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Thursday, March 24, 2005

I feel like Heavenly

I'm back from the heavens and It feels good to be floating again
insert E-heads song "Apalapaap"

masdan mo aking mata, di mo ba nakikita?
ako ngayo'y lumilipad at nasa langit na
gusto mo ba? sumama?

and insert Larc en ciel song "Heavenly"

I'm happy today and It feels good to be back in circulation.
nothing to post today but here are the new srewge (skater lingo)
enjoy reading!

Egg Power up

Image hosted by
Balut Eggpress @ Ayala MRT Station

I'm eating this egg food wrapped with this orange thing, I ate some of these in a sidewalk in Cubao years ago, and now you can eat it in a stylish way. no need to go to Cubao or a street sidewalk to munch these eggciting grubs.

Balut Eggspress is the new egg food chain that landed in Ayala MRT Station, and it already catches the attention of all egg lovers and it goes mainstream already. I'm one of those old eaters who grabbed the chance to eat it that deep fried orange wrapped egg. The Price is P16 per Penoy egg and Balut egg, but if you bought two egg, the price will be P30.

I saw the store first time in Ayala MRT Station, when I decided to take the other entrance going to SM Makati, and then I tried one before going home, and it taste great! much better than from the street vendors.
I know that the price is more different, coz the egg sidewalk food cost only P7, but here its P16, its least I know that it is safe from virus and disease.

Balut Eggspress offers Balut, Penoy, deep fried or fresh,. One day old chicken, its a small chick that is a one day old after hatching from the egg, i haven't tried it but looks yummy. orange color deep fried.
Best served with vinegar or sweet and sour sauce.

Also they have brach already in Robinson's Galeria and Place,

really yummy!
try it!

i hope they offer street foods like isaw and adidas in the mainstream food market.

pics from:

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Soul to squeeze me

Image hosted by
I want to say "awwwwwwwwwwww"

well, im busy for now and just enjoying the weekdays coz school days for me is coming and I have to prepare my self next week.

I'm having a self study in English and Grammar, crap I have to practice some more of it. I'm also preparing for a job that requires good communication in english.

thanks to Lace for being my sexy tutor in english ahahha.
she spanks me everytime I have errors, well..its fun to be spanked in my butt.. ahahahah, i'm beaten by a Lasallian english warrior princess.

hmm..and now..i have to read more..

Batman Begins poster
by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer
Posted: March 17, 2005

Warner Bros. Pictures has provided CBR News with an exclusive first-look at the one-sheet poster for the upcoming film "Batman Begins" starring Christian Bale.

Directed by Christopher Nolan ("Insomnia," "Memento"), "Batman Begins" explores the origins of the Dark Knight Detective, from the murder of his parents, to his early training and finally his emergence as the defender of Gotham City.

The film also stars Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Liam Neeson as Henri Ducard, Katie Holmes as Rachel Dodson, Gary Oldman as Lt. James Gordon and Morgan Freeman as Wayne Industries chief Lucius Fox. The film hits theaters June 17th.

For more on "Batman Begins," don't miss our coverage of Bale's appearance at WonderCon last month.

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Pinoy comic art survey

pls send your answers to our Artists' Den member Trish Alcantara

this is for her project thesis research about pinoy comics
and she got Ariel Atienza as her subject topic for the project.

you can send it to her email

you can view Ariel's artwork at


1. Age :

2. Occupation :

3. Gender : m_______ f________

4. Which of Ariel’s comics do you like the most? Why?

a.Drolls b.Class c.Upperclass d.West Side

e.His Story f.Poparazzi

5. What values do you get from his comics? What in your opinion is the most frequent value featured in his comics?

6. Who are the characters (or which works are) related to which value?

7. How does Ariel show these values in his comics?

8. I think values are important. I would not have read his comics if it is without values. 1 2 3 4 5 (1-strongly agree 5- strongly disagree)

*if your answer is 3-5 : What element of comics do you consider more important than values? (visuals, language, story line etc.)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

I'm alive

I'm alive !!!
and survived the wacky vodka.


Image hosted by
here's our photo from the Tantra event
Kris, me, Mark enjoying the free concert and food, thanks to Tantra

hmm..If ever the bomb exploded, and the golden ring of ball and chain is broken.
I'l never open the Merryland again.

I'l close it for a change.
and damn..I hate those patterns

thanks to my Fairy god stellar dreamer for the immediate respond of my call.
too bad that I won't see you in school.
congrats to you and hope you can give me a copy of your graduation pic ^____^

Toxicated Vodka

i drank our vodka here
and i think its already expired or already spoiled.
coz of the weird taste.

i drank half glass of it.

and it taste bad, but its weird that I drank it all up.

I just learned the weird taste is like some sort of toxins.

i feel not good today

txt me at 09275340309, if i didnt respond, pls call the ambulance
I'm alone here at home and I dont know if I got poisoned or not.

for incase of emergeny contact my sis at (edited, number deleted)


txt me around 12nn.
coz i plan to wake up at that time.

[entry edited @ 10am, March 20)

unbalanced beam

I'm standing at the edge of this cliff and there's no way I can go back coz there are hungry wolves on the other waiting for me and wants me to be their dinner.

The hungry wolves approach one by one near me, I dont know what should I do at the 1st place. But the only way is to jump to that cliff just to avoid the wolves.

I decided to jump to that cliff, but luckily I have hold myself a tree below from the edge but still I'm in danger. The fall will kill me instantly. but climbing up will end me my life too, the wolves look down below and waits me to climp up.

I'm trapped again, like an insect stuck in a spider web, waiting for death to come.

There's this another tree branch on the other side. my hand can reach it and climb up on the other side of the cliff far away from the wolves.

But I decided to let go one of my hand.
Let my self hanging there motionless.

Thinking....thinking really hard for this situation.
If I let go and fall to a long instant end.
or climb up and face my quick painful end.

I'm trapped and can't get out.
I want to balance this thing.
its like a relationship..
one false move and your a goner.
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