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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Friday Failure
sometimes i just create this title in my entry and it doesn't mean anything or it doesn't fit for the content for my entry...

i went to my meeting and darn it.. i was so late to attend for the MTV Music Summit. but the flow of my meeting is good..i talked to everyone that attended, and a new event came up due to next week, tuesday. Hope that campus tour in St. Paul in QC approved. and thanks to Ariel for helping in my itsy bitsy problem

Cai txted me and she said if im going to the concert. i replied and il be there at 9pm, but problem is..i finished the meeting at 9:30pm, then Cai txted me that Mandy Moore just finished her act. after reading that txt i felt sad...coz i missed her live act. then..Cai and Carl will leave the venue, The Fort. i went there in no time but got stuck a little in a traffic. at first i thought that Cai will go home alone, then i txt her that il take her home, then she replied that they will wait me in Starbucks.

I arrived at the venue at 11pm, i think riding in a motorbike, then i hop off , lots of people everywhere..then i saw Geneva Cruz singing and dancing. but still no sign of Mandy Moore. then i met Carl and Cai done eating their dinner. then Cai gave her red ribbon to me, a freebie from the MTV Music Summit for Aids. then we waited for THE FORT Shuttle,
and then I take Cai to her home in Greenwood Pasig,

I never been to the other side of Pasig. but their place in Greenwoods is very on the edge of Pasig..i think..coz i lived in Santolan, also on the edge of Pasig.

check out and visit their blog of Cai's A Timeless Classic and Carl's Insensitivity adventure in the MTV Music Summit

its saturday and here are my activities.
Star Wars Phil Meeting -Podium
Checkmate Trailer Shooting - Ortigas
Light Saber Training and Matrix Fu Training - Rizal Stadium Dojo
Zion Rave Party - Makati @ Joon's Place
Zion RAve Party Reloaded - GWEILO's bar C.Palanca Street, Makati

Mini Moni Ringtone!!!
Minimoni telephone ring ring

4e1 4- 8f1 4g1 4c1 8f1 4f1 8g1 4a1 4- 8c2 4b1 4a1
4g1 4f1 4e1 8f1 2g1 4- 4e1 4- 8f1 4g1 4c1 8f1 4f1
8g1 4a1 4- 8c2 4b1 4a1 4g1 4b1 4c2 8b1 2c2
Tempo : 160


thanks to Amy for the ringtone info.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Pics Muna

Sound check one two..check two.

Direk Gary Mayoralgo assigns me the position of the camera
during our night our shoot of the film project

me and Fr.Ricky enjoying the pasta during the Hamster girl Rej's Bday

xmas party!
well my sked is now blocked i was invited for the xmas party of the Pinoy Harry Potter club on Dec 27. so i hope that theres no conflict on this date. thanks to Cai for the invite..

im having a hard time troubling shooting my Pc...
coz my Pc lost its sound !!! and..i can live my life with a PC that has no sound..any fixing my pc...will have a prize!!
ya...u can grab any toy-comic stuff here in my place....just fix the gad damn pc !!!!!

Pilipinas life sucks
ya..the weather is fine...its ok to me
but i observed that Phil. has become very corrupt and crime infested country..and check out the news....damn...

Stars in Manila
whats the news.Mariah Carey is in Palawan now..taking a dip vacation
Mandy Moore will be here again on Feb 2004 to promote and do a concert for her movie. will be my last chance to see her here in Manila. my sis didnt bought the ticket concert of mandy moore.thats why i missed her concert...but its okay..there are still chances..ganda ni mandy moore!!!!!!! il catch her in MTV music summit this friday

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Az cents
I arrived in Ortigas late and i thought my fellow crew and staff left me and headed to the shooting venue. i rushed right away inside Zufei internet in Robinsons Galeria to surf and txt my companies about the shooting. i beg them to picked me up, after i surf the net i went back to the meet up venue there i was surprised to see them eating. im glad that all of them are late. and we are out of sked for the shoot. astig...everyone made it to the shoot, and it was a hell of a fun and experience. shooting the film dogme style eahhahae...

btw we shoot only the teaser trailer for the film and will continue another shoot on me and zion will have an inhouse zion party on saturday night right after the Light Saber training and Matrix Fu training. astig !!!!

Clone wars upclose
at last i already watched Star Wars Clone Wars animated series all straight Chapters 1-8, and will wait to finish it this saturday and it will be the last episode of the 1st season series. I really like the battle between Obi wan and Drudge. astig...Obi wan can stop bullets and fire, like Neo haehahaehae....also.i was impressed to the Art Troopers, they are very skilled and got the right estimate for the target. they use hand signals in communicating and they succesfully defeated some droid armies. also The dark jedi ..forgot her name is very skillful in the Jedi Arts. he dueled with Count Dooku and then later Dooku defeats her, and ask her to join in their Dark force and she was introduced right away with Lord Darth Sidious via a holo-communicator. after the battle of Obi wan with Drudge, Drudge was defeated, but Obi wan didnt know that Drudge's body can regenerate, in space Anakin uses of the star ship fighter and battles droids in space, and also there is an under water scene which shows another Jedi that can breathe and fight underwater. can see im a Star Wars baby!
thanks to master jedi Oneal for the free viewing i his Laptop Pc,
he got the videos in Star Wars HyperSpace, only members of the club can download and view the series for free.

events more....
there are lot of events coming this december..i think we have a total of 3 big conventions this out for the last convention for will be the 1st time and a hit....

they are real humans
the pic below George Lucas and Steven Spielberg..they are just look a likes. they are not the real Lucas and Spielberg, we just make fun of these two americans, coz they look like the directors. my sis joisu thought of that they are statues or from the wax museum... i said to her it is real people and perfectly cloned .opss....human look a likes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Gods coffee meeting
check out this picture we took last sunday 11-16-03. at the back of the carbonara monster. its Mr. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg having their meeting inside a coffe shop in Glorietta.pic taken by me and Ariel.

Shooting again
yup thats right im off to Ortigas to meet my fellow crew for our 1st day of shooting of another short post the updates later.
its busy time again....busy bee me!

Those who didnt reach me at home via phone. just try again you might catch me at home sleeping.if theres no one answering, means that im outside and having some work.

thanks to all my readers and hope you all enjoy my adventures and stories that posted here in my blogsite.
il be reformating my blogsite for better surfing pleasure and watch out for more photos and snapshots pics of people everywhere.

word of the day:
add me to your friendster list.
Azrael - will not win any prize

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Party Style
Whats your party style?
click here and find out
I just took Emode's What's Your Party Style? test and discovered what makes the night most memorable for me. Find out how you make any soiree a success. Take the test!

my result
azrael, your party style is to Host

Every successful party's got a smooth operator behind the scenes, and you certainly know how to put on a good show. You're a natural born leader - and you like to be in charge


Every successful party's got a smooth operator behind the scenes, and you certainly know how to put on a good show. You're a natural born leader - and you like to be in charge.

You probably often find your friends turning to you to get the goods on the night's plans, whether that means you're having everybody over to your pad for game night, or heading out to paint the town red. From keeping glasses filled to keeping the conversation rolling, you certainly know how to get a party started - and keep it going strong. And you make it all look so easy.

oh damn.. i didnt expect to have the result of being the host.
astig ! maybe yes..and maybe not..waddo ya think people?


putik na yan...nakatulog ako. forgot to use the internet the whole night.nakatulog ako after watching "24" in ABS CBN. that new tv series is cool...i like the story and hey..breath taking yung dating..erg...urg..i cant breath! i cant believe that the story takes place in one day or in 24 hours. astig yung mga characters..very unpredictable yung mga mangyayari at mga events. si Jack Bauer yung bida, and he's the head of this anti-terrorist government agency, at lahat ng mga pangyayari ay sasaluhin nya lahat..putik na yan..astig!

Monday, November 17, 2003

Az shall wear BENCH
i woke up so early coz of the super hot weather yesterday. and then i transfered to my sister's bedroom to continue my sleep. but after 4 hours of sleep i felt so hot and then i rushed downstairs and splashed my body and face with cold water. then i continue my sleep here in the living room.then suddenly Edz called in the phone, but i was asleep, the Carbonara monster answered the phone, but Edz refuse to tell her name then my sister told that to cut the line coz the girl didnt introduced her self and later that she end the call. my sis wake me up told that theres this fan girl calling.then i acted that i didnt know who's the caller.

Unplugged Meeting
i missed the philipine tolkien society meeting in Mega Strip, weather is so hot but theres no way that it can stop me for going in the Matrix Philippines Unplugged Meeting.

we discuss a lot for the group. its kinda serious look here in out pics.
thanks to Cmdr. Gabe for the pics.

Beyond G
Me, ryan and Ariel strolled around the mall of Glorietta. we visit comic shops, toy shops, bookstores and record bars. then we ended stocking our belly with food in food choices.

check this out magazine i saw in Tower Records.
"Matrix Finale" article, damn...P800 way.dude.

Funpamilya Riverbanks
me and the carbonara monster went to this tiangge and perya in Marikina Riverbanks, the place sucks! there a few tiangge tenants and the place is kinda humid. and er...dirty food tables. its a populated area. so the people there have a hard time cleaning the area.

we stayed for hours in the area. sitting and we are talking and checking out some PDA's couple in the area. Riverbank is the couple-make out sanctuary coz its super dark at night and lots of space in the fields.

we saw some couples- bf-gf thing holding hands. hugging. just talking. and eating in the dark areas. suddenly we are shocked to see a couple in their er...very weird position. at first i cant figure it our what it is. coz its a dark area and i taught a homeless guy sleeping on top of the Carabao statue. then when we approach close to the statue....damn...its a couple doing kissing action on top of the carabao in a er..uncomfortable position. we laughed at it and coz their position is very funny..
the guy is on top lying down to the lap of the girl. while the girl bends down like an elastic doll reached the head and lips of his boy.and kissing closed eyes and they didnt mind that we are in front of them watching and laughing...coz its very funny when you see it..

then we sang infront of them the tune of Parokya ni Edgar's "Mr Suave hoy hoy hoy hoy hoy hoy.....still they continue kissing...i think they are deaf ahehaehhe or just purely addicted to!

Biznes deal
every month or every seasonal month i received lots of proposal from some business in other countries like tie-ing up or work as partner for comics-toys-anime. i got lots of proposal notes and catalogues of their items. and its cool. some of them are from hong kong, japan, USA, UK and Thailand. still im in the not so good condition in resurrecting my hobby shop business coz the market is still in hot competition and im still in freeze trying to divert and make a different style in marketing my stuff. im thankful that there are lots of comic-toy shops in the world tried to make a deal with me.

Ju-on (The Grudge)

i cant believe that they will show this japanese horror movie here in Manila. and i say it...i recommend it!!!!!!! at first this movie was introduced to me by Jovan, band manager of Matilda and Narda, she told me that how scary and creepy the movie. she watched it last halloween via a vcd video, she freak out that night and she say that it destroys every viewers comfort zone.. i receive the experience when i switched the channel to RPN 9, there i saw they showed a trailer of the movie, THE GRUDGE. its a weird and eerie movie !! damn that movie....its even weireder and scarier than the ring....trailer pa lang natakot ako...
i screamed all loudly..after the end of the trailer..seeing this horrifying moving pictures in my screen...hope this movie is not real...

Story: “JU-ON: a curse born of a grudge held by someone who dies in the grip of powerful angers. It gathers in the places frequented by that person in life, working its spell on those who come into contact with it and thus creating itself anew.”

Review: At a time when Japanese horror films are most prevalent and impressive, and seem to have reached its creative heights after an established legacy in the last half of the 1990’s director, Shimizu Takashi, under the tutelage of Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Director of CURE, CHARISMA, and KAIRO) and Hiroshi Takahashi (Screenwriter of the RING trilogy), delivers the next level of the horror spectacle with JU-ON.

word of the day:
Use your head
Use a condom
-MTV music summit for AIDS

Sunday, November 16, 2003

i woke up late afternoon and almost forgot all the meetings i must attend, coz of the night gig in Millenia, i over slept. and i was 3 hours late for the Star Wars Phil meeting. then after that we went to Comic Quest to complete our mission that day. and take a peak on the 5th issue of Superman: Birthright.

during the meeting. Gary Mayoralgo showed us in his laptop pc movie trailers of : Harry Potter 3, Punisher, Alien vs. Predator, Gothika, Troy, Shattered Glass..all files in Quicktime movies...

then we made schedule for our next film project, and we will be shooting this monday night inside Equitable bldg. the whole night.

Light Saber Training
After the meeting i joined them in a light saber training in Rizal Stadium, its a great activity, but the training is hard and need a lot of work to complete all the techniques for the saber fight. We use golf club sticks for the saber, and during the training we tried to play around the Dojo. doing some head spins, hang ropes, karate action, then the training was headed by jedi master Oneal and Sith lord Emil, then we left and went to Megamall for the Revolutions movie outing.

Zion Party

Hec, Ricky, Lyndon (on pic)
Rej, Oneal, me, Gabe, Miao (not on pic) After the movie and off to the party

After the movie, while we are inside jedi master Oneals Pajero. we joked around and find a real Zion rave party. we visit the club called "THE MATRIX" in makati, we check out the place for the moment and there are lots of foreingers in there, then we decided to go to Giggers. me and Lyndon told them about the Giggers and they are curious about it. then we went there and check out the place and then they like it !!!

We went to the club in a matter of seconds, and there..we partied ! and got some boozes and party like Zion !!!! man....i told them this is not Zion Party..its the Hell Club of the Merovingian. coz er...there are some strippers and ledge dancers...which is quite normal inside the bar..and all of the crowds are in teens-kiddies..age 15 and above..there i met 4 girls and this girl named Edz partied and jam up with me until the end of the party...then....the girl asked for my number, and i gave it to her and the situation is kinda upside down...the girl is picking on me! she's asking all these stuffs to me...and she said that she's 22 yrs old...
but on the looks she's only 18 yrs old..and she said it was her bday..
hey! that supposed to be my line !!!! mukhang baligtad...ako pa ata yung nabola at na pick up at hinatid ng chick palabas ng club after the party.

then all of us went home with the smile in our face..enjoyed the geek days
from Star Wars to Matrix

now i have to sleep for I will attend 2 meeting this afternoon and might go to Star City with my sister. and Edz on the phone.
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