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Saturday, May 25, 2013

my geekly schedule - ToyCon 2013 event launch in RWM

Its toy mania and our event launch too in RWM! I'll be there from 10am-10pm to run the show!
see you there!!
pls come!! entrance is free!

Read our posters for more details...see you there!

You are invited to our press conference for the 12th Philippine ToyCon 2013 this May 25th at 4pm, the event is an Epic Assembly of Superheroes and Toys at Resorts World Manila. The launch event will serve as a teaser of our convention, bringing our show in Newport Mall Plaza at Resorts World Manila.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's new? in Starbucks Philippines this May-July 2013 - new beverages, food and whole coffee bean

Here’s what we’re waiting for… a new offerings from Starbucks Philippines, coffee and sandwich fans are excited to know the latest products of Starbucks here in the Philippines, its scorching hot here in our country and we deserved to have the best Frappuccino beverages and a yummy sandwich as our companion to beat the heat and also stressful day, summer will end soon, but we’re not sure if it will end this month of May and rainy season will be here mid June. We’re not sure, but a hot and cold drinks from Starbucks are always the best in all season. I love the fraps and brewed coffee, plus sandwiches makes me go crazy with new taste and also new recipe.

so let’s list down the new products of Starbucks Philippines.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"The eleventh hour"- I got baptized by Doctor Who

Doctor Who Series 5 Bluray Cover

I finally took a bite of Doctor Who series and I started with series 5....  all I can say is that the 1st episode is really pumped up with lots of excitement, curiosities and also fast paced self contained story in that 1st episode. It was 1am when we started to watch this series at home and Im happy to see my wife and 3 year old Ashton watching it in separate location inside the room, me watching in the sofa, Ashton watching while sitting on an office chair, and while Lace is in bed.

Back to regular program - new modem is here!

The good news is that the tech guys from Globe visited us here after 2 days, their robot operator called on my phone yesterday and its weird because they said that they restored connection to my internet line. I'm not sure if their CSR reported the wrong problem and mentioned that we have no internet connection and instead of making a sched for a tech guy visit to our home for a modem replacement. So during the robo calls, I pressed the numbers that will report back to them that problem still present and we need a tech visit.

Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm a newbie -- Im going to watch DOCTOR WHO season 5 tonight
Yup..just decided to embrace sci fi goodness again!! been hearing about this series since last year and I just got the time to acquire 1st eps of series 5. I'll try to convert myself and let's see if I'll like this series.

Dear Doctor Who fans.....should I worry about something ?? I just watched lots of clips in Youtube discussing that resurrection thingie and evolution...and compilation videos from fans.. do you think I'm ready?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Modem drama

My hands are itchy to blog and post new updates,  I have lots of back logs and lots of items to publish here in my blog, but we encountered another modem drama here at home, because the modem from Globe broadband died and no longer working properly,  and we now experience zero internet for two days already, well, if you read this blog, its already on its 3rd day. We have Globe only at home here in Cavite, bec. its the only line we have in the village.

I'm going to work outside and maybe stay in a cafe or in a mall to finish my deadlines, thanks that I still have this Smart Rocket Wifi Plus with me, my reliable mobile internet that I use whenever I travel around the country. So good luck to me tomorrow... I lost a lot of money already for two days because of no internet at home. I just hope that the Globe technicians will visit us tomorrow and replace their broken hardware.

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