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Friday, October 08, 2010

Blanco Family Museum in Angono, Rizal

I learned last year 2009 that Angono, Rizal is considered to be the art capital of the Philippines, and I believe it big time as I saw this family museum created by the Blanco's, there are other family museums in the area and this Blanco Family museum is the first alternative space that we visited. The museum houses everything that the Blanco family painted, all of it are realistic art style created by the father Jose "Pitok" Blanco, his wife and children followed his foot steps and became the popular painter in Angono. Although that Pitok and his wife is gone,their sons and daughters continues the legacy and passes the artistic style in painting to the next generation of their blood line.

more story and photos below

Enjoy exotic food at Balaw Balaw Restaurant in Angono, Rizal

I've been to Balaw Balaw before and that was 10 years ago but I was outside and waiting for a friend that night, and I know that this restaurant is famous for offering exotic cuisine to their customers, I heard that they serve other animals as food, but then they changed their menu and now offer much more light and exotic foods from insects, to maggots, to flowers and etc.

Me and bloggers were there to eat our lunch before going on tour around Angono, Rizal, and all I can say that it is a challenge for each of us try those weird meals that they offer.

more story and photos below

a visit at Angono Petroglyph site

petro edit
Its my first time to see an ancient writings of our early men and a good site to experience and see them live is the Angono Petroglyphs located in the boundary of Angono and Binangonan. We went there via a tour organized by the Thunderbird Resorts management and I was with 6 bloggers that day to check out one of Philippines' national treasure.

more photos below

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Panoramic photo view of Republiq and the fail event of Etude House launch

pano view republiq etude copy
view large photo here
taking panoramic photos are becoming a hobby for me, its fun and you'll see the location in semi 180 degrees, our new subject is inside the set up of Republiq, located at Resorts World Manila. The color of the lights are pink and that was for the event launching of Etude House.

I'm on the mood when I took this photo, I started to fired up my camera and start covering the event, but then me and some beauty bloggers left the event because of their bad treatment to us,I just can't believe that they let us out of our seats and told us to proceed to the lobby for the program, but in the end, there is no program!, then the girl in green dress always investigate us, the invite guests ( my wife was invited and invite is good for two person) and told us that seats are for the KOREANS only. After finding that out, we left and enjoyed our dinner at UCC Cafe nearby (then a girl from the event habol us to ask us to go back, but i just followed the girls decision to go home instead.)

I also heard during our entrance, that a girl complains on the front desk that they didn't let her in, but she's invited and carries the invitation card, then some bloggers went out daw to eat dinner, when they came back, di na sila pinapasok because of that green stub thing na ewan.

another panoramic photo of Thunderbird Resorts Rizal

thunderbird pano day 3 copy
view large photo here
I got the time to play around and do more panoramic shots, I used 4 photos here, although that the photos are stitched and not clean enough, I did the stitching in a short demo with our blogger friends yesterday while we are eating lunch, its so hard to edit and use your laptop's track mouse.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Blog Feature: Thunderbird Resorts Rizal

thunderbird collage
It's my first time here at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal, located in Binangonan, Rizal, an less than hour ride coming from Ortigas City. If you are a looking for a perfect place to experience some leisure, entertainment, recreation, sports and relaxation, then I recommend you to try and stay here at Thunderbird Resorts. The 5 year old resorts sits on top of a mountain of Rizal and middle of the natural environment and operated by an international development company and well known in their other branches in Panama, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Poland, also here in the Philippines, which is the first ever in Asian, next year they will open in Daman, India. Thunderbird Resorts brings a luxury lifestyle to anyone who stays and escape from your daily stress and city life, have your relaxation without leaving the city for hours.

read more about our feature below

Az video blog at KOI restaurant in Thunderbird Resorts Rizal

I'm here at Koi Restaurant, located inside the casino building at Thunderbird Resorts, here I try their yummy asian fusion dishes, like the curry chicken with bamboo shoots, also on the scene are my new blogger friends and with Nica and Princess, the marketing girls of Thunderbird Resorts. check out here the food we ate this dinner.

Tonight is my last stay and will go back home tomorrow. I'm excited now to swim and eat breakfast at the pool bar tomorrow morning. I also heard that TV5 will have a shoot here, wow! hope to meet Danita Paner ahahaha.

bloggers spotted:

bloggers missing in action:

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Az video blog in Petroglyph site at Binangonan, Rizal

I'm here at the petroglyph site in a rocky mountain side of Binangonan, Rizal. This petroglyph are images carved or engraved into the stone wall of the mountain, dated 3,000 B.C. by the early people who roams the land here in Binangonan,Rizal. Discovered by Botong Francisco, accdg. to the National Museum personel who was present at the site.

thanks to Thunderbird Resorts for the tour.

Monday, October 04, 2010

The big change of Mines View Park , Baguio in 2010

I have a funny moment here with my family during the 90's my little brother imitates Jolina Magdangal's "Payong Kaibigan" in ANG TV, he talks and say "andito po tayo sa Baguio City!", I have a video of it and he can't deny that ahhaah. Mines View Park is our most favorite spot for sight seeing, I don't know, because back then it was popular and I remember that there are native kids and teens roaming in the rocky ravine and begs from us to throw money or coins to them, it was an attraction, because they are having a contest and will catch the coin using that basket on a stick. Today 2010, it was a big chance for Mines View Park, no more beggars roaming inside and in the ravine, but they posted lots of stores and photo booths for visitors.

more photos below

Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral / Baguio Cathedral

I think it was the year 80's during my 1st visit in Baguio when I was a youngling and first time to attend a mass here with my family and grand mom, and after more than 20 years, I'm back to check it and saw lots of changes around it. The cathedral didn't change, but the structures around it are more different. The place got crowded already and can't bear to look at the covered parking area beside the cathedral. The Baguio Cathedral was once an evacuation center during the World War II, and not as a fortress just like in our featured churches last time we posted here in my blog.

more photos below

A short tour around SM Cyberzone in SM Baguio

I got a chance to visit and check out SM City Baguio, it was a tough walk going there if you are located below it and didn't expected that the mall sits on top of the hill and I almost died and crawls on the road and catch my breath going up and got the crazy shock of my life that they have a stairs going up to another entrance, but I'm glad that I took the other entrance and the Supermarket area leads me to an escalator going inside the mall, thank goodness! I visited SM Cyberzone in SM Baguio and I'm very curious what will be their set up and what tech and gadget stores are in there.

Check out below for more photos of SM Cyberzone and SM Baguio

BLOG FEATURE: Mines View Park Hotel in Baguio City

baguio cover collage
Going back to Baguio City is one of my dreams, and I just discovered the perfect place to stay where you can experience the cold weather and the fog as you stand over 1,500 meters above sea level and see the great view of the Benguet mountains and a 3 min walk to the most visited place and attraction in Baguio, all of these can be experience if you stayed in this newly built Mines View Park Hotel, it is not just an ordinary hotel, its one of a kind set up will make you feel and be close to the real Baguio. Check out my feature below

Visiting the Ukay Ukay stores in Baguio

Its my first time here and the last time I visited Baguio years ago during the 90's is that they don't have yet the ukay ukay stores or the surplus shops. The clothes are cheap and this time they have lots of shoes for sale, in the range of pirated shoes up to second hand shoes. I was looking for the toys ukay ukay but failed to discover it. I saw some stores sells toys and super robot action figures, but I let it pass, because I'm on a hunt for the super toy ukay ukay store I heard from our collector friends in Manila. The ukay haven is near SM Baguio and below the street from the Cathedral, you need a lot of walking powers here, make sure your feet are fired up, because I got tired walking up hill and I got lost going back hehheh.

check out more photos below

A trip to Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet

Its my first time here at the Strawberry farm in La Trinidad in Benguet, we went there to check out the farm and get lucky to pick up strawberries from the plant, but we learned that it was not the season for strawberries, and got a tip from our tour guide that they dont allow people to enter the farm, so we stay outside and took some photos of the farm and field. Then after a few minutes, they allowed us to enter the farm, but we didn't go in due to muddy ground and wet soil. The trip going here is around 1 hour from Baguio city.

Strawberry fruit vendors are all over the area, there are vendors that sells taho with strawberry, ice cream and yogurt milk with strawberry. Check out below the photos

Manila Bloggers in Inquirer at a fashion event

This is a late post, this was published last Sept.24 in the Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty section of Inquirer, we read this news when we are in Baguio and really happy to know that we have a group pic, hehehe..ay sila lang pala may pic, ako kasi na mention lang sa caption ng photo. Thanks to Bum, Miss Judy and the Manila bloggers for attending the BUM fashion event in Discovery Suites few months ago.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

events: Francis Magalona Clothing Co. 4th anniversary

FMCC will celebrate their 4th anniversary and birth if urban patriotism at Outerspace Gallery starting October 4, 2010. Try to catch the live performance of gloc 9, nimbus 9, mc dash, pin ups, dk rye, ill-j, elmo magalona and the mags on October 8, 2010 at 8pm in B-side at the Collective in Malugay st. Makati.

I wont be able to the attend the first day, but I will try to be there on the 8th. You guys going? wear your FMCC shirts ha!
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