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Thursday, October 30, 2003

out of town

last night it was a great rehearsal for our indie film. and it was the time to formulate the fight choreography by Rainboi. and im there to document the whole rehearsal. and also as a stand in for the rehearsal.

Im outta here
im leaving manila today and will be back on oct 31 in the morning,.
will visit our grandparents tomb in Tayabas, Quezon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Az Beyond

yesterday i was invited by Marian to meet her in Starbucks Greenhills. and then my college friend left the house and went home to Pangasinan. then i was very sleepy going to Greenhills but i decided to visit Robinson Galleria and there I accidentally met my fellow Toy collector Matto.

Toy bizs

we went to Greenhills together and he said that it is his time to buy that 3-pack box set Birds if Prey action figures at P2700 pesos. and we went to BT Hobbycrafts to ask estimate of customizing his DC direct Silver Age WonderWoman to be converted to Linda Carter Wonder Woman. but the toy customizer told that it needs lots of putty sculpt and paint job. so they gave it at P1800 for the custom. just like buying a brand new toy.

Beyond Greenhills

Then i met Marian in Starbucks and she wants me to tour her to the inside and beyond the maze of Greenhills Viramall and Shoppesville. there i found some new toys for sale.and i didnt saw that Star Wars Clone Wars action figures. its good to go out again and visiting to these toy shops with my friend-girl. then she invited me on some gathering of locals for business minded person.

Its a girl thing! Marian dragged me inside this girl wear shop.hahehah
the price is a whopping P800 ! whooho..for the net something-like that blouse.

got tired and blow up a little then i decided to rest alone inside this
Star Mart Caltex in Greenhills after that long lecture about business and stuff like that...i got some spy cam shots but my face in the pic looks that im 80 yr old. haheahehheah

Start of the ultimate busy month
Today will be our grand rehearsal for the independent film we are producing.and next week will be our grand shooting in Greenbelt.
have to go to the home base in Glorietta at 7pm.then hmm..
we might grab some beers and jamming session in Joon's place.

We Are Ready for the Revolutions

Good news! we got 30 tickets for the Matrix Revolutions World Premiere!
hoohhooho...thanks to Oneal. and our group Matrix Philippines will be having a booth in Greebelt 3. and we are in full matrix costumes.
Marian took me a picture when Oneal called on my cellphone. and capturing then moments of SHOCK after i heard the great good news re: revolutions

word of the day:
ya! ya! ya! ya! ya!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Ikaw lamang sa buong daigdig

wala lang ako nagawa ngayon araw na ito, dahil sa 4pm na ko nagising sa aking pahinga at pagtulog.
at sa kasamaan ko ay...kinancel ko na ang pagmeet ko kay Hannah, na may ibibigay ako pangako sa araw ng lunes na ito. at ayu. tumawag sya sa kin medyo banggag ako dahil tulog ako nun. tapos kala ko ay makakatulog na ko ng mahimbing ng tumawag naman yung kaibigan nyang si Marga, na sana ay pupunta dito sa bahay ko. at maghahakot ng mga vcd na mga paborito nyang banda.

samantala ay habang ako ay nagpapahinga ay tumawag ang aking kaibigan nung si Percival.
sya ay isang dakilang henyo pagdating sa Math.
graduate na sya ngayon at ako ay hindi pa. ayun at naimbita ko dito sa bahay dahil sa matagal na
kame di nagkita simula na sya ay nag trabaho sa japan.

anak ng pito't pitong puting tupa. di ko pa pala nakakausap si Ar Ar para sa Halloween party.
nagiisip kasi ako kung magsasama ba ko ng ka-date or ako na lang ag isa. ano kaya? hmmmmm

word of the day:
mag live in na lang kasi kayo ni Salome aehahhaheh

Monday, October 27, 2003

Tweek or tweet!

I knock on the door and then Lico opened the gate and the door with the Video camera facing in me..and i greet them a mild trick or treat ! its their Halloween party. then we ate their Halloween cake.

and got a chance to meet their members of Asong Makulit Productions a indie comic group. and Lico's place rocks! they have this little doggie run around the house and 2 love birds in fron of their gate and Halloween stuff decorated in their home. and then i stayed for only an hour and then i proceed to my groups meeting.

this is a great pre-Halloween event for me..and they have a part 2 on Oct 31.

Unplugged me!
just finished our meeting for Matrix Phil. and plans are now running in our veins for the next big event. and also when we went to Luna to visit her, coz she suffered a slight injury on her car accident. then we saw the full trailer of Revolutions on rocks !!!! all questions about the matrix will be revealed in Phil. Theaters on Nov.5

then we played Luna's PS2, Soul CAlibur and Tekken 4, which it hook me immediately. and me i hate Tekken, but when i played the game and starting to beat everyone .i turned into a Tekken lover in an instant.

its a busy week for me again...and hmm...i might rest for a moment and wash my clothes!!!

word of the day:
i will absorb your energy..
i already studied all your moves!

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Pack that sheet!

Got all stuff and being all the meetings and another events await. and already got my assignments for the event production. have to finish this and my deadline is next week. all i need to submit is pure information.

Galaxy far far away...
Been to the Star Wars Philippines Assembly in Starbucks Podium, and its great to see and make kulitan to everyone. and after that i dropped by to Megamall to visit some other groups like RG's Weareanime and met Lico's Asong Makulit Productions. while walking in Megamall i met some people who i know and thanks to them for greeting me on the way. its great to hang out again in Megamall, everyone in there knows me..astig talaga!

Beyond the Truth
time to go to the PinoyXphiles group, we met in Glorietta, then some boys from the Blitzworx saw me in Glorietta, David and Orgen squeezed me in the middle and joking me around for not visiting them in Brash. eheheheehehe
then we went to Joon's place, President of PinoyXphiles, with Ricky NWA Secretariat and Rainboi from SWP, which i found out that he's busted out by this girl he courted....oh man...

Chickies alert in Mini Stop

Me and Joon

then we grab some beer and buy some chips in Mini Stop in Makati, and there's this girl who are making pa-cute to us. and tried to hm....get her attention but smiling to me. and maybe a flirty looked on her eyes. when she did that..i didnt know what will i do. if will i smile or just ignore that greeting..funny..she smiled to 2 times and then when she leaves the counter of Mini Stop she walked away in front of me and talk to me..she said "Excuse me.." , yun...aheahhhehehhehe i took a picture when i played around inside Mini Stop.

The Great Filipino Rejected Band in the making

me posing in the um....Pearl drum set of Joon! yum yum!

after dinner and some beers...we jam right away, and im playing the Bass guitar, Rainboi in Guitars and Joon on Drums. btw. Joon is the bassist of the band Fish Trio and Musings of Cigarette Smoking man. there i experience a astig jamming, coz i didnt have a jamming session for almost hm....5 months? and no live shows....and we plan we are going to play after the show of Mos Eisley nights 2 on Nov 29 in Millenia Cafe.
we played music of Radiohead like Carma Police, Creep, Plastic Tree, some Coldplay, and the American Reject's Swing Swing, which our favorite to jam that night. coz its a good theme song for a na-busted ng girl.

we cheer up Rainboi for having dissappointment for getting busted..aehhahaeh that's life dude....mag banda na lang tayo!
then during the jam...i tried Jazz on finger hurts..and just trying our drummers energy which has more experience on Jazz music.
but hell of it...the Jam was great!!!!!!!

Marathon Time

Ricky and Rainboi watching movies, while reading Batman Killing Joke comics
after the PinoyXphiles meeting, we went for a video marthon, first we watch some funny animated shorts by Don Hartudely.i think....thats the name. and David Lynch's Blue Velvet. after the movie i slept and our female cogroup Ava still loves to watch some black and white classic films. then i woke up at 7am and went home to prepare for the AMP Halloween Party and Matrix Philippines unplugged meeting.

Ava wearing Dept of Mental Health shirt! ahhahahahahhh

word of the day:
MY heart is broken by a former love
can you help me. find my way to carry on.swing swing......
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