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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Indoor surfing in Molino, Cavite coming soon in Season's Mall

Read my Flowboarding experience here --
I was on the way to Tagaytay City when we took the route of Molino road and then we encountered a traffic jam in an intersection that connects the highway to Daang Hari, then I spotted this billboard and a construction site nearby.

Kariton Revolution 2014 exhibit in SM City Bacoor

Photo taken March 3, 2014

I posted already my coverage of the Kariton Revolution 2014 here in my blog, you can read my coverage in Cavite City here at .

I volunteered to cover the event in Cavite City, I’ve waited for several days for the details and event info, I also invited my co-bloggers who lives here in Cavite to come and cover the event, at first that we thought that the event will be in the vicinity of Bacoor, we’re hoping also that the event is in SM Bacoor, but then a day before the event, I received already the full details and we learned that the main event is in Cavite City.

Efren Penaflorida Jr. leads 3rd year of Kariton Revolution 2014 in Cavite City (my coverage)

I went to Cavite City, its a 1 hour drive coming from my town here in Cavite, I was there not to have a food trip or do a photo walk, I was there because I volunteered to cover an event organized by this amazing person who uses push cart to give free education to kids.

March 5, 2014 is the birthday of 2009 CNN Hero Efren Penaflorida Jr., but he will not celebrate his birthday alone or in private, but he organized an annual city event for his home town in Cavite City. An event that will showcase different makeshift of wooden push carts or kariton, dressed up in different style created by students, the town folks, participated brands and local government. Kariton Revolution 2014 marks its third year anniversary this 2014, Efren or Kuya Ef, as his students and supporters calls him by a short name, took lead the parade of karitons and march down in an activity center that was lent to them by their Mayor.

Friday, March 14, 2014

New blog post: - Foodies at spiral @sofitelmanila wine appreciation class | @stonywife @dennisangulo @joneluy @livingmarjorney @lacellanora @kumagcow @langyawmedia

Foodies at spiral @sofitelmanila wine appreciation class | @stonywife @dennisangulo @joneluy @livingmarjorney @lacellanora @kumagcow @langyawmedia

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Live from Space! a global TV broadcast of space for the 1st time in history airs live this March 15 at 8am in National Geographic Channel Philippines

Tomorrow is the big day for space and planet Earth!!!

“We're taking viewers around the world—literally—in this spectacular two-hour television event broadcasting LIVE from the International Space Station (ISS) and Mission Control in Houston, Texas.
Catch the live global broadcast of LIVE FROM SPACE tomorrow at 8AM!” – National Geographic Channel Philippines Facebook

A bag concept store that you will feel at home and comfy - The House of Kipling opens at SM Clark, Pampanga and The District North Point in Talisay City

kipling 6 Here’s a new concept store for bags, it’s a bag and accessories store for women, and the concept store is not your ordinary store, the new store of House of Kipling is like a home of bags, a store that will keep you comfy and feel like that your at home. There’s a living room area, a dressing room with lots of mirrors and a kitchen style area, all are filled with bags, for you to check the best stylish bag for you. At first, I thought that Kipling is travel bag, but then It’s a more than just a travel bag, a more stylish and colorful bags perfect for young lady tweens and women.

Old houses in Cavite City (could be dated Spanish-American colonial times)

I went to Cavite City last week to cover an event, then during the parade of that event, my blogger companion, Jeman, noticed the old house at the other side of the street, we are amazed on the well preserved quality of the old house, this was the first old house we spotted in Cavite City, and we believe that there might be more old heritage house that could be dated during Spanish to American colonial times. I'm not sure, but if you look at the photos, you'll agree that the house are so vintage and out of time.

My history in handheld/portable gaming (you won’t believe the latest I’m using)

Just for fun…I compiled and collected my old handheld gaming devices and I want to share here my history in using handheld or portable gaming machines. From old up to the next generation portable consoles. I’m sure the 35 year old person will remember the 1st game they brought in school hahaha.

Hyperkin SUPABOY Portable Pocket SNES Console (price PHP5,469 in

I confess that I’m a retro gamer and this will stick to my blood forever, I super miss playing the classic games on NES, SNES, SEGA and PC engine. Video games are part of my life, and as I grow up, I witness how the gaming scene evolved, I think I’m the only gamer in the world that never left the 32 bit island, because I’m still hooked to old games. Sometimes in every decade I always go back playing my favorite Megaman 2, Super Mario 3, Street Fighter 2, Super Castlevania and etc, I always make sure if I can finish the game even I get old, there are times that I already forget the technique in winning the game. Hell yeah I can still beat Ghouls and Goblins game.

Unboxing: Kata i3 - 1.3 GHz Quad Core smartphone (SRP PHP 8499)

Ron of brought a new smartphone when we went to Kabankalan City, he gave it to me in order to take a look at it and review it for my blog. I'm not yet ready yet that time to review gadgets because I’m more focusing on travel, food and lifestyle at the moment, but when I saw this Kata i3 quad core phone, It tempted me to try and test it. I have tried other quad core smartphones, they are fast and big, but sometimes they give you a poor touch screen responses. Kata i3 got the best touch screen feature for me, out of the major brands of smartphones, I bet this will be the new crowned quad core prince for the local market this year 2014.

HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker (SRP PHP1750)

Audio fanatics! you have to check this new portable and rechargeable speaker from the HMDX audio family – the “HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker”, I have plenty of speakers here at home and I mostly use the portable speakers with rechargeable battery features, its fun to use those speakers because I can carry it and plug it on my tablet and iPhone4s in listening music or watching a movie.

Unboxing: Nokia X dual sim (Nokia x Android) smartphone (SRP PHP5990)

It’s been ages since the last time I touch and hold a Nokia phone, I stayed away from the device for awhile because I targeted other smartphone brand, because I prefer the Android and iOS OS for phones, but then when I read on the net that Nokia will launch their own version of smartphone with a soul of a Nokia X OS that can run Android apps, my reaction was “whoaaaaa” they can do the impossible possible. Nokia started a new trend for launching a new Nokia model called “Nokia X”, its their take in delivering the most affordable smartphone in the market. According to their sales report, many people are still buying the basic and feature Nokia phones and even if we have the high tech smartphones and regular version low end smartphones, Nokia is still the number 1 here in the Philippines in selling most phones, thanks to the basic and feature phone, it is much more affordable for us pinoys, and I can’t still believe that you can buy a Nokia basic phone start PHP500- PHP1000, I believe that I saw a cheap unit sold in airports with a bundle sim, it’s a basic phone for tourist and also OFW who want to use a cheapo phones for a short period of time.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back up your chat history in WeChat cloud

There’s another feature in WeChat that we should check out, I’m not aware that you can back up all chat activity and history of your WeChat account, this is useful if you plan to clean up your chat list panel, but if you need to save some chats that are important and very sentimental to you, you no longer need to screen cap everything, but with a press of a button at WeChat settings, you can save the entire chat or everything to WeChat’s cloud and retrieve it again.

according to WeChat,

“Social mobile app WeChat acts as your digital notepad thanks to its Chat History Backup feature, which saves conversation histories and restores them to any device for up to seven (7) days.”

Tribute for my failed morning glory

I didn't expected that I'll be hanging my neck the whole day, My morning is so beautiful because my 3 year old son jumped in my bed and he wrestled me just say "good morning daddy!", then I went down to my workstation and my wife greeted me nicely and I just noticed that our wall clock is gone, they pulled it out because the batteries are already dead, then I checked the time on my laptop and it was 9:30am already,

I opened my email, Facebook and Twitter to check some updates and messages and then I was greeted with a Facebook message informing me with a news that I usually hate... pftttt my morning went from good to kaput!

I'm glad that everything is okay from my end and I'm already comfortable with the answer that I'm waiting for.

My problem is that I answered the "okay, alright" nearly 1am in the morning.

I mentioned that it will end there and I moved on.

- end of tribute

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

COSMOS: A Space-time Odyssey to premiere in PH in National Geographic Channel and FOX this March 12 at 10PM

Cosmos: A Space-time Odyssey is one of the most awaited new tv series in National Geographic Channel, its a sequel to 1908's Carl Sagan space educational series "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage", according to some that the new series is a reboot but others said that the new series is a sequel, I can't remember the 1980's series but I have a big feeling that I have seen the series before and Carl Sagan's outfit is a bit memorable when he start to talk and share his knowledge about the cosmos.

Call for entries for the 100 Women of Power and Substance in the Philippines by SM Supermalls and Project Headshot Clinic

Project Headshot Clinic and SM Supermalls are having a campaign and exhibit about the 100 Women of Power and Substance of the Philippines.

They are also looking for entries to complete the 100 Women for the campaign, if you know someone or you are one of the deserving person, then read the details below.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Top 20 must see in Lopez Museum’s "Complicated" Exhibit @lopez_muse #lopezmusuem

It’s time to visit the museum this summer, if you are planning to have an educational and wow moments this summer or in a weekend, then you can take a nice breathe of art created by our talented artist in our country, there’s an exhibit that was opened few weeks ago and it’s a meet and greet with the old and award winning art and also with the contemporary art, it’s a fusion of old meets new with a take of the same topic and concept. Lopez Museum opens its door once again for their 1st art exhibit theme for this year titled “Complicated”, yes that’s the title, its not a Facebook relationship status of an individual but it’s a status for our country, the Philippines, its complicated relationship with its colonial past, imagine how our lives were so complicated during the arrival of the Spanish, Americans, Japanese and I didn’t even know that the British landed here too before the Spanish colonial, it’s a history in your face when you are here in Lopez Museum, there are lots of things to discover and understand when you set your foot in Lopez Museum, there’s lot of education and new knowledge from the past that doesn’t appear in our high school text books.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD and Blu Ray PH release this March 15, 2014 #HGCFonDVD

THG CF Limited Edition 2 Disc product shot
For those who haven’t seen The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie, you now can get a chance to own a DVD for your home viewing, I’m one of those people who failed to watch the 2nd installment of The Hunger Games movie series, I became a fan of this movie because of the visual, the story and cuteness of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, I heard about the book when Mockingjay was released here in the PH bookstores, it’s a big puzzle for me what’s that Hunger Games book is about, but when I saw the movie version and its trailer, it reminded me of that Japanese movie – Battle Royale, it has the same concept but different take on how people survive to get a better life, but I can say that The Hunger Games movie is much entertaining with less gore compare to BR.

WeChat 5.2 launches with 6 new features- time to be more mobile social

WeChat 5.2 was launched this week and it gives more useful features for us to maximize our social connectivity in mobile. Few days ago, my WeChat was the busiest app in my iPhone, I didn’t expected that the group messaging will be more fun when you have plenty of online WeChat friends, there was this online party, every are so active in chatting and I’m happy that I was a part of it.

If you have WeChat in your smartphone then don’t be late to update and install the latest upgrade, the version 5.2 will give you more convenience when it comes to user interface design and the ability to connect to global WeChat users.

WeChat add me up!my account - popazrael

here are the 6 new features of WeChat 5.2

1. Menu Bar
More convenient and sorted to fit the habits of smartphone users, WeChat 5.2 opens to a clearer interface which has its many features compartmentalized into three sections: Chats, Discover, and Contacts. Chats lets you continue with your current conversations, while Contacts allows you to start new exchanges with your friends. For the rest of your favorite, fun features, one tap of the Discover tab easily takes you to your Moments feed as well as options including Scan QR Code, Shake, People Nearby, Drift Bottle, Games, and Sticker Shop.


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