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Friday, March 18, 2005

Az visit in town

I just feel good when I go out and I like to travel in some place that is unfamiliar, so my journey yesterday was fun. I hated when I don't have a battery for my digital camera, now I taken a note to myself that I'll reload my camera everytime I go out. I just missed all those adventures and meeting new people.

Az back in UP Diliman
I went to UP Diliman yesterday afternoon to meet Cheska of the UP Anime and Manga Enthusiats to pick up the Star Wars artworks that was used last December at their event, She told me to meet her and pick it up in their home based located at the back of Faculty Center.

But then she told me that she has classes so I better proceed to their venue and they already expecting me to arrive. As I arrive to UP Diliman, I felt this very weird feeling. It's like going back to the past. te hehehheehe...I mean. I got lots of memories back there, from any places in UP Diliman, that's why I loved going there.

Arriving to their based I was greeted by a word "AZRAEL!!!", some guy and a girl shouted my name, to catch my attention and for the surprise of my visit. then I landed to the UP Tomo-Kai homebase tambayan, a Filipino-Japanese friendshio org. They greeted me and invited to have a quick chit chat in their tambayan. To make the chit chats take long, I told them to wait for me as I will go to the UP AME tambayan to pick up the Artworks.

after that our time runs in a 1 hour non stop chit chats and stories and gossip...ALL ABOUT ME! ...darn aahahha

I just learn some stuff from them, from what they heard on this person who rants and give bad criticism on what I do. After hearing that. We all laugh until we ran out of air. I just enjoyed being with these people again. and my visit and stay was last year 2002, I just observed that everything changed, except for the attitude of the people. I'm glad that there are still some people who are respecting me.

Az visit in Druids Keep
after the UP visit, my friend Mico txted me and wants me to go with him to Druids Keep, a new opened hobby shop in Magallanes and it seems that i heard it and it is very popular now.

I rode the MRT and went to Taft station to meet Mico. It was a long way walk after going down from a jeepney in the corner of EDSA and Magallanes. There's this shopping arcade that has a Starbucks and Pancake house. I forgot the name of the Store arcade but if you go there you can find it. The Druids Keep is located at the 3rd floor, the place is very unaccessible to all of us living in Manila but you will never be disappointed when you go there.

After arriving Mico introduces me to the store owner, his name is Felix Cua, also a hobbyist and collector. We chatted and talk about his start on business and also about the comics pop culture. Its nice to stay there, lots of stuff to browse to see and the hospitality is cool.
I can read Wizard and Previews ahaahha!!!

It was a long talk and we notice that we have to leave early coz Mico got troubled on going back coz outside under the Magallanes fly over is no longer safe to stay to get a jeep ride going back to Taft.

Daredevil art by Jason Paz

Also at the shop I met Jason Paz also a comic artist, I showed them all the Star Wars artworks I picked up from UP, and Jason laughed when he saw his artwork last year 2003, and then he told it that it sucks and promised me to make another 2005 Star Wars artwork. I told them that the artworks will be posted in an exhibit on May 23 -24 sci fi convention in Glorietta.

It was tough day! but its a great adventure for me!

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Charging up

all energies charging up...
batteries are nearly full..

the Az man will boost up again!

yup! that's right, i'm back again to my old self, been lost in some freaking woods and now i'm back with a vengeance. So be better be scared.

I already quit in events organizing but it seems that these events are still calling me and here I am now into the state of no thinking and planning..I have just called up a Deviant ART Summit and Convention Philipine Version and I don't know how will I pull it.

Ideas and concept are coming into my brains and I can't let it out of my head. I just need a meeting and release all these stuff in my brain.
I just can't post it here in my blog, because there are lot of people are now reading here and hmm getting the latest scoop on what will happen on the pinoy pop culture. and yes.. we will be creating this pop culture thing.

I just browsed some news about the comic industry here. Some news are bad and some are good. Thanks to them that the comic energies are still present and still strong.

It's already 6:19am and I haven't sleep yet, been busy while ago chatting with Henry, Patrick, Camy, who's still awake before that time and we chat and downloaded some Mp3.

Camy introduces me to this jrock band, Tokyo Jihen, its cool music and I really like the vocals of Shiina Ringo, problem is they dubbed her as the Jrock Queen or Princess or something and I don't like the idea of dubbing her that. Title of the song we downloaded is "Souna". its really cool song. Camy said that the music is always played in Animax. I don't know the idea but all I know is that I don't have Cable TV here at home.
thansk to Patrick for the mp3 download. geez..the power of DSL and the crappyness of dial up. ohhh..sweet unlimited.

(Az looks on TV and watch a Kylie Minogue MTV "I believe in You")

I'm still okay here, and my friends and sister word me up on what they have read on my previous entry, lessons learn and true colors of people had surface. I'm glad that I know their personality and what's really happening in their heads. so here I am will avoid them. coz nearly I started to hate rich people. but thats a bad attitude. coz I have rich friends who are very good to people. well that's how people goes.
may bad at may good.

Me and Lace are having a hard time on each other now. for having a busy sked this week, we only met once for this week and hoping we meet this Friday. she's busy on her school project and I'm busy looking for a REAL JOB, capitalize REAL JOB. ok there you go..

We might try to apply on those call center company this friday. It's her idea but i really like it, especially both of us will apply for the job.
But thing here is, can I make it to the tops? hmm.its a challenge but its a worth of a try.

here's a recent photo of us, and I'm happy to see this image in her cellphone screen wallpaper.She sent me this while ago tru MMS and it landed right into my email inbox. hope I can own a MMS phone.

sorry guys for not yet making a review of your indie comics,
will post reviews of Tabloid Comics and Melch's comics. and I will coz all of those stuffs are FREE. thanks dude!

and here's a juicy and cutey pic that I got someones blog, its a cutey puppy wearing a kimono.
the blog owner describes this puppy as a member of a yakuza.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Who cares if i'm Poor

Image hosted by
Im shocked to see that my name is present on someones blog and they are criticizing my status and I just cant believe that it will be a short topic for their blog.

Who cares If I'm poor?

And I mean it. that I'm not rich.
I dont have a house, a bigger house, a hi tech appliances, a car, bath tub, big bed.
and I don't have much money!

I'm just an ordinary guy with a cute face hahahahaha..

Who cares anyway.
It's my life and why is it that they want to talk about my life in other blog.

its just (beep) weird now.

I want to leave the country ASAP!
I want to be with my family in Chicago, I'm starting to hate it here.

I'l show those people that I'l be super rich next time and if that moment comes
I'm gonna buy all those stuff that they didn't have.

oh geez..when will I get rich.

getting FAMOUS but not getting RICH
hm...maybe this might be my next title for my BLOG

coz im retiring the AZRAEL'S MERRYLAND Blog title.
my girls chasing and dating days are OVER

hm I think the new title will describe me the most!



I feel great to be under the mud!

from a Robin Padilla and Sharon Cuneta Movie
OO na! Mahal Kita!
Langit ka!
Lupa ako!
tsup! tsup! tsup!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Toy Talk series

im just posting this new funny series with attachment of Toyfare's Twisted Mego Theater inspired.

i have to post this coz down below of this entry is much a serious side of myself.

ToyTalk 5
"No Wheeling"

Toytalk 6
"Unicron has a new baby!"

thanks to ~jamstorm of Deviant ART for the photos
a fast edit and fast story made by yours truly.

i did this on Sunday morning and evening just to make myself comfortable.
its a mind refreshing day for me this Sunday.

and I uploaded it in my Deviant ART gallery
coming up:
Reviews of a comic from Burst comics, Fifty peso ninja, the ninja smores, magazines and books!

but dont let me do a movie review of The Village...coz it sucks!!!!!!!
maybe I didnt enjoy it watching thats why..and im glad that theres a lock in that door knob ^__^

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Heal the Az man

It was a badtrip saturday morning (insert foul words here) day for me, as I didn't expect something will come up in front of me.All Fridays seems to fall and then I noticed it last thursday, I tried to ignore it, but (beep) I was right, and my senses and feelings are true, the end of the world is coming at me again.

A terrible wake ups and a terrible approach on that saturday morning, and everything fell into the ground and I wished for a big Tsunami to wash me away of this disappointment and for being demented.

What I did is I ran away from far away home, walk to the very last of my energy until I reached that vast field in Fairview to think, to sleep, and to reflect on what have been gone wrong. I tried to left my phone at home but my sister caught me and then reminded me to bring it.

It was the last way to get in touch of me, and that Time I dont want to be disturb and I want to think and ask myself...why me again!!!!! it always happens..thats why I tried to make my life colorful just to avoid the same old (beep) situation.

my feet is burn out, almost ran out energy, it was 7pm im starting to sleep, probably I think I was dying of exhaustion and dehydration. I think I'm killing myself there in the middle of the field. trying to reach the stars...while I look up to them and wish that the heavens come down and take me with them,.

I opened my cellphone and then I was bombarded by txt messages and a friend txted me to go back home, coz everyone is worried and they didnt know where I am. I closed my phone again coz I read something..a short word of advice given to my by this friend who has a name of a beer with lemonade or ginger beer, with a lifetime offer just to convince me to go back.

But no. I didn't listen. I tried to make myself promise not to listen or talk to anyone.

Then 8pm I opened my phone and someone called me, Im trying to avoid the call, but I changed my mind to answer it, coz its the reason why I must not leave my phone maybe that this call will save me from this spiritless dimension.

and yes..I lost my spirit there, I began to search my soul, but got the feeling that I will burn my self again in someways of work and enjoyment just to forget this.

and Angel I heard through the phone, telling me where I am, what am I doing, after that a moment of exchange of questions, she convinced me to go back home. I just can't let go of this chance, coz it was the last chance given to my by this angel. my life got up once I heard the most beautiful star talking and then decided to go back.

my feet is so tired. its just like im punishing myself, and maybe this will be my sacrifice for the lenten season,bad idea but i have to do that again for HIM. but thats not yet finish. maybe its a lesson that I have to learn last couple of days ago.

As i got home. feel so (beep) tired. then I talk to the star, and then everything went back to normal. but hoping that everything will be normal again when I meet this star again. Its like me hanging on a broken branch of a tree on top of a high ravine.

maybe I'll know the answer soon. but this time I have to be shielded.
coz one decision and one reply will give a big change to all.

-the end-

Hands Off the Web, Bloggers and Lawmakers Say


Internet bloggers should enjoy traditional press freedoms and not face regulation as political groups, lawmakers and online journalists said on Friday.

read more here
I found that article on the net and Its a good idea that they dont touch us all bloggers and online journal writers.

and this is a good topic and example!

people can't tell you what to write to your blogsite.
this is our blogsite. we must put and write something that is right for us. we own this and they dont have the right to pull it off.

I encountered one scene from a friend by a name of Kamote, he posted lots of rants and babble against an individual he hates. For me he did the right thing just to let that anger away from our spirit, we can just leave it there and let the anger go away.

but heres the deal, someone read that entry and he ordered the blog owner to delete it. the poor thing is he deleted it.

ok for this guy, he totally lost his freedom of expression.
and after that he got scared and stopped writing in his blogsite.
poor guy but i know he will rise again and be active in his blog.

even that all of the entry is about me! ahhahaha..its funny..coz his last entry was about me during an event. he tried to cover his self but then i finally caught what's his problem.
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