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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Superman Returns event and Toycon Prod. note 14

inside SM Megamall, Atrium

i didnt know that this event will last for 5 days, and last thurs was its last day. That day is a busy day for me fixing the toycon event and meeting with people and sponsors fixing the program and other concerns. We have a meeting in Megatrade and its for the security personnel and official, this is important coz we give big importance for the safety and order of the event and to our visitors.

Before that, I met up with Aids who will be submitting his fan film entry, he joined the Superman on the spot art contest, funny thing is that the contest is a 30 min. on the spot art contest, i saw some people from Deviant Art, and graphic artist also joined. 1st place is a hi tech digicam from canon (i think), 2nd place is a mobile printer, 3rd place is vcds and GC's,.

Warner Bros. Manila hosted the event, it was so crowded and people are lining up to buy items and some are watching and enjoying the movie trailer. before you can join in the activity, you must purchase first any vcd and then you can present the receipt and you can have a free photo op and free prints.

Aids won 3rd place, his entry is Superman in action preventing a ceiling of a building collapsing.

and this is Bong Seriosa's work

little kids joining the Superman costume contest. heehehe

Super Aids from the Planet Naboo

Super Az from the Planet Namek, wearing a wrong shirt for that day

The 30 min. on the spot art contest starts

Adrian putting up the "s" logo

Friday, June 09, 2006

Thursday, June 08, 2006

ToyCon prod. note 13

at last.......its already been done!!
and im one of the organizer..and i forgot to grab my own copy hahhaahhaahhaha

next stop to finish - souvenir program, banner tarp, ticket, sticker,..tshirt...


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

theatrical poster for sale

Php 500.00 For sale size: 60 X 90 cm.

in good condition. no folds and pin holes.

for intersted buyers pls email me at or txt me at 09275340309

we have 3 posters left.

Monday, June 05, 2006

after the meet

after my toycon meetings me and lace were planning to visit Ed in his condo, but the rain stopped us and forced us to go home early, we were supposed to attend a party in metrowalk and eastwood, but the heavy rains ruined our night.

but to make us happy. we dine in again in Komoro Soba,.
ordering our favorite hot Donburis.

but me...not very happy..
lace doesnt want a miso soup
so i cried....
and damn..i like to party on saturday

bonnie bailey will be here in manila.
and the gang of Hed Kandi wohohohoh.
both of us are now starting to be mainstays of the Big Fish

Featuring Mark Doyle & Bonnie Bailey on live vocals
with Anton Ramos [The Chill Out Project]
June 10, 2006 * World Trade Center * 9PM till late

VIP Tables: 10k & 12K for 8 paxs & 2 Bottles of Vodka
Pls call 7238673 or 7262523, look for Tess & Jonah

Ticket Prices: Php800 // Pre-selling @ Php600 available at:
Folded & Hung, Music One, Tower Records & O Music Stores

and Blue Facets Jewelry
Unit 216 2nd Floor, The Jewellery Arcade
Greenhills Shopping Center
1502 San Juan, Metro Manila

Bonnie Bailey
grew up in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York. She caught the singing
bug when she was 4. By 16 she wrote her first handfull of songs and brought them to
Cove City Sound Studio. There she met Grammy Award producer Ric Wake.

Impressed by her ambition and voice, he decided he would take her under his wing
and guide her. Bonnie's first album 'St Marks Place' was her Alternative rock baby,
Influenced by Hole, Pixies, Ani Difranco, Pj Harvey, and Nirvana. Her first gig was
on the Intrepid for fleetweek, opening for Joan Jett in front of 14,000 sailors.

Bonnie performed in most New york clubs such as The Bitter End, Mercury Lounge,
and The Elbow Room. As time progressed Bonnie's personal style of music evolved.
With this evolution she needed a new music partner and producer. She found herself
back at Cove City Recording studio seeking suggestions. Bonnie was then introduced
to the talented Eric Kupper. Together they have become quite a team.

They recorded an album together and after submitting a track for a Hed Kandi
compilation, Mark Doyle signed Bonnie to Hed Kandi. 2005 Bonnie had her first
top 40 Billboard hit in the UK with the dance song 'Everywhere'.

The music video went to number 1 on the MTV dance charts and made number
7 for the years countdown in DJ magazine.

She also has a number one chart hit in the Philippines
with her very popular 'Ever After' Beach House mix.

She has toured Ireland, England,Scotland and Spain performing in venues such as
El Divino, Ibiza, Pacha,London, Gatecrasher, Sheffield, The Arches, Glasgow, just
to name a few. From 2003-2005 Bonnie made many appearances
on Hed Kandi compilations.

You can also find her on *69 "Cafeteria" a compilation put out by Peter Rauhofer and
Stonebridges Smash Album. The Fierce Angels have made a debut compilation in
which you can find her there and on many future compilations to come. Mark Doyle ,
the creator of Hed Kandi, left to start his own company, FIERCE ANGELS.

Bonnie Bailey is looking forward to releasing her album 'Sweet Dysfunction' with
FIERCE ANGELS. The album is singer/songwriter based written mostly on
guitar and produced with Eric Kupper's gorgeous electronic accents.

Mark Doyle
is the main man behind Fierce Angel Records. The compiler of the CDs, A&R for the record label & headline DJ at the events across the world!

His phenomenal career all started back in 1999 when he had the idfea for Hed Kandi and developed the brand as a lifestyle concept incorporating a record label, a radio show and international club nights that stimulate all the senses.

During Mark's tenure, Hed Kandi sold over five million albums worldwide and his unique A&R and marketing vision helped them deliver a string of Top 40 singles and significant artist album sales as he developed an artist roster. In addition, he developed a career as a radio DJ, creating the weekly Hed Kandi Radio Show broadcast on JAZZFM/Smooth FM and the Galaxy network in the UK and through syndications around the world.

Always one to lead from the front, Mark single-handedly established the Hed Kandi brand in Ibiza in 2000 and from there he developed an international club phenomenon that knew no boundaries. He has played in Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, toured Australia and New Zealand, visited Japan and the Far East and just about every major city in Europe as well as the virtually every town with a decent club in the UK.

Surely one of the most creative, energetic human beings currently walking the planet, Mark launched Tokyo Project with his partners in 2005, with the release of the critically acclaimed CD 'Tokyo Project - The Collection'. That Project is now complete and Mark has used the invaluable lessons that he has learnt along the way to launch Fierce Angel - his absolute vision of what a record label and events brand really should be. This will be the most exciting phase of Mark's career to date.

Toycon Prod. note 11

tonight will be our exhibitors briefing and we are expecting all exhibitors and sponsors coming over to the conference room for a major announcement and meeting for the upcoming ToyCon.
I'm super busy last week and this week for Im still trying to blast out the information about Toycon 2006. HERO TV already airs our commercial, Radio stations like NU 107, Magic 89.9, RX 93.1 already airs our plugs and on broadcast bulletin. Kzone got our ad already, too bad we didnt appeared in FHM. and online site and forums are a good help in promoting our event.

I'm not yet sure if we're ready but for me, i just like to ask one month more allowance to do the production of the event. coz im so tired and also excited heehehe.

I already put up a registration form for the artist and illustrators job search for Art Asylum.
applicants can register there so that we can have a backtrack how many will attend. Coz im afraid that Digger can take only 30-40 reviews of applicants, and i think maybe he might stay here only for one day only.

All band performers are on set, i just encountered earlier a problem on one band, but Im glad that I fixed it up, but not yet sure coz I havent talk to them personally.

Im now starting to check my bulk inboxes, coz some of the messages are lost and stayed in my bulk mail,. it started a big confusion to everyone and also to me. Email messages that I expect landed in my bulk, im glad again that I manage to check it and some of it were lost.

The official poster of the event will be distributed later.
if you have a shop, restaurant, school or currently employed in a company, and like to put up a poster in their place.. you can email me at if you want a poster
thats for free of course.

dang!!! Im still thinking if True Faith, Akafellas and Rivermaya make it on ToyCon.
but Im not yet sure coz one of my team manages their appearance. and also i rest my case to Sitti. no show for the Bossa Nova girl at the event. Mark boy here didn't made it to talk clearly if she can perform at the event for free. oh well... i just play her cd during break time of the event.

and for the fan film exhibition.
i just emailed and got a reply to AMDS, the guy who created the Neo Vs. Robocop fan film.
that guy is cool..and great editing for the fan film, he created the Fight of the Universe, hoping that the DVD of the film will arrive before the event. Also a film maker from youtube got the interest to show his fan film works of Megaman Vs. Eva 4.
Im still scouting for our local fan film makers and indie film makers that is a little related to our event.

the event is soooooo big..
and now we are planning for some sub-event after toycon.
like comic convention, movie convention. heroes convention. and the funny convention
no kidding .

on june 25th we might hold a Superman Returns event in a Mall.
il post more details after toycon.

our stage will be like this.....minus the catwalk

Spider-man 3 photos

its a fan boy alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
behold!!! the first ever photo onsite of Spider-man 3
images from:

tnx to Heffer Wolfe for the head up spidey sense
Topher Grace as Eddie Brock (Venom's alter ego)

Peter Parker wearing his black Spidey costume

Gwen with Spider-man

Eddie Brock and Spider-man

Gwen Stacy

Tribal Warfareby Andy Maluche

Hi Azrael,
You are hereby cordially invited to my show Tribal Warfare on June 7 until June 21 at the One Workshop Gallery. cocktails are at 6 pm Hope to see you :-)

You can see the pictures I will feature here:

Sponsored by: One Work Shop, Epson and Finlandia

OneWorkshop Gallery
La Fuerza Plaza II, Sabio st.
Along the back entrance to San Lorenzo Village
near the corner to Pasong Tamo where the Mazda showroom is.
Please call : 8105094 for directions.

Tribal Warfare

People love to form tribes, groups where you belong to, that give you some level of security and comfort with established rules that differentiate you from other tribes. A gay club in Hong Kong, an art group in San Francisco, merry Bavarians in their traditional costumes or fierce head hunters in the Cordilleras, they all are tribes.

I am no permanent part of any tribe. I never joined a fraternity, a sports club nor church. But I visit tribes and interact with them. Coming from the outside I become the participating observer and then document a tribe's curiosities. I stay as long until the curve of diminishing return reaches a level that tells me that it would be more fruitful to start all over again in a new tribe.

I am not a journalist (although I sometimes use it as a conduct). I have no choice. Many of the traits that allow people to bind into a tribe are not accessible for me and repetition, a common form of reaffirmation of belonging, is torture for me.

You need to have the distance of an outsider to be able to recognize the speciality of a tribe. But you also need to be close so you can get their trust and finally you need to retreat again to be able to mentally digest.

I study tribes. I am trying to find out what makes them do the things they do. Like a cartoonist I highlight what I discover. My photographs are in effect - cartoons.

Andy Maluche
Azrael Coladilla is the blogger and founder of Azrael's Merryland Blog. This blog started as a personal blog in 2003, and then converted the blog into a lifeblog about his interest and reporting about pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, food, travel, toys, outdoor adventure, internet and social media. Awarded as the 2009 Most Influential Blogger for Luzon, Philippines, awarded by the Philippine Blog Awards. He is the founder of several online communities - Manila Bloggers Network, Philippine Bloggers Network, Oh My Food! community, Cavite Bloggers, Travel and Blog Community, and Philippine ToyCon. Azrael's Merryland Blog is included in a list of top 50 Blogs in the Philippines , ranked 65th in Top 100 Blogs that Matter , 49 must read lifestyle blog in the Philippines. and rank 40th in 100 Top Philippine Blogs by Feedspot.
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