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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mikey Bustos, Bogart and Jamich video blogs now playing inside provincial bus

Its fun to see original video content that are a fruit of YouTube are now playing offline and now plays inside a provincial bus, I think the contractor or provider of this TV inside the bus generate some profit from advertisers, I’m surprised to see 4 tv sets inside the ErJohn bus liner, I hop on it during my Cavite-Manila travel and I went in agony when Jamich videos are playing (sorry guys, I’m not a fan of their romantic tandem), I think it was a 30 minute video presentation of the history of Jamich or some kind of short film with never ending smooching.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Test Drive the New Mazda3 SKYACTIV at High Street BGC

Looking for fun to drive? Try this All-New Mazda3 SKYACTIV a fully evolved and inspired by the KODO Soul of Motion design philosophy. The Mazda3 will satisfy for those who seeks a new level of driving experience.

Event Details:
April 25-27, starts at 9am until 10pm at
9th Avenue, High Street, Bonifacio Global City (Big Bear area, between Nike and Krispy Kreme)

Celebrate Driving with the All-New Mazda3 SKYACTIV. Fully evolved and inspired by the KODO Soul of Motion design philosophy, it comes with the full range of game-changing SKYACTIV Technology, including i-STOP and i-ELOOP, that delivers outstanding fuel efficiency, uncompromised driving performance and proactive safety features. Hatchback or sedan, it takes fun driving experience to a whole new level and pushes the zoom-zoom spirit ahead of the pack.


HBO ASIA To Premiere HBO and Cinemax Original Content Less Than A Day After US Telecast from July 2014

PHILIPPINES, APRIL 23, 2014 – HBO Asia today announced that it will premiere HBO and CINEMAX original content less than 24 hours after their US premiere from July 2014. Starting with the brand-new CINEMAX Original series, THE KNICK, starring Academy Award® and Emmy® nominee Clive Owen and directed by Academy Award® and Emmy® winner Steven Soderbergh, viewers in Asia can watch this series the very next evening after it premieres in the US.

Spotted! Olympus Tough TG-820 SRP: PHP14995


Olympus Tough water proof camera line are rare this summer, I accidentally found one model in Photoline the other day and with a price tag of PHP14,995. Many camera lovers are looking for this kind of camera, its one of the toughest camera line by Olympus and the best camera with a submersible capability, yes you can swim with this camera up to 33 feet only.

The best camera for the beach, pool and outdoor travel.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Check out my new Twitter profile and timeline

new twitter

I was afraid that Twitter will look more like Facebook.But what the heck...there's no turning back if ever you are a Twitter user, we need to adapt and also go with the flow... ok here's my new Twitter timeline, the cover photo featured the Bulihan Festival of Sampaloc, Quezon. I will be there later.

Bird photography at home

P3162304 crop_Snapseed
I have some bird photo collection in my archives, these are birds that I took photos while they are in the wild. I didn’t got a chance to publish some photos here in my blog, but let me start a new set and show here some photos of birds that regularly visit our tree here in Cavite. Every summer these birds are very active and noisy in the morning. I discovered their bird activity when our pet cat caught a small bird youngling, I’m glad that the bird didn’t died from the bite of our pet cat, I took the bird away from my cat’s mouth and kept it in a small cage for the bird’s recovery, there are no wounds but the legs and wings are weak. I let the bird recover and release it after some days. I went online and did some search and I learned that its a fan tail bird that usually found in South East Asia.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Launch today in Starbucks Philippines: Banana Mango and Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino

Frappuccino Star Dash
Today is the big launch of the two new featured beverage in Starbucks, also they are launching a promo that lets you earn two stars in your Starbucks card.

read my blog post here at

for news about their new food, beverage, card, and promo.

Frozen bootleg toys found in local street market

Let it go… Let it go… I’m sure you are reading this with a tune of Let it go song from the movie Frozen, for others I’m sure they will let this go because it’s a bootleg toy version of Disney’s Frozen. I found this in a local street market and they sell like pancakes to young girls. I haven’t seen yet the original version of this toy in our toy stores, the only thing that I saw are the mini figs and the Disney Infinity toy line. I saw the original version only via Youtube, there are some Disney collectors who posted already their review online about the original and licensed version of Frozen.

Monday, April 21, 2014

I’m going to the 4th Bulihan Festival 2014 in Sampaloc, Quezon province

I’m excited for this weekend because I’ll be in my home town province in Sampaloc, Quezon province for the annual fiesta, now dubbed as “Bulihan Festival” , formerly known as Sampalukin Festival or normally, Fiesta ng Sampaloc, Quezon. I’ve been going to the annual fiesta for many times during my youngling years, me and my entire family go here in Sampaloc, Quezon every year for the fiesta and clan reunions, but then when the time I aged to be an adult, being busy as a student and then busy as a freelancer, I stated to drift away from my hometown and just stayed here in Manila for work and projects.This year, I'm super excited to go back again, I will be there to attend the fiesta and also cover it for a travel magazine, and also cover it for my blog to help push some tourism promotion to our home town.

photo above: credits to my uncle Lito Deasis

Metrobank prepaid card– use it to shop online, withdraw cash or just swipe it to pay your grocery

A new card has been introduced to me few weeks ago, I’ve already seen this card before and I’m a bit surprised that Metrobank now offers a prepaid card, its like a debit card, you can load it with some cash and you can use it to pay for your shopping online or just swipe it at the cashier counter. The version of Metrobank is the best for today’s prepaid card, because you can also withdraw money from the ATM machine. You can bring this whenever you travel or want to shop around and do cashless payments over the counter or thru online shopping.

My interview about original toys vs.bootleg toys (fake or knocked off toys)

Here’s an email interview from a student back in 2009, the interview is for his thesis about the art of toy collecting and also about original toys and buying bootleg toys. I can’t remember the student’s name, I accidentally found my old word documents stored in my 2009 folder, I’m publishing this now in my blog in order to shed more light about fake toys and its harmful effects to humans.

Article summary: This will be a list of tips for telling original toys apart from their China-made imitations. Since toy geeks and hardcore collectors will obviously know these things already, the article will cater more to non-collectors, such as mothers or girlfriends buying toys for Christmas presents.

Call for booth exhibitors for the 13th Philippine ToyCon 2014 (booth details and floor plan are now up!)

We already posted the full booth exhibitor registration details in our official website – , pls visit the full info page at

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Video Blogging Revolution–an old article that I wrote for a magazine in 2009

MozillaPH Social Media Series: Blogging 101
Here’s an article about video blogging that I wrote for a magazine in U.P. Diliman, they published it and gave copies to participants of the iBlog: Philippine Blogging Summit 2009. I’m sharing a soft copy version of my article here in my blog and you can see my observation back in 2009 when video blogging revolution started as a hobby and as a career.

Disney, Warner, Sony and Nickelodeon artist and animators to host the ICON Manila 2014: Entertainment and design conference in SMX this July 3, 2014

A band of professional animators, concept designers, visual developers, character designers, art directors, and 3D animators who are working from different international animation studios and film outfit like Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon and etc. the people behind the big animated movies will be here in Manila, Philippines for ICON Manila 2014, its an international design conference that will launch for the 1st time in our city on July 3, 2014 in SMX Convention Center in SM MOA. 6 artist from ICON Manila team will fly here to host a paid conference all about designing, animation, drawing and many more.
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