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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Banquet

ye-yan-zhang-ziyi-kaka1.jpg banquet-ye-yan-zhang-ziyi-12.jpg banquet-ye-yan-daniel-wu-03.jpg
photos from

i wasn't aware about the story of this movie, all I know that it is a Zhang Ziyi movie and Its a must see movie and I know it is good, we've been waiting for this movie last month. I think my advice is that you should research first about the backside of the story in the internet, I experience a lot of brain twisting puzzle, trying to read the english subtitles clearly and focus more on the visuals. Heres a hint, if you know the story of Hamlet, you'll get the idea, but it is not more like Hamlet, its another story that gives a similarity but when you watch this, you will forget the origin of the backside of it.

I was expecting too much Crouching Tiger and that Daggers-something movie. But this is more different, yes, there are some action scenes, but the setting is more like in the dynasty era, so Im very excited to see how they rule and how they used to live in that era, it was a great cultural exchange for me, Im not sure if they do the same as the old culture, but here in the movie, my popcorn got empty and my big ice tea ran out, and i didnt noticed that my hands are full of cheese powder.

its a good one!
they got me there and the visuals and costumes are great !
everything is impressive. now I get it why they want this movie to be one of the official entry for the Oscar Awards.

Im good, Im pogi and I kick more ass than Jet Li

ok! Im excited for a premiere night treat on Monday.
we will be watching "The Prestige" whoohoh.. Wolverine Vs. Batman Vs. Alfred Vs. Gobling King Vs.Gollum Vs. The Island

Japanese Bazaar 2006

Lace just saw this ad in a newspaper and I had this interest in japanese items, so we decided that we plan this the day before and head there early in order to get some good buys, I remember that 8 years ago I was invited to a school fair in Manila Japanese School in BF 2 Paranaque and there It was my first time to be exposed in a japanese community, in there I used my knowledge for the first time having a short conversation with real japanese, it seems a little bit difficult coz they talk so fast. im glad that they are nice and hospitable.
also its my first time to see a japanese inide rock band playing on stage. in there I just bought a box of manga comics priced at P1.00 each :)

ok for the present japanese bazaar 2006. I was very disappointed and I expected too much in their bazaar.
no mangas, no comics, posters, no anime, no japanese tshirts, shoes and everything that we like to see that it is not so common here in Manila. i found only are japanese toilet bowls, cars, jars, condominium and tiangee items.

when we saw that, we decided to eat our lunch at Teriyaki boy.

then we pose a pic with a bridge and standees.

funny,, the ad has no contact numbers and also time of the bazaar.
but i guess they might have some cool items on the other day.
but I wont go back there to check it out.

you can view some of our photos here

Sakura Lace

Az beats E.Honda and Yokozuna

meal lunch for the day.....japanese style

booths and booths and booths... misyel and lace

Friday, October 20, 2006

Komikon 2006

Tomorrow it will be the 2nd Philippine Komiks Convention, and its theme marks its celebration of 120 years of Komiks.Too bad that I wont be there coz Im scheduled to attend o Lace's family member funeral in one of the province of Cavite, it will be a long ride from our town to reach the mountain area of Cavite.

Im glad that this is the 2nd Komikon, I haven't been there to attend the event that I created with the Artists Den, This is my vision and dream that materializes after 5 years being with the art group, and its sad that I wont be there celebrating another year for Komikon., I might gear this up for next year, rebuild and expand just like my other events. But its okay.. My dream has come true and thanks to all of YOU !

so to everyone! just have fun and do enjoy!
to those who will sell their comics! reserve me a copy and I will buy on the next event.



Entrance Fee of the Event : P50


Benjamin Ong, writer for emailed me this update about his research and also interview about Comics in the Philippines, He emailed me also about some inquiry on contacts to other artists, He thought that I was a comic creator and then he sent me an interview question for this article, but I told him that Im not a comic creator, Im only a comic reader and comic event organizer here in Manila. Im glad that he sent this update and Im so happy to see that they used the word KOMIKS with a "K" in their article. This is only part I, I think more of it will be release after the Komikon event.

by Benjamin Ong Pang Kean

If names like Panday, Angel Ace, Flash Bomba, Lastikman, Darna, and Captain Barbell sound unfamiliar to you, it’s because they’re comic book characters from the Philippines.

In celebration of the 120th anniversary of komiks (that’s the Filipino term for comics), spoke with komikeros (i.e. cartoonists or comic artists) from the island nation in Southeast Asia.

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Incidentally, October is also Filipino American History Month and 2006 marks the 100th year of Filipino migration to the United States.

Also, the second Philippines Komiks Convention, Komikon 2006, is scheduled for Saturday, October 21 in Quezon City.

Just how big is the komiks industry in the Philippines?

According to writer/artist/inker/The Philippine Comics Art Museum webmaster and curator Gerry Alanguilan, komiks in the Philippines has had a very rich history, tracing its roots way back to the late 1800's when national hero Jose Rizal created what would be the very first Filipino made comic strip, "The Monkey and the Tortoise”.

“But it wasn't until 1929 on the pages of Liwayway Magazine that the first regularly published comics character was born: Kenkoy, as created by Tony Velasquez,” Alanguilan explained to Newsarama. “Liwayway Magazine (which is still being published today) is pretty much where the Philippines comics industry was born when the comics section grew to accommodate more short stories and artists. Liwayway is where artists like Fred Carrillo debut.

“1946 saw the very first regularly published "comic book" via the short lived Halakhak, and a year or so later, in 1947, saw birth ACE Publications, which debut several comic books that will see publication for many decades. It is in ACE that artists like Tony DeZuniga, Nestor Redondo, Alfredo Alcala, Alex Niño, Rudy Florese, Ernie Chan and many other Filipino artists familiar to people abroad, began to work.

“It's an astounding body of work. To see what kinds of comics those Filipinos were able to do, I've put up an online museum which you can find at

“A lot of these artists eventually found work in American comics at the very end of the 1960's, and it was since then and all throughout the 70's did America finally see a huge treasure trove of artists as yet unknown to the western world.”

Alamat Comics founder Budgette Tan concurred that it used to be a thriving industry back in the 1950s and 60s. “Its circulation supposed out-ranked newspapers and had nationwide distribution,” he said. "Back then, komiks was a major source of feature films; and later on became material for TV shows as well.

“Ironically, the 70's also saw the start of the decline of Philippine comics due not only to the mass exodus of artists to America, but also to a number of other factors including the declaration of Martial Law in 1972, where restrictions on creativity forced many artist to leave or retire altogether,” Alanguilan said. “The komiks, as comics are referred to here, were still popular and financially profitable for the companies. But the quality of the comics themselves, specially the artwork, suffered a marked decline. It is a decline that will continue well into the 90's until at last it will collapse soon after.

Alanguilan said that the Filipino artists doing work in the US by this time included Redondo, Alcala, Niño, Florese, ER Cruz, Gerry Talaoc, Rico Rival, Jesse Santos, Teny Henson, Romeo Tanghal, Abel Laxamana, Ading "Adrian" Gonzales and so many more. For a more complete listing, please see Comic Book Artist Magazine Vol. 2 #4, which features an in-depth look at Filipinos who worked in US Comics.

“Rafael Kayanan was probably the very first US based Filipino (not born in the Philippines) to find work there beginning in the 80's and found work on Conan, Spider-Man, Turok, etc. He would signal the start of a new invasion of Filipino artists, the most popular of which was Whilce Portacio.

read more of it here >>>

Thursday, October 19, 2006

4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar 2006

Video Coverage Day 2

check out some live lectures, interviews, testimonials and Harvey Tolibao's stand up act.

here's the video coverage, hosted by

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Coca Cola and Pinoy SuperHeroes

I was wondering about the new banner ad that Coca Cola used in Glorietta. It features pinoy superheroes, and for me.... it was super cool !
I think there was a tie up going on with the Mars Ravelo creations and Coke

Lace and Azrael Superhero of the land of the pizza eating monster

Oct 18, 2006
here's the explanation at last!

Hi Az,

The current Coke campaign is all about "Buhay Coke.
Buksan mo." which is why you'll see all the current
Coke materials showing different things coming out of
the Coke bottle.

And since Kajo Baldisimo is one of the Art Directors
of the Coke team in McCann, it was only appropriate
that he do an ad featuring super heroes. At first it
was just supposed to be generic super-heroes, but they
were able to get approval to use Darna and Lastikman
and that's what got produced.

Astig, di ba? :)


Sunday, October 15, 2006

4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar
production note 20 and photo coverage

more photos to be published soon online taken by

I decided to put this up early before I leave going to the conference center.
I got the keys of the hall so I have be there at 9am for the setup.

here are some photos from yesterday's comic seminar

I didn't know in the first place that this Alaska kid printed in our Alaska cans
is one of the artwork paintings of Alfredo Alcala

David Campiti leads the seminar the whole day

manila comics seminaristas

Alfredo Alcala and Nick Manabat Comic Art Exhibit

portfolio review at the end of the seminar day one
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