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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Takoyaki Sensei celebrates 1st year anniversary, launches discount, contest and FREE takoyaki


Takoyaki Sensei, the best takoyaki in town is now celebrating their 1st year anniversary and inline with the celebration, they announced a big  promo discount for their takoyaki balls, and also launched a search for the 1st Takoyaki King or Queen via their takoyaki speed eating challenge.

To have more grand festivity, they are also in collaboration with my blog brand - Azrael's Merryland Blog, and the gimmick is that we're giving away some FREE TAKOYAKI for the entire month, to know more details, just read the post below after the jump.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

New food to try when you dine in at Paradise Dynasty Podium and S Maison branch


Its great to dine in back here at Paradise Dynasty, for our food and try session, we went there at their 2nd branch in Podium Mall and they got a really nice dining area, during my visit I also learned that they will be opening their 3rd branch soon in SM Aura, I dont have yet the exact details, but that's the only news I received when we ate our lunch there.

There are some new food at the menu that are worth trying, and we got a chance to try it during our lunch and I can say that the new food are my new favorite.




If you are new to Paradise Dynasty, then this new and updated blog post from 2018 can serve as your guide. But if you will visit this resto, the assorted Xiao Laong Bao is a must try, don't dare miss it.


Me and my wife Lace are a fan of this restaurant and we're happy that Paradise Dynasty is adding more branches and also more food on their menu. Each branches has its own special dining experience, when you dine in at S Maison branch, you get a nice window view of the sunset and also fireworks display at night during weekends. While at their branch in Podium mall, there are more private function room that you can book for your family dinner, meetings and special occasion.



Dining area of Paradise Dynasty branch in Podium Mall


Just click on the menu photo to view it large version



Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao - 8pcs
PHP 388

The Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao is a must try here at Paradise Dynasty, you can order the assorted version or a multiple pieces of the flavored Xiao Long Bao. Each color represent a special flavor or recipe for each Xiao Long Bao

Here are the color coding of the special Dynasty Xiao Long Bao

Brown - Garlic
Green - Ginseng
Orange - Foei Gras
Grey- Szechuan
Yellow - Cheese
Orange - Crab Roe
Black - Black Truffle

You can also order them for 6 pcs and 10 pcs


The tip in tasting the colored xiao long bao is to taste the original first, then the light colored up to the darkest colored xiao long bao


Signature Original Xiao Long Bao
6pcs  - PHP 188
10 pcs - PHP 298


Charcoal Custard Lava Bun
3 pcs - PHP 188

The Charcoal Custard Lava Bun  is our new fave here at the Paradise Dynasty, you can order this for dine in or for take out. The chef at the kitchen prepare this for you from scratch upon order.
Its a dark colored steamed bun filled with hot custard lava. Be careful in eating it,because the lava is hot.  The hot custard lava is creamy and flavory


To enjoy eating it, break the bun and let the steam of the lava ooze out from the bun, so that you wont get surprise how hot it is.


Homemade Barley Water (Cold / Hot)
P 80


Radish Pastry
3pcs - PHP 138


Pork Dumpling with hot chili vinaigrette
6pcs - PHP 168


Chilled jellyfish and seafood in vinaigrette
PHP 328


Chilled baby spinach with vermicelli
PHP 288



Its not on the menu,but you can order this cold tofu with sauce and century egg. Its a good appetizer and also to jump start your taste buds


Lettuce Roll with homemade sesame sauce
PHP 238


steamed glutinous rice stuffed in red dates
PHP 238


Stir-fried shredded pork in black bean sauce served with Chinese crepes
PHP 388

Its like making your own shawarma or crepe. Use the crepe rice paper to wrap the shredded pork and then you got a two food in one. I super enjoy eating this because I need to create my own crepe using my chopsticks


Scrambled egg white with fish and conpoy
PHP 328


Kung pao chicken
PHP 298


Crispy fried crystal prawns tossed with salted egg yolk
PHP 588

The best food to try here at Paradise Dynasty. I salted egg yolk on the prawn is so thick and tasty. It didn't over powered the taste of the prawn and for me this is a must try food.


La Mian served with double-boild chicken soup
PHP 330


Egg fried rice
PHP 238


Spicy Szechuan crispy chicken
PHP 298


Pan-fried pancake with red bean paste
PHP 168


Poached beef in Szechuan chili oil
PHP 788


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