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Monday, March 31, 2014

New blog post: - Team merryland and seatsfortwo now on board victory liner frst class bus trip to manila | thanks @azalearesidence #baguiocity for our home for 4days

Team merryland and seatsfortwo now on board victory liner frst class bus trip to manila | thanks @azalearesidence #baguiocity for our home for 4days

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Carinderia munchies - the weekend warriors blog series 5

This is the last part of our “weekend warriors blog series”, this is our day 3 in Tagaytay. We just stayed indoors in the morning and then we went back to the oval to play some more foot ball, do running and breathe fresh air.

At the end of our stay, we ate our dinner in Mahogany Market before leaving and head back home. We visited another cluster of carinderia infront of the fruit market inside Mahogany Market. We learned that the food they sell is much more affordable compare to the cluster of popular carinderia.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Justice League Heroes United - new merchandise and apparels in SM Store

A new wave of merchandise and apparels for kids and teens will be launched today in all SM Store branches nationwide.  There's a launch event happening today in Megamall with members of the media and pop culture bloggers. I didn't make it to the event, because I'm still in Baguio for our family trip, but I'm sharing already here the news that you should visit SM Store later or tomorrow and then check out the new designs and releases of items embedded with our favorite heroes in DC Comics.

Picnic, track and field and view of pyro musical in Tagaytay- the weekend warriors blog series 4

Picnic time!!! this is our first time to hunt for a free picnic spot here in Tagaytay, we found a good spot with nice shade of a tree, clean green field with a nice breeze of cold air. Tagaytay starts to heat up this summer and for the first time ever, I can feel that its no longer that cold during daytime and night time, but there are times that its windy and cold at night.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Create your own slushies with this slushy maker

Here's another good find inside the mall, but its weird that I saw this in the toy section and not in the usual kitchen or food section of the mall.

The Chill Factor slushy maker works like magic, I haven't tried it yet or bought one, but  I need to research more if this magic cup will transform my juice into a cold slushy drink.

Brew your best year with CBTL PH, Gang Badoy and Tim Tayag

The event is about celebrating your success and never give up when challenges comes in. I went with my wife to attend this event, and because our appointment got haywire for the evening, we scheduled a visit and a chance to attend CBTL PH’s forum event in their Net Lima branch.

CBTL PH launched a monthly forum and event series to be held in any branches of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf around Manila. I attended some events in the past that requires you to listen and join the discussions, there are times that we need to a listener and not a talker. I told Nella of CBTL that I super miss these kinds of events, I’m glad they have more to organize in the future.

Carinderia, ice crumble and running- the weekend warriors blog series 3

Day 2 in our another stay in Tagaytay, we ate our lunch again in Mahogany Market, its funny that the carinderia that we always dine in already recognize Lace’s favorite dish. As we arrive, the carinderia staff told her that they ran out of Papaitan that day, but then they suggested that they can still take our order but they will order it in a different carinderia.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I feel like we're in hell when we pass infront of two posters of horror films


Its a creepy arrangement of two demonic movies... see that??  a giant size poster of Devil's Knot and Devil's Due is standing infront of each other.

I hope they can just remove this away from a kid friendly mall.

Or if its for promotional thing, they can place the other demonic movie in the other side of the hall.

Geek Phone with Firefox OS : my touch and try moments with Firefox OS

I’m aware about the Firefox OS but I haven’t seen it and use it yet, I was at the Mozilla PH community social media series last weekend and I got a chance to borrow Bob Reyes’s smartphone with Firefox OS, the most impressive part is not only the OS but also the phone.

Bob said that it’s a Geek Phone from Spain, he bought it there and installed the Firefox OS.

Inside Tagaytay City Library and Museum- the weekend warriors blog series 2

The next morning, our day 2 stay again in Tagaytay, we went back to Tagaytay City’s Library and Museum for kids, located infront of Sky Ranch. If you remember, I already posted our first visit last month but we didn’t get a chance to read some books due to that the library was being used by the Iglesias as a dressing room and rehearsal for their event. You can read my story here at this link:

We promised to our son that we will go back to the library and museum in our next weekend stay in Tagaytay, and now here we are.and finally!!! we saw the books.

1st floor - dinosaur exhibit and museum
2nd floor – books for kids
3rd floor – books for high school and college students

I’m at the Philippine Cyberpress forum: Vision 20/20: Looking Back & Looking Forward- celebrating 20 years of internet in the Philippines

Its hard to believe that there’s an age for everything, if humans get old and we start to go slow as we age, our Philippine internet gets old too, but rather than go slow, it becomes more faster as it upgrades itself every year. I just hope that we humans can be like that, we upgrade our self as time pass by, learning from the mistakes, do better process and be a better hardware like the internet. March 29, 1994 was the year of the 1st ever internet connection of the Philippines to the world, and for this 2014, we are already celebrating for its 20th year! wow! I just can’t believe that internet is already 20 years old. I’m 36 years old today, that’s 16 years older than the internet.

Thanks to the Philippine Cyberpress for inviting me for this special day and event to celebrate our 20th year of Philippine internet.The forum titled "Vision 20/20: Looking Back and Looking Forward", its a forum event attended by the IT journalist of the Philippines, media, bloggers and important people in the tech industry. It was the best forum event ever, almost everyone were there celebrating the launch of the 1st internet. The celebration is very important because we see how internet makes our life easier and fun.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

You can now take home your favorite dish from Marriot Café

Our friends at Marriot Hotel sent a details on how you can buy and take home your favorite dish from their Marriot Café, I’m glad that they have this service, you can now enjoy the delicious food of Marriot Café in your homes or in your office, for your celebration or for your meal at home. Awesome!


Solaire Resort and Casino is 1 year old & with 1 million Facebook followers

Solaire Resort in Manila - media preview day before grand opening on March 16 2013 - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Our friend at Solaire Resort shared this news about their 1st year anniversary and their 1 million mark for Facebook followers, oh wow! Solaire Resort is my first ever resort to cover its soft opening and preview for my blog. Thanks to Myk for the nonstop support!

Captain America shield bags for kids and teens!

I spotted this cute Captain America shield back pack and sling bag in SM Dept. Store. I know its for kids, but I like the size of the back pack,  just the right size for a regular person. You can play with  your bag and be like Cap for a day. Also if you bought a bag in SM, you'll get a free small Captain America shield plushies. hahahah.

Data Cap Policy in the Philippines Explained

Admit it: you were one of those people who flooded Facebook and Twitter with angry outbursts when the Fair Use Policy (or FUP) was announced. No surprise: Filipinos are some of the most active Internet users in the world.

Part of that outburst was justified: a fast and reliable Internet connection is not a mere want – it’s a need. The question is: did you even understand what you were ranting about? Here are some important terms you need to know:

Microwaveable chicharon is real! | grab one at Sikat Pinot National Food Fair 2014

It's real!!! hahahaa, I've seen this in 711, but the version from Sari Sitsirya looks more appetizing, check out that Gold award label in front of the packaging. I haven't tried this yet, but I will try one pack and see if its really good. It will be just a trial and error (or terror) thing later, this could be my merienda or my dinner today.

Let's support our national food produced and products this March 26-30, 2014 in SM Megatrade Hall 1-3 for the Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair.

I'm covering this today - forum #20PHNET Vision 20/20 Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Thanks to Raffy Pedrajita of the Cyberpress PH for inviting the members of PBNetwork PH for their forum event. Today, it will be an ultimate throwback Thursday, because the forum event is inline with the 20th year of Philippine internet and also email in the Philippines.  1994 was 20 years ago and I didn't even noticed or felt it, but with this ultimate throwback forum, I can feel that I'm growing old because today was then-the future, and now we're still looking forward for another future - 20 years ahead.

cheers everyone! happy 20th internet years for the Philippines.

Night travel and bakery hunting- the weekend warriors blog series 1

New blog series again for our out of town adventures, I created a title “the weekend warriors blog series” to label our weekend hang out. I already forgot to post our Feb 28, 2014 weekend getaway here in my blog, but its better to be late than never hahaha.

Okay let’s start.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lazada Philippines is in WeChat, now offers PHP999 Android Tablet to WeChat users

Here’s the big news that I posted a teaser recently in my Facebook time. In celebration of Lazada Philippines’ 2nd year anniversary and also being the number 1 online shopping site in our country, in order to expand the connectivity of Lazada to their users, they already joined WeChat as one of the brand who operates with an official WeChat account.

Today, Lazada Philippines is offering a PHP999 discount for their Haipad Anaconda Xenith S Android Tablet, originally priced at PHP2.5k

Read the news below, to know more on how you can avail the super discounted Android tablet.

coverage: Girl power! in Mozilla Philippines seminar series “Women in Social Media”

Congratulations to Mozilla Philippines community for organizing their 2nd seminar series about women in social media, a topic that celebrates of women’s month. I was there at the seminar with my wife, she’s one of the speaker to share some tips on how women can use social media in a good way.

Interview about social media in the Philippines

This is an old interview from Janette Toral last 2009, I can say that I’m young at that year in social media, but I am confident with my answers and prediction for the future of social media. The interview is a prelude of the event “2nd Social Networking & eBusiness Conference”, I was invited to be a keynote speaker, it was my first time to talk in front of people who are from the corporate world. I wasn’t ready that time to talk and I’m not yet comfortable to in front of a different crowd, but I learned many things from my mistakes during my 1st keynote, but it went well..added with some technical difficulties with the projector.

I lifted the whole post from Janette’s blog :
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