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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Az Star City

got lots of time to rest and while i recover from my new injuries..last couple of days i hurt my self. suffer a slight broken ankle again! and this stiff neck. i was like a robot moving my body whenever im going to look at the back and the sides.

Then me and Ryan the Carbonara Monster, went to Viramall to check out some stuff and buy some Toy guns that we will be using for our Matrix costume on Nov 5 world premiere, but we didnt like the place coz its too crowded, then the carbonara monster treated me a dinner to this restaurant Kookabar n grill in greenhills.

After we dine in. we decide to go to Star City. im going to Star City every year all of my life since Elementary and the place is evolving. now they have this 2nd floor place and the amusement park is now INDOOR !

then we bought toy guns price at P60 for me 2 pistol guns. looks real !
and Ryan bought a MP5 machine gun ...looks more real!!!!and it shoots pellets and some Stuff toys napagtripan lang ....Ryan bought this cute toy pup...its a Fortune Dogs stuff toy. check it out at, an anime series in Japan. and he got Muttley stuff toy! syet...

.puro laruan bit bit namin, and me il get back next week to get a plain Teddy Bear for a gift to a friend-girl.the we left Star City ...hey check it out i bought a foot massager for only P50 cool !!

damn ryan! he got a pic with SD Godzilla!

and we are ready for our Matrix get up on Nob 5 in Greenbelt 3 Cinema

then we went home and having a Chow time gimik...magpapakabusog sa Mini Stop. check out our load!

now il get more sleep for we will have a meeting and for the rehearsal of our film project.

word of the day:
taragis...sayang yung stuff toy!

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Saturday night ouch!!!??!

Me and decided to visit his friend in Antipolo anf there we watch the Halloween Special of Maganda Gabi Bayan and a movie Mothman Prophesies

after the visit we went to this tiangee and peryahan or a mini carnival in Antipolo just to kill time. then i injured again my left foot and ankle. and it hurts really bad.

Gunners beware the two los locos are here in town. guess what ! we have 3 winning shots and we only get a Pee Wee snacks

then we tried the Dart. we got 3 pop ballons and we only get candies as for a prize.

its a 12 pesos ride for the Horror Train. and after we the horror we laugh ed inside...coz.its not a horror train ita a funny or happy train ahahhh
then Ryan want to go to ride that Caterpillar and a ala-Enterprise like ride.but the engine loss its fuel so it will take its day off that whole i think 2am.

Then at home played my non toxic Face Crayons that i used during the night Halloween party that makes me The Crow. then Ryan transformed himself into Jae Lee's Hellshock character!

Carbonara Monster Attack !!!!!

word of the day:
huwag mo muna alisin yung paint .mag uumaga na e.
sa labas na lang kita kuhaan ng picture.

All Souls and Geeky Night

I left the province yesterday at 5am, and my little vacation is super bitin. and my butt hurts on that 5 hour trip to manila. and i got home just in time to attend and prepare these halloween parties.

Tombs and Crackers
we stayed in the cemetery for almost 3 hours in the middle of the heat and just waiting for the clean up and paint job of the tomb site of our Grandparents for the dad side. and after the long wait. we went to our province right away,. after arriving in Lucban i got so hungry and eat this P5 Pancit hab hab, you'll eat it with your mouth , and then drive all the way to our province ..beyond those giant mountains of quezon.

my sis eating pancit

Me and Granparents tomb

No time
at home i checked my mail and try to figure my costume for the halloween party. and then i got an idea to go out as THE CROW, and then i experimented at home on the make up and then the all gothic blackish outfit with trench coat.

1st party Megastrip

i was about to attend the Asong Makulit Halloween Party but I got no much time to prepare coz i was waiting for someone at home and he inform me late that the Carbonara Monster will not join us that night. then i passed the AMP halloween party. then I met up with Ariel in Matrix ala Morpheus costume. then we went straight ahead to Masquerade Party in MegaStrip.

there i met some cosplayers and i wore my make up outside, then we found this sexy toy gun. like a robocop gun, then Ariel suggested to buy me a toy gun just for my THE CROW outfit. then we walked inside Megamall wearing my make up all the way to Toy Kingdom, but we didnt find that Toy Gun. and then people are staring at me .looking..and some of the locals got scared when i take the escalator. aehhaaehah

then i ended up buying a scented candles, a perfect match for THE CROW.
then i saw some cosplayers, Hazel and her friend, didnt recognize me on this make up then its Photo Op time !!!!

Badtrip! it rain so hard in Megamall and we didnt stayed too long and decided to go straight to Brash Young Cinema which our New Worlds Alliance Halloween Party Sci Fi and Fantasy Convention. which i will be doing the Hosting and Emcee and Game Master for the event.

we rode the public Bus going to Makati. ahehahae..with all the make up and costume.

Sci Fi and Fantasy Night

Its a one night stand party for all of us, all of us in costume. met chicks in Fairy costume, and photo ops for everyone. people in Starfleet uniforms, Matrix, Buffy, Jedi, Sith, fairies, demons, Britney Spears, and people wearing funny hats and make ups.

no we are not a married couple ! its a costume me and Mafe

games and lots a beer in our event. then after the event we went to Greenbelt to march around in costume. people stared at us and got attracted on some of our stuff like the exact replica of the Light Saber lighting our way to Greenbelt Starbucks and some bars, people in Greenbelt took some pics with Adrian in Jedi and Noel in Darth Maul suit.

Ryan drawing on the wall

then we grab some beers and dance all the way to Aubar, more photo ops again. and all the gang are complete !
and went home with all our goody bags full of candies!

Bands of mutants Lyndon in Star Trek, Ariel in Matrix, Ryan in Vader helmet, me as the Crow.

word of the day:
Boo !
yung sportscar yung RED!
i am immortal
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