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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Lazy Az
Cyborg Generator

A.Z.R.A.E.L.: Artificial Zeta Repair and Accurate Exploration Lifeform

The Last Full show anniversary
before i went to Millenia Cafe. i meet up with Ava Ricci in their computer shop in UP Bahay ng Alumni, i stormed my way to the heavy rains and i forgot to bring an umbrella, so i used my heavy duty rain jacket.after arrival the cartoon series 'Justice League' was on and i cant resist my self in watching the series, even the Ragnarok players take a peak on the TV set. then Ava Ricci decided to go on to the Cafe without me..I told her that ok i will not watch the series ..and lets go on to the venue.

we went to Millenia Cafe with some members of the New Worlds Alliance and Matrix Phil to attend for the 1st year anniversary of the production The Last Full Show, its a musical band experience merge with Indie Film showings. the event was great! and got a chance to listen to all new music of Squidd9, band composed by Raymund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala (formerly from Eraserheads) they have this Electronica rock music, Silent Sanctuary, a band with cello and 3 violnist, man...they have a great music combonation, Matilda..nice to watch them again, they already launc their 1st EP cd, Fish Trio,..ultimo jazz band made the 1st act, and our buddy Joon the bassist IDOL ko !!!!, Itchyworms..still rock the hauz with their new single "Buwan, Sandwich music still sandwich still rocks...and the Purplechickens which surprise me again with another new arrangement of their music...astig !!!

The Darkness
during the event we talked about that new band called "The Darkness" its a kinda a glam rock band .seems that they are spoofing the Glam rock era..with their new single "i believe in a thing called love", its the modern age..and still they wear this classic style rock outfits.they also dubbed as "the greatest rock'n'roll band of the last twenty years"

Photo by Commander Gabe

me and Ava

me and the hamster girl Rej

my face after the point blank camera flash

If Neo can stop bullets, Joon here can stop the flow of beer
and Gabe looking on the cam

Millenia Cafe

Silent Sanctuary, rock and symphonic violins

Meeting all the way
first i'l attend to the film show of the Lord of the Rings DVD of the group Phil. Tolkien Society in Mo Zee 'the film maker' pad in Kamias and after that my meeting with the SWP and saber training. after that we will watch REvolutions again. and might get a chance to visit our director's post production of our indie film at midnight.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Az Addiction
we dont have yet some action here. and it is great to rest all day. man i missed all these sleeps. and coming weekends is work work work !
another film is on sked for shooting and we must shoot it and finished it in one day. using er.Dogme style film making.

puddy tat !!

i saw this image in Edgar Tadeo's blogsite. damn damn damn...its one of my favorite character GARFIELD !!! now a live action movie. Garfield's voice will be the voice of Bill Murray. and all character are there..hmm..where's Odie?, the website said that the feline and other animals will be in full motioned Computer Graphics

all wired up
yup thats right, im stuck again to this internet, and my hands are itching when ever i rest or try to log off the computer. there are lots of things to do and to finish, my time is running and i dont want to waste. im glad that im not getting too fat while im sitting to my PC all day all night. sometimes i get hungry, thanks to our neighbor 24 hour burger-hotdog stand . while im writing my entry. i just finished eating my 28 pesos Footlong sandwhich.

Here are all the events and meeting I should attend
Nov 14 - Last Full Show anniversary - Millenia Cafe
Nov 15 - Film Shooting
- Star Wars Phil General Assembly - Podium
- Light Saber Training -Rizal Stadium
- Matrix Revolutions - Megamall
Nov 16 - Matrix Philippines Unplugged Meeting - Glorietta
Nov 20 - Mandy Moore concert - Araneta Coliseum
Nov 21 - MTV Music Summit - The Fort
Nov 22 - Pinoy Slayer Marathon
Nov 27-28 - UP Diliman, Comic Campus Tour
Nov 29 - Mos Eisley Nights 2 - Millenia Cafe
Nov 29 - Happy 50 TV concert - The Fort

and maybe il go back again in Star City and Enchanted Kingdom.
and Tiangee and Bargain Center surfing all over the Metro.

its a treasure hunt for everybody.

Vote for the fate of my hair!
yup, just look on to the right corner near the sliding browsing, with the green colored bars, and vote for the fate of my upcoming hair style.

forgot to put another entry. if im going to dye my hair violet..

Dir en Grey grounds
yup im back again listening to their music and oh yeah! i like their videos, their videos are like drugs to me. it feeds into my veins and after wards it makes me dizzy...lots of growling and a total experience in the visual rock music.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

San Pablo Comics Art Festival

Marino's Residence
Dagatan Blvd. Sampalok Lake
December 7, 2003

Special Guests!!
Leinil Francis Yu (X-men, Superman)
Wilson Tortosa (Battle of the Planets)
Gerry Alanguilan (Waster, Superman)
Carlo Vergara (Zsa Zsa Zathurnnah)
Carlo Pagulayan (Elektra)
Edgar Tadeo (Iron man, Wolverine)
Gilbert Monsanto (Darna, Biotrog)
Ryan Orosco (Darna, Stricken)
Budgette Tan (Alamat Comics)
...and more to be announced!

Comics Signing
Original Comic Art Exhibit
On the Spot Art Contest
Indie Comics Sale
Face Painting
and more...

Contest Mechanics
-Contestants may use any or combination of the following:
Pencils, pen, ballpen, poster color, watercolor, oil, felt tip pens
acrylic, and pastels.
-Art boards will be provided for so do no bring any.
-Theme will be announced at the event.
-Contest will be from 8am-12nn.
-Age category 17 years old and below, 18 years old and older.
Proof of age (ID of birth cert.) required for non-students.
-Slots for 20 contestants for each category.
First come First Serve.

for more info email: gerryalanguilan at
or postal mail
PO BOX 67, San Pablo City Post Office
Deadline for Registration: December 5, 2003

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Full Power! stuck at home.and start to get better and im full recharge.
sorry to those who didnt reach me at home tru phone. coz im very tired and got a lot of sleep lately. and thanks for my first caller at that night. its nice to talk to you again. take care and hope everything in your relationship is a-ok.

Clone wars at last
last night it was the Philippine Premiere of Star Wars Clone Wars.
and thanks to Kazaa for giving me a change to download a copy of the animated series. i like the animation. and they combined the animation cel tradtion and some 3D special effects. and my first time to see Master YODA riding an animal during the clone wars vs the Count Dooku's droids. also Anakin showed up with his robotic arm and hell yeah! i like the action scenes on the series..R2D2 and C3P0 made a 3 seconds appearance, and Anakin marching his way to his battle pod ship and waves goodbye to kinda Anime-style looking Padme....cute ni Padme!!!!!! i like her outfit !

hail to Cartoon Network and Lucasfilm !!! cant wait to see the chapter 2 next week.

im hook on TV again
i just catch up the 1st episode of ETernity :A Chinese Ghost Story in ABS CBN, and i expect a much similar to the anime series i watched 2 years ago
and when i saw the 1st hours of the series. the story is more different t o the anime series.the anime is like a walt disney type with singing. but i like the anime, Got me attracted to this series is because of Barbie Xu of ASOS. she's cute in that costume, man..she's a goddess! talking a fanboy right now! aeehhah....i like the costume designs of the characters, special effects amd story..even though that im having some problems memorizing all the chinese names of the characters..thanks to the power of internet im getting some spoilers on the way to the series.

In other countries can make this kind of series with special effects, why is it that Phil. tv series cant do it. they can make Panday, Darna or Capt Barbel show on local tv with digital effects. or make a fantasy story. I remember my favorite local Tv series during the 80's titled "Dayuhan", starring the brother of Herbert Bautista. its about an Alien Invasion in the Philippines.

SMALLVILEE!!!! wow..i cant believe that Kristin Kreuk is good in cant take my eyes off her!@@@

Radiohead in my head seems that im stuck to Radiohead music today. i just finished downloading some RAdiohead music on the net. just to listen and learn the style of their music. coz il used it for the band that we are organizing. hey we will perform on Nov 29 in Mos Eisley nights 2..hell yeah!!!

Bozo show your self
some geezo is making some dirt in my tag board..who the hell are ya
you little coward. why dont you go and make your own blog site. and dont put some dirt in my blogsite. you are sick and low level brain fly.
dont mess my blog...fuck off....or if i found your ISP address, il destroy your motha pahking ass ! I know you you are, so stop that sick actions of yours or else you will be cursed by me! Its rabbit season dont ya know ?

word of the day:
GorillazZZZZZZZ !!!!

Monday, November 10, 2003

I need Speed!
yesterday i went on a tambay trip with ryan the carbonara monster in Ariel's pad. and used his DSL speed internet. and man..i cant take out my hands of the keyboard. we watched some fan films and some video clips in, which is one of my favorite internet hang outs.

Clone Wars

then we went home, Star Wars Clone Wars came out in my mind. which will be showing tonight at 6:30pm in Cartoon Network, but problem is i dont have a cable tv. i tried searching for a download video in Kazaa, but i got my luck that someone has uploaded a 33megabyte full quickime video of the 1st chapter. bad news is,,..i have a dial up connection, and it will take me days to finished the whole 3 minuted episode. need more speed connection!!!!

in good health
im in good health now.
and my batteries are recharging.
maybe il quit those sweet foods and drinks.which can kill me in an instant
so. i cheated (i think..) the operation thing...and im back !

kainan sa crossing

wala lang kami magawa at naisapan namin kumain sa may Tapsilogan sa may
Crossing. and i love eating ! aehhahaeh...

im updating my blog as you can see above, there are 2 new pics that fills up the dead links and the pic of the week. Me and Baby flash.,. my sis says that looks like from the movie DAddy Day care. i like that kid. he has all the Justice League costumes..hmm..maybe except Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman.

Hamster Girl's Bday!
last sunday we are invited to the bday party of the hamster girl 'Rej'
in Pizza Hut in Katipunan, and then we saw the almighty STormballs made a dance number just for her bday. ahehaehhaehae.....then we storm in to her place in Antipolo with lots of talkies...happy bday Rej! nabusog mo talaga kame!

word of the day:
The Clone Wars spread like fire across the galaxy - Yoda

Sunday, November 09, 2003


nov 5 was the biggest day for all of us coz its the world premiere of Matrix Revolutions. and my group Matrix Philippines was there in Greenbelt 3 Cinema with a booth exhibiting and displaying all Matrix Stuff and all of us are in all black-leather-coat-suit and gun tooting costume players.

all of us are excited to watch the movie and its a big bang when we entered the cinema.

thanks to Matrix Philippines, New Worlds Alliance, Ayala Cinema, Warner Bros and Tubbies for making this event a complete success..

Shooting time

after the movie we went to one of our buds place to sleep coz we will wake up 6am for the one day shooting of our film. Ryan the Carbonara Monster joined with us and check it out he's a star in our film nyahhehehe..

we got all tired up and on the set we sleep while the others are taking some scene shots then we exchange work like holding the fog lights,and im a little upset coz some of my 2 actor volunteers didnt make it to the shoot. thanks that we have some people in our crew to do it.then 8pm i think, was my time to do the last part of the film.

and we went home all tired up, and taking my day off today. all sleep

sick again
im sick today and i am in critical condition, .
il go to the doctor and might sked for an operation.
i hope everything will be fine.
and il be a mute for next week.
il use robot text reader if someone who want to talk to me on the phone.

Art den
just went to the Artists den meeting after long hours of sleep
being sick for a day and i even cant throat hurts...
Meeting with my fellow members Syeri, Jon, Lyndon, Ariel, Fluxx, Pol, Ramil(yun ba name nun?), and met some of the Blitz boys.
we are discussing for the upcoming comic campus tour for Nov 27-28 in UP Diliman, and other events. Then Blitzworx people came Kriz, Emman and Kristof, and Kriz Austria showed us his winning award for the mid weight Arm wrestling contest, cool dude...and we saw some pages of their 2nd issue dummy comics of their comics.

Giggers night again

well what can i say..hmmmm
its us again. plus Pol.
beer, lights, hip hop, girls, ring side, strings, cold ice, skin, lesbian actions, bottomless lemonada, unlimited rice, and tapsilog.
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