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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Autodesk M3 Launch

yesterday was the launching of the new version of Maya, Motion Builder and 3D Studio Max. I haven't install this software in my PC, I got lost to its video graphic requirement, so having a live walkthrough in the seminar gives me a good learning run about this animation software.

see me!! Im listening well hhahhhh, too bad that the view at the back is not good. people infront of me are humongous.

during break...
when the coffee maker disrupt the power supply of the laptop and projector

my sis and her friend was there too

Im surprised to see every new feature of their software. It seems that every year they always release new versions and by attending their seminar and launch, I can backtrack the stuff they showed from last year and now they showed us new and easy ways in editing part.

snack time is the best! I met one of the guy from MicroCAD and they are looking for part time teacher of 3DS.

Friday, October 27, 2006 Hacked !!

I was wondering sometime ago that whenever I visit a friend's blog who uses I always received this log in for domain-host server. But at first I thought that I did sometime wrong with my own C-panel. But when I tried it in other PC's I just found the same pop ups of C-panel.

I began to search an answer and saw that has been hacked !!!!

I did never received any email notice from the service provider, coz I no longer use it.

but I found this email in one of the forums customers,

First, I would like to apologize for the email you received yesterday. There was a glitch in our email system and approximately half of the emails were sent out with the wrong content. Here is the message you were supposed to receive.

I would like to apologize for (and, as a result, your board) being down. We are working to restore normal service, but are having to make some temporary changes for a short time. The domain name "" has been hijacked, and it is controlled by a third party who has taken the site down. We are going through the process of getting the domain name returned to us, but it seems that during this process, the hijacker intends to harm as many of our customers as possible.

As a temporary measure while we await the outcome of the domain resolution, we have registered The site will continue to work as normal with this new domain name. You can go into your HTML code and modify the links to change the .com to .biz, or you can login to your Admin Page and get a new block of HTML code.

Once again, we apologize for the difficulty and the problems that you are having right now, and for our part in them. As soon as we have control of the domain name again, you will be able to go back to using, although we will keep working so that you do not need to make changes if you do not want to.

Thank you for using our service, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems.

Ed Bynum

//advice to all, if you have your own website and have a Cpanel account, dont try to enter your user name and your password. the hacker may steal it and destroy your account. Im not sure if the hacker did that fake Cpanel site. But i think one of my website's cpanel account and password was changed when I tried to enter it and then when I try logging it.. then....bam!!!! the site was gone! damn ! // my other advice... remove your html tag in all of your blogs!!!!!

switch to

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Whilce Portacio in Manila
Production Note 1

This is my first ever production note for this event, I just posted my insights about this last month in my other blog entry Manila Bats!, and i guess I will have to put up more energy for the big production. You already read about the title in my entry, and yes, me and Whilce are planning for his Manila Tour and we we are not talking about just a comic book signing. We are targeting a convention and seminar for this event. The event was planned before by another party, but they backed out for a good reason, Now I was told to the part. And after evaluating and studying about this, I already decided take some short step in events planning.

The plan was to hold it in December 2006, in time of the release of Batman:Confidential, but the time is already limited so I decided to moved it next year in order to have a good length of time organizing it. DC comics convention will be next year so I already talked to the organizers if it is okay to tie up with them for the event. They said it was ok. But the problem is that Whilce will be in another convention in Florida and there is a conflict of schedule, so right now Im trying to get a good venue for his return.

There will be a Toycon in Cebu on January 2007, but I dont have the new updates about that. Also theres a possibility that Whilce will fly to attend the Toycon Cebu, we dubbed it as ToyCon Sinulog. But Im still gearing up getting sponsors to help us fund the big event. I will try to get in touch with comic shop owners soon if they are willing to partner with us. Right now Im still continuing the study of the event and all of it are still in my mind and will be on paper soon.

The teaser video above was supposed to be played at the Comic Seminar, I have problems in using Mac, so I decided to annouce it, but I dont know if someone listened to it hahhahaha.
the video was supposed to be launched at the Komikon. But I failed to attend again so I decided to release it in Youtube. More updates will be posted soon in the official event website <-- im not yet sure if this will be the official event website. Il talk first to my webhost sponsor if they can sponsor us a domain good for a year.

Webcam Live in my blog

for now on everytime that I will be online, you can now see me live here in my blog.
check out the lodaing flash board above. provides a very good service converting my live webcam video feed into a flash version webcam live. The delay is 5 seconds, but before you go on live, you have to log in first to your account and then load the live webcam in your board. then if you have embeded the tags in your blog, you can now go on Live !!

I've been looking for a way on how to put a live webcam in a blog, and thanks to our fellow Youtubers that I discovered this new web feature!

you can try and use it !!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Heroes' Convention

October 29
1pm - 5pm
Rockwell Tent

A Superhero's Halloween Event

This Halloween, Rockwell invites its young superheroes to participate in A Heroes' Convention, at the Rockwell Tent this Halloween! A variety of fun activities and superhero games await the passport bearers, so hurry and get yours soon!

Tickets available for P350 (inclusive of 1 child and 1 adult) starting October 13 at the Customer Care Desk, Power Plant Mall.

For more information, call 898-1702.

// Im not involved in this events, but if you plan to attend any halloween party for this year, in this post is one of my recommendation . //

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

COMMDAP Expo 2006 take 2

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

See IT Use IT Buy IT

Makati City, Philippines
COMDDAP opens its 20th Computer Exposition on Oct
26 - 29, 2006 at the COMDDAP Tent, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

With over 40 companies exhibiting and 40,000 expected visitors, this year’s show will again be the biggest IT event of 2006. Highlighted will be the software alley where locally developed hardware and peripherals will be displayed. The first Philippine Amazing Race in cyberspace will be an event to watch during the show. Check out our exhibit section for more details.

//oh yeah! Il be there this thursday and Im glad that the Tent is already been repaired after the Typhoon Milenyo. But the Le Pavillion Tent, according to sources that the repairs will be complete till next year. ...duhh.. 3 months to wait ?? awwwww.. //

The Prestige

magic is a trick
magic is a mystery
magic is a part of science

magic gives us free ticket for the movie premiere of The Prestige

"We can't believe it ! to see is to believe!!!!"

The line going to the magic show of the year

2 volunteers who will assist the magician in cutting the chicken into half

Michael Caine and Hugh Jackman in Touchstone Pictures' The Prestige
"Alfred, This is uncomfortable, I really like having those claws back!"

Hugh Jackman in Touchstone Pictures' The Prestige
they fight for the trick...the amazing and spectacular transporting man

Anthony DeMarco and Christian Bale in Touchstone Pictures' The Prestige
"This coin came from Two Face"

Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman in Touchstone Pictures' The Prestige
"See this? It heals and my mutant power is back!"
"You're not my type as my Boy Wonder, I rather work alone"

director Nolan tricked us again and for me this movie really bugged my visuals as I got being hooked in the story, Im wondering that maybe this kind of story is true. The concept of having two magicians destroy each other just to be on top of the career of being a magician and performer. During the middle of the movie you will be puzzled on how those trick works. especially about the disappearing act. You'll hate both characters, but in the end you will choose which side of them is right and wrong. Just listen and dont mind their English accent.
for me...this movie rocks the magical equation and the greatest magic trick of all will be reveal..

Watch it! and don't rent it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The long march

it was my first time to do a coverage of a funeral for Lace's relatives and It was very tiring and my hypertension kicks back giving me a hard time to breathe and rest during the funeral walkathon going to the cemetery. Lace was left home suffering from a stomach ache, so it leaves me and her sister to do the coverage, acting as videographer and also a photographer.

I've met my other half's relatives and also my journey to the far reaches of Cavite going down to Maragondon. It was a beautiful site to see this old church and also the Trial Site of Andres Bonifacio. they say that under this church has a udnerground river, mythical tales about a giant castle was build under it were souls of people who drowned in the river rest there. Also at the back of the church is a old cemetery.

thanks to the carbonara monster for calling me and giving me updates about the komikon. so here we are fixing some personal matters and This monday Im back to work again!

The Prestige movie premeire will be tonight! lucky people will be contacted by me if there are extra tickets, Glorietta 4, Cinema 6 @ 7pm
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