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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Az Halloween

just preparing for some meeting for the whole day. and my sister with my cousin went to Enchanted Kingdom. thanks to the carbonara monster for the freebies eeehehehehhe.

last night i got a one on one chat with Ianne aka Sirensinister in my blog. ahehhe..di pala sya suplada. she's funny ! and she scared me when she wear this mask! Hapi Halloween to ya!

Chica girl
my mom told me to chat with this lady which she met in a bus in Chicago.and my mom said that she's 21 yrs old a nice girl daw and want to be friends.a cebuana living in Illinois and her name is Chica. i already added her to my yahoo buddy list. now...i smell something fishy around my entire life..this is the first time my mom want me to be friends t a girl! whooo...go mom !

Face the fact from my crystal fist.

just got home and been to the artists den meeting while ago. and i forgot to bring my freebies jpop poster calendar to all the male attendees..aeaehh...maybe on the next meet up il bring the Takako poster.

thats me during the meeting. i got bored and started doing YOGA

Manikang Ludz and Pol
thanks to Ariel for the pics visit his photo blog

Trick or Treat!
wow.i got invited to a halloween party by Asong Makulit Production, its a indie pinoy comic group who will publish soon their indie comics.
and will go to megamalls event and the New Worlds party! which will il do the hosting/emcee gig.

i dunno what costume will i wear. but im planning to go out as a Matrix dude or a The Crow or a demonic master showman ahhahhea

here are my Halloween Party sked :
Oct 26 - Asong Makulit Prod. Halloween Party
Oct 31 - Megamall Megastrip Halloween Party, with Weareanime booth
Oct 31 - New Worlds Alliance Scifi and Fantasy Halloween Party
Oct 31 - Club Chill Halloween Party, with the Joint jazz band.

oh man...i am becoming Tim Yap.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and next week it will be a busy week for me, for I will start with my group for our 2 shooting of a film movie. and preparation are going too tight.

Sadako lands in Phil. TV
heya! korean horror flick "The Phone" is now showing in theaters. and The Ring jap movie will air its first Philippint TV Premiere on GMA 7. and man...i wish its not a Filipino dubbed version. or...if it is in Filipino record it and maybe in the future il show it to my own kids if they will not sleep early.

jmusic issues!
Lizzie, a jmusic friend of mine, called me and she said that she got her Morning Musume 2003 calendar for only $US 12. oh man. thats a jackpot. original price of that calendar is 2000 yen. and she invited me in her place to take pictures with wish i can grab those poster calendars.
And she told me that Jrock artist Gackt got married to a Hyde-look-a-like Korean girl.aheheehehee..sorry to those who can't relate.(Hyde is a male vocalist of a popular jap rock band Larc en Ciel)

TATU at iba pa
a friend online send me a pic of a wet shirt concert of TATU pics. oh man...why me!!! she said that its okay to send it to me coz it didnt come from her. oh great! Lesbians again...
just watched "Me against Music" MTV premiere of Britney and Madonna. and goshi! i cant forget the scene they made during the MTV music awards live performance with the live kissing! oh! Lesbians act again !!

word of the day:
sa akin grade 6

Friday, October 24, 2003

Tim Yap again

even in the friendster.....i cant escape it.

tnx camy for the testimonials :) and for the others..thanks ahehhahhae
Camy, 10/23/2003:
Az...azz...he's the Tim Yap of the Comic/Artists Zone (sorry dude, that just had to come out...^_^). ALways on the go...all the time. um, but i'm not sure about the profile pic there...but see him in his bouncy form and you'll get a...'bouncy az'...not only that, he's the ultimo "eventologist"...gigs, conventions and meetings are all lined up for him...go az! ^_^

Xley, 10/21/2003:
si az ay mabait.... at matulungin!!!.... ok magpagig yan!!! nyehehehe... hahahahack!

Jac Ting, 10/18/2003:
Dady Az is one sweet charming anime geek... er, guy. He has his own merryland of girls like asaba-kun he might as well be Handsome Rob from the movie Italian Job. But at least HE's not balding! ;D heheheh!

Iya, 10/16/2003:
Si Kuya Az? Kahit saan na yata ng ka- anime-han events andun siya hehe.. very active! :) A good conversationalist, funny guy, talented and cool plus accomodating. (parang hotel ah!) Friendly siya, kaya siguro andami niyang friendships no? :) keep on smiling kuya az.. tanong lang.. bakit chow chow? hehe... see ya around! :)

Michelle, 06/01/2003:
hehehe he's my brother.used to call him darth vading (darth vader-vading means gay in lingo!)hehehehehe... a anime-turned-person but God wanted him to be focused on anime alone (HE HAS HIS OWN WORLD..I MIND YOU PEEPS!) hehehehehe... everytime he's in the's a's a noise...grrrrrrrrrrrrr he he he he he he he he he he dat's all...nothing to say...gosh


just finished all my meet ups for today and check out! i have a new toy! its the new costume Kyle Rayner Green Lantern Pocket Superheroes.
check the pics here - > Pocket Superheroes

and i want this Model cars of the Mitsubishi from the movie The Fast and the Furious. this car is so sexy !

Potato Fries from a stranger lady
while we are waiting for our buddy in front of Comic Quest Megamall, we sat on the bench infront of a gift shop, we waited for hours for the arrival of our friend who will be delivering some toy figures, then suddenly i notice that someone sat beside me and when i turned my head, it was a lady, eating potato fries, then,.the lady offered me some potato fries, we lauched and my buddy Matto thought that i know the lady, and i said no we dont know each other, the woman replies, she just want to offer me her snacks, and then i got her name, her name is Maria.. then i gave her my name too. then..i joked and said. i will take her offer and then i grab some um.....barbeque flavored potato fries..yum yum..

then i asked her if she's waiting for her husband. and then she said 'yes', after that i smiled and get back to our own dealings.
wow...what a great encounter

Starmall visit

i visit one of our new friend who has a shop in StarMall, her shop is specialize in lots of collectibles. Ingrid's her name, the owner of the store. i got my eye on this white teddy bear. and it reminds me of go back for the teddy. so cute!!!!! and hmm....this lucky girl will receive this as a gift this Xmas!

Ingrid is the owner of the store, and she's sweet and very a PR person.
and every toy collector checking her out. i tried to make a move just to hmm...wala lang.. ask her if she's married..but she didnt cleared up if she's single or married. in other words she didnt answer my question. and she's 28 years old! whoooh...johnny baby! im some 4 year old younger to her... aeheheheheeheh

now how will i say to my buddies..ok il tell them that she's married and 28 yrs old. and's our picture that will be used for the Toy collector feature for Toyconph site.

Kulitan sa Jollibee
and then finally i met Hannah with her friend Ble C and got a some kulitan talkies...aahha..these two are so makulit! aehahahaha..makes me laugh, but i stop laughing when Hannah told stories she saw in, ewwww yuck! then after hearing those stories. i lost my meal....
then i went home. tired. hungry, and sleepy , after i heard some holdup news on the other bus. that kept me alert in Cubao.

Juice drink of the Superheroes

check this out. one of the i think exclusive-i-dunno Sunkist Justice League Juice drink i got it from our event. i already drink 2 juice but i think il keep Superman in Mint condition haehahe...and will sell it after 10 years! hohoohohohoh its a truly a collectible.

word of the day:
isang balik na lang makaka kiss na ko kay Ingrid! hhaaha jokey joke!

wanted! i want to see who is this Tim Yap!
mail me some pics!
people are now dubbing me again!
i want to be Axel Rose or...Kurt Cobain..or maybe Darth Maul !

Thursday, October 23, 2003

im on the top of all charts

im very confused coz i have 4 girls in my list, and im choosing who will i court them first. oh man, its very hard to decide which is which...
or court one girl only. actually its kinda a replay for me. but the decision is hard. am i ready for a new relationship? maybe yes and maybe not. hmm...maybe il stay single for a moment for 3 years? aehahehaeh not !

Ar Ar texted me and she said that she miss me. awwww.....
im melting....hmm..some of the girls are reading my blog so il not mention
who are the 3 other girls ahehahhe and one of them is a friendster member.
whoho...Merryland is getting active every Sept-Jan, very weird..

my crush, named Jen,(not my exgf!) she appeared in one my friend's short film in UP Diliman and i like her and she's so cute on cam. but last year i saw her in Jollibee SM Fairview as a crew, man my heart beats fast, but my friend who directed that film said she's a lesbian!, man i got falls again for lesbians. but tonight i confirmed was true , i saw her rode a taxi cab with some lesbians and one of them is her girlfriend, is that a correct term? or boyfriend?

Injured again!
i got a little injured on my left hand, get wounded while i hop in a FX taxi going to Ayala, the FX back door has a rough metal, and when i closed the door, the door cut the back of my hand near the thumb, and i suffered a deep wound. i got scared coz it didnt bleed too much, and i forgot to disenfect my wounds for 2 days and i felt pain in my wounded hand.
now im applying some disenfectant in my wounded skin.

Tim Yap of convention?
there are some groups and some friends are now dubbing me as the Tim Yap of conventions, coz they always notice that im always involved in some conventions and events here in Manila. to tell you the truth i didnt know who is this Tim Yap. maybe il google him/her later to find out.

man..this is getting interesting. after all the tsismis and everything. i dont want to be famous.hmm..maybe il make a change and be a role model. (if i can do it) coz people see me everytime and maybe il watch my temper. coz sometimes i freaked out and snapped! whenever something comes in my way and disrupt my stable little mind.

another group
now that i found another group, they are the Pinoy DC Fans, and they are nice people who loved reading comics, they have this meet ups every monday.its nice to meet new people again. and its cool to absorb new energies.they are funny and cool. and also i found another group, a group of marvel comics, who has a bible study everytime they all meet.ahehahea..
there are times that these 2 groups have a meeting in one venue at the same time. so its funny to see the groups exchange their energies to each other....we have the good side and the evil side of comics ahehahehaheheh
just kidding...

HOST/EMCEE and Halloween Party!
New Worlds Alliance, organizers of the 1st Philippine Sci fi and Fantasy Convention, will be having their first Halloween Party in Brash Young Cinema. and it will be a blast! all are invited to come in their own costumes. also the group voted me to Host/Emcee the
this hosting gig is making me ala master showman in the making...aheahh

Matrix Revolutions Premiere / busy while in sleep
yup thats true. while im sleeping, my mind is working, i got a last minute organize for the MAtrix Revolutions Premiere Night for THX Premiere Theater, but i failed to do it, coz the info we need came late and we ran out of time in organizing it. and where the hell are we going to get P50,000 clams for the premiere night for 2 weeks coz the film starts on Nov 4. it slips into my hands, and then someone got interested for the event, but he backed out coz the time is so short and the ticket selling will take more time.and he has foreseen no profit.

if theres someone who are intrested to make a Matrix Party, you can contact me coz THX is offering the Nov 7 for a Matrix Party ,and i need financiers and sponsors for the event.
btw im the head of the club called Matrix Philippines

Site Reloaded
just finished the website for my group Matrix Philippines
just visit it and comments are welcome. its not yet fully finish
im just doing some test runs
visit Matrix Philippines

Car Accident
one of my friend Luna, got an car accident last week, the car she bumped is total wrecked,now she suffers a slight neck injury, im glad that they are wearing seatbelts. il visit her on sunday in Alabang with some friends and watch Kill Bill DVD, new flick of Quentin Tarantino.
warning to all : Dont text while driving and dont toy around your discman while driving.

check out my sked for this week
Oct22 Wed - Via Astris screening of Star Trek Enterprise Season 2
Thur - meet Hannah, and meet Collectibles Unlimited in Comic Quest Megamall
Fri - meet Rain girl and Artists' Den Meet Up
Sat - Star Wars Phil. Assembly and PinoyXPhiles Meet up, Jamming and Overnight
Oct 26 Sunday - Phil.Tolkien Society Moot, Transformers Phil. Meet up, Matrix Philippines Unplugged meeting and Visit Luna in Alabang

word of the day:
50 spheres! oh my gard! damn you Zindis !

Monday, October 20, 2003

Maximum Power!

at last our 2 week event of Justice League Powerzone has ended. and today it will be my Hibernation, for I will take a break and rest the whole day. hmm...i think i'l attend to the Pinoy DC fans meet up in Makati tonight.

My Chickies
yup.the old merryland is online again. in our event i got these 2 chickies , they are our staff assigned in the information booth, named Ar Ar and Xy, they are sweet and friendly.and in a matter of seconds they confessed to me that they have a crush on me...oh wow.thats 2 points for me.

Superhero for a day
Holy smokey moley Batman!
thanks to Ma'tto our Wonder Woman collector for giving me a colored yellow Superman Shirt, its cool, everyone in the crowd can spot me because of its color. and i joke around while they interviewed us , as me...the Sunburst Superman or the Sun Energon Superman, but some of them called me Superboy.

the anointed ones
thanks to DC Phil for annoiting me and my fellow collectors the Official DC comics Collectors Guild and founding members of the Official DC Comics Club in the Philippines, hope this group boost and contribute for this new age of superheroes.

at the end of the event..i got a chance in my life, first in my life to wear the BATMAN SUIT !!!!!! oh out for the pics! its great!
man..i feel Batman for a day, and I imitated a scene where Batman kneeling on the floor like he did in the fanfilm Batman:DEAD END.
only the mask nearly fits my face and the cape is big and large for me.
ahehheh...thats the actor Ding Dong Dantes Collection i am wearing. ahhehahe

Jollibee Kiddie Meal
we got stuffed by this burgers coz of the free toy of Jollibee Kiddie meal, our head of the collectors guild, also we call him our daddy, bought 5 pieces of Batman and 5 pieces of Superman, then while we wait him in Jollibee, he showed up with 10 burgers and drinks, then we ate it all for the 4 of us, and then we grab those free toys.

after the event me, RG of weareanime, and Marc of Transformers Phil. are resting in Starbucks Shangri la, when the PR and Marketing of Bates burst into the scene and invited us for a drink in Watering Hole. then after that me and Marc got little drunk, we are just analyzing and reflecting the outcome of the event.and for us becoming Beermen for a night,
thanks to all for attending our event!
watch out for the next big event!

for more pics visit our site at
official site for the Phil. Toys and Collectibles Convention

word of the day:
sige kita tayo next week.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

I survive

im here at the Via Astris party in our Capt.'s ship in Makati this evening, celebrating the success of the Enterprise launchin last friday. while ago. i attended the Justice League event this afternoon and Gary Mayoralgo's guesting is great. also some of his artists bud went there and got sucked into the comic world....Ner and Dennis Crisostomo showed up. and i introduced them to Bates, and the owner liked their appearance and maybe on the next installment these people might be featured in coming events.

then i went to the weareanime cosplay party. and it was fun. i was with the STormballs...that time im acting as their assistant manager. and they dance my remixed music FORCE THEME and Jaba d hutts Im too Sexy Version.
every fanboys and girls shouted and cheered the dance of these star balls!

then have a minute drop to Tatcee's place for the Phil. Tolkien Society gathering of elves and hobbits..there Raymond Wong teaches the members on how to make elven ears! wow cool ! here in Via Astris party..getting ready to blast my way to Millenia Cafe to watch MArty Mcfly and their album launch

check this out Batman HUSH statue
it was won by bid in our Justice League event for P7000
our buddy toy collector Ricky Tinio won the auction, because no one outbits him

Designed by Jim Lee!

From the Gothic rooftops towering over the shadowy streets below, Batman stands watch over the slumbering populace! Now, the Dark Knight — as envisioned by one of the most popular Batman artists of all time — can keep vigil on your bookshelf!

The Batman Statue — the first DC Direct statue designed by fan-favorite artist Jim Lee — is a limited-edition, cold-cast porcelain statue sculpted by Tim Bruckner. This handsome statue, featuring the Dark Knight in a dramatic pose, is hand-numbered, hand-painted, and stands approximately 11 1/2" tall x 6 1/2" wide x 7 1/4" deep. The Batman Statue is the perfect companion piece to Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb’s landmark "Hush" storyline! Plus, stay tuned for the follow-up piece: a Catwoman statue designed by Lee!

This project is supported with a full-color poster, house ads and trade ads.

The Batman Statue is advance-solicited and arrives in comic-book stores September 3 with a price of $195.00 U.S.

word of the day :
heyo. galingan nyo ha!

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