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Friday, May 10, 2013

See you this Friday in KL!

Yes I'm excited....
new adventures are waiting for me there!

Batu Caves, Malaysia
Batu Caves photo By Manuele Zunelli

Jalan Alor
Jalan Alor photo By leyn13

Petronas twin towers
Petronas Twin Towers photo By iursu

King's Palace Malaysia
King's Palace photo By ak_phuong

Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur
Merdekha Square photo By Rajarshi Roychowdhury

Genting Highlands - Indoor Theme Park
Genting Highlands photo By DerFussi 
photo via Trip Advisor 

Muar Restaurant, Tengkat Tong Shin photo via Cher-ry blog

The Sky Bar in Kuala Lumpur with a view of Petronas
Sky Bar Hotel photos By Stuck in Customs

RP-C8993 A320-232 Zest Air
Zest Air photo By n707pm

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Eat a 6 patty burger at Stackers Burger Café every Tues for Php 344 only because #yolo

Stackers Burger Cafe - penthouse burger promo PHP 366 only - photos by Azrael Coladilla
This is the Penthouse burger of Stackers Burger Café, it’s a 6 patty burger that is originally priced at Php 688. When I saw this in their menu last year, I promised that I should visit this burger café and take a challenge if ever I can finish this burger in one meal.

Its one of my dream burger for 2013, and I even launched a burger listing here in my blog tasting different kinds of giant burgers, but it looks like that Stackers opened up a new record for my burger battle royal round up.

But the good news is that….

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hidden Garden in Vigan–Ilocos Sur trip part 11

It was scorching hot that afternoon and after doing some side trips in Vigan, our tour guide - a driver and a tourism officer in Vigan brought us here in Hidden Garden.

When we entered the place I thought that its just a regular garden, or a place where they just sell all kinds of plants, flowers and bonsai. But I learned that there’s a restaurant inside, a mini forest and a spa.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Now Serving: Mr Bean - Singapore's fresh soy milk is now in Manila!

Drinking soy milk has added health benefits keeping our body healthy and high in nutrition.

Made from its finest ingredients and highest grade of NGMO (non genetically modified) soya beans, Mr Bean has become the leading Soya chain in Singapore and now with franchises in Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Celebrating its first year anniversary, Mr Bean has a special offering; a rollback price to all its loyal customers.

Vigan Plaza Hotel - Ilocos Sur trip part 10

Vigan Plaza Hotel  - photos by Azrael Coladilla
We did a short side trip since we are already in the area of Plaza Burgos, infront of it is the Vigan Plaza Hotel, its one of the popular hotel here in Vigan, when we arrived there, they gave us a tour around the hotel and a chance to check out the rooms. They showed 3 kinds of rooms only, because the other rooms are occupied. They told us that they are always fully booked during summer season.

There are lots of hotels in Vigan, and very affordable, but I learned from the governor that they are planning to get more investors in order to build more hotels in Vigan. Because it is a popular tourist destination, many people come here through out the year to enjoy the vintage setting of Calle Crisologo and also enjoy the beach of Ilocos Norte.

Monday, May 06, 2013

BurnayJar factory in Vigan - Ilocos Sur trip part 9

Burnay Jar in Vigan - photos by Azrael Coladilla
During the early times when Chinese settled down here in Vigan, they introduce here the art of pottery, but instead of using ceramics, they just used the earth or soil found here in Vigan and they turn it into clay, formed it into a jar and baked it with 1300 degrees heat. According to the locals here they bake the jars that is good for 1 month supply. We were lucky to see the oven and the baking of the Burnay jars, this will be baked for 24 hours and it will be cool down up to 2 days.

Animal encounters at Baluarte zoo in Vigan - Ilocos Sur trip part 8

Animal encounters at Baluarte zoo in Vigan photos by Azrael Coladilla
Baluarte is a private owned zoo by the governor and also its open to the public, there’s no entrance fee here, everyone can visit the zoo to interact and get a close encounter with the animals. All animals here are private animal collection of Gov. Singson, he got this cool hobby in collecting different kinds of animals.

At Baluart, you’ll see animals roaming freely around the zoo park – they have deers, pony, horses, camels, goat, peacock, ducks, midget chickens, parrots, ostrich, llama and buffalo. For caged animals they have some reptiles like snakes, iguanas, monitor lizards, pythons, crocodiles and then the tigers are also caged, most young tigers are available for viewing in cages. Other caged birds like – eagles, owls and peacocks are also here in Baluarte. There’s also a butterfly farm inside the garden at Baluarte.

Inside Gov. Chavit Singson's home - Baluarte citadel in Vigan–Ilocos Sur trip part 7

We just got lucky that we are allowed to check out Gov. Singson’s new mansion in Baluarte in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. That golden citadel like structure is sitting on top of a hill and while on the rooftop, you’ll see almost the entire Ilocos Sur region. Last night, when Gov. showed to us some photos of the interior and furniture inside his mansion, he told us to check the house and have a visit the next morning.

Party at Baluarte in Vigan–Ilocos Sur trip part 6

Party at Baluarte in Vigan - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Baluarte at night

We’re back here in Baluarte to attend a despedida party for Gov. Chavit Singson, we’re bit clueless at first about the party, but we learned that it’s a party that was sched in the evening for all guest, volunteers and friends of Gov. Chavit Singson.

The plan was to have a dinner with the governor, it was a special invitation for us to have a dinner with him in a hotel in Vigan, but then all sched were changed and the governor forgot that there’s a party for him in the evening hehehe, it was okay and since we are staying downstairs, we also attend the party.

Calle Crisologo in Vigan–Ilocos Sur trip part 5

Calle Crisologo in Vigan - photos by Azrael Coladilla
My dream to visit Calle Crisologo is finally fulfilled, it’s the awesome street that will take you back in time and walked on historical and classic cobblestone road and around you are the centuries old structure and building that is present during the old Spanish era.

Calle Crisologo is the famous attraction and tourist spot here in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. Everyone go here to enjoy the classic scene and also take part on a journey on what’s like during the Spanish times. Tears of joy running down from my eyes, because I’m here and it’s a dream come true. UNESCO listed this to their World Heritage Site and also a UNESCO recognition award for Best Practice in World Heritage Management Award.

Plaza Burgos in Vigan–Ilocos Sur trip part 4

Plaza Burgos in Vigan - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Vigan is a small town, but its funny that I got lost and all of my companions are nowhere to be found, after I went up to the 2nd floor of Cathedral of Vigan, then as went outside, all of them are gone hahhaha. I did a text blast and told them what is the next agenda and where is our meet up. Rey txted me that we should meet up in this hotel near in Plaza Burgos.

Cathedral of Vigan–Ilocos Sur trip part 3

Vigan Cathedral - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Whenever I travel and visit famous landmark or sites, my 1st list to visit is always the church of a local town. Here I went to Cathedral of Vigan formerly known as St Paul’s Cathedral, located infront of Plaza Salcedo. I noticed that the church is newly painted and when I went inside, I saw scaffolding blocking the church hallway, I just caught the renovation period of the church.

some info about the cathedral
”The St. Paul’s Cathedral is also known as the metropolitan Cathedral. It is considered a major religious landmark not only of northern Luzon but the country as well. Visitors must include a visit to the cathedral when in Vigan as it has been a center of Roman Catholic devotion for centuries.

WIP - Dancing fountain of Plaza Salcedo in Vigan–Ilocos Sur trip part 2

Plaza Salcedo in Vigan - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Here’s my part 2 of my Ilocos Sur travel series, after the arrival in Vigan, we went to Baluarte to check in our things and chill out with the view and meet the animals in the zoo. Ate a yummy Empanada and chill out again. Then we were informed that we must proceed to Plaza Salcedo to meet Gov. Chavit and check out the project they are developing at the plaza.

I didn’t noticed Plaza Salcedo when we arrived there, because around the plaza is covered with this blue tarp and I just learned that the entire plaza is having a renovation and also re-developing the fountain and other structures in the plaza. Plaza Salcedo came from the name of a Spanish conqueror - Juan de Salcedo, he founded lots of Hispanic settlements in the Philippines.

Discovering Vigan City - Ilocos Sur trip part 1

trip to Vigan City, Ilocos Sur  - part 1 - photos by Azrael Coladilla
I went to Vigan City in Ilocus Sur last February 2013, its one of my dream come true to go there and visit the popular city that UNESCO listed it as a World Heritage Site on December 2, 1999 for maintaining and preserving the cobblestone road, house and building in Calle Crisologo that was built during the 18th century Spanish colonial times. and also for receiving a UNESCO recognition award for Best Practice in World Heritage Management Award last November 8, 2012. Its been a talk of the town every summer season, and it’s a nice travel destination during the first 5 months of the year.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

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