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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Trip to Laguna

il be going this saturday in San pablo Laguna. for the San pablo Comics Art Festival
lots of comic artist will be there..and also il be the host of that im here in Ariel's place..enjoying the high speed DSL connection internet.

for more info of the San Pablo Comics Art Festival, Dec 7

the force is strong
the force is with us that time. when we got a meeting again with Dream Satelitte Broadcasting and Star Movies inside their Office in Discovery Suite. its one of a heaven see we convinced them for the proposal of the Star Wars Convention, and they love all our plan and ideas...thanks to the TEAM! i stil suffering for a puyat puyatan il be snoozing when i get home.

also..after the meeting. Dream and Star Movies gave us a free theatrical size poster of Episode 2: Attack of the Clones...astig!!!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Beyond the darkside
hey look here...its 5:44am...and im still awake...all drunk ! by that colt45 beer....and i have a meeting at sleep muna...and update all later..

wazzup with taking a day rest and woke up at 5am aehahaeh

still enjoying Eternity tv series..

check it out..i have a new hair cut !!! cool eh ??
ehhee..AZ in short hair again !!!

Az in Barberya ni Celso

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Beyond the azimatrix
7am .....dec 3, 2003
i was about to sign off my computer and internet.
suddenly something pop ups in my monitor. i read it and every word i replied ..

anakinmalfoy : oi az. matutulog ka na ba?
Az: yup. patulog pa lang
anakinmalfoy : wag ka muna matulog!!
Az: ha? bakit ?
anakinmalfoy : hingi sana ako ng favor sayo e.
Az: ha? flavor? ano flavor ???
anakinmalfoy : baka pwede samahan mo si meann ngayon sa ATC
Az: ngayon!!!as in ngayon ???!!
Az: bakit??ano meron dun???
anakinmalfoy :oo kasi she needs to be there at 10:30am
anakinmalfoy : Dream TV broadcasting holds a meeting with ATC
anakinmalfoy :meet kayo sa glorieta country waffles at 9am
Az: ah ganun ba. naku,,wla pa ko tulog..
Az: ok sige sige sige..sige sige sige
anakinmalfoy : thanks pare.icheck na din ata yung venue
Az:ok ok ok ok ok ok..di na ko matutulog..maliligo na ko
anakinmalfoy : sige.kausap ko si meann sa phone meet na daw kayo ng 9am

there..after the mysterious message. i suddenly fast forward to the kitchen and cook my breakfast. do some fast shower..p***$%$ ina! ang laming ng tubig..

meet the goddess
after meeting with Meann, founder of Star Wars Phil. we went right away to Alabang Town Center to meet up with the Dream TV Satelitte Broadcasting and Alabang Town Center Admin. for the 1st Phil. Star Wars Convention,,,,chi ching !!!!! watta a grand entrance for this !!!!

met with Wilbur, Janice, Barbie of Dream and Christine of ATC admin.
Barbie.a goddess !

I took pictures for reference in the venue and then we made a walk through in ATV activity center and into various areas in ATC, then we check out Sanmig for the venue of the prescon and seminars. then we made our lunch there in San mig. i was inlove at Meann's ordered pasta !! i love that pasta !! MARINADA !! seafood pasta...i will get back and will eat that MARINADA. mali ako ng order..chicken curry pa kasi nakuha ko!!

its a whole of a busy day for us, me and meann sat and plan the convention layout. geez...thanks that i still have some energy to boost...

then we went to Greenhills to meet up with toy collectors and seller for the merchandise area in the convention, im glad that Vic and the others are always supportive in this convention.

hot seat interview by Acid . meann talks about the way of the jedi.

we rushed back to Glorietta to meet up with Lionel (Acid42) for a interview feature in their Magazine FAST FORWARD. we made our interview session inside HOT SHOT...mann..i love their burgers !

also my ex girlfriend Michelle Claves made an unexpected call to my cellphone, she said that she wants to meet me in Cubao area..but i told her that im too busy..and she said that its already xmas at madami na daw ako utang na date namin. then i told her that we do it in some other time.

Mari-chan a friend of my friend Tin, shows up.we talk along the way to the 2nd floor of the mall, and then i got struck of her beauty and cuteness...oh my god....crush ko na talga sya...dame ko naman crush..grabe!

while im waiting for my bus ride in Ayala...Mika, also a friend, saw me and i saw her.then we talk a little and we took the MRT together exchanging talks about work and kumustahans etc...

then i got sleep and completely harrassed...but i loved it!

i hope i can win that date with Barbie at the convention aehehaha

ontop of skyway.we are approach by a poser asking for donation for their
fictional church and fictional religious group. by narrating nonsense Godly nature. na paulit ulit lang na wala talga sense.

this is better than hold up.

It wil be the last time you will see my long hair today.. and i dont want people tag me as a F4 member. il get a new haircut today...and its my old hairstyle...aehahaeae..mukhang highschool na uli ako mamaya...

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Az Rebirth
after days of black sabbath and holy crappyness night last saturday.
im back with revenge!

it seems that i cant avoid sometimes crappyness in some glad that they didnt recognize me for being part of the organizing team for the holy crappyness night. im so depressed about the turn out..nakakahiya talaga ! im glad that my face is undercover thanks to the human torch, the thing, mr fantastic and the invisible girl.

well.. after the headaches and cold during the holy crappyness night
im back in one piece ..and its my first time to buzz out with someone about my rant on what happen that night. aehaeh..sige breakfast ka na..and get well soon ! wala pala pasok sa monday ! rest ka mabuti princess !

you didnt catch some variant versions of Az last sat-tue
Cyborg Az
Az of Steel

its Az vs. Doomsday in one battle royale

for those who cant relate..sorry..its a geeky stuff

no date
ok ok ok!
i think im missing lots of dates schedule, being absent again and getting my self in condition for upcoming events. thanks to TV and internet which makes me feel better. still im refusing some 2 girls date and i hate it.
coz the last time it happend to me i got drunk by a girl who was not my date at that night.and my 2 girls date was shock when they saw me drunk by someone else.

for i have promise a movie date, EB, dinner date, etc.
sorry. i think i cant commit a date for this week. for i am busy and hey...check it out MAKSIM on tv (az looks on the left side watching TV)

man.i got tons of new friends in, and some of them are strangers to got lots of chicks sign up in my !
still i cant see why people get addicted to this cyber-matrix friend site.

Fund raising concert

Moonstar88 and Pigs with Peal

thanks to ariel atienza for the invites on a fund raising concert for a cancer patient. It happened in Bagaberde Bar and Grill, the place is cool and cozy.perfect venue for a perfect girl date..this venue is topping my list for date venues. visit Ariel's Blog for some kwento about our music tripping.. i really like surfing other music and hey check it out..those bands are Christian in ! now i have a place where i will put those way of life of Jesus rock composition.

Moonstar88 !!!! (heart pumping) i cant take my eyes of her (Acel Bisa, fem vox of the band), sweet geez...she getting cuter then ever..i really like her headband whoho...and i melt like a butter when she looks at me...husahhheww ! cute ! she's so cute!!!!

thanks again to Ariel for that concert, and all my prayers to Gina, the heart cancer patient. hope every cancer patient get a fund raising concert like this.....also award winner director Lav Diaz will be having a fund raising event soon for his 3 week old discovery of lung cancer. message me for donations and info.

Tiangee tour
i went out with my sis, and went to Riverpark tiangee, just to kill time and do some walking exercise, i was surprised that the tiangee venue extended.lots of food stalls installed in the area. and the place is crowded by midnight ! and out of nowhere..the carbonara monster showed up and looking for a new shirt haehaehhaehh...langya ka..kahit san tiangee kita kits pa din hehahahehaehae.

pack that sheeetttt !

The Bandit is a 5X cordova felt western hat by Wrangler Hats. It has a low cattleman crown and a 4" Pro Rodeo brim. The band is a brown horse hair hat band.

49.97 <---damn !!!
Shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Week sked
Wed- Star Runner movie date
- Via Astris
Thurs - Market watch
Fri - Myx Mo concert, Luneta kite area
Sat - San Pablo, Laguna
Sun - San Pablo Comics Art Festival, San pablo laguna

dun sa mga na deadma ko..sorry kayo ahehhhahh
dun sa mga nakakausap ko...swerte nyo.ahehheh
dun sa mga nautangan ko...malas nyo..ahahahe
(joke lang magbabayad din ako)

sorry to all who tried to reach me by phone at home.
im very busy.. il get back to all of you after all these stuff.

i read something on the otherside of my blog, and it makes me jealous...
damn...hahehhhah...lucky dude! hope you die early !! hahahahahahaha

Blog in Focus sisters' blogsite ahehahhae
time to advetise this !

JOISU's Blog [ver1.5]

its all about Joisu andh her merryland aheehehehe

F4 Misyel Blog

the most up to date F4 news in the land

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

inner self is calling from the DNA
i want to lick you...seductive.
as if sheltered in the bed of the nepenthes
lion is silent, but the jungle wants him to be wild.
in order to become wild. you must become crazy.
but how can you believe a lion if it is crazy.
still... the lion is silent. and its anger consumes its soul.
cold..and dark..the lion is silent.

the black hole eats a four eye and it teleports the four eye
into another dimension, a false image shows up and gives the four eye
a taste of his own medicine..but the planets around the four eye
pretend that they are attract to the gravity, but not..
pigs with pearl in the burning bushes.the moonstar has a great melody.
not so wise these guys are. but whisper it and you will regret it.
i want to happy. can't you see im happy now?
ave maria, the cancer is healed. thanks to the clean air, with out it, the cancer will be here. im walking in the spider webs.
ako si mr suave. ohh grabe.habulin ng babae.araw man o gabi.
alam ko na alam mo..ina mo! mo mo mo ohohohooh...maligayang pagbati
at pag binati ay may pasko. pasko na ba. inay ko!

5 attapulgite+5 biogesic+kulot na buhok ng nerbyosang barbero
=equals to power potion

and there....God put a smile in yer face.

Monday, December 01, 2003


What's more important, being on TV or some stupid assasination?

"i have to go home and get some shape"

you're gonna go home, watch TV and eat cheezy poofs ass master!

"screw you hippie !"

"Two little hippie sitting on a tree..(beep)(beep)(beep)(beep)(beep)(beep)(beep)

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Happy 50 TV concert
FROM : F4_phils yahoo groups
moderated by my sister misyel

1:40 am
november 30
kakatapos lang ng concert!
mahal ko kayo!
ang saya-saya!

(yan ang mga binaggit nina barbie, dee, vic and jerry kanina lang)

to start with,
here's the details

barbie and dee arrived last friday and sina vic and jerry last
saturday morning.

concert venue: the fort - sobrang lawak!
tickets are still available (nakakainis sabi nila sold out na daw
500, eh bakit ang luwag-luwag pa...pwede ka pa ngang mag-badminton
habang wala pa concert proper!)

sabi 12nn bukas na gate.yes, true naman.kasi almost 4pm na kami
nakadating sa venue and yet ang luwag-luwag ni isang langgam na
nakapila wala so ang daling makapasok...very good talaga!
then leah, text us and we met her crowd.

others, di ko na nakita...sensya na...except for elena!

i think mga 6pm ata un or 6:30pm...nagkaron ng film showing...naks
libreng sine parang naalala ko yung sa quiapo before...ang palabas -
ang tanging ina...ok naman di ko pa naman sya napapanood eh.pero
hirap atang manood ng nakaupo kami sa grounds...

di ko na masabi full details...sila na lang mag-comment...
para sakin wagi sina:

-->john "sweet" lapuz for the opening ceremony ba yun or opening
prayer or welcome remarks!

-->opening number ni ai-ai with matching translations in relations sa
mga ticket holders...bravo...

-->pagsulpot ni mr suave himself, vhong navarro...truly lang nabuhay
ang crowd

-->ang husay talaga ni andrew e, mag-rap!

-->ang galing din ni bayani...biro mo nabuhay crowd sa kanya...

-->magaling na loveteam sina bayani at ai-ai - sana maisip ng channel
2 gawan sila ng comedy film together!

-->mga costumes ni ai-ai...hanep wala akong masabi!

panic buying fans !!!! also foreigners are hording Bench shirts

eto...eto na!!!!
cute na cute na sisters ang ASOS
-->barbie, ang ganda nya talaga.kahit chinese kanta nya buhay ang
crowd...pati na din sa sis nyang si dee...lalo na nung pinasigaw
nyang i love u, asos! hehehe...sobrang bait nilang sisters!!!grabe!!!

-->paglabas pa lang ni vic, nagkagulo na.ang crowd nabuhay! na
namatay few hours ago hehehe.isa lang masasabi ko sa knya habang
kinakanta nya mga songs tunay pala syang tao...akala ko
fiction lang sya.pero nakita ko sa screen ang mga facial expressions
nya.panalo! ang pogi...pamatay ika nga!in fairness, he is really a
good-looking...siguro matured na talaga siya.and firm na body nya ha!

-->talaga naman ang bongga ng entrance ni jerry...biro mo galing sya
sa taas? anong oras kaya siya umakyat dun?grabe na sya ah.talagang
grand entrance habang nag-opening ng yao ding ni.sabi ko sa inyo
makanta lang yao ding ni,kuntento na ako at syempre solve na buhay
ko.grabe natulala ako ilang minuto habang kumakanta sya eh.his songs
made him more and more good looking...biased ba?sensya na me kanya-
kanyang favorites ba...pero favorites ko silang lahat.i mean grabe as
in.makita ko lang sya sa stage ang saya...biro mo nasa pinas sya at
kumakanta...tao nga din pala sya.hehehe!

cousin misao "le anne"

yung iba,hayaan ko na sila ang magpost nun.
gusto ko kanya-kanyang experiences.
para masaya!
si misao, hanggang paguwi, speechless eh.tinamaan...natulala...pati
ako.ewan ko anong mapost nun!

kayo na bahala dito ha!
kayo na magkwento!
pagod na ako eh
di ko lam ano sasabihin ko at san ako magsisimula.up to now, na-
carried away ako sa yao ding ni!!!!!

till here
good morning sa inyong lahat

mitch, ur moderator!
crazy over jerry!and vic is so gorgeous...mind u!

Mos Eisley Az

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dfkodffjkdlsjf sdfjweiorurude d fjfspoj few d fsf
dfjdfjsfsdk fjfopsjd fposdjf sdfj dlfdjsfsdjfdjfsdf

salamat kay gabe, ike, cris, paul, flux,iyan pol, tintin,joon, at sa lajat,..
sa ijyno.ksalammat sa jyno....

badtrip, di ko nasundo kapatid ko.lagot ako ngayon.
di ako nakapunta sa anito game launch.
di ako nakakain ng libre
di ako makatulog
di ako makauwi ng maayos.
di ako maayos ngayon
di ako makakain
nasusuka ako
nahihilo akoo
taragis bitin ang clone wars

i feel empty.

pero saya din at nakapunta ako sa haus ni gabe.
saya.dame nya aso sa bahay. cute cute ng shitzu.

yun lang.
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