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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Now starting: Mozilla Philippines seminar series about women's day and social media

Just started....great to see the mozilla ph team and bloggers! 

Lace will have a talk later about women and social media

Then there's a talk about blogging 101 and seo 

Community manager of Mozilla Ph

Seminar participants

Mozilla PH volunteers


Intro about mozilla os

In Palex Express virtual office 

Twitter launched a web app to flashback to your first ever tweet (check out my first tweet last May 2007)

Twitter just turned 8 years old this March 2014, and for a little freebie and gift for all Tweet people, they launched a web app that can go back to your first ever tweet.

You can visit their web app -
just enter your username and let Twitter do their thing.

Strife, a stress free Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game is here in the Philippines

The news is already airing since last year that there will be a new multiplayer massive online battle arena (MOBA) game that will come here in the Philippines. When it comes to online battle, I'm more comfortable that those RPG type of games, I think this game is for me, but before we throw on some thoughts about the game..wait for my feedback after two days, because I will download and install this game to test how stressful free it is.

Herbal teas and health drinks at Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair 2014 this March 26-30 in Megatrade Hall

I learned about the art of making of salabat tea during my boy scout days, then the art of making your own mint tea, its very effective if you have those leafy greeny plants in your backyard, but what happens if you ran out of leaf ? Enter now the instant mix and tea, Last January I bought this local made lemongrass tea in Bacolod City, its a one of a kind tea for me, because I never saw that in a our grocery, I realized that we have lots of good products in our provinces, now I wonder that why do they have less presence in our grocery? is it a good time to have a supermarket that offers and sell all-pinoy products? hmmm

Let's support our national food produced and products this March 26-30, 2014 in SM Megatrade Hall 1-3 for the Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Epic Paint Adventure from Kuyi Mobile–pinoy mobile game created by pinoys

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From the makers of Street food tycoon and Elevator Joe mobile game, Kuyi Mobile released another mobile puzzle art game created by pinoy developer for pinoy gamers, the new game is called “Epic Paint Adventure”, I think I heard about this game months ago or maybe last year during its early development. I’m such a sucker for puzzle games and I already stayed away from those Candy Crush or Bejeweled games. I even hated Dr. Mario game in Gameboy because it requires a lot of thinking and a lot of common sense in playing the game. So sorry, because I grew up with those adventure, fantasy and action games.

Wine appreciation night– its more than just a 21 dining ateliers in Spiral, Sofitel Manila

I starting to love drinking wine and accompanied it with my favorite food. I attend some wine appreciation class before and it just focus on one brand of wine. My first wine appreciation class is terrible which ended to being drunk and tipsy, I think we enjoyed drinking the wine that time because they have 5 bottles with different taste. From my first up to the latest wine drinking session, I can’t say yet that I’m an expert to wine, but its one of my interest to learn on how to appreciate wine and drink it the right way, there are also some points that I need to learn on how to store these wines at home. My latest was during the Soiree Beaujolais last November 2013, it is my first ever French wine experience in a hotel and later on followed by another wine appreciation with the French last January 2014.

The Next Iron Chef Season 4 winner Chef Geoffrey Zakarian in Manila for Cignal’s Feast of Colours gala dinner for charity

Yesterday was the 2nd biggest and high end lifestyle event for Colours and Cignal Digital TV, last year was about a fashion show, but for 2014 its about food and a way to help the people who are affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Cignal Digital TV and Colours invited The Next Iron Chef Season 4 winner - Chef Geoffrey Zakarian to come and cook 5 course meal for a one night of gala dinner in Sofitel Manila. He flew here directly from New York City and a bit jet lag during the event with the media yesterday morning. He threw in some jokes to keep everyone comfy and mentioned that most of his crew in his 5 restaurants are Filipinos, when he saw us, he said that he felt at home and feels like his talking and working with his resto employees, everyone laughed because we know he’s trying to make the atmosphere more lively.

Philippine fruit liquer and wines at Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair 2014

I have tried a sip of our local wines and its good! my first fave is the dragon fruit wine, I tasted it during in a wine appreciation class in Sofitel Manila, according to the French connoisseur in Spiral, we don't have grapes here in the Philippines, but we have lots of fruits that can be produce and process it to wine, we pinoys really got the skills in making our own wines.

Let's support our national food produced and products this March 26-30, 2014 in SM Megatrade Hall 1-3 for the Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair.


PHILIPPINE FRUIT LIQUERS AND WINES. Lambanog, tuba, basi, laksoy, tapey—these are some of the common indigenous liquors that are part of our Filipino drinking culture. Now, tapping into a rich variety of tropical fruits, local wine makers are creating interesting and exotic flavors to delight connoisseurs. Discover liquer de calamansi, mango rum liquer, coffee liquer, bugnay wine, and other spirits that can liven up any celebration by introducing a fresh taste as well as a conversation piece. Fruit liquers and wines will be among the many products that will be on exhibit at the upcoming Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair to be held from March 26-30, 2014, at SM Megatrade Halls 1-3, 5th Level, Building B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

With about half of Filipino MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises) in the food and beverage sector, the Department of Trade & Industry’s Bureau of Domestic Trade (DTI-BDT) is bringing together more than 200 exhibitors from the country’s 16 regions to showcase the best of Philippine food products, promote the country as a culinary destination, and provide business opportunities to entrepreneurs nationwide.

Dubbed Piling-Piling Pagkaing Pilipino, this edition of the Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair will showcase a seafood pavilion as well as a pili nut pavilion. Also available will be coffee from Benguet, unoy rice from Kalinga, empanada from Ilocos, longanisa from Vigan, Ivatan yellow rice from Batanes, sans rival from Pampanga, cashew nuts from Palawan, smoked fish from Cavite, suman sa lihiya from Oriental Mindoro, laing and pinangat from Albay, snack food from Iloilo, chicharon from Cebu, moron from Leyte, juices from Zamboanga, processed meat from Misamis Oriental, coco sugar from Davao del Sur, tablea from Agusan del Sur, and many more mouthwatering delicacies from all over the country.

For more information, contact the DTI-Bureau of Domestic Trade at telephone no. 751-3223, fax no. 751-3224, or email For updates on Sikat Pinoy events, please “Like” the Facebook page

13th Philippine Toycon 2014 production note 1

Hello!!!! this is my first production note for our 13th Philippine Toycon event, you’ll see some updates and also behind the scenes in organizing the biggest pop culture and toy event in the Philippines.

I was absent for two months already and I missed 3 or 4 meetings already, but few weeks ago, I successfully joined the crew for a meeting. I received lots of plans for the event this June 20-22, 2014. I updated the marketing plans and social media pages of PH ToyCon and I posted already the call for exhibitors.

There are a lot of concerns lately but I’m glad that all members of core group are complete and professional inputs were delivered and then our problems were solved immediately. I’m also excited for our upcoming event launch that will happen in the next 2 months. Last year we held our event launch and press conference in Resorts World Manila, I learned from our meeting that the event launch of ToyCon attracted a lot of visitors in the mall and it was the busiest and largest foot traffic of shoppers and mall goers. Our event launch attracted not only the fans and hobbyist but also the mainstream TV media.

For this year, we will double up the excitement and also the output, sometimes I’m more excited for the event launch and not the main Toycon event hahahaha. I’m reading lots of emails and also proposals coming from different industries, all of them wants to join in our event, but we need to make a study and see if they are fit to our event. From band performers to booth exhibitors to celebrity guest, yes. all of it are pouring in to our inbox, but as of now, we’re still fixing the layout and plans with our sponsors, and after that, we can now proceed for the production.

We almost met the official licensee of a big toy brand and movie in our last meeting. I’m so excited that they will join in our event and I already sent some request like if they can invite Hollywood celebs to our event and also display the best prop used in the movie. I’m sure everyone knows what movie that I’m talking about, but if you visit our website, you can see that we are highlighting two movies for June 2014.

At first I thought that Godzilla will land in June, but I learned that the movie will be released on May 2014, so I guess Godzilla is out already.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Microwavable Chicharon at the Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair 2014

I know its weird but finally..a real food innovation is already being done! I heard of this in a local convenience store but the featured on the photo looks good and better. Let's support our national food produced and products this March 26-30, 2014 in SM Megatrade Hall 1-3 for the Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair.

WeChat launches new stickers for Women’s Day

Here's a nice tribute for all women in the world this month. The social mobile app WeChat launches a surprise in time for Women's History Month that is observed throughout this month of March and also for the International Women's Day last March 8.

The WeChat surprise is a new set of stickers via the Stickers Shop in WeChat app. Users can download and install the new stickers and this will remind them the importance of the love and roles of women in our lives - from mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, grandmother, friend, co-worker or a fellow Wechat user.

Shine Bakery and Café in SM Aura–girls giggles when they see cup cakes

I joined a dessert session after our heavy meal in Yabu in SM Aura, after our dinner, Lace told me to research for the best dessert here in SM Aura, I told her there’s an ice cream store at the basement area of the mall. I went to the loo for awhile and told her that we’ll meet there at the basement.

But then I can’t find them at the basement and I saw that the ice cream store is gone hahahaha. I texted her and she replied that they are in Shine.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#BrunoMarsVibe : Join the official Moonshine Jungle party hosted by Bruno Mars this March 21 at Republiq

I love exclusive parties! especially when the party is hosted by a superstar!!! this coming March 21, you have to get ready for another explosive party because Bruno Mars will be there to host the party.

Let’s party first before Bruno’s concert this Saturday.

To get tickets and invites

SM Lifestyle Entertainment - a new lifestyle brand with 12 SM brands

Last month, I was aware already that there will be a birth of SM Lifestyle Entertainment, I got the scoop during the launch of SM Megamall’s Fashion Hall. The new company of SM Supermalls will house all the 12 major brands of SM that caters from digital, lifestyle and entertainment.

We learned more from it during their event launch and trade show yesterday in MOA Arena. I didn’t expected that they will include the cashless payment system and also I learned about that SM Lifestyle Entertainment provides cinema services for Walter Mart mall.

USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 command and control ship of US 7th fleet in Manila (my photos from the tour)

It’s my first time to board in a navy ship, I always received an invitation whenever there’s a big ship that docks here in Manila, and I received invites in the past to board that ship with lots of books,a luxury cruise ship, old galleon replica ship, a battle ship and also air craft carrier. I always fail to attend those guided tour and also the chance to see the life of sailors inside the ship, but for this year I gave myself another chance to grab that opportunity to board another ship.

Yabu: House of Katsu–heavy katsu, rice and flavor

I’m so late already in trying these new Japanese restaurants in Manila, I learned about Yabu last 2012 and it was the year of katsu because lots of restaurant are popping in like mushrooms and serve the same food – katsu. It’s one of my favorite food and I always order a katsu or any donburi meals in a Japanese resto, all katsus are good to me because they have all I want --rice, pork and egg in my bowl. The best katsudon ever for me is that Japanese restaurant that serves food over the counter in Vira Mall, Greenhills, too bad that the resto will never re-open when the mall was renovated.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finally!!! my new ramen flavor is at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

I was invited for a meeting and the preferred meeting venue is at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen in Shangrila Plaza East Wing, I agreed to set our meeting there because I haven’t tried yet their ramens, I’m a big ramen fan since the late 90’s (real ramens from Japanese restos), and I’m happy that there’s a big food trend happening here in the Philippines about the big boom of ramens since year 2013.

Monday, March 17, 2014

List of children’s playground for free in Metro Manila ( 2014)

I got this idea of creating a list of the best children’s playground around Metro Manila after we do our frequent visit in Mushroomburger’s free playground in Tagaytay City and also visiting some playgrounds in Manila. I wondered how many FREE playground that we have here in our city, I just saw the children’s playground in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, and they got a nice outdoor playground for FREE, the most impressive is that Hong Kong have lots of playground in almost every corner of the street. I super want to have more playgrounds in Manila for our kids, I also saw some playgrounds in the province and they are also nice and well maintained. But why not the same here in Manila ?

My review - National Geographic Channel’s Live From Space 1st live tv global broadcast

That’ the view of a small size of our Earth taken by a video camera that was broadcasted globally in live TV for the very first time in history and the broadcast is hosted by National Geographic Channel for their live TV show “Live from Space!”. When I saw the commercial of this show 2 weeks ago, I gave myself another chance to watch it live, I was disappointed at first when the live broadcast of the Jet Man stunt was postponed and cancelled for live tv airing, I waited for it and I didn’t know what happened, but after some Google-fu search, I learned that the live tv was rescheduled and was successful in Natgeo UK.

Have you tried Gonuts Donuts Choco Cookie Butter?

This goodies arrived here at home and it was from Gonuts Donuts, at first I thought that they will be sending a box of donuts, when it arrived I noticed that the box is heavy and I thought that donuts now are made of heavy metal but when I opened the box, I saw 4 jars of their new product – the choco cookie butter sandwich spread with two versions, crunchy and creamy.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

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