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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Az Market Watch!
damn...i didnt know that i have started resurrecting my business so early.
im on a market watch now...and already set my plans and new marketing strategy for the business. oh so excited about this...

and for my market watch.. i cant believe that they can sell a RAGNAROK account level 92 for P6000 pesos....oh damn...thats marketing ahhhahaha

i feel better now!
after a long YM chat with my friends...i feel much better now.
back to my old self..aeheh..tnx to Rain girl, chel, my sis joisu,. chel natakot while i re-enact a dead corpse from The Ring in my webcam...Rain girl, thanks din..nagkaron bigla ako ng recharge at alive na alive ako...sis joisu ko.ahehhe..bukas pa sina jerry at vic darating.

Bwisit !!
i was having a great time meeting with my Artists' Den group. we talk some stuffs about the coming conventions and some funny stories. Lyndon, Marc, Syeri and Jon was there.. after the meeting...I decided to go to dunkin donut. just eat some donuts and coffee, but unexpectedly i saw my ex gf with her bf walking on the way in front of us.. i pretend that i didnt saw them, but i think they saw me, as I saw they avoided my path, ...damn..after that i told my companions that was my ex gf....and damn....i suddenly feel cold.and anger consumes my whole glad that Lyndon and Marc was there. because of them i avoided for being a Berserker Barrager.. bwisit an emotional breakdown something like that attacked me...i cant forget that bitchy thing she did to me...oh man...seems like im travelling back in time...NO !!!!

I have an event tomorrow..i should have myself in condition.

anyway...see you all in Mos Eisley Night, Anito Game Launch and in Happy 50 TV concert(sa labas lang ako).

wish me...that im OK when i wake up in the morning.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Primary Az
Me and Ryan the carbonara monster went to this school in Fairview, Covenant of Grace school, the carbonara monster was invited there to be a judge on a contest. I accompanied him to the event and we met one of the grade school teacher in Cubao to guide us on the way to their school., an old of friend of the carbonara monster, Teacher Marose, then on the way to the school, we thought that it will be an art contest, but it was a beauty contest of the grade school students.

The event was a success and i watched all these students performed and do their style, and met some 'moms' , cute moms...that they mistaken i have a son in the area. I said still single,,then i met some teachers and one cutey chinese looking teacher caught my eye, Teacher Joan..cute cute!!!! she made a live sing act with her co-teacher singing "Tuwing umuulan" wow she had a nice voice, and my heart broke like an ice.when she sings..then Ryan made his judging stunt, then i sat beside the judges and made some kulitan stint while the program runs, it was a different view to us to particiapate in this event...lots of kids, parents, and a christian way of life, aehae..iba ito ..wlang cosplay! walang rock scene, walang comics! astig !

Teacher Joan!! (white shirt, sayang nag blur yung pic)

the school staff loved the presence of the carbonara monster..dame gusto magpadrawing..then when we left the school, Teacher Joan left me a sweet goodbye flying kiss...and then i return back with a flying kiss too, geez...corny namin noh? maybe il go back again to their school!!!

also..Teacher Marose, invited us this friday to a party in Watering Hole, yup il go there...and drop by..and maybe i got a chance to get Teacher Joan's cellnumber....yihee..may crush na naman ako..whoohohohoh..

hmm sked ek ek
UST concert with Rain girl
Artists' Den meet up
Watering Hole party

SWP meeting afternoon Podium
The Happy 50 TV concert (the fort)
Mos Eisley night
Anito game launching party

San Pablo Komikero meeting
The Grudge movie with Kitchie (pag di ako tuloy sa San Pablo)

word of the day:
As I go, remember all the simple things you know
My mind is just a crutch and I still hope
that you will miss me when I'm gone
This is the last song


that means...more turkey that will be serve...aehhaeha..
wala na...nag manok na lang ako

Thursday, November 27, 2003

I'm a Rocker dude !
still im fighting for my life coz of this terrible cough and fever. but i still manage to escape for just a half day for our jamming and it was a hell of a day and night to me..lots of unexpected happenings.

i miss G4
we made a meet up with the rest of the band in Starbucks Glorietta 4. Rainboi Thomas said that our meet up will be 2:30pm. so i arrived in Starbucks at 2:30pm and waited them, at first i thought i was late..and damn..i waited for almost one hour and Aids, Luna and TJ arrived at the cafe 3:30pm, then after that still no sign of Rainboi Thomas, we waited until 4:30pm then we went to Joon's place and go on the jam with him.

It was a wonderful jam ...Luna on guitars, TJ on violins, Aids on Lead Guitars, Joon on Drums and me on bass...i love bass !! astig Ibanez pa pala fave brand of bass guitar.we played lots of covers like Cranberries, U2, Guns n roses.ya right just for fun, and some local music..but we got a chance to form our own tunes..astig talaga pag may kasama violins..

Faiye !!!
I met Faiye in G4 when i saw her playing the percussion freak. she approach me and then i got a chance to get her number when she told me how to contact me..she said that we can see each other in Friendster but then i gave my contact number and head up to Luna to borrow her cell just to get Faiye's number, the new couple yada yada Luna and Aids followed me when i get the number of Faiye, She will watch Ju-on (The Grudge) in G4 Cinema. Faiye is a great dancer in Dance DAnce Revolutions and Dance Mania. check out her a fan !!! yay!!!!!
Then she invited me to their CSA school fair next year. its a campus tour again !

Rock Awards
after our jamming at Joon's place, Annette Ortiz of Fatal Posporos band txted Joon and she invited us to go to the NU Rock Awards in World Trade CEnter.she offered free 5 tickets for the 5 of us...and its our lucky night ! after our meal..we head up to the venue and watch the Awards night!! wohooh !!!! im inside the Rock Awards for free !! astig !!!

The event has started and we arrived i think one hour late, and we saw Ely Buendia's 'The Mongols'played and then 2 sexy chicks Andrea Del Rosario and Michelle Bayle presented some awards....after the awardings.they said it was Michelle Bayle's Andrea gave Michelle a one hot na hot kiss lips to lips frenchie kissing ! !! im melting here!
i screamed as i saw the close up of their action in the projective big screen.

Another chick action after the awards.they passed tru the front of our place..ah gez..wild chicks in action, then Maui Taylor, Mylene Dizon, Victoria Anne London made their appearance as presentors of awards wearing their half naked outfits...oh wow...i wish every month is Rock Awards.

Narda won the Best In the RAw award...yay !im jumping with joy ! and cute ni Katwo !! ohohohoh..Urban Dub winner of the Best song 'Soul Searching', Sugar Free, Razorback, Kamikaze, also won some awards....then they gave The Hall of Fame Awards to the band 'Eraserheads'.. we almost cried when we saw their Audio Visual presentation about their contribute to Filipino Music, but Ely Buendia only shows up to accept the awards. then we left the Venue after Parokya ni Edgar performed their new single "Yes Yes Show".

Then on the way home..on the Radio Simulcast live in NU 107 , we heard Razorback performed some Eraserheads music. the organizers must think that the E-heads might play again one last time to the crowd, but the other members didnt showed up and they let Razorback play the grand finale just to cover the missing act for that night!
it was a hell cosmic of experience...damn it! its my first time to attend the Rock award... and first time to attend FREE !! thanks to Joon, and Annette for the Free ticket! Azzztig !!!

(top) me (hapi boy after seeing Victoria London) , joon and annette
(middle) rock awards crowd and stage, my arm with rock award x stamp
(below) Luna and Aids(yihee!) , TJ with a greeny grin after seeing Maui Taylor

word of the day:
putcha! ang cute ni Erning !! she's so cute!!
ganda pala pagnakalugay yung buhok..syet.kamukha nya si Britney Spears..
Taragis...hayop talaga si TAdo !! hari talaga ng mga tarantado si Tado ...

PICS muna

castle outside Glorietta, i took this pic ontop outside of Starbucks G4

Aids and I walked under the flyover of Magallanes(i think?)
and took this pic. time is 12am, we are going to Edsa after TJ ride a jeep

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Sick Az
yes. thats right. im sick..and im at home recovering..damn i hate coughs.and colds and fever and heavy headaches. damn damn. that chocolates made me sick! ...and i didnt go to our campus tour in St. Paul pasig. i wonder what happend to the gang? hope the event is fine.

Reviving the business
now i make up my mind to revive my business, and yes..the service will be much more better. i have to raise more money for my retirement next year.aehehee...again... im busy making a new layout for the website and it run for almost 4 years and maybe jan 2004 will be a good start again for running my online business. since i got lot of stuff here at home that are not yet sold. maybe its time to make myself real busy.

Jam time
hope im ok today. coz i have a band jamming session today at 3pm, and hmm..i have to find a way to buy tickets to a concert in UST today or in thursday. Rain girl told me and im invited to crash the party in UST this friday..since i missed Rain girl so excited to se her ka na siguro..joke ! naku...baka makatikim na naman ako ng batok pag nabasa nya itong post ko.aehaha...i lab this girl.

damn..again...sino na nakapanood na ng MTV ng The Darkness, with a song "i belive in the thing called love".tagal ko na kasi iniintay yun sa MTV ASIA

whats the ha ha ha!
today is 6:26am
im still awake.
will go to sleep after my mug of hot tea
im wearing gray sweater,and blu shorts
eating pancakes..yes..pancakes. this is not my breakfast.
i dont have breakfast
3 hours ago i have 4 glasses of lemonade
im listening to NU 107 now..playing..Nickelback
minute ago i am watching MTV ASIA
i only got one phone call yesterday
and 4 online messages in my YM
tonight is the NU Rock Award..and i dont have a ticket.double damn.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

on the road to St Paul
we have a campus tour today in St.Paul in Pasig City.i contacted all the comic gang from ARtists' Den to have a meet today morning.

i dont know if everyone can make it at the meet up for the campus tour.coz the info we got are already late...di kame prepared..thanks to lyndon that he had arranged for a comics tour in St. Paul.

tomorrow WED. our upcoming band Silme and the Sugardrops will hold its 1st jamming at Direk Joon's place. and not prepared again. have to coordinate to Rainboi right away

my secret meeting with the Architect.

i like to invite everyone to attend in our event the host/emcee for this event...
babatiin ko kayo every minute break aehaaehae
click here for the poster

Mos Eisley Night Strikes BACK !

Star Wars Philippines brings back the highly- successful intergalactic rogues'
party Mos Eisley Night! The night of scum, villainy and
music...Mos Eisley Cantina-style!

This second installment, dubbed MOS EISLEY NIGHT STRIKES BACK will
include film showings of Star Wars movies and other
fan-made movies; exhibits; cosplays; games; and music from the most
exciting emergent bands today--members of which happen
to be hardcore Starwoids, of course.

Premiering will be the trailer for the Star Wars Philippines fanfilm, "Star Wars:
Checkmate," directed by Gary Mayoralgo.

Star Wars merchandise will also be raffled off during the event.

November 29, 6PM at Millennia Cafe (located along Kamuning Road, QC).

The Purplechickens
The Late Isabel
Blue Jean Junkies
Marty McFly
and the most titillating Stormtroopers in the galaxy, the STORMBALLS.

Entrance fee is P100. Discounts will be given to
those who come in Star Wars-inspired costume.
Kindly leave your droids at the door.

And no blasters, please.

For more info, email

Monday, November 24, 2003

its been a busy saturday for me. lots of activities to attend and meetings.but after that.i missed one of gerry alanguilan's meeting for the San Pablo Comics Art Festival in San Pablo Laguna, my batteries were charged but i woke up super late afternoon.

Meeting and gatherings
went to the meeting of Star Wars Phil and after that we posted the Mos Eisley Nights 2 poster in Comic Quest, everyone laughed after they saw the ever muscle pic of Gary dubbed as poster boy. then i wasnt able to join the other for the Light Saber Training and Matrix FU (Karate-FU-etc) coz i have to join the 2nd day shooting of our film proj.

then on the food court i was surpised by gerry a. in robinson's galeria food court. i was busy choosing food in Maxims then gerry appeared at my back..ahhahaha..then we talked about the meeting and updates for the festival. too bad my camera got reset and all the pics i taken were deleted. hehee..

Zion Rave party
its the er...i think the one of the official Matrix Phil activity after the 1st ever MATRIX FU training. i like to thank all my members in participating in our activity. expect more party wohooho...
we stayed at Direk Joon's place then we watch this some short films. GI JOE shorts dubbed spoof, some clips of Peter Jackson's gore films, hehee...Cmdr. Gabe shouted after she saw a guy blasted by a gun and pop out its brain.then KILL BILL...we watched KILL BILL..tnx to pirated want to kill Quentin Tarantino for got the brains to do this film..and im waiting for the 2nd volume...the animated features of KILL BILL is under the production of Production I.G. , behind 'Blood the last vampire' and 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'.

Az and the CArbonara mosnter Mall Tour
after the Tiangee tour..we went to a mall.... Sta. Lucia mall
we check out some toys, guns and again..went to a horror train inside their amusement center...aehaaehae..its a happy train..all people are not scared after the ride ehhee...we ride the last car train and it was full of 7 female kids, so there are no vacant so take the car to ride with them. at first entering the horro tunnel, our ear drum got bashed when all these kids shouted and screaming all their lungs.just to take out their fears. then we covered our ear to avoid deafness ehhehe...then on the 3rd enter of the tunnel.which is the train will stop inside the tunnel and people dressed in horror costume bursted out and started to scare people. the kids got freaked out and then while they are screaming they transfer to our seats and compressed with us...darn..the last thing i saw is thers is a slipper infront of my face and a girl pulling my shirt with a scream "mommy! natatakot ako!" , after that we laughed all the way coz of the funny experiemce

pics! damn ryan..he got a nice pic with DOREAMON!

thanks to Cmdr.gabe for the photo shoot...i love your camera hahhhahh
more Pics here at


me, ryan, luna,adrian, emil

me and ryan MATRIX fight re-enactment

ACID42 makes the inhouse music for that night inside GWELIO's Bar

Light Saber and MATRIX FU Training
training in one of the DOJO inside Rizal Stadim
conducted by Emil and Oneal

High Kick Marga!

Light Saber training..with a use of graphite stick of a golf club.

Cai and Marga doing those stretches exercise

Burly Brawl !!

whatta..night !!!! pagod na kame !! Oneal taking a snoop outside Joon's house

the party goer MATRIX PHIL...and STAR WARS PHIL..
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