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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Black Eyed Peas concert in Manila this October 25

generic-poster-first wave, Fergie,, Taboo will be back here in the Philippines to hold the biggest party concert of the year. The next Black Eyed Peas concert in Manila will be on October 25, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, the big party will light up the night sky and it will start at 8:00pm.

Are you ready boom boom pow and party?

Black Eyed Peas Live in Manila Ticket Prices:
VIP A – P10,000
VIP B – P8,000
GOLD – P4,000
SILVER – P2,000

For more information

or call Futuretainment at 0947-396-4539,0939-901-983,577-3265.

Facebook: futuretainmentinc
Twitter: @futureupdate

"The Wild Swans" Live in The Philippines this Sept 30 and Oct 1

1 Poster- The Wild Swans Live in the Philippines
The Wild Swans were formed way back in 1980 led by Paul Simpson after his stint with Julian Cope’s band, The Teardrop Explodes. The original line-up consisted of Jeremy Kelly (Guitarist), Ged Quinn (Keyboards) and on bass, Joseph Fearon (after a succession of bass players) and on drums, they ended with Echo and The Bunnymen’s drummer, the late Pete de Freitas which spun their first assertion in the music scene, “Revolutionary Spirit”.

Kelly left and formed the Lotus Eaters with ex - Jass Babies vocalist, Peter Coyle. Simpson then partnered with Ian Broudie and formed a short lived project fondly remembered as “Care” which churned hits like “My Boyish Days”, “Flaming Sword”, and “Whatever Possessed You.”

Simpson and Broudie separated which led Simpson to resurrect The Wild Swans again with Kelly on guitars which brought forth memorable hits like “Bringing Home The Ashes”, “Young Manhood” and “Bible Dreams” from their album which is the same as the title track, “Bringing Home The Ashes.”

Their second album, “Spaceflower”, saw the departure of Kelly and Quinn and Ian Broudie reunites with his former “Care” mate to play the guitars and the keyboards. Ian McNabb (Icicle Works) provided the additional vocals and guitar while Joseph Fearon still prodded on the bass. Chris Sharrock (Icicle Works) was on drums. This album spurned hits like “Melting Blue Delicious”, “Chocolate Bubblegum”, and “Tangerine Temple”.

Counting 20 years in the future, after Simpson’s solo project, Skyray, The Wild Swans resurrects for the third time with Ricky Rene Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre/The Triffids/Steve Kilbey of The Church), Les Pattinson (Echo and The Bunnymen), Mike Mooney, Stuart Mann and Richard Turvey and with a new album, “The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years”, which flouted hits like “Liquid Mercury”, “English Electric Lightning” and “In Secret”.

The Wild Swans latest album is definitely edgier and guitar laden without much of the angst of today’s music compared to the last two albums yet without loosing that poetic lyric that Simpson has been made famous for.

The Wild Swans may have been bloodied but their heads remain unbowed and can truly ride the crest in today’s music. Paul Simpson is his own influence in music.

Finally, this brought to you by DMC Philippines under the helm of mega promoter, Jesse Gonzales, the former Station Manager/OIC of DWXB 102, the country’s first alternative radio station that started the new wave explosion in the Philippines. The Wild Swans will be performing live on September 30, 2011 at The Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu and on October 1, 2011 at 1 Esplanade, MOA, Pasay City.

Event FB page

(source: DMC Philippines)

Unboxing soon: Archos android tablet

I'm glad that I will have a chance to try and test drive this Archos tablet, last Sunday I spotted that Archos 10.1 tablet in SM Appliance Center and then I got the thoughts that if ever I don't have a budget in getting an iPad 2, then its okay to buy this Archos tablet with a price around P8k and 18k, and instead of buying that Joypad or Apad tablet playing around the price 4k to 8k.

Above is a comparison of sizes, left is Jonel's iPad 2 tablet and then beside him is the Archos 10.1 tablet, on the right is a iPod touch and above them are the Archos 7.0 and 7.1 mini tablet.

Will unbox and try this soon. watch out a review here in my blog.

Friday, September 09, 2011

busy again

I'm busy today and Im having a hard time managing my scheds, I'm always out of the house and been busy in attending some meetings and events. My time is always eaten by traveling back home, if ever I have a teleporter, I can go home in flash.

hay..rain is heavy here in our area, I'm going back to Manila to pick up my SMART Netphone

Benmore Four Casks: New Face of Smooth Blended Scotch and Whisky

Blog Report by: Jeffrey Limbauan
Global Noble International Corporation sponsored the launching of Benmore Four Casks Scotch Whisky. It was held at The Wine Museum in Pasay City last Tuesday (Sept.7). The evening event was full of surprises because we learn lot of things about scotch and whiskeys. There are lots of liquor trivia that I learnt during that night.

As the launching of the new brand of blended scotch and whisky known as BENMORE. It was highlighted the packaging, the logo, the bottle, and of course the Taste. Benmore four casks Scotch whisky simplifies the blended taste of scotch and whisky. You can feel the smooth entrance and burst the spirit inside the body. (MORE STORY BELOW)

ClickTheCity Lifestyle App Reaches 100K Downloads

image is having big blowout for everyone as they celebrate the 100k download of their lifestyle app, ohhh I wish that I have a smartphone,but let’s wait till I get my phone later and download this tonight. If you caught the 100k counter and save a screenshot of it, you can be the lucky person to win some goodies c/o Happy 100k download in advance to CTC!

more details below

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Photo Model Myself and The Tretorn Nylite Project and "Wear Them your Way" Contest

azrael tretorn 1
I joined the Tretorn Nylite Project and you can see me here that I'm wearing a black Tretorn Nylite shoes, its one of those classic 80's and 90's shoes that are branded to be good for our gym, P.E, sports class, and it is also a good brand as a tennis shoes. The Tretorn Nylite shoe was released in 1967, and it is considered as the 1st luxury sports shoe, would you believe that? we're wearing those white tennis shoes and didn't know it was a luxury shoe brand. The Nylite shoes epitomizes Swedish minimalism, making it a favorite for over 50 years, also worn by Bjorn Borg in the age of tennis player were rock stars and been immortalized by the 1980's The Official Preppy Handbook.

If you got one and bought the new one, then I invite you to join in this contest by submitting a photo of yourself wearing your Nylite shoes and wear them your way! just like the photos you see here in my blog (btw, that's me!) , get a chance to win 10k pesos cash and gift certificates.
Also I like to mention that I'm one of the bloggers to pick my favorite photo entries, so impress me with those creative photo and your Tretorn. (check out also the Nylite Project Philippines)

Read the rules below

Got a time to visit a comic book store yesterday

Everyone in Comic Odyssey, Robinsons Galeria were surprised that I visited the store yesterday, my last time to be there was around last year, I spotted also Mark Torres exiting the hall and he told me that the DCnU season just arrived, I went to Saizen first and check some toys there for my baby boy Ash and after that I visited Comic Odyssey to grab some new comic titles to be added in my 2011 comic collection edition haahaa.

JLA #1 and Detective Comics #1 got sold out, Sandy of Comic Odyssey told me that their next delivery of new stocks will be on the 21st of September and it will be the 3rd printing edition for JLA, I said its okay and I want one copy, then after going out of the mall and rode a taxi going to Makati, Nelinda of Comic Odyssey did another weird miscalls on my phone and then after I text her after her miscalls, she sent a reply that they got one more copy of JLA left in a box, I sent a reply for interest to grab it and will try to take it home later or maybe on Friday.

geez...After reading that Marvel Preview, I'm so late already on what's happening in the world of mutants and our planet's mightiest heroes. I'm excited to read Action Comics #1 , will save the awesomeness of it later and start my ritual of reading comics in the living room after I arrive home later. I will also post my thoughts about this new issues next week.

happy comics reading to all!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

photos: Inside the SM ARENA construction site 8-17-2011

I got a chance to join with the media and officials of the SM Arena and UAAP to visit and have a tour inside the SM ARENA. I take some shots and featured here in my blog, also I did some panoramic stitches and you can see how the big size of the SM ARENA, we entered the the gate which they call the team or players entrance located infront of the car parking building of SM ARENA.

more photos below

coverage: National University hosts the UAAP 75th Season at SM Mall of Asia ARENA for 2012

Last August 2011, the UAAP , SM ARENA and NU officials announces that the next game for the 75th season of the UAAP will be at a new venue in SM Mall of Asia ARENA, a 20,000 full house seating capacity venue that will cater to entertainment and sports event. NU promised that we will see a never before seen opening ceremonies next year 2012 and they say tha the Filipino deserve to have the best of the venue for the game and soon to be home of international league to legendary games and champions. (MORE STORY BELOW)

video: The rise of #SmartNetPhone community

After we saw and tested the Smart Netphone last week, I'm now amazed on the features being shown here on the video, if ever I have a Smart Netphone I can use it pala on my Samsung Smart TV and also add myself on that global directory, but I'm a little bit worried on the cloud syncing, are we ready for that? hope it is secured

check out the cute video below featuring the people and Smart Netphone

found the video posted at Digital Manila

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

32nd Manila International Book Fair 2011 this September

manila international book fair 2011
I haven't seen any updates or buzz about the book fair for this year, compare to the past years that the event is all over the timeline, I just hope that everyone still reads books and not focus too much on social networks. For myself, I sometimes give a time reading books, my last book that I read is Viva Andrada's "Survival: Your Guide to Life", I just picked it up again in the bookshelf here, but mostly read materials here at home are comic books, last comic that I read is Myke Gusinga's Claw comic series, its an indie comic creation, now I wonder will there be indie book publishers present here at the book fair? hmmm. I got reminded to check the sched of the book fair for this year after I got tag on Facebook about that anime cosplay event that was also organized by the book fair.

okay, just save the date Sept 14-18 at SMX Convention Center in SM MOA comples
visit A Newest Social Network That Don’t Just Talk! Meet Up!


Blog Report by: Jeffrey Limbauan

An awesome midnight party at New Orleans bar in Resorts World. When I attended the launch of the newest social network known as the 3 hour or in which gives a promising new level of social network. The level up of new social network that caters you not just in chatting or talking but you can meet up. serves people in setting the dream into the reality. This social network will give you a chance to meet up with your friends. How? Let’s find out… (MORE STORY BELOW)

coverage: The Pacquiao-Marquez III Press Tour: Two Warriors Dedicates their Fight for their Country

a DSC_0094
Blog Report by: Jeffrey Limbauan

Mabuhay Pilipinas!!! Viva Mexico!!! The warriors are set to faceoff for the first leg of the press tour. Another memorable history has come in the Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila last August 3, 2011. There are thousands of people in attendance at the Quirino Grandstand in order to witness the Pacquiao-Marquez Press Tour. The Press Tour was set first here in the Philippines then they proceed to New York (Second Leg), Los Angeles (third Leg) and in Mexico (country of Juan Manuel Marquez) for the last leg of the Press Tour. (MORE STORY BELOW)

Monday, September 05, 2011

Samsung MultiView MV800 digital camera

samsung multi view
I'm saving some money in order to buy a new point and shoot camera, I saw that budget digital camera with a LCD screen swivel feature, but when I saw this camera over at Flickr, posted by Samsung Zone, I fell inlove with the design and feature of it. I went to its website and found some cool feature. (MORE STORY BELOW)

Kasama Coke bottle now released in all stores

Coca Cola Philippines just unveiled the new release of another Coke in a plastic bottle, and with a new tag name as "Kasama Coke" bottle, a 400ML Coke in a re-sealable plastic bottle, this is perfect for people who are always on the go, and want to keep their bottle in the bag and never worry of any spills and for lighthearted teens who want to carry a cool and sexy Kasama Coke bottle whenever they go. The new Kasama Coke is now priced at P15.00 and available in sari sari store located in GMA, Central and South Luzon. (MORE STORY BELOW)

unboxing: Sennheiser HD201 headphones

I won this Sennheiser HD201 headphones in raffle draw at the opening of the Beyond of the Box store in Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila. I'm very curious on the quality performance of Sennheiser products, but all I know that they are one of the best for audio. I'm gonna try this and write a review here in my blog, I have lots of headphones here, all of them are just for normal level users, I have tried those DJ headphones before and they are so expensive, let's try this if it will be the most recommended type of a mid range headphones.

more photos below

unboxing: Mede8er MED500X2 HD Multimedia Player

I'm very new to this multimedia player gadgets, the Mede8er MED500X2 HD Multimedia Player is like your storage device and also music, photo and video player, and after reading the manual, this "Mede8er MED500X2 HD Multimedia Player" can work like a real PC or laptop, all you need to do is plug it in to your TV and connect via LAN or use a WLAN usb dongle. Awesome gadget box for movie fans. I'm going to review and test drive this Mede8er MED500X2 HD Multimedia Player and see if it will perform much better than our laptops and dvd players.

As the label says.. "it can play all video formats"

more photos below

unboxing: Hisense Mini HB200M headset

Just finished opening this Hisense Mini HB200M bluetooth headset, and this is my 2nd Hisense bluetooth headset, the old that I'm using is colored gray and black, but I decide to use this new one because I like the colors red and black on it. Watch out for my review of this gadget, I heard that it can serve 2 mobile phones in one headset, imagine that If I use 2 headset on both of my ears, I can carry 4 mobiles on my bag hahaha.

more photos below

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 - collected swags, flyers and calling cards

I collected some calling cards and flyers from the booth of food vendors at the Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 event in Rockwell Tent. After getting to know about the food and talk to the food vendor about their recipe, I grabbed some calling cards and flyers after munching and finish my taste test. Going to collect this and will share this to everyone who might need new food recipes for their taste buds and tummy.

Above is my Lin Ming Mei figure showing you the calling cards behind her.

more photos below

Globe pulls 'Lamborghini' Internet sticks from market


MANILA, Philippines – Threatened by a lawsuit despite claiming it had gotten authority from a Singapore-based master franchisor to use the Tonino Lamborghini brand on its latest mobile broadband sticks, Globe Telecom Inc. has pulled out the product from the market.

Company officials said they would rather wait until they have fully clarified the matter with Italy-based Tonino Lamborghini, maker of hand-made watches.

According to Globe spokesperson Yoly Crisanto, Globe has temporarily ceased marketing and selling the Tonino Lamborghini broadband stick which is enabled with High-Speed Packet Access-plus, or HSPA+, mobile technology.

The Italy-based firm earlier described Globe’s Tonino Lamborghini Internet stick as a counterfeit product because it never gave the cellular firm the authority to use the “Tonino Lamborghini” brand.

Read the entire news here:

Foodies spotted @ Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 food event

This is the start of my Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 blog coverage, posted below are the photos of different foodies I spotted at the event, all of them are foodies, food bloggers, chef, resto owners and super food fan! We roamed around the event for 4 hours and its all food! never ending food tasting with 50 food booths and stall, its a good venue to discover new food, new taste and new recipe. Feel free to grab you pics. Congrats to Anton and the Our Awesome Planet team for another successful food event of the year. (halata na first time ko dito hahaa) (next post will be the food)

More photos below

coverage: Bloggers Bash @ Astrovision - bloggers headshots


Here are some photos that I took from yesterday's bloggers gathering at Astrovision Plus in Greenbelt 5. The event was organized by Jeman of Orange Magazine TV and Katherine Choy of Astrovision. Awesome bloggers bash event! 3 categories that are available and we can choose one category to attend, I chose the tech and gadgets category, which was the last leg of the bloggers bash, my sis was there too with her blogger friends attending the music category, while others are in the movie category.

feel free to grab your pics here!

More photos below

The Black Eyed Peas Early Bird Promo

The Black Eyed Peas Early Bird Promo
Here's a good treat for all BEP fans who would like to watch their concert on October 25, 2011.
Purchase your BEP concert tickets until September 10 and Get 20% Off
Black Eyed Peas LIVE in Manila!
October 25, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

Tickets will be available at all TicketWorld Manila and SM Tickets outlets.

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