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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jollibee joins #bloggerfiesta Manila, Philippines
I just received a txt message minutes ago and they confirmed that Jollibee will be one of our food sponsor for the Blogger Fiesta here in Manila chapter. Its a jump for joy for me and Im now excited for the big event tonight.

it will be a ground for learning, meet new people, friends,do networking and enjoy the yummy food of Greenwich, Krispy Kreme and JOLLIBEE!!

thanks also to Fully Booked for the venue, Geiser Maclang Communications Inc. for the giveaways and raffle prizes, Jonel Uy and our blogger friends and network for helping me with this event.

thanks and see you all tonight.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
6:00 PM
Top Shelf, 5th floor of Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street, Global City, Taguig.
Manila, Philippines

Event will start at 6PM

Directions to Bonifacio High Street -


tentative sched of program

August 31, 2010
2pm – ingress
3pm – decoration
5pm – food delivered
6pm – event start
7pm – food fest
8pm – bloggers conference
9pm – games and raffles
10pm – internet all the way and networking
1030pm – event end

Blogger speakers for the conference hour

1. Jonely Uy of and
also for and

2. Fitz Villafuerte of

3. Jomar Hilario of


CONTEST: Think big in IMAX and win free IMAX tickets

SM Cinema is having a photo contest in all IMAX theater in SM Malls, all you have to do is take a photo with these giant items located in our IMAX theaters and upload it in their Facebook page, the best photo and most creative photo will award you free IMAX screening tickets. see poster below for the mechanics

movie bloggers!! photo op tayo!


Geiser Maclang Communications Inc supports #bloggerfiesta Manila, Philippines

This is the most exciting part whenever there is an event.. - "raffle prizes and giveaway".
Thanks so much to Geiser Maclang Communications Inc for sponsoring these cool tech/gadgets giveaway for tonight's Blogger Fiesta. They will be providing giveaways for our 50 early registrants and also bringing in some ipods and GC's for a camera or mobile phone for the lucky raffle draw.

wow! I didn't expected that the Blogger Fiesta global event celebration for is getting so awesome! thanks again for our sponsors and our bloggers for supporting this - no budget event that I organized for everyone.

and also..let's great BLOGGER.COM a happy 11th birthday!

happy blogging!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Greenwich Pizza joins #bloggerfiesta Manila, Philippines

Greenwich - The Philippines' Favorite Pizza Chain - Overloaded Pizzas_1283237228422
This is fun!
thanks to Greenwich for being one of our food sponsor for Blogger Fiesta, they will be sending these 18 inches pizzas at the event.

and for the big day!
I'm inviting you to come and join with us

Register here
event will start on August 31, 2010 at 6PM
at Topshelf, 5th level of Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, Global City, Taguig.
Manila, Philippines.

yey! Happy 11th Birthday

GAMING: SM Cyberzone's cinema gaming tournament in SM Marikina

It was a major major insane set up and its my 1st time to see a video gaming tournament held inside the cinema. It was awesome and its like watching a Pacquiao match and everyone is embedded with high energy and cheering up their team mates. SM Cyberzone did anther great contribution for our gaming entertainment and its fun to see everyone go crazy battle head to head and see it live in the giant big screen. The gaming tournament took place in the cinema of SM Marikina, and it was packed of gamers, friends and their families, so busy watching and give support for their team.

In the afternoon, Tekken was the main game and later on at night, it was a 4 to 4 match in Special Forces. I was watching in front and see the main map of the game and everyone screams whenever there's a one man team left in the field and tries to win over the match. It was awesome and hope they can organize more on cinema gaming in other malls.

congrats to all winners!
check out for more photos below

The launch of SM Cinema Celebrity VIP Club

SM Cinema just launched their special celebrity VIP Club and this is offered exclusively to celebrities and media personalities in our country today. Few months ago, they launched the VIP club cards to the ABS CBN stars, and last week they started to award the VIP cards to the GMA 7 stars. I saw the list and they showed me a total of 50 GMA celebrities who received the VIP cards.

Each member with a card will enjoy free movie watching with a companion every month at any SM Cinema regular and digital theater, including IMAX and Directors Club. The member will experience a VIP treatment and they will be assisted by the cinema butlers in entering and delivering them their Snacktime food in their seats, no need to line up or purchase it. There will be also special discounts to participating partners like Toby's Sports, Barre3, Ideal Vision Center, Izod, Skin Dermatology and Laser Center, The Spa, Van Heusen, Mario's Restarurant and many more.

more pics below

Bloggers hang out at Eton Centris Walk in Q.C.

Me and our blogger friends checked out this new place and venue located near the Q.C. Ave. MRT station. The new Eton Centris walk is a new restaurant venue and activity area for everyone. I just saw their line up of restaurants and they have Asya, Pancake House, Tutti Fruti, Italianis, My Thai, Pho Hoa, Jack's Loft, Zong, and many more. The trademark structure in Eton Centris is the mushroom like tower that glows at night, they call it the "constellation", it also serves as a giant umbrella for everyone, we tested it and we didnt got wet under the heavy rain. Upcoming stores to open are Fully Booked, Powerstation, CBTL, and Claw Daddy.
They also host a Weekend market and bazaar every Saturday 6am-12nn.

Check out my feature below and see Eton Centris in a short photo coverage.

reward of the day - Nokia C3

my new partner

I finally bought my new mobile phone, the Nokia C3. I bought it from a mobile phone store in SM Bacoor last Sunday and I planned to buy this since last week, because my Samsung phone is already defective and died the other day. The Nokia C3 has a discounted price of P6,390 and I bought the black color (they call it color grey). I love this phone because of the Nokia Messaging Service and an easy access for me to connect to Facebook and Twitter,and also for mobile email with Gmail and chat services.

I love the feature also that this phone can act as your modem, you can connect the phone via bluetooth to your pc or laptop and use the 3G connection for you to go online without inserting any usb cable. I'm still surfing it and will use this for now one for my Smart network. This Nokia C3 phone is my 2nd phone in my life that I purchase hehehe. My 1st phone was years ago, and that was an Alcatel phone.

I'm also using the 7 day free trial of the Nokia Messaging via Smart, its a free unlimited online access and I heard they have a promo for a P20 per day.

check out some pics below

You are invited to the Blogger Fiesta Philippines

blogger cup cake copy
Inviting all bloggers and users of to come and attend the global celebration and event for the 11th birthday of

August 31, 2010
anytime, anywhere

visit below the links of registration or sign ups for the event (free event for all)

Manila (will start at 6PM)
Iloilo City (4pm)
Cebu City (6pm)

for the Manila Blogger Fiesta, we like to thank Fully Booked, Krispy Kreme, Greenwich Pizza and for joining and supporting us.

Krispy Kreme joins Blogger Fiesta Manila, Philippines
yey! Krispy Kreme will be our food sponsor for the Blogger Fiesta Manila, Philippines tomorrow in Fully Booked Topshelf. They will bring lots of doughnuts and coffee for everyone! thanks so much Krispy Kreme for supporting us bloggers.

and for the big day!
I'm inviting you to come and join with us

Register here
event will start on August 31, 2010 at 6PM
at Topshelf, 5th level of Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, Global City, Taguig.
Manila, Philippines.

yey! Happy 11th Birthday

Top 10 things you should know in watching movie premieres in the Philippines

Here's a fun blog project that I thought of minutes ago, I was about to write the top 10 movie theaters in Manila, but I need to hold that for a moment because I haven't tried one old cinema and a newly opened cinema. So let's start the top 10 things you should know in watching a movie premiere here in Manila, Philippines. (read more below)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

event: Be the 1st human OREO and get DUNKED!

OREO is having a series of events and one event will be today in SM Megamall's Event Center. The activity will be about your being the human OREO and you will be dunked in the wall of milk, kids and parents can play in tandem and enjoy the fun OREO games. There will be also fun areas for kids and parents like the OREO Face Painting Booth, OREO Find the Word Game Booth and the OREO Sticky Darts Booth.

Me and my family will visit this event and hope to see you there!

here are some dates of other OREO events

SM Megamall (August 29)
Trinoma (September 12)
Market! Market! (September 26)
Festival Mall (October 3)

for fun details, visit

Saturday, August 28, 2010

shorts fail

I covered 4 events today and I forgot that I should wear long pants and not shorts today. Now the visit to the 3 bars tonight in Q.C. will not happen. hayyyyy. bawal ang shorts sa mga bars dun e. I'm still here in SM Marikina and waiting for my ride back to Megamall. I just covered the Cinema gaming tournament here and it was awesome to see Tekken and Special Forces tournament and battle in the big screen.

I'm pissed off again because Globe Tattoo is wonky and I didn't enjoyed the supersurf50, their network is dead throughout the day.

lights on!

Here's a webcam photo for the night, me, Lace and Ash are still awake at 2:48am and are wide awake, I will force myself later to go to sleep because I will leave the town at 6am and head to Clark field in Pampanga to attend a motoring activity. I attended so many events lately and it keeps me offline for almost a week, I'm glad that I still have a small energy to stay awake at night til morning to finish some uploads and publish some blog post. I have this other job and I forgot to do some work already , I'm not yet comfortable yet with my new laptop, my eyes are still not used to in using the Windows 7, I'm having thoughts to force down grade my laptop to XP, or I might transfer back in using our desktop PC and make this laptop as a travel mate companion, but I still want to work more and buy a new mobile phone, I have this Samsung and its already defective, I got 2 phones here at home that are defective, If ever I got the time this Saturday, I might visit a local shop and have them repair it.

Me and Lace decided to join and sign up for the Jollibee Kids club for Ashton, will try to inquire about this on Sunday. It will be a busy Saturday for me, my activities are
1. travel to Manila
2. travel to Pampanga
3. go back to Manila
4. go to SM Marikina, to cover an event inside a cinema
5. go to SM Megamall, to cover an event at 3pm
6. club and resto review with a blogger friend in Makati at night

I'm going to sleep now and good luck to me

save the cheerleader!
save the world!

TECH: ASUS NX90 Multimedia Notebook priced at Php129,995

I love multimedia laptops, when I got my 2nd laptop I just dedicate it only for desktop and multimedia jobs,that includes video and audio production and also for entertainment like watching movies or videos, gaming and listening to music, but that was not really a multimedia laptop, it was from another brand with an Altec Lansing speaker, I love it because of its big speakers and its range. Today, ASUS created a real multimedia laptop / notebook that can deliver a great enjoyment of full multimedia experience., called ASUS NX90. (more below)

coverage: SM City Novaliches - Tenant Preview Event

SM City Novaliches finally unveiled its plans and opened its door to all its tenants last August 24, 2010.

A very nice and quiet afternoon of elegant classical music and contemporary inspired decor and motif, the main walkway of SM City Novaliches was adorned with various artworks and landscape all contributing to the history that SM wanted to share to its tenants.

From the elaborate and finely crafted Foam Art by the On-The-Spot Artists Association of the Philippines, a diorama of Novaliches City welcomed its guests as landmarks and a mini SM City Novaliches made of foam created a beautiful and colorful accent against the windows and
white walls of the mall.

A special 30 year old Katipunan Bonsai tree also served as a highlight and paintings of UNESCO Awardee Rolando De Leon were featured as a special tribute to the Novaliches based artist.

These and more provided an exciting afternoon for the guests. As Ms. Annie Garcia talked about Novaliches City, it was very evident, that Novaliches is a district to watch out for. Given that the disctrict is the 2nd most populated district in the country, SM City Novaliches truly is predicted to be one of the strongest SM Supermalls.

So watch out for SM City Novaliches! Opening in October 2010, SM City Novaliches - The “Super-Nova” of the shopping scene! The newest and most energetic venue for stellar shopping!

For inquiries, simply email

more pics below

MOVIES: Akira Kurosawa film festival starts on September 14

kurosawa fest
There will be a Kurosawa film festival this september in CCP and UP Film Center and this is in commemoration for the 100th birth anniversary of the legendary Japanese film director and screen writer Akira Kurosawa. All award winning films including Hidden Fortress, Yojimbo, Sanjuro, Seven Samurais and etc will be shown in 35mm format. The Kurosawa Film Festival which is also in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan and starts on September 14 (7:00pm) at the CCP Little Theater featuring the “Throne of Blood”.

Regular screening will be at CCP Dream Theater on Sept 15 to 19 (10amp7pm)
and at UP Film Institute on Sept 22-30 (1pm-7pm). for schedules visit

this film fest is organized by Japan Foundation,Manila Office and partnership with Cultural Center of the Philippines and UP Film Institute, and in cooperation with Embassy of Japan and

Its fun that they will show these films again, I just saw the Hidden Fortress movie in SM Megamall years ago in a Japanese film festival, it was a great film and I recommend that you watch it too, also I'm recommending Yojimbo and its sequel Sanjuro, and also the epic Seven Samurai. (see full sched below)

Friday, August 27, 2010

MOVIES: The 13th day : The True Story of Fatima, a charity movie screening starts on Sept 8 in all Ayala cinemas
my comment: "this is my one and only favorite true story , after I learned about it during my grade school years, there's also a classic film about it that I've seen over and over again as I grow up. I'm glad that theres a new film for this new generation."

In today’s very corporeal world dominated with technology-laden visuals comes “The 13th Day,” a film by Ian and Dominic Higgins based on the memoirs of Lucia Santos, one of the three children in Portugal chosen by the Blessed Mary to offer a message of hope to the world.

“The 13th Day” dramatizes the true story of three young shepherds, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco who experienced six interactive apparitions with a “Lady from Heaven” between May and October 1917, which culminated into the final prophesized miracle. The stylistically beautiful and technically innovative re-creation of the scenes in the movie are further enhanced with today’s digital screens that capture the stunning images of the visions and the final miracle that have never before been fully realized on screen. (more below)

video: fans of Venus Raj watching Ms. Universe 2010 onTV

Jonel and Carl mentioned this to me yesterday and I was late already for this news hahahaha. That what happens when you are offline most all day and forgot to surf the net, but its better to be late than never, check this 4 gay fans of Venus Raj who freaked out for their joy when she was included in the top 15. very funny! I heard that they are famous already was invited to have a tv guesting with KC Concepcion, their video already hits the 1million views.

watch it! in a major major funny way

TV: Don’t Tell My Mother I’m in Manila airs on September 7 at NGC (story and details)

Diego in San Pedro, Cutud, San Fernando, Pampanga for Maleldo 2010

I'm a big fan of this new series in National Geographic Channel, its about a guy and his camera man travel in different countries and feature some tidbits of info about the place and its history, I became a fan due to its raw style of documenting the whole activity of their travel adventures, sometimes its scary to see them travel to different countries that are being affected by conflicts, but in the lighter side of his travel, there is also a good story to tell, been a fan after watching that episode when he visited North Korea and after that I watch the show everytime I switch on my tv set.

And for what he do is like video blogging his travel for TV, and this inspire many of us travel and video bloggers.And I just discovered this afternoon that he visited us here in Manila, Philippines, I'm so happy that he featured us,but I'm glad that its a good story and not about bad things, let's think positive as we see how Diego will feature us and tell a good story about Manila, Philippines.

more story below!

MOVIES: The super cute owls of "Legend of the Guardians" Banners

my comment: "they are so cute!!!!!"

Warner Bros. has just shared the eye-popping character banners of its upcoming fantasy family adventure in 3D, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.

Directed by Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300) the film based on the beloved Guardians of Ga’Hoole books by Kathryn Lasky.

The individual banners feature the following characters: (more below)

im here today at the "YOU & Me & Mommy" event

I'm here in Megamall with my family and we are here for the mommy event and also breast feeding event by UNICEF. Mom bloggers are also here and also breastfeeding moms. They have a forum about breastfeeding, baby massage, talk with diaper dads and exhibit for moms and baby products. I was about to attend a press con in Q.C. but then the organizer signed me up in their baby-dad relay race game on stage hahaha. Its good that we won and glad that my team mate dads are very cooperative when I told them to do some task. Great to see our mommy bloggers friends too.

P8272779 P8272774

P8272764 P8272750

P8272756 P8272737


badtrip days will be over soon

i'm tired today and need a lot of rest, taking care of our baby everyday is very tiring and i haven't got a complete sleep for a week and tonight I'll sleep early and rest more, I don't want to get sick and this will slow everything down.

Got a fight with a MMDA guy in Makati earlier and yesterday I got pissed off to some DOTC patrol guys in EDSA.

and this evening, I got pissed off again, if I saw this guy again in Manila, I'm going to break and destroy his BlackBerry office service unit. This dork played a wrong move and joke at me in Twitter using his BlackBerry.

im going to sleep now and hope badtrip days will be over soon.
idiots will be gone too.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

MOVIES: George Clooney is the "American" assasin

Academy Award-winner George Clooney plays Jack, a weapons maker for professional assassins and a killer himself, who suddenly becomes the target, in Focus Features’ new thriller The American.

Adapted from Martin Booth’s 1990 novel A Very Private Gentleman, the film will be shown soon exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas (Trinoma, Glorietta 4 & Greenbelt 3).
In many ways, the character fits Clooney: smart, handsome, worldly. But the character is hardly the man, who in addition to being voted “sexiest man alive,” is a writer, director, producer and humanitarian. (more below)

MOVIES: Watch Sa'yo Lamang in SM Cinema North Edsa and Dasmarinas for PhP100

As a 17th anniversary offering, Star Cinema brings together the most acclaimed actors of this generation to the big screen with Sa'yo Lamang. This family drama dares to step in the path trodden by the highly commended classic Tanging Yaman. Also helmed by Laurice Guillen, Sa'yo Lamang takes the story of a family torn apart by circumstances.

In celebration of SM North Edsa’s 25th anniversary, watch Sa’yo Lamang in SM Cinema North Edsa for Php100. Special offer is also applicable in SM Cinema Dasmarinas. Sa’Yo Lamang showing in SM Cinemas nationwide on September 1, 2010. (more below)

KPOP: Intensity : RAIN and U-KISS concert this September 11, 2010 (Official Press Release)

SMART and TV5 present

featuring: RAIN and U-KISS
with special guest Christian Bautista

September 11, 2010 @ 8PM
at SM Mall of ASia Open Grounds

AUGUST 25, 2010 | Manila – All set! RAIN is coming to Manila! Smart and TV5 bagged the hippest event of the year: INTENSITY featuring Rain and U-Kiss with Special Guest Christian Bautista on September 11, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds. The one-night-only gig would definitely give you the ultimate KPop experience like no other!

Ready your dance moves and your screams as you get your tickets for the biggest KPop event in Manila!
Get your VIP ticket for P4,500, Gold ticket for P3,000, Silver ticket for P1, 500 and General Admission ticket for P500 (*prices do not include 3% service charge)!

For inquires, you may check TicketWorld (log on to or call 891-9999) or any SM Tickets (visit any SM Cinema Ticket booth across the nationwide chain of SM Supermalls or call 470-2222).

INTENSITY featuring RAIN & U-KISS with Special Guest Christian Bautista is Presented by Smart and TV5; Co-Presented by Free Road Entertainment and SM Mall of Asia; Official Media Partners: Business Mirror, Business World, Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star; Official Radio Partners: U92, RX93.1, Mellow 94.7, UR 105.9, Y101 Cebu, Home Radio 97.9, 95.5 Hit Radio Davao, 92.3 Wild FM Davao, GV FM 99.1

INTENSITY featuring RAIN & U-KISS with Special Guest Christian Bautista is a production of All Youth Channels, Inc.

Rain is a South Korean pop singer, dancer, model, actor, businessman, designer and international star. From being a rapper in the boy band group, Fanclub to starring in various movies and dramas, Rain has stepped up in the ranks becoming the international super star he is today.

Rain's musical career includes seven albums (six Korean, one Japanese), 19 singles and numerous concert tours around the world. While releasing all of his hit albums and singles, Rain started to shine as an actor in 2003 where he won the KBS Best New Actor award and later got the KBS Excellence in Acting award. After starring in a Korean movie, which won the Alfred Bauer Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival, Rain acted in American films like Speed Racer (2008) and Ninja Assassin (2009), the latter of which made him the first Korean to win an MTV award.

While excelling in almost all aspects of the entertainment world, Rain has won many awards. More recently, Rain has been listed as People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People and Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People Who Shape the World.


blogger commentary :
there you go guys! the long wait is over! kpop mania is here again and the big kpop star RAIN is coming back here! astig di ba? also if you wanna score some meet-greet pass and vip tickets, check out this contest page by the Philippine KPOP Committee.

also, i have some VIP tickets too, so I might give it away and put up a contest here in my blog. are you ready?! post comment and if we got lots of comments here, I'll organize a blog comment contest kpop party here in my blog!

buy tickets now! bago kayo maubusan.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Az video blog coverage - Vice Ganda new endorser for GLOBE

im here at the press con of Vice Ganda, and he just announced that he is the new endorser for GLOBE Prepaid "May Nag-text!". Promoting the SuperAll Txt 20, that you can now txt with 200 txt load to all mobile networks within 24 hours.

i will post more details soon about this big announcement

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

meet Rafe Bartholomew tonight in Fully Booked BHS
August 25, 2010
Fully Booked Atrium (Ground Level)
at 6:00 PM

Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartholomew
Hoops dreams in the Philippines-a fresh and unforgettable basketball diary of one man's journey and one nation's passion.

Welcome to the Philippines, where the men are 5'4," the everyman's Air Jordans are a pair of flip-flops, and the rhythm of life is punctuated by the bouncing of a basketball...

Allured by the idea of an island nation full of people who love the game as irrationally as he does, American journalist Rafe Bartholomew arrived in Manila to unlock the riddle of basketball's grip on the Philippines. On his unforgettable journey, Bartholomew spends a season inside the locker room of a Philippine professional team, dines with politicians who exploit hoops for electoral success, travels with a troupe of midgets and transsexuals who play exhibition games at rural fiestas, and even acts in a local soap opera. Sweating his way through hard-fought games of 3-on-3, played with homemade hoops for 50-cent wagers, Bartholomew uses a mix of journalistic knowhow and the hard- court ethics he learned from his dad to get in the paint and behind the scenes of Filipinos' against-all-odds devotion to the sport.

Blogger Fiesta production note 2 - the venue
We finally have a venue and the 1st Blogger Fiesta will be held at the TopShelf of Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, Global City, Taguig. Thats the spacious event center on top of Fully Booked, located at the 5th level. So better save the date - August 31, 2010 at 6pm for the big celebration and global event for the 11th Birthday of BLOGGER.COM

feel free to register here at

as of now, I'm working on getting some food and beverage sponsors for our party and bloggers meet up, so if you like to help me getting one, then inform me right away. I was suppose to get the Forum venue of Fully Booked, but according to them, the venue is already booked on August 31 and for the last resort is that I will take the bigger venue and that's the Top Shelf. I need to work on more about the food and stuff, also prizes for our games.

major major thanks to Fully Booked for sponsoring the venue for our event. :)

more updates soon!

photo above is from my photo album - bloggers book club event of Fully Booked

doing some homework for blogger fiesta

I just finished working on my homework for the upcoming blogger fiesta event, and hope that I can get a good ex-deal on the venue. This will be an exciting bloggers event and gathering. for now on, let's call this the blogger fiesta production note 1.

This is a no budget event, and I volunteered to organize this for everyone, for bloggers in Manila, Philippines. The event is a global celebration for 's 11th birthday,so I'm trying to make it as simple as possible and more fun. After I get over with the venue, my next task is about the food and some raffle prizes for the games I'm conceptualizing.

Also, I'm calling on some volunteers who want to help me set this up, especially during the ingress time in a possible venue at BHS, my call time for the set up is from 2pm-4pm. I will message the volunteer for some news and update, and also I might be needing some help in picking up some stuff. So there you go, a short update for all blogspot users and participants for the 1st Blogger Fiesta global event.

Save the date!
August 31, 2010

The food blogger vs. The restaurant in Singapore

This news just came out and its the most discussed topic online and the news is about this food blogger who demanded free food in a restaurant in Singapore, but according to the blogger, the news that circulated on the net is not true, the blogger posted an explanation via his/her own food blog website and made it clear that he/she didn't demanded free food, but accepted an invitation for a food tasting session by this restaurant.

news here :
from Yahoo! News SG - S’poreans outraged over ‘free meal’ blogger

and now the blogger's reply and explanation about the incident - The Truth about this Singapore Food Blog and since that the blog is out of bandwidth as of now due to heavy traffic, Here's an alternative link via Google Translation -

"I am aware of the articles that have been circulating in my absence, regarding an accusation that I visited a restaurant and asked for a waiver on their meals. I would like to make certain clarifications here. I would like to make certain clarifications here."

There were no claims or requests made for “free food” since it was a direct invitation to sample the items on the new menu. There were no claims or requests made for "free food" since it was a direct invitation to sample the new items on the menu. It was an oversight to assume to that no acknowledgment from Melanie about my 3 accompanying guests would mean that their meals would be on the house too." - read more here

It's clear in the blogger's blog post that there are some kind of misunderstanding between both parties, the PR manager of the restaurant and the food blogger. I guess this will serve as a lesson to us and avoid this to happen, especially to food bloggers who are just starting in the field. We should double check always and communicate properly to resto owners or hosts if they invited us for a food tasting, I've been invite so many times and I always check and make it clear that the food they will serve for us are a complimentary and since we love to eat and blog, we should be responsible and write a review or blog post about their food and resto.

But in my history I haven't asked them if the food is free or not,I just turn my radar and feel if we need to pay for the food hahahaa, but I know its free, but if they want us to pay for it, ok lang, I'll pay naman. But I'm glad that the resto owners or resto PR managers are very cooperative and accommodating and I have no trouble with them, also they are excited to read our feature blog post and review about their food and resto. But its a good to start as a food blogger who pays their own food and review it voluntarily.

and for the Singapore food blogger-restaurant incident, if it is a case of misunderstanding, why it landed in the digital pages of a Yahoo! News SG? does this news came in first as a rumor?

TECH: sets for another digital generation this 2010

I'm a big user of sms messenger since 2000 and here I get the big news that will launch their new messenger this August 25, 2010, its a new and light application for sms in your desktop and also in the web, as you can see the photo above is a teaser and preview of their upcoming new website that will be uploaded tomorrow. have 68 million users and who registered online via their website, and is now part of the pinoy digital life since they began and been part of the historical events where Chikka txt messenger was used during the Edsa Dos, Typhoon Ondoy, and the passing of our former President Cory Aquino. (more below)

EVENT: LARP games and Mockingjay book launching
LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing, its like a sport for geeks and it requires them to wear costumes and carry a sword and shield made of foam or non harmful materials to human, I didnt know that we have this LARPing game here in our country and looks like the people at New Worlds Alliance are now organizing a LARP activity for the "Suzanne Collin's book - Mockingjay" book launching event at Bestsellers Robinsons Galeria.

The LARP event is inline with the book launching party on August 29, 2010 at 1pm-5pm in Bestsellers. The LARP activity will be about the "Quartell Quell" and its from the CATCHING FIRE book, a sequel of THE HUNGER GAMES. (more details below)

Booklaunch of Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartholomew in Powerbooks tonight

IMG_0372 pacificrims_cover
Pacific Rims: Beermen Ballin’ in Flip-flops and the Philippines' Unlikely Love Affair with Basketball
By Rafe Bartholomew

Welcome to the Philippines, where the men are five foot five, the everyman’s Air Jordans are a pair of flip-flops, and the rhythm of life is punctuated by the bouncing of basketball.

Rafe Bartholomew arrived in Manila with little more than a Fullbright scholarship and an urban legend that Filipinos loved basketball more than anyone else on the planet. He’d heard that the locals constructed jerry-rigged hoops out of any material they could get their hands on – car hoods, driftwood, twisted rebar – and build courts everywhere, from cluttered street corners to the slopes of volcanoes and in the thick of jungles. (more below)

video: The Last Exorcism movie viral spreads in Chat Roulette

This is one funny and great viral move for promoting the movie "The Last Exorcism", they used the social video chat website Chat Roulette and they fool the people there to see and watch a girl stripping in front of them and then as she reaches to remove her top, she then transformed into a demon. ahahahahaha look on the face of those pervs!


hostage incident : wtf manila cops and swat / cop vs. cops
look at those cops or swat, all of them are like pushing each other at the back of the bus,and it was like watching an 80's comedy flick or are they trying to Volt in and summon a big giant robot? kinda funny and disappointed, is that a part of their training in handling a hostage crisis. And they threw a tear gas to the broken window and misses the hole two times, everyone is aiming their guns to the window of the bus, and as you can see the windows are fixed and can't be opened from inside the bus. They said that the sniper killed the cop-suspect Rolando Mendoza inside, but if he got killed, how did the sniper hit him when he is still inside the bus and still alive gun tooting the window and cops entering the back door of the bus using his M16 riffle.
sniper ba yung pumasok sa loob ng bus?

see and watch the video here

image source

MOVIES: Win! Despicable Me premium items

Check out this cool and new items from SM Cinema, these are all original and authentic movie merchandise from the movie DESPICABLE ME, just visit for details and answer the trivia question in order for you to win these cool prizes.

Despicable Me movie will be showing on September 1, 2010 in all Philippine cinemas
and oh btw, I will watch pala this movie on August 29th, so expect my movie review here!

thanks for the 200

bog capture 200
thanks everyone for the 200 followers here in my blog. and for those who don't know yet on what is the meaning of that 200 followers located in my blogger dashboard, means that there are 200 blog readers are now following me via their Google account, my blog feeds are available to view the latest and old updates at the dashboard, if you have an account there, just scroll down and you'll see the list of blogs you follow.

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Thanks again everyone, and this status made me power up more in blogging!

happy blogging!

EVENT: 3rd Entrep Summit : "CLICK" Technpreneur's Secrets, Revealed!

Entrep 2010 Poster 2010-08-18 Rev 3
There will be an Entrep Summit this August 28, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia's Center Stage Cinema. This summit is organized by the Manila Jaycees and the event is all about a gathering of prominent entrepreneurs from different fields and they will be there at the event to share their experience and tell the story on how they become successful in their fields. The theme for this year's Entrep Summit is about "Technopreneurs", people who are successful in digital, online or in tech industry.

Ticket price is at P 1,200
Proceeds will go to the JCI Manila community development that helps the Smokey Mountain community.

check out below for the list of speakers

Monday, August 23, 2010

Az video Blog in Asya Filipino-Asian Restaurant

Im here in Asya: Filipino-Asian Restaurant in Eton Centris, a new food venue here near Quezon Avenue MRT station. Asya is a new concept restaurant that serves different food menu like Filipino, Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese food. This short video blog is a short teaser on my next food feature at Food Pilipinas blog. Im here with our food blogger friends trying out their meal and enjoy the taste of Filipino-Asian cuisine.

visit their website at

forgive me for snapping my fingers, dapat kasi may pic ng food na lalabas sa screen, pero di ko pala dala yung usb cable ng camera ko hahaha. nakain na kasi namin yung mga food and late na ko mag video blog,

TECH: ASUS Eee PC 1001PQ netbook for kids priced at P19,900

ASUS Eee PC 1001PQ_Vibrant Gold ASUS_Eee PC 1001PQ
ASUS finally launched a laptop with safe features and parental control for kids and preteens, this ASUS Eee PC 1001PQ is not just an ordinary netbook, learning and enjoyment of using a netbook will be more unique, It has the Intel Atom N450, 10 inch LED screen, wifi and a 0.3 megapixel camera. This netbook was dubbed as the ASUS netbook for kids. (more below)

TECH: BlackBerry Internet Service

Here's a good news to all BlackBerry users, few days ago they RIM just announced the launch of BIS or the BlackBerry Internet Service, it was developed to truly maximize the features of the BlackBerry smartphone, with this service, the BlackBerry become more powerful and not just a smartphone.

BIS is an email and internet service for BB devices that is designed to provide the subscribers or users with :

- automatic delivery of email messages
- mobile access to attachments
- convenient access to online contest
- easy conection to social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, BBM, YM etc.

the users can add up to 10 email address for supported email accounts to their BB Internet Service account. The BIS will retrieve messages from all the integrated email accounts and push them to the suscribers' BB devices and provided it with a better wireless reconciliation. This service also useful for GMail subscribers in synchronizing contacts between their online account and their BB device. The new BlackBerry email address can be created and users can now send and receive messages via their BB devices and thanks to the BB push technology, which compress data and allows users to save on costs and maximize battery life.

Filipino BlackBerry users can now download this BIS app via wifi or mobile internet at

more details about BIS here at
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