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Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014!! - here are some CNY display in Manila Hotel

Happy Chinese New Year to all! I don’t have an awesome blog post to feature the CNY 2014 for this year, I’ve been busy and I forgot to include this in my content plan, bawi na lang ako next year hehehe. But I got some good photos of the set up of Manila Hotel for their Chinese New Year celebration. There was an event this morning, but I didn’t make it to attend and cover it, but I already sent my reporter and writer John Bautista to cover it for our blogs, I heard that the set up and program is spectacular.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mega Fashion Hall: home of the global fashion brand is now open in SM Megamall–launch coverage and store photos

January 28, 2014 is the official launch and opening of the new wing of SM Megamall, also dubbed as the Mega bldg D that sit next to Mega bldg B of SM Megamall. it’s a 86,000 square meter hedge shaped atrium that houses new global fashion stores, restaurants and IMAX Theater, Bowling center and also bringing back the 1st ever ice skating rink in SM Megamall, now with a Olympic size set up.

Wine, cold cuts, cheese and Le Cellier French Wine Selection @ Le Café Curiex in Makati

We’re doing the French way of enjoying wine and cheese in one night here at Le Café Curiex in Makati City, it’s a French resto bar located near Makati Palace Hotel, we were there last night to try the cold cuts, cheese and wine degustation of the resto bar and their wine partner - Le Cellier French Wine Selection. Last year, we started our wine and French journey at the Soiree Beaujolais event in Manila Hotel and Sofitel Manila, and after two months, we are back again meeting up with our French friends and be part of another food and beverage adventure.

I didn’t expect that I will enjoy the wine night yesterday, I started to gulp 5 glasses of Le Cellier wine, and 3 shots of house rhum of Le Café Curiex, I over ate myself with lots of cold cuts and cheese, and I over estimate my enjoyment for eating and drinking too much…but I super enjoyed the cheese pairing it with my wine, I’m not a regular drinker but if ever I like the taste of the wine and my company, the taste of that wine will be become more great and tasty delicious. Now I get the idea that why people love to drink wine at home or in a restaurant, it will relax you and it will give a good atmosphere when you are with your comrades.

If you taste that the wine is good...that means you are in top shape and there's nothing wrong with you.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My coverage of the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 presentation of official 40 candidates

Last January 27th was the revelation of the official 40 candidates of the Bb. Pilipinas 2014, it was my first time to cover our official pageant that will represent our country for the Miss Universe 2014 and I’m very excited to be part of this amazing journey of 40 beautiful Bb. Pilipinas 2014 candidates, they will train hard and also participate in various activities conducted by the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI), we’re going to wait for 2 more months for the grand coronation night this March 30, 2014 here in Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Preview look of SM Megamall’s Fashion hall

I took this photo last December 2013, I was trapped inside the mall and don’t know where to exit at around 11pm, I was at our ToyCon event and I got confused because the two exit that I usually use is closed, and then I noticed that they already opened the new mall’s fashion hall located at Bldg B in SM Megamall. This is also dubbed as Mega Bldg D of SM Megamall aka Mega Fashion Hall.

Different global brands will be here, not just clothing, but also restaurants. Some new stores will be seen first Mega Fashion Hall.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Kabankalan City trip part 1–arrival in Bacolod City

Day 1 – Our trip to Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental started here…syempre, all trips started here inside the airport. I went to our NAIA terminal 3 airport at around 5am, to meet Raffy and Ron who will travel with me going to Negros Occidental, it will be our first time to go in Kabankalan City, and we are excited because we will attend our very Sinulog festival, as the locals said that Sinulog started first there in Kabankalan City. Also joining in the flight is our new friends at Loqal and Choose Philippines.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

New blog post: - Bloggers... Newbies and oldies.. See you all on Feb 8 for our blogging 101 seminar @gianviterbo @joneluy @yendreyfus @mozillaph @bobreyes #mozilla

Bloggers... Newbies and oldies.. See you all on Feb 8 for our blogging 101 seminar @gianviterbo @joneluy @yendreyfus @mozillaph @bobreyes #mozilla

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Photos: Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo 2014 press con at Salon de Ning

Here’s my photo coverage of the press con event of Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo 2014, you can read my blog story here at

the event will be tonight, January 24, 2014 at 8pm in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall.
score your ticket at

Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo 2014–another year of global art of mixing music, party and drinks–tonight January 24 in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall

Hennessy Artistry Halo Key Visual
Its another year for Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo this 2014, when this event comes here in Manila, I can start feel that its already the new year, it’s the most awaited music party event because of its awesome unique concept of mixing different musicians and artist with different music backgrounds to jam one another in one big event. I attended their party event for the 1st time in 2010 and then my 2nd was last 2012, but my experience is the best during the 2012 Hennessy Artistry event in Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila, I went to the venue so late, but I noticed that the party just started at around 1am, everyone are still energized and the music DJ still give a lot of dose of club music that give massive boost to the party goers who loves to drink Hennessy.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photos: Sky Scanner Philippines kapihan with travel bloggers


Last night was the first kapihan session of Sky Scanner Philippines with travel bloggers, at the coffee session, we witness and learned about the Sky Scanner Bloscars Travel Blog Awards 2014, we have our Philippine finalist featuring our top travel bloggers –,,,,, and many other…I will complete this list soon. Our local finalist will compete with different travel bloggers around the world and the grand prize is a big pot of money that you can use to book to many flights.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New blog post: - Skyscanner Bloscars Travel Award 2014 finalist for Ph revealed!! | nomadicexperiences, outoftownblog, lakadpilipinas #skyscannerphkapihan @skyscanner @skyscannerph @fleishmanph

Skyscanner Bloscars Travel Award 2014 finalist for Ph revealed!! | nomadicexperiences, outoftownblog, lakadpilipinas #skyscannerphkapihan @skyscanner @skyscannerph @fleishmanph

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Gourmet Farm and Dining Room - Tagaytay weekend date part 3 END

Day 3 - For my last blog post of our Tagaytay weekend date blog series, its sad that it only got a 3 part blog post of our 3 day adventure part 3 in Tagaytay, but that’s okay, we will be back there again this week for more food, travel and attraction discoveries. I’m excited because we discovered another café and our itch for exploring Talisay, Batangas is very near. But first I want to post here my blog post and experience at Gourmet Farm and its Dining Room restaurant in Silang, Cavite. I’ve been here before, but the last time was that we drop by to buy some veggies and also bottled gourmet goods. I didn’t even know in the first place that they have a restaurant and also a free tour around the garden and farm of Gourmet Farm.

Picnic Grove again - Tagaytay weekend date part 2

We went back to Picnic Grove in Tagaytay City, and we learned that last January 11, 2014, we got a record for the coldest day in Manila, Tagaytay and also in Baguio, it was so cold and super windy too in Tagaytay and here’s a photo of myself playing around using my shoal as a cape, I’m trying to imitate here a fat super hero hahaha.

Cliffhouse Tagaytay–Tagaytay weekend date part 1

I’m having a hard time which photo cover should I use for this post, if its about the restaurant, the food or the view here in Cliffhouse Tagaytay. Its my first time here and I didn’t know that they have a new spot for resto, hotel and a nice view deck for all Tagaytay staycationers , I just heard about this new resto strip on top of a cliff from our travel and food blogger friends. We’re running out of places to visit in Tagaytay because we visit the city every weekend just to chillax and have a nice family weekend date. It’s a good month to visit this January because the cold season starts to get stronger til the end of February.

Monday, January 20, 2014

New blog post: - We are back in manila!! @loqalpg @choosephils @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014 #PBNETCoversSinulog2014 #Sinulog2014

We are back in manila!! @loqalpg @choosephils @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014

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New blog post: - Thanks and see you soon Zaycoland resort and hotel @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014 #PBNETCoversSinulog2014 #Sinulog2014

Thanks and see you soon Zaycoland resort and hotel @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

New blog post: - Chill out party tonight at zaycoland resort and hotel! Kita kits tonight @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014 #PBNETCoversSinulog2014 #Sinulog2014

Chill out party tonight at zaycoland resort and hotel! Kita kits tonight @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014

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New blog post: - Lechon lechon!! Lunch @ tootsie zayco's place | @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014 #PBNETCoversSinulog2014 #Sinulog2014

Lechon lechon!! Lunch @ tootsie zayco's place | @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014

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New blog post: - We are now part of the tribe haha | @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014 #PBNETCoversSinulog2014 #Sinulog2014

We are now part of the tribe haha | @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014

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New blog post: - Photo with celeb of bacolod haha @byahilo | @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014 #PBNETCoversSinulog2014 #Sinulog2014

Photo with celeb of bacolod haha @byahilo | @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014

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New blog post: - Join the fun here in Sinulog de Kabankalan @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014 @choosephils @loqalph #PBNETCoversSinulog2014 #Sinulog2014

Join the fun here in Sinulog de Kabankalan @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014 @choosephils @loqalph

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

New blog post: - Carpool with Bacolod models @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014 #PBNETCoversSinulog2014 #Sinulog2014

Carpool with Bacolod models @digitalspidey @wahpinas #kabankalan #pbnetcoverssinulog #sinulog2014

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J. Alfonso de Dios challenges the status quo and changes paradigms for good

In a world that relies profoundly on fast and efficient transmission of information, the need to put brands’ commercial messages on air through a secure, cost-efficient and reliable process becomes more critical. Sadly, the communication technology and transmission infrastructure in the Philippines has not kept pace with the frenetic progress of communication and information exchange. As a case in point, we can look at the multi-billion peso Philippine advertising industry, where brands still dub digitally produced TV commercials into analog Betacam tapes and send these via messengers to TV stations for broadcast. This is obviously an archaic process that compromises the brand’s commercial message, is inefficient and not cost-effective.

Crumpler end of season sale!! 30% to 80% off this Jan 15-30, 204 in all branches!

Crumpler End of Season Rev (1)
Crumpler branches are going on sale this January 15-31, 2014, take the advantage of massive price drop and discounts from 30% up to 80% off…

geez… my hands are getting itchy now and want to grab some new camera bags and back ups at Crumpler.

for more details of the sale, visit their FB page at

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