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Saturday, July 07, 2018

You can now borrow PHP5,000 cash using the GCash app


More innovation for payment have been launched by GCash, you can now use the app in purchasing in selected stores and malls nationwide by the use of the QR code scan to pay and it provided an option for cashless payment system in a secured and fast way of payment and also remit money from abroad.

Today, Gcash can now lend you money with the use of their app starting with a PHP5,000 credit limit. There’s no longer need to fill up more documents and wait for approval, all you need is to have a Gcash app, get a KYC verification, Re-load it with cash, use it for transaction for payments, bills, remittance or load.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Bai Nian Tang Ba opens in Uptown Parade BGC–taste the authentic Shanghai cuisine in Manila


Authentic Shanghai cuisine can now be tasted here in the Philippines, and thanks to the world-famous restaurant Bai Nian Tang Bao for bringing it here via their first restaurant in Manila. Bai Nian Tang Bao Manila restaurant is located at the Uptown Parade in BGC.

Bai Nian Tang Bao is known for serving the authentic Xiao Long Bao, and they are known for its delicious soup of the original Xiao Long Bao and for serving a giant version-- the Giant Tang Bao

Bai Nian, which means "hundred years", Tang Bao means "soup dumpling", it also refers to xiao long bao's recipe that has been around since 1786, and they use the same recipe in their restaurants which is loved by China emperors of the old times.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Sartin restaurant by Josiah’s Catering now open in Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel


I posted a blog post last month about the new venture of Josiah's Catering, their new business expansion now focuses on hotel management and also for food and beverage operation for hotels and resort. To launch their new business under the Josiah's Hospitality Management, they've launched their first ever restaurant -- SARTIN, a Filipino restaurant located inside Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Takoyaki Sensei launches Kaisen Takoyaki Seafood Special!


Takoyaki Sensei - a food stall in Bacoor, Cavite that makes the best takoyaki balls in the Philippines recently launched a new variant of takoyaki balls -- the Kaisen takoyaki, a kind of takoyaki packed with lots of seafood meat.

I just received a message tip from their Instagram page that they are now serving a new kind of takoyaki. I got excited when I saw my fave Japanese seafood ingredients added in one takoyaki balls.
You can see at the cover photo above that the Kaisen takoyaki balls are added with large octopus tentacles, a large chunk of crab stick and also shrimp.

 Imagine the taste and also the heavy-ness of this takoyaki balls

Chibo Okonomiyaki date with wife


I mentioned in my previous blog post about Chibo Okonomiyaki, the Japanese resto in S Maison that specializes in okonomiyaki. We are having a hard time to get a seat back at this resto during the early days when S Maison mall was newly opened. So that's why we always visit the other resto at the next door.
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