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Friday, September 16, 2005

For sale...again

im selling my Batman yamato action figure you can check out my account for info of the item, message me if you are intersted to buy it, last price is P700

email me at
or txt me at 09275340309 for Globe

and 09223598857 for Sun cellular

THE FIGURE IS NOW SOLD OUT! to Twisted Kai! 9/15/05
thanks Kai ! and happy birthday!

Az no show later
Image hosted by
I can't attend the Mythology Class launching today.

goodluck to all of you !

and congrats to you Arnold and Cynthia!

I'll grab that book soon! hope there are still copies left.

to all my friends!
I miss you all and hope I can see you all soon!
regards to all who are going at the launching!
I know it will be some kind of reunion heheheh

and also...I might not be able to attend the Mobile Pilipinas tomorrow.

I'm soaking wet here! the rain is heavy and I dont have classes and I cant go home
coz my next class will be at 4:30pm, and F&&&K !! its 9am today and all s subjects dont have class.

right now im fixing my letter and permit for bringing in my laptop for my tuesday seminar about animation,.and also fixing my letter for excuse for being absent for my tuesday class.

its an all wet all day rainy day..
and my socks are wet and I'm here in Netopia doing my letter and letting my socks dry....Shit!! i dont want to be like this... I feel uncomfortable today!

ya..I mean! super headache

fuck! it sucks!

my phone is bombarded from left to right!
just read here na lang para you know that I'm not present at todays event
make that double hay..added with two shots of Espresso...umm...yum yum!

anyway.. Im just hoping that I can visit again my Lace tomorrow after my class.
time to bug her for getting hired in Benilde as a Junior Marketing Communication Officer. network is cool! saw that job post in and I passed it to Lace in order for her to apply in, and there you go! she's hired !!!
congrats honey!! may pa Lucky Me! ka naman bukas hahhaha socks are all dried up!~
time to go to school !!!

its still raining.
im stuck here
fuck fuck fuck !!!
i want to get out..and go to the mall and ..

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Movie before burning my lips

my blog is starting to become not so healthy of post, and now here I am to post something to make it alive and a go go again. It's 9:30am here and I'm in school and I've been researching for some answers for my take home quiz in Earth Science, and look at that I'm so busy! I haven't fixed my self up for coming activities this weeked.

I'm not yet also prepared for my seminar next week, my professor is expecting me to conduct a lecture about animation on tuesday's Arts and Science week and I have to do a lot research of topics to teach the students, they also requested that I should do a demo coz the its a 3 hour seminar.

I have the idea that I should show them flash animation and some tricks in sound editing with out using any hi tech software, and maybe too show them some hi tech softwares.

last couple of days it was a movie thon for me,
I have to relax after my midterm exams, and too sad that my lady love is not with me to join me in the movies, she's so upset after those job frauds. and now I went out alone to make my self entertained by watching movie and dvd.

The Brothers Grimm

1st movie that I enjoyed, I was about to watch 'A Sound of Thunder' last week but that I founf out that it will be shown the the following next week. I went to Megamall and then I saw Syeri, Jon and Patrick inside Comic Quest, then after that me and Patrick watched 'The Brothers Grimm', he was supposed to watch 'Sky High', but we agreed to watch the Grimm movie, coz he said that he got a review that the movie is Grim hahhah.

It was a different kind of movie by Terry Gilliam, but with the same taste of comedy.
Its a little bit funny and weird, but the movie really take you back on those fairy tales and nursery rhymes. The movie is good! you should try it,and if your are familiar with some old children's story, I know you will enjoy it too.

Dawn of the Dead

Its my first zombie movie to watch after Resident Evil, and its one of a hell ride and it turns myself upside down and starts to cover my self under my blanket. I watched this movie at home by a DVD from Lace. And its a funny laughing trip to scary feeling to ickyy feeling. Lots of bloods, screaming and horror!

What would you do if everyone is dead and you were left alone alive?
this thing come up in my what if?

the story of the movie if good. They were trapped inside the Mall and lots of zombies marching outside waiting for them to come out. its like an People Power Edsa 2 to Zombies Power Edsa. freaky!

watch it! its not that too scary..its fun..coz its too Hollywoody!

The Dukes of Hazzard

the title of the movie should be "Watch this and see Jessica Simpson in a Pink Bikini", Lace wants to watch it coz of Jessica body barring, and I want it too haha, its a story of a low down brothers-cousin, I dont know whats the real relation of those two wackos Bo and Luke. If you like cars and girls, this movie is for you. I enjoyed watching it coz lots of great car stunts and sexy girls popping out of the screen.

too bad that we watch this in a pirated DVD, arghhh... what a shame for me for supporting piracy, but hell no,

I enjoyed watching it even that I saw some audience walking infront of the screen,and its best to watch it while I was eating Lace's Mom's cooked Nilagang Saging na Saba. its hot to eat it but its heavy to digest it. yum !!

Jollibee Jolli-Skwela
Mga Hugis at Kulay

Ok I added this movie comments, ahhahaha.. its a kiddie educatinal video by Jollibee,and I was happy to see colors and shapes again,. ahhaha I was laughing to see this video, Anya requested to watch this after me and Lace finished the DVD viewing. and there it goes, little Anya sang and dance while seeing Jollibee and the Angel ng walang langit kids cast sing and dance featuring the colors and shapes.

and now I should remember that the purple shirt Im wearing yesterday is called Filipino color "Luntian"

Erratum SCrotum!

Luntian is the english for Green!!!!

while Lila is purple!

thanks to Ariel for correcting me!
im the only guy in this planet that didn't know whats purple in tagalog


Monday, September 12, 2005

Flash Festival 2005

//** another techie event for all, and its a flash competition for all of us pinoy. and yeah! i'll try to compete and will join their contest, i just want to make something different joining in this contest just to make myself enhanced and more creative, i know the contest is tough, but i know it will be fun!, i heard Melchman will join too, hehehe another guy who do flash and games for your cellphone.. wow! **//

Flash Festival 2005
Oct 9, 2005
COMMDAP Tent , The Fort

Mobile Pilipinas 2005

//** hoohohoh..check out guys! its another expo! and Im going this saturday ehhhehe.
time to learn some new tricks in the mobile community..and yeah ! im going mobile!, and have to prepare to set up my laptop going wifi, oh transforming into a techie guy, and now in school my classmates dub me as GADGET BOY, coz they saw me using 2 cellphones, taking some photos for notes with my digicam, using my laptop and talking to other classmates about computer and tech stuff, now i already have 3 disciples in school, one is good in comics making, one is my student in flash programming and the other one for music., now im excited what will be the outcome of my upcoming lecture about animation next week at our Institute of Arts and Science week. **//


Sept 16-18,2005
Expo Exchange Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center, Makati
m|ph Magazine and VPC Viper present Mobile Pilipinas 2005: Power in Your Hands - the first and largest annual mobility fair in the country!

Ask anything about mobile technology and get tips and tricks from industry experts at the MPH Q&A Cafe'. Attend free seminars, enjoy big discounts plus get a chance to win your favorite gadgets including a VPC Viper Laptop!

All happening on September 16 to 18, 2005 at the Expo Exchange Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center, Makati

Admission is free!

Text MPH REG_NAME_ AGE_GENDER_ EMAIL ADDRESS and send to 2800 for Globe, 2443 for Smart, and 2962 for Sun or log-on to

Hail! Hale

my sister already got a rest for Jerry Yan and now she and my cousin now in a move to build a fan community for all HALE band fans. i was surprise to see them do this contribution and i think that they will come up a good and well organize fan group for HALE.

now they got their own mailig list and here's the link

also I got a peek at the band's website.
and its damn!!! juicy!
you can listen all their songs from their album by clicking the DSL flash site
the gallery is not yet updated, but their regular gigs are posted there.

here's the official website of HALE.

Slap her

Im watching this movie, Slap her She's French, oringinally titled She Gets what She Wants.
Im hanging around in our dvd rental store and then I grabbed this video just to fill my time of boredom.
Its weird coz Im watching these cutesy girl teen flicks. I think its just I want to enjoy and girls are so cute in this film.

I was about to rent Bourne Identity, but I want to watch something that is comedy and lots of pink colors hahahah.
and this movie -Slap her, really entertains me.

and of the star Piper Perabo, acts as a teenage french exchange student in Slap her, is now in the movie 'The Cave', another movie that I want to watch.. zombie movie week will be "28 days Later and Dawn of the Dead". I was about to see the movie but I stop coz it might ruin my breakfast. maybe il watch it in the evening.

Music mode
it will be a busy day for me after class, coz im going to go straight home to finish my music and song composition for my Literature class that will be submitted tomorrow, and I have to rush it coz I dont have time to do it and my equipment is limited. I really hate it to happened that Il be doing some stuff and no equipment to use, I wish that I didnt gave out that old mini audio component couple of months ago.

and be composing music more for my project.
il upload it soon after i finished it.
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