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Sunday, December 29, 2019


3rd year of my Travel Year Ender Vlog, I noticed that I enjoyed so much in my travel this 2019. Its a lot more different from the previous year and I realized it when I absorbed again all those memories from my travel this year. Its really more fun here in the Philippines (and also in SG, HK, Japan and Australia!)

Friday, December 13, 2019

Hallmark x 7-Eleven’s holiday collaboration

The air is chilly, the mood is merry, and the lights are out and sparkling. What a joy it is to have the holidays upon us once again. This is the time to give back and share the love and blessings we have received this year, as it is what the true spirit of Christmas is.

 This Christmas, Hallmark is inviting you to celebrate the season with the gift of love and care. In hopes to bring holiday cheer to street children, Hallmark is partnering with PhilSeven Foundation, convenience store 7-Eleven’s charity arm, through ‘Gulong ng Karunungan’ (GNK) project. This is a mobile school project that aims to provide education to the less fortunate street children of select local cities in the Philippines. Over the past years, GNK has helped augment the learning, supplemental feeding, and basic medical needs of over 2,000 disadvantaged youth, comprised mostly of out-of-school children and informal settlers from identified city beneficiaries.

Moreover, you as a customer can be a part of this jolly project. With every purchase of Hallmark Christmas products such as their Gift Wrappers, Gift Bags, Gift Tags and other Christmas products from 7-Eleven, a portion of the sales will be donated directly to support GNK project.

Make this season shine by celebrating it, too, with people outside your home. And when you care enough to give back, we believe that the smiles and joy of children in need are more than enough to warm your heart and make your Christmas, the merriest ever.


Be involved and get your Hallmark products by visiting your neighboring 7-Eleven store.

Hallmark Christmas products are also available in all leading bookstores and select online shops.

Qatar-based IBD stages forum for investors and entrepreneurs in Manila

The “i3 Forum”—held at the Okada Manila recently—is one of a series of business forums taking place in various cities around the world, building up to the IBD Summit slated for April 6-9, 2020 in Doha, Qatar. Manila is one of 30 cities in which the “i3 Forum” series is being conducted.

Yousif Al-Jaber, International Business Delegation (IBD) Chairman, explained “i3” stands for “Innovators, Investors and Influencers”, as the forum aims to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, investors and corporates to find investors, partners as well as access international markets for business expansion or exports.

“Our international investor network and the trust they place in us are our biggest assets,“ said Al-Jaber.

“Every city has certain key sectors in which they are globally competitive. The i3 Forum and IBD Summit gives them infrastructure to take these products and services to the larger global market,” commented Vineet C. Nambiar, who presented at the forum. He emphasized about a dedicated session exploring opportunities in the ASEAN region at the upcoming IBD Summit.

Leonardo Tabilog Jr., IBD Marketing and Communications Director added: “The I3 forum aspires to be a major annual anticipated event in the Manila business calendar; we’re getting bigger, bolder and better with each year and have already started preparations for next year's i3 Forum, as we appoint IBD ambassadors from the Philippines to help promote our initiative. “

“We are expecting five billion dollars worth of deals at the summit this year and have over 120 proposals from around the world already,” added IBD Projects and Finance Director Shamseer Hamza.

The main thrust of IBD is to provide an avenue for entrepreneurs to ideate, launch and scale ventures internationally by connecting prospective partners, investors and influencers.

These i3 Forums leading to the IBD Summit is a joint initiative by Mavericks365—a Delaware, U.S.-based international platform for ideas, innovation and creation with interests in co-working spaces and ecosystems—and Address Business Management, a Doha, Qatar-based end-to-end business management and consultancy firm. The summit is managed by Singapore-based event management firm XPlus International Pte Ltd.

The “i3 Forum” in Manila was attended by representatives of government agencies of the Philippines and Qatar, together with stakeholders from business sectors. Interaction at the forum was interesting and intimate as participants exchanged information about Philippine investment opportunities, global expansion opportunities, potential bilateral trade agreements, and many more.

Those who attended the Manila forum also learned from Francis Kong, an inspirational and motivational speaker on “ Going Global”; Diwa Guinigundo, Former Deputy Governor of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas; and Prof. Jay Bernardo of the ACE Center for Entrepreneurship and Management Education-Ateneo Masters in Entrepreneurship program.


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Use PayMaya for your 12.12 shopping online/offline and get more cashback

Boom! the 12.12 craze is here! and we got great news from PayMaya as they will give more cashback when you use your PayMaya in purchasing items online or in stores this December 12, 2019 aka the 12.12 shopping madness

If you plan to shop for items as gifts for your friends and love ones this Christmas, then the timing is right, if you use your PayMaya you can earn more cashback and then you can also have a chance to win a new iPhone 11.

Astig di ba?

So here's the tip we got from PayMaya, read it below

- enjoy a 1%, 10%, or 100% cashback when you spend at least P500 online or in stores using your PayMaya physical or virtual card.

- get an additional P150 cashback* when you rack up an accumulated spend of P5,000.  

-  Get 30% off at Lazada when you spend at least P500. Enjoy the maximum discount of P150 by redeeming a PayMaya voucher from the Lazada app. 

- Shop in Zalora and enjoy a 25% discount on your purchase, capped at P2,000! Simply use the promo code PYMYONLINEFEVER when you shop and spend at least P1,500.  

- Do the #ScanToPay using PayMaya with their partner merchant stores, and after 12.12 you can still enjoy more perks with their PayMaya’s Double Cashback Weekend. From December 14 to 15, you get two chances of earning up to 100% cashback when you spend a minimum of P100 via PayMaya QR.  

- #ScanToPay for your gifts to your Kris Kringle or inaanaks at Robinsons Department Store to get a chance to win one of the 11 iPhone 11 units up for grabs! All you have to do is spend a minimum of P100 via PayMaya QR to earn one (1) raffle entry.  

And here are some of the good deals offered by PayMaya
** dont miss this!

- Get up to 100% cashback when you spend at least P500 online and in-store using your PayMaya virtual or physical card  

- Enjoy an additional P150 cashback* when you accumulate a P5,000 spend with your PayMaya virtual or physical card  

- Get up to 100% cashback when you #ScanToPay at least P100 via PayMaya QR at your favorite establishments  

- Rack up to P5,000 worth of accumulated purchase via PayMaya QR to get an additional P150 cashback**  

- Get two chances of earning up to 100% cashback when you spend at least P100 via PayMaya QR this weekend  

- Redeem your PayMaya voucher at the Lazada app to enjoy a 30% discount (up to P150), when you spend a minimum of P500  

- Spend a minimum of P1,500 and get a 25% discount (up to P2,000) on your Zalora purchase when you use the code PYMYONLINEFEVER  

*For upgraded accounts only. Minimum spend of P500. 
**For upgraded accounts only. Minimum spend of P100. 

For more info of their deals, visit their page at 
and dont forget to check their social media pages for added flash announcements.

No PayMaya yet? then download the app and install it in your phone, jut register and enjoy the perks of a PayMaya user.

Done reading???
then you are ready for 12.12

happy shopping!

Friday, December 06, 2019

Write About Love - MMFF 2019 entry is a 2 movie in 1 movie!

A director friend saw me after watching the red carpet premiere of TBA Studio's WRITE ABOUT LOVE movie. He said that wow! I'm  into these kinds of films, local movie. I think its rare for him to see me watching a local love story movie. I told him I'm here to support a friend and I like to watch because I'm familiar with the stars - Miles Ocampo, Yeng Constantino, Rocco Nacino and Joem Bascon.

The only movie reaction that I shared to him is that -- Ohh the movie and story today are good and its getting better and better, I only watch these kind of films whenever Im riding in a public aircon bus going to our province and there's this kind of bus liner who plays Filipino films - the mainstream movies with love story or romcon content on the bus' TV. I forced myself to watch it because its a 8 hours ride and I have nothing to do.

I told my director friend (not the director of this movie) that I learned from myself that I'm okay  to watch romcom movies and not the serious love story movies.

This movie - WRITE ABOUT LOVE is a movie that I can recommend and also a perfect movie this MMFF and Christmas season. This movie with  a new content for younger audience, with a more family oriented touch, and its more than just a movie.

WRITE ABOUT LOVE features 2 stories or 2 movies in 1 movie. Its a story of two young writers - Miles and Rocco,  as the creator of this upcoming movie, together they are challenged to finish the script of the movie. The two writers visualizes the story and the movie projected their movie starring Yeng and Joem. The story of their characters changes based on what's going on in the real world.

WRITE ABOUT LOVE can inspire new young writers as they can relate to the same feelings of the two main characters of Miles and Rocco, they can feel those obstacles, the deadlines and the intervention of personal issues that will keep them away from finishing the script. For non writers, they can feel the same thing too, as they absorb the happenings of the two stories in one movie.

The funny thing is that, at first I thought this movie is another THAT THING CALLED TADHANA movie, its a travel movie and very indie-ish. I just saw the movie trailer and its not really a travel movie!

The movie is about work of a writer, film making, as a single person, a broken hearted person, a family man, and about being a musician (Yeng's character)

Miles Ocampo
Miles and Yeng's character in the movie the one that catches my attention. They performed well and its very rare for me to see them in acting, Miles in a lead role and Yeng in a scripted version for a movie. We get to see Yeng back then in her Youtube vlogs, and her natural self projected well in the movie, goes the same for Miles. I want to see them more in other movies and I hope that the general audience support this film.

Rocco Nacino

WRITE ABOUT LOVE is a movie entry by TBA Studios for the MMFF 2019, showing this December 25, 2019.




Read here more details about WRITE ABOUT LOVE

TBA Studios’ Write About Love  is MMFF 2019’s movie-within-a-movie to watch

By employing an imaginative movie-within-a-movie storytelling treatment in Write About Love, Writer & Director Crisanto B. Aquino has provided a fresh take on how art imitates life and vice versa.

Call them romcoms or light-hearted dramas but given how well-received these kinds of films are at the box office, it’s reasonable to conclude that love stories are big with Filipino audiences.

But do great love stories just write themselves? How easy is it for screenwriters to develop a romantic film that will resonate with the masses?

If Write About Love, TBA Studios’ entry for the 45th Metro Manila Film Festival is any indication, the answer is it’s anything but easy. As our heroine known simply as Female Writer (played by Miles Ocampo) learned the hard way, writing a script that will get a major studio to greenlight the project for filming is not without its own pitfalls.

A hopeless romantic, she succeeded in getting one foot inside the door by initially presenting an original story called Just Us to a whole team of studio executives. A few days later, however, she gets a call back: Sorry, she’s told, but there’s an upcoming film with a similar plot.

But all is not lost. The studio heads would like a rewrite but only under the guidance and direction of a more experienced scriptwriter.

Enter Male Writer (Rocco Nacino), whose last film project became a box office hit.

Working together with a seasoned writer meant not just a few but a lot of dynamic changes to the original script. No more boy meets girl and the subsequent stages of falling in love (i.e. friendship, attraction, denial).

To the studio heads and Male Writer’s point of view, Just Us should be written as purely, a relationship story.

Enter the script’s characters namely Joyce (Yeng Constantino) and Marco (Joem Bascon) who are celebrating their first 100 days as a couple. In the script, Marco works as a construction engineer while Joyce is a talented singer for an up and coming band.

The two writers must now find ways to complicate this initially happy relationship and inject the script with all sorts of drama. So that by the time the fictional couple reaches their 200-day anniversary, things were already rocky for Joyce and Marco. And it all finally came to a head when Marco makes Joyce choose between him or her career.

As the two screenwriters with contrasting views on love and relationship further develop the story, they start to realize that many of the choices and circumstances in Joyce and Marco’s lives are actually mirroring their own.

Like Joyce, Female Writer also comes from a broken family and is trying to find some sort of silver lining by creating a script based on her parents’ own love story which started as sweet and movie-worthy until her father left them for a woman he depicted as his “one great love.” Unlike the “true-to-life” story which Just Us is based on, Female Writer wants to end her story on a happy note.

Like Marco who later faces what seems to be something insurmountable midway to the story, Male Writer is also dealing with his own personal struggles, unbeknownst to Female Writer.

As the two writers slowly begin to set aside their differences and work together to create a compelling and believable story about love that movie audiences can relate to, the writing process leads them to a fulfilling path of self-discovery.

In the end, they realize what it truly takes – to write about love.

Write About Love will show viewers that writing a love story is as personal as it gets. Like Marco who becomes a total wreck when Joyce chooses her career, a parallel story in real time will show Female Writer getting hurt when Male Writer suddenly leaves her in the middle of an immersion trip just when things are beginning to click for both of them.

They may not realize it but the two writers are actually living in the movie that they themselves created. How it all plays out for both of them as well as for Marco and Joyce is what makes Write About Love stand out as it does away with all the contrivances that has characterized many other romcoms as of late.

Director Crisanto B. Aquino who co-wrote the script with Janyx Regalo is known for being the country’s most sought after First Assistant Director and has worked with the likes of directors Chito Roño, Olivia Lamasan, Rory Quintos, Laurice Guillen, Cathy Garcia-Molina and the master himself, Jerrold Tarog.

Clearly, this director knows what works and what doesn’t work.

By employing an imaginative movie-within-a-movie storytelling treatment in Write About Love, Aquino has provided a fresh take on how art imitates life or vice versa. Such a refreshing new approach to the genre may likely set some sort of a template for how love stories are presented on the big screen from hereon.

As further enhanced by the equally winning score by TBA’s most celebrated filmmaker Jerrold Tarog, it may not be surprising at all if Write About Love emerges as the sleeper hit of this year’s MMFF 2019.

Write About Love opens December 25 in cinemas nationwide and is TBA Studios’ official entry to the MMFF 2019. It recently received a G rating (suitable for all audiences) from the MTRCB and a B-Grading from the Cinema Evaluation Board.

The film’s official music soundtrack by Yeng Constantino is now out via Star Music Philippines.

Amiya Raya Holds Christmas Carol Choir Competition

Amiya Raya, a project of Community Creators, Inc., will host a Christmas choral competition on December 8, Sunday at Amiya Raya Highland Homes, Brgy. Guitnangbayan 1, San Mateo, Rizal. The event will start from 4 P.M and will end at 8 P.M.

As the Christmas season is fast-approaching, Amiya Raya hopes to share the spirit of joy and glad tidings to everyone by staging a community event dubbed as, “Colors of Christmas at Amiya Raya”. Ten (10) groups of students around Rizal and Marikina from Grades 4-6 will perform the official contest piece - “Colors of Christmas” and one (1) Christmas carol of each group’s choice.
Cash prizes will be given to the winners. The group who will bag the first place will receive P20,000.00; P12,000.00 for the second place; and P8,000.00 for the third place.
Amiya Raya invites us all to join them as they celebrate the true colors of Christmas through this event. Enjoy the majestic view of the Metro as the contestants serenade you with the classic Christmas songs. Cozy up with your friends and loved ones while feeling the cold breeze from the high lands of Rizal.
The development boasts its panoramic views of the city, Laguna de Bay and mountain ranges. The exclusive residential enclave offers spacious, open parks that will make you feel like you’re living in a resort. It is 250 meters above sea level and offers a cooler climate and is enveloped by the surrounding natural environs. For more information, visit Amiya Raya’s Facebook page - AmiyarayaOfficialPage or call 9386288 or 09299514169 and look for Ms. Rowena Ignacio.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

HBO's Halfworlds season 3 shot entirely in the Philippines

Directed By Mikhail Red And Starring Bianca Umali And Sam Concepcion, The Series Will Premiere Exclusively On HBO GO And HBO In 2020.  (photo via HBO Asia)

We just received a news release from the PR of HBO and its a good news that the upcoming season 3 of Halfworlds is set on Philippine soil and starring our local artist Bianca Umali and Sam Concepcion and wow! directed by Mikhail Red!!! this guy is on fire, because his name is all over the news on international movies and an upcoming movie and now a new series for the global audience.

Read the news below and get ready for more PH mythos creatures roaming in modern era

Cebu Pacific Launches New Pre-ordered Meals

I got the chance to check out the in-flight meals of Cebu Pacific and went to MacroAsia Sats Food Industry in Parañaque City to see how they prepare every pre-ordered meal.  

Cebu Pacific’s pre-ordered menu consists of savory meals, sandwiches with vegetarian option and noodle dishes.

Here are the yummy pre-ordered meals you can order online for your next flight.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

LRMC's ikotMNL Mobile App Launched, First and Free Train Guide App for Metro Manila LRT-1 Commuters and Tourists!

Commuting and travelling through LRT-1 trains around Metro Manila has never been more easy and informative with the brand new and free mobile app of LRMC’s ikotMNL app. The app offers a one-stop information train guide for commuters and tourists and be your daily companion at the LRT-1 train stations.

With ikotMNL app, you can check: the train arrivals and departures, see the crowd situation in all stations of LRT-1, access news and announcements, be informed with passenger advisories and get a chat box assistance for customer service assistance and see what tourist spots that are near the train stations. 

The slogan for ikotMNL app is ‘Mamasyal, Magfoodtrip, Magshopping, Mag-ikotMNL’. “Mamasyal”, the app promotes tourist spots by helping tourists riding the LRT-1 trains a detailed direction on how to get there and provide information on local tour operators to help the tourist experience the best sight-seeing spots like heritage sites of Manila. “Magfoodtrip at Magshopping”, the app has information that will give you the best spots for food and shopping places in Manila at the nearest LRT-1 station.

LRMC President and CEO Juan F. Alfonso

"This is the first railway and tourism app in the Philippines. We constantly look for modern ways to change the way we move people and this ikotMNL app is an innovative tool to delight our passengers with a comfortable, safe, and convenient experience when riding the LRT-1." said LRMC President and CEO Juan F. Alfonso emphasizing the value of innovation in LRMC.

“We are excited to be part of tourists’ Manila adventures with ikotMNL app and the LRT-1,” he said on promoting local tourism especially in Manila with the use of ikotMNL app.

LRMC President and CEO Juan F. Alfonso (center) leads the ceremonial launch of the ikotMNL mobile app, with LRMC Communications and Customer Relations Head Jacqueline Gorospe and LRMC Head of Information Technology Randy Sac.

“We’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort into making the ikotMNL app the best it can be and this early, we already have more features in mind to add to the app. It is our way to keep improving it so that those who have downloaded and yet to download the ikotMNL mobile app may continue to enjoy using it," said LRMC Corporate Communications Head Jacqueline Gorospe.

LRMC officers answer questions from the media about the ikotMNL app.

Here’s what it looks like upon opening the app:

IkotMNL app is an all-in-one package app for transport and tourism. From how to get to your next destination to where are the delicious local food in the metro, this app will give all the details you’ll need and more!

Beep card and QR codes for fares and partnership with merchants are also in the works for future upgrade plans of the ikotMNL app.

Start discovering Manila’s best places and give ikotMNL app a try to navigate your way at the heart of Manila. 

The free ikotMNL mobile app is now available in Google Play and App Store.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

4-day Robinsons Warehouse Sale finally starts on November 14, 2019

The much-awaited #RobinsonsWarehouseSale2019 is finally happening from November 14-17, 2019 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City!  It has everything all in one place—for exciting and convenient holiday shopping where Robinsons Rewards members can get first dibs on exclusive deals from their favorite brands using their rewards cards or mobile app to get discounts of up to 70% plus exclusive perks.

For 4 continuous days of hassle-free shopping at the #RobinsonsWarehouseSale2019, get the best deals on a wide range of items from various top-selling brands. Check out brand-new appliances, compare features, and even get expert advice from product specialists. 

Need a fashion lift?  There is no better time to splurge than this season. Choose from Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, and Burton Menswear, among many others, for the latest fashion trends at great prices!  Top-of-the-line skincare and fragrance like Elizabeth Arden and Benefit Cosmetics are now made even more affordable, for the ultimate haul of glam-worthy goodies.

Those on the lookout for novelty items, accessories, decors and furnishings to redesign their homes can visit TrueValue, Handyman, Daiso, and Savers Appliances. Robinsons Rewards members can earn up to 10 times rewards points for a P1,000 minimum single receipt purchase at Daiso, or get a free shopping bag for a P1,000 minimum single receipt purchase at Handyman.

Parents and kids are also in for a treat as they can earn double rewards points on Robinsons Department Store purchases.  Exclusive discounts are also offered on this season’s hottest toys including Barbie, Vtech, Hot Wheels, Shimmer & Shine, and Kids II, just to name a few. Even Southstar Drug has its fair share of huge savings for its loyal customers.

Drop by the Hit and Win booth, with a single receipt minimum purchase of P3,000, and  Robinsons Rewards members can play for a chance to win even more special prizes, additional rewards points, and premium items!

Part of the proceeds of the #RobinsonsWarehouseSale2019 will go to the Tulong Pambaon Project (TPP) of the Investment & Capital Corporation of the Philippines (ICCP) Group Foundation, Inc. The TPP is a financial assistance program that provides underprivileged Grade 5 and 6 students their daily allowance for food, transportation fare, or other school materials needed to complete their education.

So, make sure to head off to the World Trade Center from November 14 to 17, 2019 for the biggest annual Robinsons Warehouse sale, exclusive to Robinsons Rewards members and Mastercard holders! Not yet a Robinsons Rewards member? Download the app today: and register for free!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Get your Piso seat fare today by Cebu Pacific this 11.11

Wait a minute!!!!  If you are planning to travel around the Philippines or maybe in another country, Then you should check out the PISO SEAT SALE by Cebu Pacific nowgoing on this November 11, 2019, in line with the 11.11 shopping craze!

While everyone are still busy shopping for items,  if you are traveling soon, then you should take advantage of the PISO seat sale.

check out the news release sent to us few hours ago.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

How to win and survive the Lazada 11.11 this year (see checklist of sale items!)

The super big Lazada online shopping sale is here!! The target date is November 11, 2019, and that's tonight!!! well, around 12am! If you are planning to do online shopping and take the advantage of the super sale and discounted items and experience a full convenience of shopping, then I suggest you just stay home or stay online and start adding those sale items to your CART because in few hours, the Lazada 11.11 will start! 

If you are outside your home, be sure that you have your Lazada app with you and a fast LTE signal, so that you can click away the buy now and add to cart buttons in a fast way.

Friday, November 08, 2019

Kapihan sa SM City Dasmarinas - Get to know the local history of your town

I've attend my 2nd Kapihan sa SM last October 2019 in SM City Dasmarinas, I supported SM's monthly Kapihan talks or forum event because the topic is very intesting and its all about Cavite and its history. I've live in Cavite for more than 10 years already and I learned only a handful of historical information about Bacoor - the town I live in.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Sofitel Manila Art de Noel Christmas Tree Lighting 2019 and fashion show Debbie Co and Anthony Ramirez

It's Christmas time in the city and also here in Sofitel Manila.  This is the Christmas tree lighting event and Christmas opening that I should not miss. It's already a tradition for me ever since I was introduced to Sofitel Manila and I'm happy that I got a complete attendance since 2013.

The Christmas tree lighting event usually starts there at the upper ground floor of the hotel,  in Le Bar. But for this 2019 I'm surprised that they are now hosting the tree lighting ceremony at the Spiral restaurant area, just below the Spiral staircase.

Now that's something and it break the pattern of the usual upper ground floor event, But then instead of having the ceremony at Le Bar, they arranged the entire bar into a fashion show stage to feature the fashion designed by Filipino designers Debbie Co and Anthony Ramirez.

The event is not just about the Christmas Tree Lighting, but its also featuring Filipino artistry combined with Sofitel Manila's French elegance. We're excited for this collab event and it was very different from the yearly Art de Noel here in Sofitel.

Before the event, we are offered by this cool wine! I think I got 5 glasses which made my face so red the entire night. I also enjoyed their chips and almonds at the table.

The Virlaine Foundation choir started the event by signing some Christmas carols

The host of the night - Ms Gretchen Ho. 

Sofitel Manila hotel general manager Puneet Dhawan opened the ceremony of the Christmas tree lighting. 

Before the tree lighting. A warm toast and cheers for everyone. 

Sofitel Manila executives, VIP guest and team

3...2..1.. Merry Christmas everyone. The 30 foot Christmas tree of Sofitel Manila just lit up. You can visit this giant tree at the spiral staircase of Spiral Manila. 

With Lace Llanora

With our blogger friends - Ted Claudio, Me-an Clemente, Conrad Pineda, Aaron Nomo and Carla Ramos

Sofitel Manila also introduces their holiday season food that will be feature in Spiral Manila

These food can be found in Spiral Manila's 21 Atelier and also special events or chef's table events

Local and international cheese are featured and also some chestnuts, almonds and wines

Mule wines. I only see this every Christmas in Sofitel Manila. One of my fave here is that you can choose a cold or warmer Mule wines

The colorful Christmas booth bazaar are set up at the side of the ground floor of Sofitel Manila. You can buy here some wooden toys for your kids and for your Christmas decor

After the Christmas tree lighting. Sofitel Manila featured artistic fashion design with French elegance by fashion designers Debbie Co and Anthony Ramirez. 

Here's my fashion show photo set of Debbie Co's design









Fashion designer Debbie Co (in black) shows up and escorter by fashion style celebrity Tessa Prieto-Valdes

And here's my fashion show set of Anthony Ramirez







At the end of the fashion show, Anthony Ramirez shows up infront of the fashion runaway together with Debbie Co.

Thanks for reading my blog post for today. I will be posting next about special offers of Sofitel Manila. If you are looking for something special this holiday season, then you should not miss the amazing offerings of Sofitel Manila this Yuletide season.

Azrael Coladilla is the blogger and founder of Azrael's Merryland Blog. This blog started as a personal blog in 2003, and then converted the blog into a lifeblog about his interest and reporting about pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, food, travel, toys, outdoor adventure, internet and social media. Awarded as the 2009 Most Influential Blogger for Luzon, Philippines, awarded by the Philippine Blog Awards. He is the founder of several online communities - Manila Bloggers Network, Philippine Bloggers Network, Oh My Food! community, Cavite Bloggers, Travel and Blog Community, and Philippine ToyCon. Azrael's Merryland Blog is included in a list of top 50 Blogs in the Philippines , ranked 65th in Top 100 Blogs that Matter , 49 must read lifestyle blog in the Philippines. and rank 40th in 100 Top Philippine Blogs by Feedspot.
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