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Friday, October 13, 2006

4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar
production note 19

I estimated that the production note will reach to 20. but here I am already writing number 19 hahahaha. The event will be tomorrow and everyone in GHG is busy, everything is in place, the only task Im going to do is distribute these event IDs to sponsors and partners of our event.

we have a meeting David Campiti yesterday, and I gave him my progress report on the current and past situation of the comic seminar administrative job that I made, and I just told him that marketing and advertising the event is smooth and going well, and I just predict that we might go on jam packed for tomorrow.

after the meeting, I saw this poster in 3rd floor of megamall, and took our chances having our photo near it. hahahha

Lace and Misyel

Banzai Lace !

convention addcit Az still rocks!!! see you all tomorrow !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cebuano Lace tomorrow

Im excited to see Lace, tomorrow she will arrive here in Manila at 10AM, we've been away to each other since last sunday and I hope she bought me Buko Pie, coz I promised her a flower and sampaguita when she arrives in the Cebu Pacific Airport, oh ha! parang artista noh.
Maybe soon on her next business trip I can join her coz college days for me are nearly over

A Live Web Event with Paulo Coelho

HarperCollins and present A Live Web Event with Paulo Coelho
International Bestselling Author of The Alchemist and The Zahir

Join Paulo Coelho as he discusses his books and answers your questions. This is a FREE event. All you have to do is register, and login at 3 pm ET on Wednesday, Oct. 11. We will be sending you reminder emails.

Throughout this web event you can submit questions to Paulo and hear his responses. All you need is access to a computer, an internet connection, and audio capabilities (built-in or external speakers). The questions will be posed to Paulo by a moderator -- Beliefnet Spirituality Editor Valerie Reiss. While Paulo is talking, you can view a slide presentation about him and his books, and submit your questions via the event interface. Once you register, you will be brought to a confirmation page, which will have information on system requirements and how to login to the event.

click here to register

// check this!

You are now registered for the live web event with bestselling author Paulo Coelho at 3 pm ET onWednesday, October 11."

hhahaha! Im now registered, I know that day will be my thesis night job, so I guess that I might be awake at 3AM of Oct 12.

thanks so much to pikpakbum for posting the goodie news, I read 2 titles already, Alchemist and Eleven Minutes, thanks to Lace for convincing me to read those.
If you like to start to read his novels, I suggest that you read first The Alchemist.
We have here The Zahir, but its still tight air sealed, means never been opened hahhaha, maybe Ill continue reading after this semester.

also, inviting Paulo Coelho here in Manila for a book signing event is one of the lined dream project for me. (no kidding!)


4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar
production note 18

Im busy!!! and it looks like SCHOOL THESIS vs. COMIC SEMINAR
which is which????

well I can finish my thesis tomorrow and submit it on thursday, while I can have a friday deadline to do some task for the comic seminar, the marketing ad campaign works really well, and now my cellphone is bombarded with txt and call inquiries of the seminar.. thats a good sign.

Even people from out of Luzon will be flying in here just to participate in the seminar.

mini stop and the mystery inside my orange bag

Yesterday I met up with Pedz for the poster of the seminar to be posted in the UST comic org, at first I didn't know that he will be one of person that I'll meet. thanks guys for promoting the seminar!

It was good meeting with Alfredo Alcala Jr. and Alex Manabat, we were working out a comic art exhibit of Alfredo Alcala Sr. and Nick Manabat. we decided to put it on a big panel boards and also re locate it so that it is visible even if you outside the conference lobby.

you can still enter the lobby, coz the seminar happens inside the hall. you can check out the art exhibit and also the booths of Guhit Pinoy and DA Meat.

dinner and analysis...

it was a busy day for me yesterday, and after my Oral Thesis Defense, I managed to complete all my task... Ok. I still have one task to do.. visit Fullybooked Rockwell, Neo Comics and Enchated Kingdom

the big event is near......

eBay Explained! 2006

check this out! I have my ebay account already and still I haven't make it active.
I have less sales, its hard to penetrate that market. but maybe If I attend here I can boost up my sales and also get marketing tips.

For the first time in Asia, Jim Griffith, Dean of eBay Education & eBay University
Instructor will be flying in to host eBay Explained!2006 in Philippines!

Griff has shared his eBay expertise with audiences across the US and now he will be in Philippines for only one day to share his knowledge on how you can make your eBay selling, searching and shopping more effective and become successful online buyers and sellers.

• Tricks of the trade
• Strategies for safe, secure, hassle-free eBay buying and selling
• Tips and shortcuts for even the most technologically challenged
• Success stories about people whose lives have been changed by eBay.
Whether it’s just a desire to make some extra money, buy the latest gadgets and gizmos, or start a new business, eBay is the best online destination. With a community that stretches around the world buying and selling millions of items each and every day, eBay is the world’s online marketplace. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the eBay Guru himself!

Registration is open from now till 31 October 2006

Monday, October 09, 2006

Defense! Defense!
today is my oral defense to my thesis........

buti na lang my tips sa internet.

Top Ten Tips for Surviving the Oral Defense:

  1. Arrive early and have everything you need.

  2. Be mindful of your physical appearance. Don't act paralyzed. Try to relax and take charge of the situation.

  3. Make eye contact and connect with your audience. Avoid nervous habits.

  4. Take a moment to compose your responses. Clarify the question if necessary.

  5. Answer the questions directly. Don't ramble.

  6. Don't be afraid to correct mistakes before anyone pounces on them.

  7. Reframe negative questions before responding. Deflect emotionally laden questions.

  8. Stand up for yourself but in a positive way. Don't argue with your committee.

  9. Never lie (or you die).

  10. Tape record the discussion if possible. (You'll never remember it otherwise!)

Comic Odyssey Opening and Signing

hehheehe I was'nt there and failed to attend the opening and signing, thanks to Gerry for uploading his video blog about the signing. Its cool to see Comic Odyysey, Robinson's Galeria, I think thats the biggest comic shop I've seen here in Manila. I have to check it my self later, Il try to visit it and maybe shop for good buys of comics.

funny thing is that, at first I thought that the signing will be in Robinsons Manila.

from :

Also check out The new Forum of The Philippine Komiks Message board.

Sunday, October 08, 2006 update

its a miracle! Its sunday and I updated a new layout for my site, Im a little bit rusty in web developing, coz Im stuck in events organizing, but the truth is that I really want to continue my web designing rackets.
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