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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Saturday Big day out

its a super busy for me this weekend. and il attend 5 events in one day. just for the love of it. 1st il be in our event Justice League Powerzone in Shangri La and will meet up with members of the Jedi Council of Star Wars Phil. to have a meeting for a short film plan.

Then after that we will storm our way to We are anime's Cosplay Party in Brannigans Timog, il be managing the STormballs for that day.

and at night time will be goin out to Via-Astris Inhouse Party at our Captains ship in Makati

after Makati, will teleport my way to the Marty Mcfly Album Launching in Millenia cafe. that's Leinil Yu's band. he's the man in penciling the Superman : Birthright comics.

after the band night will go and play with the elves in the overnight Moot of the Philippine Tolkein Society maybe that time il be learning how to make some Elf ears and watch extended movie of Fellowship of the Ring and non extended movie of the Two Towers DVDs.

it's one hell of fun for me!
more better than they call 'Bar Hoping'

my half sister

i visit my half sister Nancy ...but really she's not my real sister.
just playing brothers and sister coz i know her father..Alex Angeles one of the popular tarot card reader.....her father wants me to look after her when im with her. so im her brother everytime we are together.
She lend me lots of those pirated vcd movies.haehheahae....and 3 Books.
its a great rest day for me after our events in shangri la. il read 2 books of Stephen Kings Dreamcatcher, thats a hardbound, and Four Past Midnights, and a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One hundred years of Solitude. I am really not a book reader,but im a comic book reader, but its a different hobby for me to read books, my ever finished books in my entire life are Lord of the Rings Two Towers, Star Wars: Shadow Hunters, Xfiles : Tiger, UFO Mysteries, and hmmm half part of the dictionary and some Phone book in Luna's place...hehhahhhaeh..

Artists' Den meet up hooray!

Last night it was our Artists' Den Meet up in Starbucks Shangri La.
I went to our meeting after I monitor our exhibit in the Justice League Powerzone event in Shangri La. its nice to see everybody. its my comeback for the meeting...nice to see people like Jon, Sherry, ARiel, Lyndon,Flux, his friend Jon and Pol, and CAMY !!!!! miss ya girl!
and some of the people of Blitzworx.......too bad Ludz and his merrymen failed to attend the meeting!

heya Camy! thanks for the Brownies....your Mom's Brownies taste heavenly!
i like that Rice crispies ....

Party Boys

Lyndon, Flux, Jon and Me. see our faces, you can determine which of us are happy that night.

Then after our meeting, Fluxx said that we check out the party in Libis, we thought that it was a second batch of Octoberfest, but there's no party when we arrive in Libis,. i decided to go home, just want to get some rest and will wait for a phone call conversation from a friend at home.
but Flux, Jon and Lyndon drag me to this club in Libis....called Giggers was one of the best club in Libis, after Sibil fell down and lost its crowd. its a man's night il never post everything we experience that night! yeah Rainboi! il bring you bring you and the rest of the Poorboys night out! astig dun.

word of the day :
ah..nicole, Trish, Gayle, and Magda....very sweet!
the girl in red .kamukha ni.......oh my god ! thats the 2nd time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Toycon PH

im uploading the official website of Phil. Toys and Collectibles Convention and preparing to be featured soon in

there are some deadlinks.and im finishing the website upload

you can visit it at

TOY talk!

Predator Jawas!

from the Lets'C board

Hulk smashes Gollum

Kenshins father?

Monday, October 13, 2003

on hold

thanks everyone for reading my blog. and my website counter hits has reach to 5000 hits. thanks and hope you all enjoy reading my blog.

its a busy week for me and at last one of the event I participated is finished. now im waiting one last event to finish next sunday that im involved in organizing.

Star Trek Enterprise pics
Oct 10, Enterprise Center Makati

Mafe and Me, (damn you marc, kala ko close up yung kuha mo ng pics!)

Capt.Paolo, T'pol Marge, Camy's Uncle Carlo,and Vince

DC-Justice League Powerzone pics
Oct 11-19, Shangri La Plaza mall

Its an all out war for me. my greatest enemy is my bed!
my bed wont let me go. luckily that i woke up early before 7am to start pack up for the set up in shangri la, then i met up with my fellow collectors to set up our exhibit booth

visit our booth, i team up with Ma'tto, a newbie to join us in a event, and he is one of the best custom action figure maker. he tranformed his Barbie dolls into a perfect figure Wonder Woman.

then the event started, then we have Superman Birthright artist Leinil Yu as our guest that afternoon. then Gerry Alanguilan for the sunday event. but then i didn't catch sir Gerry's guesting but we meet at a restaurant with his wife and her friend and a little chit chat. thanks sir Gerry! astig nung Carbonara! hehhehehh !

during the saturday event. a friend visited me, Marian and Nona, i really miss this girl, sweet kasi e! then Gary Mayoralgo joked on me after he caught me in his front with two girls hugging and cuddling me like a bear..awww..i miss being hugged and cuddled....single kasi ako e !

we made our 4th Unplugged meeting for our group Matrix Philippines, and after our meeting we went to Luna's place to review and screen the Reloaded DVD.

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