


Here's my panoramic photo view of the arrival of the Black Nazarene in Lawton. I'm here on top of the roof of the underpass, same spot where I stayed from last year, I got lucky to be here again with no hassle in finding a good spot and vantage point in covering this event. This venue serves as my safezone too, its chaotic below with a sea of people.

Panoramic photo view of Quiapo Church

a P1099765_stitch
a P1099754_stitch
a P1099771_stitch


Here's my panoramic photo view infront of Quiapo church yesterday at around 8am, I took this photo after the mass. We stayed infront of the church and was rainy that time, I'm glad we have umbrellas. The giant LCD tv on top of the entrance is very helpful, we can see what's happening inside the church and also the mass.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

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