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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Say yes!! to Starbucks Philippines new food, beverage, card and promo this SUMMER 2014

sbblog page
Heads up guys! our friends at Starbucks Philippines sent some info to us about the release of their new food and beverage this month. For this summer 2014, Starbucks Philippines is giving us a chance to choose our own refreshing summer drink and food adventure. There are a lot of new food and beverage to be released starting April 22 and I’m one of those people who are excited to try their new Banana Mango Frapuccino beverage, here in Tagaytay City, I attempted to order the fruity Frappucino and the barista told me that they don’t have it yet and the release of the new drink is on April 22. I was trying my luck if ever they might serve this to me before the main launch hahaha.

Grass fire at night

I saw a grass fire the night I went home last week, it was big and everyone at the tricycle area are worried that the grass fire might do some more damage. I think the fire was already blazing past 20 minutes but I haven’t seen or hear any fire engine coming in, probably that no one in our area reported the massive grass fire to our barangay.

Friday, April 18, 2014

spotted: Sigma 70-300mm lens for Canon SRP PHP8250

Whenever I see this in a local camera store, I’m always tempted to shift to Canon DSLR camera, I’m still hunger for a long focal telephoto lens, owning a 300mm lens is good enough for long distance shoot of sports or events, also a good lens for those who are in birding.

with a SRP of PHP8250, this is already a nice and sweet deal for amateur and hobbyist.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Here’s what you can do, visit, and eat in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur during your vacation or staycation

St. Augustine Church and Bantay Belfry in Vigan photos by Azrael Coladilla
I’ve collected and compiled the places and resto we visited during our 2013 visit in Vigan city, Ilocos Sur.
Here’s what you can do, visit, and eat in Vigan during your vacation or staycation

More updated list in my blog at

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Around the World show in SM Aura this Easter Sunday April 20

Me and my son saw this kiosk store in SM Aura, I inquired after I saw the sign that they offer free tickets to an upcoming Easter Sunday show of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in Samsung Hall, SM Aura.

You have to purchase 2 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD from this store and you will get two tickets for the show, OR for an accumulated receipt of PHP2000 worth of purchase in any SM Aura store, you can get two tickets too.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Here’s what you can do, visit, and eat in Tagaytay City during your vacation or staycation

I’ve collected and compiled the places and resto we visited during our 2014 visit in Tagaytay city.
Here’s what you can do, visit, and eat in Tagaytay City during your vacation or staycation

More updated list in my blog at


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our wedding anniversary date in Fresh, Solaire resort

March 24, 2014 – Its our 2nd time to dine here at the Fresh buffet of Solaire Resort, my wife chose this resto as our wedding anniversary date. I book a reservation few days before our dinner date, it is advisable that you place a reservation first so that you can have a reserved table for your buffet food adventure.

Visita Iglesia church virtual tour in my blog (collection of church in the Philippines)


This holy week 2014, I invite you to check out my blog post collection of churches in my Azrael’s Merryland Blog. I started this church blog post after I joined in a junket trip to Cebu in 2010. It’s a seasonal project in my blog to visit a church, take photos and post it here for a virtual tour for my blog readers.

you can visit and read my church blog post collection at

coverage: Lunar Eclipse–April 15, 2014 (IL, USA)

lunar eclipse 2

The 1st lunar eclipse of 2014 is happening right now – April 15, 2014 at around 2:30am in USA. Unfortunately, the lunar eclipse is not viewable here in the Philippines, but the expected view is at the start of the moon rise at 6:12pm, we can see only the final lunar partial eclipse. At around 3:40pm Manila time, its a 13 hour difference from the USA, they are now having a great view of the lunar eclipse and right at this moment the moon is now in BLOOD RED color. The lunar eclipse can be viewed in full in North and South America and also in Australia.

Aye! Caramba! The Simpsons x Converse is here!

I was in Glorietta that day and I go to that mall to check out the toy store and also it’s a gateway to my ride home. After the escalator going to the 3rd floor, I noticed a cute design on the glass window of the Converse flag ship store in Glorietta.

Omg!!! it’s the Simpsons!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Alaska milk : From Grass to Glass–the journey of making the best quality milk

Blogger’s commentary:
There are times that we think where our brand of milk came from, how they are processed and where do they turn milk that came from the cow and was nourished by good grass in the fields. We received this detailed info on how Alaska milk is processed and what company is behind it that takes care of the milk we drink.

Read the story below

PBA All Stars - basketball clinic in MOA Arena (coverage)

April 4, 2014 – A before the start of the PBA All Star games, the officials of the PBA and SM Cares organized a basketball clinics for kids and special ones. The basketball clinic was composed of three kinds of clusters – 1. shooting, 2. dribble and obstacles and 3. touching the cones.

I was with Kevin of Manila Concert Scene during the press con and I’m glad that he accompanied me for this coverage, he was with me after the presscon and after I got a new hair cut in a nearby barbershop haha, we waited for 3 hours because the press con finished early after lunch.

Dinner in Aristocrat restaurant Manila Roxas Blvd. - Southern food trip part 7 (END)

April 8, 2014 – We arrived in Manila at around 6:00pm, I was about to leave right away and travel back to Cavite, but our host of our trip invited us first to have dinner in Aristocrat restaurant in Manila Roxas Blvd. I said yes and we joked around with Arpee because he promised for a big bite with a chicken barbeque. I didn’t tried their chicken barbeque that day and my last try was hmm 4-5 years ago, my mouth starts to salivate and then I can already imagine the scent of a barbecue flavor in my nose.

A milky side trip to Alaminos Goat Farm - Southern food trip part 6

April 8, 2014 – During our journey back to Manila, one of our co-bloggers spotted the sign of Alaminos Goat Farm on the road, at first we passed by while on the way to San Pablo, Laguna, and then we spot it again while we are on the road going back to Manila.

WeChat partners with ZaloraPH / offers discounted price to fans and followers of ZaloraPH WeChat account

zalora wechat
If you are a big follower and shopping fans of Zalora PH and also a Wechat user, this is the right time for you to shop with great discount by following the official Zalora PH account in Wechat. The new partnership of the biggest online shopping site for fashion and the country’s leading social app will give new online shoppers a brand new online shopping experience.

Take the advantage of using Wechat as your mobile alert for fashion news and also discounted or sale items in Zalora PH.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aftermath: Live viewing of the Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 (Alaxan event)

April 13, 2014 – Thanks to Alaxan for inviting us media and bloggers to watch the live pay per view of the 2nd boxing match of Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley, the live viewing was held at Outback Restaurant in Glorietta, Makati. It’s my first time there to watch the live pay per view, I got a load of invitations recently for a live viewing, but I already gave my thumbs up first to Alaxan’s invitation. To all those who sent their invitations, thank you so much!

What will happen? Manny Pacquiao wins or losses vs. Bradley part 2


Today is fight night for Pacquiao and Bradley, here in the Philippines its already Palm Sunday and a Pacquiao day, or boxing fight day for the people who are waiting for the big match here in our country. Every will be at home or will be in a special live viewing event to watch the boxing match.

I was about to post this blog post last night, but I slept early in order for me to wake up and get ready to watch the match in a live viewing event in Glorietta.

Here are some of my predictions that might transpire after the match

Manny Pacquiao by Howard Schatz
What will happen if Manny Pacquiao wins the match vs. Bradley?
- Manny will be the new title holder of WBO welterweight
- Manny will soon have more tv guesting and tv commercial
- Manny might reveal his plans to run again for another seat in politics on 2016 (higher seat siguro)
- Manny will donate to #YolandaPH
- Manny will help more young boxers in the Philippines to train and be the next champ
- Manny will continue his projects to develop his town in Mindanao
- Pound for Pound Ratings will lift Manny to number 6
- Manny will challenge Mayweather on live tv after the match OR
- Manny might retire after this match

but, what will happen next if ever Manny Pacquiao losses vs. Bradley ?
- Manny will also do the same thing above - win or lose but..
- He might retire after the match
- Coach Freddie still blames a lot of distraction for Manny like tv guesting, bible study and prayer meetings, If Manny loses, I think the coach might get upset bigtime and this will serve a lesson to some boxers not to lose their focus and concentration
- Bradley will take back the WBO welterweight title, and its a proof that he is undefeated champ, also Bradley said that he will retire after this match and if ever he wins.
- If Manny didn't retire, he will have more fights vs. incoming pro boxers and challengers.

For you, what do you think will happen next ?
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