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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk unveiled their musical chocolate fountain machine in SM Megamall

Cadbury musical creamy choclate fountain in SM Megamall
To all chocolate fans! check out the Cadbury Dairy Milk’s set up at the event center of SM Megamall, yesterday they just unveiled their very own music instrument, its made up of smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk melted chocolate . Everyone can play the instrument and see the chocolate pipes go up and down as you press those chocolate bar keyboards.

Its an electronica music, you can mix different beats and symphonic sounds and you can also dance with it.

Friday, July 05, 2013 Meetup 1.0 tonight in SMX Aura


I remember back in the old days that I visit the website to check the pinoy music scene and also photos of artist. The only last visit that I made is that I save some pics of Kitchie Nadal and used it for my mock up website project for an artist. I remember also the forum and also the mailing list. That was the old days...and now to present day is back and alive in the year of tweeting and selfie ahhaha.

Also..this event happens inside the Electronic Music Conference and Expo in SMX in SM Aura
Entrance is free, but you need to pre-register

FHM 100 Sexiest Women 2013 victory party - here's the ticket from Rogin-E's promo

fhm 100.jpg1
This photo of the ticket of the FHM 100 Sexiest Women 2013 victory party is c/o Boyet, one of my blog reader who bought the pack of Rogin E and got this for FREE and then he tried bidding wars for the ticket and he won another ticket.. wow! congratulations Boyet.

I'm receiving some inquires via email and they are asking who won the bidding and how will they ever know if they won the ticket. There's no official list of winners but the third party agency who handles the bidding promo already contacted the winning bidders, they started contacting them since two days. I just learned from a rep. and contact from Bayer and also to a winning bidder.

The Philippine Quill Awards 2013–call for entries (professionals and students )

2013 Philippine Quill Awards
Here’s a shout out to all those who are in the business communication industry and also to students, inline with the 30th anniversary of IABC Philippines (International Association of Business Communicators) , they launched the 12th year of the Philippine Quill Awards this 2013 and also 2nd Student Philippine Quill Awards. Now accepting entries for their 42 categories.

I created my own badge to immortalize my 10 years of blogging
Ha! I did some editing with this badge and installed this in the sidebar of my blog. You'll see this for the rest of the year.

Its Just for fun! and I want to remind myself that 10 years of blogging is not enough to make me a better blogger. Lots of things to learn and discover.... the learning never stops even if I reach another 10 years in my blogging life.

Last night was about ‎#phquillawards2013 and some coffee

Last night is a fun night for me, even that I super rant about the traffic in EDSA, got hungry in the middle of my travel, and forced myself to go down the bus in Pasay and look for a quick snack. Those street food vendors are gave me a quick relief,  found a Php 5 sugar raised doughnut ( bought 2 pcs) and a Php 35 beef pares with rice... oh boy I'm so hungry and forgot to eat my merienda that day, leaving Cavite at 5pm and got stuck in traffic at around 6pm. The taxi crawls from Pasay to Rockwell for one hour... oh man

Today is Travel Facilitators Market #TravelMarketPH #TFMAsia

I'll be here later at 1pm for the afternoon session of Travel Facilitators Market. I'll be here to cover it and also learn something from our experts in the travel and tourism industry. I've attended a similar event before but this looks more better and there's a focus in connecting different people from the tourism industry.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Enjoy food, drinks and a 360° view of Manila at Pan Pacific Manila

Pan Pacific Manila
If you are having a rough day and want to relax, like enjoying some good food, enjoy lots of drinks, meet new people, or just want to relax and have a little break after work hours, plus a freebie – a view of Manila in 360° on top of a nice hotel in Manila. Yup all of it are offered only here in Pan Pacific Manila, one of the top luxury hotel in Manila and also recently awarded by Trip Advisor with a Certificate of Excellence award.

Pan Pacific Manila
I haven’t been inside Pan Pacific Manila before, but I remember back 10 years ago, me and my band usually hang out in a cafĂ© below the hotel and we just chill out after a gig from another hotel nearby hahha. So when I drop by here to meet my blogger friends and the Pan Pacific marketing team, a little trip to memory lane occurred.

When I heard about the 360° view of Manila, I got a bit curious and got interested to check it out, also I heard good reviews about this hotel, so I need to check it out myself.

Pan Pacific Manila
We went up to the 21st floor and stop by at the Pacific Lounge and I learned that this is the location of the 360° view of Manila. There’s a swimming pool before 21st floor, you’ll spot it when you ride the transparent walled elevator. Its kinda cool to ride and watch the view there at night.

Pan Pacific Manila
Food and drinks welcomed us…awesome night to prepare for.

You can enjoy the weekened fest every night for only Php 900 per person, that's 6pm-9pm only. And there's also an affordable price at Php 650 per person during Sunday to Thursday. For long staying guest, all of it is free, the hotel staff will contact you and invite you to join with them for the Pacific 360° Weekend party.
Pan Pacific Manila
Here’s the lounge area and you can see the whole Manila light’s up at night.

Pan Pacific Manila
Now I just got the interest to try checking in for an overnight stay with my family.. this is one cool attraction for hotel guest. I’m also want to try their pool and breakfast buffet.

Okay enough’s what we enjoyed that night Smile the yummy food and drinks

Pan Pacific Manila Pan Pacific ManilaPan Pacific Manila Pan Pacific Manila
Food served for that night is a mix of western, pinoy style and Japanese food. My food love of the night is that some kind of sweet adobo egg and also the makis.

Pan Pacific Manila Pan Pacific ManilaPan Pacific Manila Pan Pacific Manila
Beers and hard drinks are also served, plus lots of kebabs, pasta and some deep fried yummies.

Pan Pacific Manila
Long staying guests are invited to join the weekend party

You can watch TV, meet a new friend here, or just enjoy the relaxing view of Manila at night

Pan Pacific Manila
There’s also live music happening in the corner of Pacific Lounge. A lovely female singer and one talented pianist. Feel free to jam if you want or request a song.

Pan Pacific Manila
Obviously..this is my 1st plate hahaha

Pan Pacific Manila Pan Pacific ManilaPan Pacific Manila Pan Pacific Manila
I skipped drinking alcohol that night.. because I told them that I don’t have the mood to drink a beer or rhum, but I enjoyed their iced tea hahaha. Also the kebabs and yummy desserts.

Told them, If I get drunk,it will just ruin my night hahah.

Pan Pacific Manila
Our messy table full of dirty plates and drinking glass… the food is keep on coming

Pan Pacific Manila Pan Pacific Manila
My blogger friends meet up with the hotel’s marketing team….getting to know each other

Pan Pacific Manila
Here’s my view..oh wow!!!

Pan Pacific Manila
I went outside of the Pacific Lounge and spotted that they have an outdoor section, with drama lighting and a small pond. Perfect for dates and private dining.

Pan Pacific Manila
Pan Pacific Manila

here’s a photo around Pacific Lounge

Pan Pacific Manila
Pan Pacific Manila
Perfect spot!!!

Pan Pacific Manila
Of course..I need to have a pic behind the view of Manila!

Pan Pacific Manila
Spotted some travel magazines inside the lounge.

Pan Pacific Manila Pan Pacific Manila
Lobby of Pan Pacific

Pan Pacific Manila
I closed the night at around 11pm, and decided to break the time and reserve an hour of travel time going back home. It’s nice to meet the Pan Pacific team and will list this as one of my recommended spots in Manila.

and now..grabbing this photo from Myke Soon’s blog heheheh.
To know more promos and offerings of Pan Pacific Manila
visit their Facebook page at

Website -

Address: M. Adriatico corner Gen. Malvar Streets, 1004 Malate, Philippines
tel : (02) 318 0788

About Pan Pacific Manila
The first and finest Butler hotel in the Philippines.
DescriptionThe calm, modern elegance of Pan Pacific Manila eases the mind and refrehes the senses. Located in the historic Spanish Quarter, the hotel offers easy access to many cultural highlights. Famed for its personal and effortless service, this is the place where tradition meets modernity.
In the heart of the Manila Bay area, in the district of Malate. Close to the city's convention, exhibition and business centres and a walk away from shopping disstrict and is approximately 8 km away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

ROOMS AND SUITES:Soothe your senses and rejuvenate in the modern comfort of our renovated rooms. Feel the distinctive luxury in any of the 236 thoughtfully appointed and spacious rooms and suites. Enjoy complimentary local calls (except to mobile phones) and wired or wireless internet connectivity.

Encompasses the top floor with floor-to-ceiling glass walls offering magnificent views of the city and Manila Bay.

Lobby Lounge
The place to get together with friends for the perfect relaxing moment.

My Pool
An oasis set amidst a tropical landscape serving refreshing tropical drinks and snacks.

Adriatico Square
Four floors of restaurants, snack bars and entertainment centres.

24-hour In-Room Dining available.

Meeting Rooms available:
Grand Ballroom - accommodates up to 450 guests
Conference Suite - accommodates up to 90 guests
Boardroom 1 / 2 - accommodates up to 30 guests
*may vary depending on set-up required.

Swimming Pool
Outdoor Jacuzzi
In-room massage
Fitness Centre with fully equipped gym (Slimmers World at the 6/F of Adriatico Square, accessible from the pool area)

Euroo power bank gadget

Euro Power Bank
My sister bought this Euroo Powerbank gadget and gave it to me as a birthday gift… thanks sis!!! more gadgets next year ha hahaha. Okay, I have already a power bank and it’s the Mi Pow brand, the only disappointing part for the Mi Pow is that when the cable plug broke down, there’s no other stock to replace it, you have to buy the same brand in order to get a new cable plug for your gadgets… its so stupid.. so I abandon Mi Pow and then my sis bought this Euroo Powerbank, that only have a USB plug, so that you can plug and charge any device with USB compatibility.

Php88 plastic coffee dripper cup of Saizen

Coffee drip from Saizen
I have lots of Starbucks coffee beans here at home, and I still have those 2 packs of their Christmas season edition, There are times that I quit drinking coffee at home, and sometimes I get stuck in using instant mix, sometimes Salabat coffee and there are times that I use that low acidic coffee instants.
But I’m back again in drinking drip brewed coffee. But I’m lazy to use the coffee machine and grinder.

When I visited Saizen store, I saw this plastic cup coffee dripper. It’s just Php 88, so cheap and affordable, I just got the idea to get one and try to use it. The plastic cup is easy to clean and store it at home.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Another visit at Kung Fu Kitchen –birthday foodie part 3

Kung Fu Kitchen - birthday
My birthday blow out and celebration is just simple. Eat in a restaurant, especially eating in my newly fave resto like the Kung Fu Kitchen. Its our 2nd time to eat here in their new branch at the District and it’s a 2 day plan for us to eat here for my birthday and we went here even that the weather is bad, typhoon Gorio just landed near the area and we’re experiencing heavy rains and strong winds. But we’re glad that the rain stop and it was a bit of sunshine in the afternoon, it’s a signal for us to go out and enjoy the sun for a bit of hours.

JCO (jay see oh or jay ko? )– birthday foodie part 2

Starting my birthday weekend is fun! because I celebrated it with my family and for the first time I blew my birthday candle on top of a JCO doughnut hahahaha. I’m not a fan of JCO, because I only tried their doughnuts for 4 times only, because of the long lines infront of the store if you will buy a box of doughnuts for take out.

But I learned that you can get your doughnuts so fast if you dine in as a customer. There’s a limit per customer, but if you have a friend or a family member with you, All you can do is ask them to buy another half box for dine in hahahaha.

Tokyo Tokyo at home - birthday foodie part 1

tokyo tokyo nights at home
It’s a suggestion from my wife that she wants to eat Tokyo Tokyo for our dinner and because that there’s a typhoon that weekend, we are stuck at home and can’t even go out, just for safety, its better to stay home. But how can we eat our yummy Tokyo Tokyo at home? there’s no food delivery service here in Cavite?

hmm..the problem was solved when I got an instruction that I’ll go to the mall infront and buy the food for everyone.

I’m game!
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