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Friday, July 18, 2003

Azrael Rescued !

yup thats right. my dear friend Tintin rescue me from the boring dimension, thanks to her....
there are lot of happenings while ago.. hmmmm..short back of the story. she txted me to meet with her in G4
and our friend Kim is with her. After we met. we went to Luneta and Manila Bay just to watch the sunset, and it was wow..
cool ! such a beautiful Sun ! golden Sun ! then we went here at my place......i cooked our dinner....
surf the and tin tin got a beer fest bottle only.

then she went home , but Kim stayed here at home, just to relax and have a little break from her studies in UST.
then I will accompany her to watch the sunrise here in Riverbanks Marikina.
then i was chattin with baby Jaclyn, ahehhehe check out the picture ! i was helping her floor wax her Blog , but she cant log in...we have a bad internet connection last night.

Watch out her new Indie Comic Strip Compilation, Jac Strips For you

Sadako Jac ! and Jaclyn's Indie Comic weeee !
You will die after one week if you dont buy her Comic ! weeeee !

Devon Aoki (2 Fast 2 Furious)
This model caught my eye after watching the Trailer of 2 Fast 2 Furious for the 1st time, and whooa...shes japanese !

Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3)
Another Hot babe ! syete...hindi yata ako napuwing dito..

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Merryland Offiline

Wabom....I'm here stuck at home, still finding my way out of this boring dimension.
i dont have my cellphone...waahhh ! my sister is using the unit... i feel im not connected !

i miss my Merryland....miss my girls...
no date action for this day....week? hmmm..wag naman sana,
got of pending of dates for this week....lagot ako.
also il be going to visit Jaclyn in Laguna, have to get out of here before wed or thurs.
somebody ... rescue me ! ! !

Bakit ako nakikipag date ?
simple answer : looking for a GF.... ahhhahhahh

I remember when i was in Highschool. Got my first ever Blind Dating Game. hey I won, kaso they cheated. my other classmates repeated the finals, and they want to pick the other guy. shete ! mamatay na a date sana with my classmate-friend

Questions by the searcher:
Can you tell something interesting about yourself?
Azrael Answer : Im a Gamol, Praning, Astig, (Andrew E and Francis M timeline yan )
What Animal will you be?
Azrael Answer: SNAKE, kasi im slippery, soft and nantutuklaw
Describe your seatmate
Azrael Answer: ANGEL ( syete.lalake pala katabi ko nun aheehhe)

hm...yan lang yun naalala ko.
syete....bakit ako kaya napili ? hmmm

Azrael and the Hello Morning

From Dusk Till Dawn

internet time at 1am
beer at 2:30am
chat at 2:30am
update my blog at 3am
watch my online showgirl friend at 3:06am (YM: cuteyen90210)
download videos Kazaa at 3:10am
lsitening to Tribute to Black Sabbath CD (my 1st ever CD my dad bought me *1994)

Nativity in Black Album Cover

Track Listing
After Forever by Bio Hazard
Children of the Grave by White Zombie
Paranoid by Megadeth
Supernaut by 1,000 Homo DJ's
Iron Man by Therapy? w/Ozzy Osbourne
Lord of this World by Corrosion of Conformity
Symptom of the Universe by Sepultura
The Wizard by The Bullring Brummies
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Godspeed w/Bruce Dickinson
NIB by Ugly Kid Joe
War Pigs Live by Faith No More
Black Sabbath by Type O Negative
Solitude by Cathedral (See notes)

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I hate myself and want to die
its Tuesday and its a waste of time for me to stay home all day. I'm still a little broke. and my money has not yet arrived. P$%$% ina , bakit kasi nangyari ito, nagsisi ako dahil nagpunta pa ko ng Quezon province. All business flows runs so bad after my immediate Quezon trip, i hate it when it happens, all i did today is watch TV, watch Mini Moni, but at least it make me feels better , seeing all those cute girls singing and dancing, Ryan went to his GF in Antipolo, and got no cash on hand, na holdup kasi sya di ba. kaya ayun,. we watch Mini Moni all day , played Video Game, King Of Fighters 99, taragis hirap patayin si Krizaldiz, now I'm here all alone again. and my Home date Fiona failed to arrived, she called me in the morning saying that there's a little change of plan, she have to take care of her baby, and do some business in Quezon City, she might arrived daw at 3pm, but she didn't call na after that. maybe she's busy. sweet loving action this day.

My mom and little sister txted me to chat with them (kahit ayoko ko sya makachat, puro sermon ek ek kasi), and wow.. they got their own webcam and mic , ehhhhe...saw my mom on webcam, theyre in Chicago and it seems that parang they're living outside my backyard..aeehehe..uwww.the power of the internet. connects people. grrr.. I'm a little bad trip to my mom, she doesn't want me to buy a new phone, but me dad didn't know that my cellphone is broken, but when my dad know about it. he said..."bakit di mo agad sinabi, cge next month bumili ka". but the problem is ....kausap nya sister ko.and my sister will get her new phone...bakit hindi ako !!! ako may kelangan nun ! ! bwisit...nagulangan na naman ako. ayoko ko na sila makausap .....I hope I'm adopted...and find my real family,, my real parents..and real bro and sisters.. just thinking..kelan kaya ako mamatay..hmmmm.wala lang...wala lang ako sa sarili ko....

I hate myself and want to die
-Nirvana, Nevermind Album

Tagalog word for the week : Maman manan ko sya 
thanks to my dear Tintin noda for the word up, hirap kasi ako sa tagalog ehhheheh

Dreams : 
got this weird dream, i have this wish....i wish i could fly..and its my dream to NEO...
and this can happen only in my dreams, i always have this dream every ..maybe once a month...
i was running down in a rice field (parang SmallVille) barefooted, then i was running like hell,... then started to flap my arms, like the wings of a bird..then i started to float. then fly....then saw some eagles standing in a tree. then i shouted a Eagle like voice...then..natuwa ako when they responded to my ! i feel like an Eagle.. hope it can happen

got this obsession in David Blaine's Levitation magic ... and it was called Balduci's Levitation
but the Balduci's is a tip toe trick...but saw the video of David Blaine...and saw him float like a !
and it convince me..that it was'nt a tip toe trick..check out the Camera Angle.
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