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Saturday, April 02, 2005

bowow az

this room will be my next limbo dimension next week.

its my 4th day of enrolment inferno in FEU and i've doin that for almost my life, sometimes I finish my enrolment within a week, It's like hell everyday coz its so hot! hot! hot! hot! I always get dizzy when 12nn time is coming and the heat and sunlight gives a bad reaction to my eyes, so I wear my 2 sunglasses to protect my eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

next week it will be my comeback to school again, im so excited to a student again bye bye to my extra curricular actvities. my focus now is work and school ahaha...

Sunny day for the two monster

Food monsters strikes again!!!

the pizza monsters are back and this time we didn't have pizza to eat but instead we turn to be a noddle monsters haaha..last time we got a burger, i mean the biggest burger in Bubba Gumps. and now we dine in to Northpark and Lace stuff my belly full of noodles and at the end of the day we both got tired and enjoyed watching the movie "Ms.Congeniality", yup its a girlie movie..but I like the humor and action.. Sandra Bullock is funny and sexy!

and then we surfed the whole mall in search for her perfect bikini.

hmmm..have to blog more coz this might be my last ahaahahah

Lace in the Matrix program:Shopping

here's my latest artwork in my deviant art.
i really like the photo, the blurred effects give a nice effects on the pic, and leaving the subject on its normal composition, here edited with photoshop to give full effects of the matrix program

visit my link here for my Deviant art gallery.

April fools day

I'm sexy!

for those of you saw my Boracay pics in my multiply account and to those who didnt read the notice below...all of those photos are fakes!!!

thos photos are not from Boracay, those are photos from our Zambales trip last year, I uploaded some Boracay photos I downloaded from the internet and put some description to match with my fake Boracay trip during the Holy week,. the truth is I'm here at home sitting and eating outside aahahha..

sorry folks! that's my April Fool's Day...ahaah..and I'm laughing my ass out coz i fooled everyone..

here's the link of the photo album
of my fake Boracay beach out ahahha..

the truth is I haven't got off Luzon.

PSP, a manga killer application

holy sweeeet !!!!
i didn't know that the PSP can view images and ebooks and ecomics
this is technology hahahahahaa

heya my brother...bili ka na din!


t’s the hottest personal entertainment product since the iPod, able to handle games, photos, music, video and more...but will manga be the killer app for Sony’s PSP?

In an article at, it’s reported that scanslated manga (manga translated into English by English-speaking fans) is the hottest upload for the new device. According to the report, manga began showing up on the PSPs days after the portable gaming system debuted in Japan.

The PSP’s format allows for images to be viewed as jpegs (after being uploaded on the rewriteable Memory Stick) on the 480 x 272 LCD screen. The article mentions that there are literally hundreds (with more showing up every hour) of scanslated manga to be found, including Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys, Freesia by Jiro Matsumoto, and Homunculus by Hideo Yamamoto.

The PSP’s relatively small size makes it an ideal viewer for manga pages, which typically have fewer panels than Western comics.

Of course, as is noted, there are some solidly gray legal areas invovled with both scanslation and downloading manga for use on a PSP.

One can only assume that some savvy manga publisher is already eyeing the PSP as a functional medium for an upcoming release, or at least a test-market of previously released manga.

Click above for the full article.

Convention update

update later.....

Friday, April 01, 2005

Vote Jaclyn Lim for the SWI Bikini Bodies 2005

vote my friend Jac!!!!!

"Slimmers World International, the leader in fitness, slimming and beauty will exhibit its fresh batch of bodies to die for in this year's Mr. & Ms. Bikini Bodies 2005! With 26 candidates vying for the grand prize to be this year's sexiest body on the beach, all our candidates went through the most rigorous screening in the history of Bikini Bodies.

With over 80 applicants showing up for the screening in their best shape ever, the panel had to skim the line up to come up with this year's Bikini Bodies final 26 candidates. Bikini Bodies is a competition, which aims bring out the best looking body to ever hit the beach. We are in search of the best physique, skin quality, sex appeal to compliment any bikini.

All 26 candidates will strut their stuff on a tropical paradise setting in the jewel of the north! To dance to the music of the tropics to create the complete tropical experience as all 26 candidates will put on display their best bikini shape ever.

Slimmers World Bikini Bodies 2005 will be on April 16, 2005. Witness as we crown the hottest bodies in bikini this summer as the winners bring home the title and P25,000 in cash and prizes."

Jaclyn Ting Lim

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Im here in school waiting for the lunch time to pass, I just went out while ago to settle something and I just discovered that the unbalanced beam will return again..and its so muddy here in my place!

having some trouble walking..i didn't even eat..or drink...almost dehydrated.

been punished once again. and I'l receive it with all what I can.

pheww....enrolment here in school are still slow, well a setup has been implemented
and now I'm like a blind rat sniffing and asking what to do.

I'm glad that they are very cooperating..ehehe

im gearing up for school on Monday! weeee!

im hoping that the unbalanced beam returns to normal and the golden ring of ball and chain regain its shine.

all I can say is that my day is MAPUTIK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

now im hoping to watch that Avril LAvigne and Simple plan concert..maybe they can save me too.
just like Incubus did to me last time.

oh is peachy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Artists Meet and Greet

Image hosted by
Harold's traditioal painting on his version of SD Preadtor

Me and the Artists' Den and also some artist friends will meet Harold Purnell, a pinoy-australian comic artist-illustator. We will have another artist meet and greet at Starbucks Robinsons' Place Manila.

he is a great artist like us, and the coolness of his style is always sticked to the traditional use of art.

here's his letter to us.

Hi Azrael,

My name's Harold Purnell. I work as a Artist in Australia. I'm here in Manila at the moment and was wondering if you know where I can get in contact with other filipino comicbook artists? I thought it would be a great way to meet some people here, because I don't know anyone here in Manila.
Jonas Diego suggested to contact you as you know a few of the local artists here. I thought perhaps if I met some artists here we might be able to collaborate on something in the future...

I'm staying at the Pearl Manila Hotel in Ermita, near the Robinson Shopping Centre, if you know where I might be able to meet some of these guys you can get me on {number deleted}

I have a website here if you want to check out some of my work.

Thanks for your help,


Az Summer Vacation

I'm starting to get lazy updating my blog and I'l become busy soon and this might be my last week for vacation. School is coming this April 4, and I'l enroll for my summer class this March 30 and hoping that I grab a good schedule so that I can set my sked for work, school, friends and Lace.

It's a crappy week for my this Holy week, but I'm talking about the internet connection, I just finished creation this website for Lace, it will be used as a material for their project. It's nice that I designed a shopping online website again after the 3 years of cancellation of my online shop. And I miss it, and now we are planning to put a real online shop soon. Maybe It will be a good start again managing the business, I want to rich hehehehe... (oppss scrolls down to the past entries)

I'm reading some stuffs lately, from books and internet articles just to feed my brain and to know the latest news and events happening everywhere, in otherwords- I want to be updated. But the Anime Life is over so I'm gearing up on the serious side and bye bye to Anime. People grows up and I observed that the Anime community here is no longer that healthy and I don't like it anymore. So that's why I left the community.

so much for personal stuffs heehheheh..
here are the latest wacky news for the Merryland.
as for my new readers! hello and welcome to Azrael's Merryland.
not just my merryland...but it's for everyone's merryland.

3rd Kick

Az and Lace

yup its our 3rd month as a couple of pizza monsters hahhahah
I'm glad that everything is going smooth again.
I really love this girl!

I promised her a marathon of Tenjou Tenje anime series. and hmmm
I have to grab some blank cdr for the series..
helo patrick! ehhe..tnx for the series!

Toy Talk no.7

photograph by: Mark Cerbo
edited and words by : me
tools: Nikon Camera and Photoshop 6.0 and Nagaraya nut crackers

Snake Eyes Vs. Catwoman
"Escape from Gotham claws"

that's a Snake Eyes, G.I. Joe 2000 edition and Catwoman Microman edition.
the action figure belongs to Mark, one our toy maniacs

If they can post a weekly comicstrip in their blogs.
I can do that too, so here's my version of comic creation.
inspired from Toyfare Twisted Mego Theater.

Az and Boracay

check out my photos here

my mom got mad and then later on laugh at me when she saw my photos
be sure to view all the pictures and dont skip any pic when viewing.
you might discover something hmm...HOT!

music blahs

Avril Lavinge and Simple Plan will have a concert here on March 30, and crappy dap dap I dont have money to watch, I'm thinking to go there at the Fort and watch and listen to their live music outside the perimeter.
Well..people did that during the Mariah Carey concert and they watch it live in this Giant screen outside the Concert area. and hell...I want to watch the concert for FREE, just like in that Incubus concert, thanks to my friends for grabbing the ticket. and now.once again...I'm praying for another FREE ticket for Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan concert.

I think I need some music medication, I miss live music and rock live shows. I' watching MTV always and saw this Live rock music and I'm surfing now trying to find some gigs from the local scene.
I need to go out and listen to MUSIC !!'s a lyrics I like from THE KILLERS' Mr.

I'm coming out of my cage
And I've been doing just fine
Gotta gotta gotta be down
Because I want it all
It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this
It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss
Now I'm falling asleep
And she's calling a cab
While he's having a smoke
And she's taking a drag
Now they're going to bed
And my stomach is sick
And it's all in my head
But she's touching his chest
Now, he takes off her dress
Now, let me go

I just can't look its killing me
And taking control
Jealousy, turning saints into the sea <-- i like this part.
Swimming through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibis
But it's just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
Cause I'm Mr Brightside

and there you go.I can see some part of my self in that song.
well..sort of.

Safe Sex is Smart Sex

I always see this advertisement in MTV, and I really like the concept of that commercial. They have this lots of version, sometimes guys and girls talk to their selves in the mirror trying to have this conversation practice for that guy, convincing them to use CONDOM. one of the girls says " If you really love me, then use and wear a condom".

It's nice to hear this stuff and I like the idea of the Ad, and its a short stop 30-sec sex education for all younglings.

i know everyone is doing, but to prevent diseases and having unwanted pregnancy...just use a condom to solve and prevent the problem.

so here's a link for the Top 10 Sex Myths

visit for more info

maybe this will help to some of my friends who ask me some questions every week or almost other day after they doing it. eheheh.. and I think this might help them.
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