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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Space Cowboy
oh my garsh !
i got temporary amnesia
just woke up and was disturb by a certain knock on the door.
i was very lazy to answer the damn call at the door
but that person still refuses to leave..stil knockin on my hells door..
knock...knock...knockin on hells door...

a little piss off..I open up the door..and was shock to see !
damn front of my door step.. ahahahahahh
damn you man...its 8am in the morning..wats up..

ya...the old geezo just crashing by..
showed some of his new art line of Darna man !
thanks man for the BLADE 2 vcd and XMEN vcd movies..

back to the amnesia gig..
hmm...i was thinking whats my gimik for today.
do i have a date?
i know i promise a girl to meet her today .
but i forgot who?
when and where..
hm....only way to find out is wait her call here at home.

last night I attend the Star Wars Phil. Jedi Council Meeting.
talking and having serious and non serious talkies with the dark empire and jedi gig huh..8pm-2am!
miss those SWP people ! hahahahha!

while im surfin and checkin mails ..i was victimize by those email forwards and attachments
.my mistake to open Giselle's email attachment in Beerkattach mailing lists.. got me there girl !

now im trying to figure out how to get rid out this freaky girl in my desktop...
everytime i minimize a window, this freaky girl shows up in my desktop
damn..add me to your victim list Giselle !

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

wahhhh !
im super late!
im already 4 hours late to attend the Digital Film Workshop in Shangri La Hotel
have to fix my self up !

whoooshshhhh !

I made it to the Digital Film Workshop and Seminar, it was lunch time.weee..
I really like to hotel food. I have tasted cakes and sweet, and it was my first time to eat these different sugar shocking foods.
It was a wonderful Learning Experience that I got some info about video editing.
also they featured Raymond Red in the forum, and I think I may be the youngest in the workshop, also lots of directors and film makers are present on the event.
Canon featured their new gears the XLS and Pinaccle's Edition Pro. 2 of the most powerful tools in digital film making...
also I met one of Artists' Den member Bong Modesto in the event.

Unfamiliar Ceiling
People say that they like my lifestyle...I mean..they want to have the same way of life like I have.
They say that I am a happy man, but the truth is...I'm not.
I'm not a typical Playboy Chickboy kind of guy, for me..i can't see it to my self
I'm getting tired of all these girl chasing and dating.
this might be my curse....

"I am falling, I am fading, I am drowning
Help me to breathe
I am hurting, I have lost it all
I am losing
Help me to breathe "

I'm just hurting my self when ever I met or have a sweet lovin to all different girls
and always i woke up on an unfamiliar ceiling and unfamiliar room.
Is it means that I have to cease down and stop all of this
Is my heart open to anyone? Am I ready to accept new love?
I'm lost !

I can't end this now !
not yet !
not now !
I can't believe that all my life are changed by 3 girls, maybe I'l thank them after I got my ultimate happiness
Forgot...I already say thanks to the 1st girl in my life..
maybe i need to change
and just let to avoid to awake on an unfamiliar ceiling..

=end of story=

Its some kind of HOLY badtrip after one my pal send me this image !
for all ye comic people !
behold ! the ultimate spoiler !

I really like these girls in this tV series...

Helena Kyle/Huntress (Ashley Scott)
Birds of Prey

Lana (Kristin Kreuk)

Monday, July 28, 2003

Coup Scene and Noodles
It was Saturday morning and I was not in a good mood, my girl visitor failed again for two times, she called me at 7am and she said that she is not available again to go to my house, the baby sitter is not available at that time, Last Saturday.. same reasons.....she said that I'l expect her arrival here at home on monday.... hmmm....

I hate it when this things happens, first I cancel all my trips and the Komikero Laguna Trip, just because of this Coup scene in Makati, then all day at home watching the action in Makati, jsut prepared my popcorn and drinks just to watch all the action, but problem is, there is no action, or bullet hitting stuff, just planting some bombs in Glorietta, which is very something exciting to see all chaos happen in my favorite place in Manila, its very weird, that I like it to happen, coz our government sucks !

I was at the Xfiles Gathering in Alabang Hills when we received a txt message that there was this Coup d' etat scene in Manila, we switch on the TV news and see the updates, then while we went home at 2am, our bus driver Joon, eheeheh,
drop us in Ayala, which is near in Glorietta, we saw some people freaking out after seeing some soldiers running going to Glorietta, then we saw lots of tanks and trucks load of army men, then my SPIDER SENSE tingling...i said to my two companions " We have to get out of the road" , problem one: some taxi drivers are afraid to give us a ride to Katipunan, they are afraid for the check points,and etc. ..luckily a brave taxi came and gave us a lift , then heard all the bomb planting in Makati,,, was really exciting, feeling your knees in energetic mode. all my senses are awake, and alert.

ehhee..after this.maybe I'l tell this story to my future grandchildrens

thanks to Luna, Joon and the Xfiles people. The marathon is a success !
watching some episodes , Simpson eps., Space above and beyond and that Coup scene...


Saturday, July 26, 2003

I'l attend a X-files club meet up and marathon today in Alabang.
we will watch some episodes of X-files and some other TV series. like CSI and ALIAS.and we will have a party ! whoooho...
and on Sunday, Komikero meet up in San Pablo, Laguna

here's the lyrics of Duvet, music playing in the background
version uploaded is a remix version, original music is played acoustic

by: boa

And you don't seem to understand
A shame you seemed an honest man
And all the fears you hold so dear
Will turn to whisper in your ear
And you know what they say might hurt you
And you know that it means so much
And you don't even feel a thing

I am falling, I am fading
I have lost it all

And you don't seem the lying kind
A shame then I can read your mind
And all the things that I read there
Candle lit smile that we both share
and you know I don't mean to hurt you
But you know that it means so much
And you don't even feel a thing

I am falling, I am fading, I am drowning
Help me to breathe
I am hurting, I have lost it all
I am losing
Help me to breathe


Friday, July 25, 2003

heyo people.
time to update my bloggie site
last night me and tint tin watched Tomb Radier 2: Cradle of Life
instead of teaching her to use FLASH at home, she decided that we watch the first showing of the movie....

and for me..the movie kick ass ! yeah ! much better than the first movie..she's using her guns ! yey ! Angelina Jolie is one hot babe ! ya..since the first time I saw her in HACKERS movie..

but still the Neo and Trinity love scene is much hotter than the love scene of Lara Croft and a big guy.

also got a news that the lesbian duo TATU will split..oh. man.. and got a shocking news that the other girl has a BOYFRIEND ! wow.... add Angelina jolie in Lara Croft and wet suit and the TATU to my Merryland !

“ One of the 1st & hottest dance bars, featuring the longest ledge in "
also...heard that SIBIL is now open...whohhoho....time to save money !
much more badder ! aehhhehee

Thursday, July 24, 2003

im sleeoy....its 4:16am here....while im making my new update
just got home and i was at the Millenia Cafe gig of Purplechickens, Kapatid, Kwjan and Mindbender.

im trying to face lift the blog site of my baby Jaclyn, Jac's new blog
but having some problem, i cant view the template setting. and its only available acces only to the owner of the blog.
im only just a member of her blog, and can do only post some new entries in her blog site

Jaclyn in action, 2nd Phil. Toys and Collectibles Convention 2003
thanks to Syeri for the pics

also got a new EP album of Narda, burador and suwerte EP album.
yey. sold for only P50 per CD

my other blog
Azrael's Other Side or Azrael's Magical Twilight is now open
feel fre to visit my into the unknown blog site.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Az in the rain

weather is bad. and its cold
I do have a little gimik while ago.
my fem best friend Tintin txted me, she said her mom is schedule for a heart operation and she is stressed out..and she said it is ok for me to be with her on that day. so after I read her message. I went to the Phil. Heart Center after my business hours, 1pm,

we have a chit chat at that time, trying my best to keep her relax, her mom is ok . im happy to know about it. and when i saw her mom's eyes opened, she saw me and she glad that she's ok.

after that..i went to the movies.all by myself..finally i watched Terminator 3...and the story is ok ! astig ! Machines rules !

oh, i've sent an online message to my online fem friend Mary.
and she said she will be here in the Phil. this December..
wow..i hope i can date her...still hoping that she's not engage or something..taken.aehahehehhaa

check out here...Music ...wait it to load for about 2 minutes.
title is Duvet , performed by boa, its the theme song from the series Serial Experiments Lain
its one of my favorite song.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Sunny day Sunday

Woke up late...i think that was 1pm. i feed some of the energy of the band, Purplechickens, i went to their Jam practice in Albertos Studios preparing for their upcoming gig this wednesday night in Millenia cafe, then I saw their on the spot practice and mixing a new song, astig talaga !, after the jam, we went to Intramuros, then hang around somewhere up to Starbucks. Talking about music, their indie album, girls , and comics !

wow ! check out new issue #1 of Teen Titans, check out the new roster of members !
and a revelation about the origin of DNA of Superboy ! wahhhhhhhh ! sabi ko na nga ba e....

visit their site

i was reading my bday card from Tina, then i receive her txt unexpectedly, she miss me and want to meet me this week
geee...her words in the card is so sweet...also she said "I want you to know that your my loving Angel. Sent from God above." uuuwow ! im melting....

Heyo. just want to share attempting to do poetry.eeheh...actually its a song.but..anyway..kahit ano na.
I was waiting for my friend Trish at Starbucks Podium at that time, 5/6/03 1:40pm, we watch movie and do some hot and cold dip in Discovery Hotel pool, her mom was check in at that time,geez..i miss her.....she's in Europe now !
oi uwi ka na dito ! aheheheheh... thanks sa postcard !

I'm Alone, talking to myself
outside sitting in a luxury cafe
I have money, but dont have the time to drink
All I want to do is think

Hot Summer day, still I feel cold
remembering past memories, now I'm old
Its so hard to kill time
Every minute I dont feel fine.

My mind still in focus
For every girl I see, Im misfocus
I dont want to be a cigarette smoking man
It might kill me and bring anger to my fans

I Dont want to be a celebrity
I hate it, but Im happy
Everytime I saw myself on screen.
I say "look mom your son is on TV !"



Sunday, July 20, 2003

Sweet Candy Candy Bang Bang

[ Sun Jul 20, 02:40:57 AM ]
its all Azrael in work. its a busy day for me, its Saturday !
Ryan and I went to UP Diliman to meet a new friend of mine. Mumtaz ! yup. its an Indian name m but she's not an indian.
I gave her Meteor Garden videos. which suppose to be given to her last last week. sorry busy for the past week..
Also i met our actor of our Unofficial short film Carlo Vergara's One night in Purgatory in UP, he has a play " 3 Sisters". Then after that we zoom in to Megamall. got wet in the rain. My female sweet friend Marian, txt me,. we have a hanging date for almost a week . Movie date..i was late for our date , but we met at the Encore Encore , time to watch the Mini Moni the movie, event by our friend RG of After the movie, we Watch Lizzie Mcguire the movie,

Mini Moni the movie is a very cute and sweet movie....ouch ! my tooth hurts
Lizzie Mcguire movie is a hmm..cute and sweet movie.....double ouch ! my tooth hurts

also saw a movie preview of a movie titled WWW.XXX.COM . shy to expose this
im an actor in that a little role in that movie..its kinda like a sexy movie.. and its my first appearance in a movie.
starring Juliana Palermo, hehhehehe watch out for me..naked...ahaahhahah !
thanks to our director Tikoy Aguiluz

Juliana bares all, and she isn't hesitant to do any of such scenes. She grew up in the States and came over late last year. She's 18 going on 19 (on July 12).
grab the wallpaper here

News Article @YEHEY
News Article @ MALAYA

Friday, July 18, 2003

Azrael Rescued !

yup thats right. my dear friend Tintin rescue me from the boring dimension, thanks to her....
there are lot of happenings while ago.. hmmmm..short back of the story. she txted me to meet with her in G4
and our friend Kim is with her. After we met. we went to Luneta and Manila Bay just to watch the sunset, and it was wow..
cool ! such a beautiful Sun ! golden Sun ! then we went here at my place......i cooked our dinner....
surf the and tin tin got a beer fest bottle only.

then she went home , but Kim stayed here at home, just to relax and have a little break from her studies in UST.
then I will accompany her to watch the sunrise here in Riverbanks Marikina.
then i was chattin with baby Jaclyn, ahehhehe check out the picture ! i was helping her floor wax her Blog , but she cant log in...we have a bad internet connection last night.

Watch out her new Indie Comic Strip Compilation, Jac Strips For you

Sadako Jac ! and Jaclyn's Indie Comic weeee !
You will die after one week if you dont buy her Comic ! weeeee !

Devon Aoki (2 Fast 2 Furious)
This model caught my eye after watching the Trailer of 2 Fast 2 Furious for the 1st time, and whooa...shes japanese !

Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3)
Another Hot babe ! syete...hindi yata ako napuwing dito..

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Merryland Offiline

Wabom....I'm here stuck at home, still finding my way out of this boring dimension.
i dont have my cellphone...waahhh ! my sister is using the unit... i feel im not connected !

i miss my Merryland....miss my girls...
no date action for this day....week? hmmm..wag naman sana,
got of pending of dates for this week....lagot ako.
also il be going to visit Jaclyn in Laguna, have to get out of here before wed or thurs.
somebody ... rescue me ! ! !

Bakit ako nakikipag date ?
simple answer : looking for a GF.... ahhhahhahh

I remember when i was in Highschool. Got my first ever Blind Dating Game. hey I won, kaso they cheated. my other classmates repeated the finals, and they want to pick the other guy. shete ! mamatay na a date sana with my classmate-friend

Questions by the searcher:
Can you tell something interesting about yourself?
Azrael Answer : Im a Gamol, Praning, Astig, (Andrew E and Francis M timeline yan )
What Animal will you be?
Azrael Answer: SNAKE, kasi im slippery, soft and nantutuklaw
Describe your seatmate
Azrael Answer: ANGEL ( syete.lalake pala katabi ko nun aheehhe)

hm...yan lang yun naalala ko.
syete....bakit ako kaya napili ? hmmm

Azrael and the Hello Morning

From Dusk Till Dawn

internet time at 1am
beer at 2:30am
chat at 2:30am
update my blog at 3am
watch my online showgirl friend at 3:06am (YM: cuteyen90210)
download videos Kazaa at 3:10am
lsitening to Tribute to Black Sabbath CD (my 1st ever CD my dad bought me *1994)

Nativity in Black Album Cover

Track Listing
After Forever by Bio Hazard
Children of the Grave by White Zombie
Paranoid by Megadeth
Supernaut by 1,000 Homo DJ's
Iron Man by Therapy? w/Ozzy Osbourne
Lord of this World by Corrosion of Conformity
Symptom of the Universe by Sepultura
The Wizard by The Bullring Brummies
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Godspeed w/Bruce Dickinson
NIB by Ugly Kid Joe
War Pigs Live by Faith No More
Black Sabbath by Type O Negative
Solitude by Cathedral (See notes)

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I hate myself and want to die
its Tuesday and its a waste of time for me to stay home all day. I'm still a little broke. and my money has not yet arrived. P$%$% ina , bakit kasi nangyari ito, nagsisi ako dahil nagpunta pa ko ng Quezon province. All business flows runs so bad after my immediate Quezon trip, i hate it when it happens, all i did today is watch TV, watch Mini Moni, but at least it make me feels better , seeing all those cute girls singing and dancing, Ryan went to his GF in Antipolo, and got no cash on hand, na holdup kasi sya di ba. kaya ayun,. we watch Mini Moni all day , played Video Game, King Of Fighters 99, taragis hirap patayin si Krizaldiz, now I'm here all alone again. and my Home date Fiona failed to arrived, she called me in the morning saying that there's a little change of plan, she have to take care of her baby, and do some business in Quezon City, she might arrived daw at 3pm, but she didn't call na after that. maybe she's busy. sweet loving action this day.

My mom and little sister txted me to chat with them (kahit ayoko ko sya makachat, puro sermon ek ek kasi), and wow.. they got their own webcam and mic , ehhhhe...saw my mom on webcam, theyre in Chicago and it seems that parang they're living outside my backyard..aeehehe..uwww.the power of the internet. connects people. grrr.. I'm a little bad trip to my mom, she doesn't want me to buy a new phone, but me dad didn't know that my cellphone is broken, but when my dad know about it. he said..."bakit di mo agad sinabi, cge next month bumili ka". but the problem is ....kausap nya sister ko.and my sister will get her new phone...bakit hindi ako !!! ako may kelangan nun ! ! bwisit...nagulangan na naman ako. ayoko ko na sila makausap .....I hope I'm adopted...and find my real family,, my real parents..and real bro and sisters.. just thinking..kelan kaya ako mamatay..hmmmm.wala lang...wala lang ako sa sarili ko....

I hate myself and want to die
-Nirvana, Nevermind Album

Tagalog word for the week : Maman manan ko sya 
thanks to my dear Tintin noda for the word up, hirap kasi ako sa tagalog ehhheheh

Dreams : 
got this weird dream, i have this wish....i wish i could fly..and its my dream to NEO...
and this can happen only in my dreams, i always have this dream every ..maybe once a month...
i was running down in a rice field (parang SmallVille) barefooted, then i was running like hell,... then started to flap my arms, like the wings of a bird..then i started to float. then fly....then saw some eagles standing in a tree. then i shouted a Eagle like voice...then..natuwa ako when they responded to my ! i feel like an Eagle.. hope it can happen

got this obsession in David Blaine's Levitation magic ... and it was called Balduci's Levitation
but the Balduci's is a tip toe trick...but saw the video of David Blaine...and saw him float like a !
and it convince me..that it was'nt a tip toe trick..check out the Camera Angle.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Why Azrael's Merryland ?
My name is Azrael Coladilla, also called Az or Azi, sometimes Rael. i have lot of pen names and aliases...
this is a simple history why it is called Azrael's Merryland.

Azrael's Merryland was formed by group of girls during the days of our anime film screenings in Powerbooks Makati.
they say it was my fan
the idea came from the anime show called Kare-Kano (Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo) or His -Her Circumstances, and one of the character named Asaba Hideaki.

heres the info of the character

Asaba Hideaki The good looking Asaba Hideaki is the first person to get in the way of Miyazawa and Arima's love. He's out to separate the couple and claim one of them as his own, and it's not in the way you expect. Asaba loves girls and always has. He wants to fulfill his dream of "Asaba's Merryland", a magical place where he and his "sheep" (read: girls) can live happily. But too bad for Asaba that Arima is stealing the attention of the girls at school. He propositions Arima to join forces with him. With Asaba as the suave playboy type and Arima as the bright clean-cut type, the two will corner the market in girls. But, Arima's got to be unattached so Asaba is determined to oust Miyazawa from the picture, which results in a weird but entertaining showdown.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Quezon Province TRip
Il be gone for 2 days , will be going to Lucban, Quezon to attend a Family Affair.
and after that i will be in San Pablo Laguna visiting a friend, Jaclyn Lim , yan ha sure na yan na pupunta ako !
il be out of town on Thursday and will be in Manila at night time, just before our Artists' Den Meet Up sick and stayed at the shop, Comfort Zone Internet Cafe, also Hobbyzone.
and I will be going out today , for my bday waehehhehhee...

also got an email from Angela Paman, tnx for the email and pics of Comic Seminar.
Angela, Nebermind, Michelle, Me, Jinky
Comic Artist-Seminar Staff, with me crawling on the floor

Friday, July 04, 2003

Beer Party @ Pier One , the Fort
another beer party for me. together with the Via-Astris Star Trek Club, its a tradition that every wednesday grab that beer at Pier One. one night fits all ! wohohhooohh......grab for the beer! then i went home fully charge and little drunk.

Wats on Little Rock ! its my Bday
got late to publish this happenings on my bday. it was July 1. and I woke up late, and after dressing up . (sleeping half naked!) i went down. and saw my sister cooked my fave Pasta ! oishii !

Beer Party
I went home..buys 1 dozens of beer, Lechon Manok and snacks.. we drank all night withmy sousin LeAnne and my sister. then we have this Online Bday Yahoo Messenger,via was fun.

then later that night. Ryan came over...and join us at the beer party ! its a one sleepless night , it was fun !

thanks to all who greeted me.
thanks and i love you all !

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Dinner Time

im hungry..
and in not referring to food
- T'Pol, Star Trek Enterprise.

il eat my dinner muna... update my blog..

peace !


Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Happy Bday to me !
yo ! its my bday ! july 1 !
no adventure this day
I went to Comfort zone to pick up the RAVE manga-toy to be delivered to a customer of my sister in Glorieta 4.. I went to De La Salle University to deliver the order items

Home at Last!
then..i went home and my sister is home na !
yey! food galore ! got lots of pasalubong!
but for not eating the whole day !
i missed RICE and Cornbeef !
after dressing up ! I cooked my own dinner !

wow !
chow time !
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