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Saturday, May 29, 2010

FOOD: Nestle Pops: Ice cream you can enjoy wherever you go

The past weeks have been some of the hottest and most humid in memory, and even with the traditionally wet month of June coming up, the sizzling weather doesn’t look to be going away soon. With each day seemingly hotter than the last, people have been running to their neighborhood stores to stock up on an old summer favorite: ice cream. (more below)

Power Mac Center Greenbelt all set to relaunch
Power Mac Center, a chain of reliable retail shops and service providers of Apple products and premium accessories in the country, is all set to relaunch its revamped flagship outlet in Greenbelt 3, Makati City on May 28.

Shopping is made more convenient at the new Greenbelt store with its more spacious and efficient layout. The new expanded services section now also features a 1-on-1 tutorial room, a dedicated software testing area, a new 20-seater classroom as well as an upgraded service center. New products such as the recently launched MacBook and the premium Beats by Dr. Dre headphones is now made available in the new store. (more below)

The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2 Auditions at Fitness First
The hit weight-loss TV show, The Biggest Loser Asia, which has seen the transformation of Asia’s heavy-weights in achieving their fitness goals, is now holding auditions for its second season on June 5, 2010 Saturday at the Fitness First Club in Mall of Asia.

Last season, seven Filipinos took part in the show with our very own Carlo Miguel reaching the semi finals. With perseverance and determination, participants of the show were able to improve the quality of their lives through fitness. Geared with a renewed outlook in life and healthier bodies, these participants returned home as winners regardless of how far into the season they stayed in the show. ( more below)

CONTEST: P100,00 Dream Kitchen and a Trip abroad for the SM Hypermarket Super Chef 2010

SM Hypermarket has launched the latest and greatest edition of its Super Chef series by turning it into a reality show – think Iron Chef meets American Idol meets Survivor.

Super Chefs is open to anyone who can cook, be they housewives, carinderia owners, culinary school students or professional chefs. The competition is divided into three stages: 1) audition; 2) elimination; and the 3) grand finals.

The Super Chefs grand finals will be aired on the Asian Food Channel and hosted by Chef Tristan Encarnacion. (more below)

MOBILE: Get the ultimate surfer's high from Globe BlackBerry MAx

Have you ever been browsing the web with your BlackBerry handheld, merrily tweeting your updates, when you suddenly hit a red light trying to watch the latest “American Idol” ep on YouTube? It could happen. While your BlackBerry can get you onto most websites free and clear, there’s a small handful of sites that require you to switch on a separate internet access first before getting into the site. The moment you do that, you get billed an additional P 5 for every 15 minutes of web browsing on those sites, using your BlackBerry. (more below)

TECH: The BlackBerry "Super Apps" Developer Challenge

PRESS - BlackBerry Partners Fund Launches BlackBerry "Super Apps" Developer Challenge
Total prize package valued at over US$1.5 Million
BlackBerry Partners Fund has launched the third annual BlackBerry Partners Fund™ Developer Challenge. This year, the Challenge will focus on “Super Apps” and asks developers to showcase applications that take advantage of the BlackBerry® Application Platform’s unique capabilities.

With the international growth of the BlackBerry developer community, this Challenge will be the first to recognize BlackBerry® smartphone applications on a regional basis across four global regions – North America, Latin America, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific. Applications can be submitted to the Challenge starting today and entries will be accepted until September 6, 2010. To apply, visit and complete the application form. Both newly developed and existing applications can be entered into this year’s BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge. (more below)

the day when my plans died

it should be like "plants", my plans are like plants, you need to have an advance decision and also an organized mind set to go out and set this plant to grow healthy. I was about to leave the house when this monsterific event just disturbed a happy family, I felt disgusted and went outside to guard the house and want to call my tropas to guard something. Acting a big man in the house triggers me, I wanna protect everyone and also don't want my plans go to waste. What happened next is that I am here at home for the whole day, and to take away all this depression is that I focus myself go back to work, and take care of little boy Ashton, he is upset too, that's why he slept all the day and just absorbed a lot of negative energies. I must put this video gaming cap once again and defeat sinister forces of Dr. Willy.

need to re-energize and say that it is pay back time...

TRAVEL: inviting everyone for the Independence Day Tour

Historically, the first and only anniversary celebration with Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo of the proclamation of Philippine Independence was held in 1899 in a beautiful mansion in the center of Angeles City. Today the Pamintuan mansion still stands, an awesome monument to our struggle for a national identity, thanks to the Bangko Sentral which has preserved this heritage structure. Every year, whether or not the sitting president proclaims it a national holiday, the City of Angeles and the Kuliat Foundation mount a fitting celebration on June 12, where everyone comes in Filipiniana attire, and participates in the reenactment of that historical event, complete with actors in period costumes, marching brass bands, choirs, and other performers.


5:00 a.m. Leave Manila
7:00 Flag Raising Ceremony at Pamintuan Mansion
7:05 Entrance of Generals on Horses & Entourage
7:20 Wreath Laying on the Commemorative Marker, 21 Gun Salute by the Angeles City Police
7:30 Re-Enactment of the 1899 Independence Day Celebration held at the Pamintuan Residence with a script developed by Jose G. Paras, Jr., Director, Museo ning Angeles
8:15 Breakfast at Museo ning Angeles
9:30 Tour of heritage sites of Angeles
10:30 Visit Nayong Pilipino in Clark
12:00 Lunch
2:00 p.m. Visit the Kapampangan Studies Center
4:00 Shop for local delicacies
5:00 Return to Manila

PHP 2,500.00 per pax prepaid covers breakfast, lunch, airconditioned transport, tour guide, tour souvenir

Book now ! Limited seats !

For more details, contact:
Richard P. Burgos, 0918-9224655,

Nike Kobe Bryant (Aston Martin Edition) Philippine Launch

KobeV_AstonMartin_1 Kobe_AstonMartin_Hyperize_1
Nike Kobe Bryant (Aston Martin Edition) will have a one day launch on June 2 at the Nike Park The Fort, we have only 70 packs for the Philippines, the set is a limited edition and it is priced P14,995, selling will start at around 7:30pm, you can visit the store early to get reservation of slots. Also the limited edition BB10 Kobe ASton Martin Jacket will also be launced, priced at P17,995.

read more details below about the Nike Kobe Bryant (Aston Martin Edition) shoes.

Friday, May 28, 2010

DC Comics 75th Anniversary at the 9th Philippine Toy Convention

DC Comics 75th Anniversary will be the main theme of this year’s Philippine Toy Convention to be held on June 19 and 20 at the SM Mega Trade Halls 2 and 3. Everyone is invited to come in a superhero or comic book character costume. This year, Collectibles Unlimited Assoc. will attempt to gather the most number of people in superhero costumes in one location.

This year’s Toy Convention will include DC Comics- themed competitions and activities. DC Comics is inviting Filipino comics artists who have rendered work for DC Comics to autograph your DC Comics collectibles in the Toy Convention and Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall There will also be a special auction of limited edition DC Comics Encyclopedias to participants who purchase DC Comics licensed products from the DC Comics booth in the Toy Convention.


DC Comics and Philippine Toy Con team up for 2010 event

This is the first team up anniversary of DC Comics and Collectibles Unlimited.
During the press briefing, a teaser was shown first conceptualizing everything from print (comics), animations, series and movies of all DC comics characters and actors/actresses.

read more below

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Both worlds are success

I'm tired..
and its a challenge here at home on how will I sleep.
Ash is here with now and need to monitor him always.

I'm glad that two events are a success.
tnx to all bloggers who went there this afternoon.

DC Comics and Toycon 2010 press con

Sunsilk Co-creation fashion show and after party

I'm glad my sister is there at the DC comics press con, and also our ToyCon's first ever press con for our event, I failed to attend this because we were already on our way home after the discharge from the hospital. And then I decided to attend the Sunsilk event and meet there our blogger friends who signed up under my list. Great to see you guys! and also meet new people. It was a great experience to shoot photos side by side with pro photog like Howell Santiago of SM MOA photog and Francis Tuason and Martin of during the ramp model walk.

looks like I might not be able to attend more events this coming weeks, need to go home early to help Lace and hey... I enjoy now playing with Ash..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Me, Lace and Baby Ashton delivery in The Medical City updates #6 "the visitors"

hey! look who dropped by last night! hahaha. our friends from the blogosphere. Jonel, Cathie, fppjr, and Jeff were here around 10:30pm, they just came from a food event, and wow! they brought lots of food for us heheh the Angel's Pizza is yummy, weird but so tasty and yummy, might visit that in Home Depot Ortigas soon. They hang out here and watched the edited videos of Ashton and it was like a movie premiere ahahaha. Early on that evening, the First Avenger, the First Ninong Joriben visited us at around 9:00pm and he too watched the edited video, it was great to see them here. Also on our 1st day here in The Medical City,Sire, Mabelle, Leira, Sai and Ness of Medical City visited and they too watched the video that was freshly shot in the delivery suite.

I got txt messages and asking details on how and what time to visit us, we like to accommodate everyone,but we are going home anytime this afternoon, try to catch us up after lunch.

Thanks everyone for coming :) and also thanks for visiting and reading my blog
parang ganun na din at nag visit na din kayo

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Me, Lace and Baby Ashton delivery in The Medical City updates #5 "at the nursery"

And here's a closer look on Ashton at the nursery, Lace's mom visited us in the morning and we decided to check out the baby at the viewing room at 11am. I didn't expected that all people were there, but I'm glad Lace got a nice place and view where no people are in standby. We saw Ashton sleeping and showing some funny face gestures and we laugh as how he acquires our face, they say Ashton got my nose and eyes, and many thought that he is Chinese, and maputi daw kasi, and he got Lace's lips and cheeks.

I took a lot of photos and video of Ashton and it's his first photo session with me hehehe, I'm now excited to do more photo session and baby photo portfolio are coming up and wanna make all my parents tempted to go visit here in the Philippines. Minutes later my mom called me on the phone and she just heard Ashton's crying while we watch the video, I uploaded some pics and video to her via email and also to Joni, Lace's sis in Melbourne, so that they can see Ashton, but they will join us here in the couple of weeks.

The sleepless night started last night and all I can say that me and Lace haven't got any decent sleep, because she needs to breast feed Ashton every 2 hours and I always accompany Lace in a wheel chair going to the next side of the building in the nursery. I think we have 3 visits last night and it was the taste of an upcoming sleepless night at home.

The doctor went here awhile ago and they informed the status of the baby, I am very quiet and nervous that they might give bad news and I'm glad that our baby is fine and healthy, although he is on 44 lbs, but the doctor said that it is fine and okay and we can take home Ashton starting tomorrow. Then I went to the medical records and fixed that birth certificate and the register girl told me that the docu can be picked up in a month in Pasig City Hall or after 6 months in NSO. Then I went down to the billing department and got a partial estimate on how much are we going to pay for Medical City. Tomorrow will be another busy day for us here, we will prepare to fix our things and start to move out and go home. Ashton was supposed to join us here in the room but I refuse to bring him here due to I have colds and cough and I don't him to catch it and it is very sensitive to him to catch flu at a 2 day old age.

I'm starting to recover fast, I went out in North Park, ate this big Nanking beef noodles, all yummy and hot and take some medicines, and after a few hours my chills are starting to be lessen. I'm excited and don't want to be quarantine at home and I want to play with Ashton in no time :)

Will upload more pics soon, as the mother is very strict and told me not to post his son's pic in my blog hahahaha. Thanks to The Medical City for the flowers and fruits..and thanks to Geiser Maclang Inc. for this awesome flower set, I never noticed it in the first place and I think it was delivered while I was sleeping. Thanks to all people who sends their non stop greetings and welcome to our new family. Expect the best from us and yes.. Im so excited na talaga.

on a funny note: I was about to meet Manny Pacquiao on Sunday and Monday, but he got hospitalized and our meet up was canceled, I just got this funny and crazy idea to invite him as one of the God Father of my son ahahahaha. no harm in trying :)

Sarah Jessica Parker Returns as Carrie Bradshaw (Opens June 2)

Sarah Jessica Parker reprises her award-winning role as New York writer Carrie Bradshaw in New Line Cinema’s “Sex and the City 2,” the eagerly anticipated sequel to 2008 film which grossed more than $415 million at the worldwide box office.

“It’s very moving and truly thrilling to be part of something that people have connected with and have strong feelings about,” says Parker, “something that they’ve welcomed into their homes every week and then gone to the theatre to watch. So we gave a lot of thought as to how we’d take them into the next phase, two years down the road.” (read more below)

MOVIES: KNIGHT AND DAY announces new opening JUNE 24 in Philippine cinemas

Shortening ‘fanticipation’ for the most awaited action-romantic movie of the year, the Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz film “Knight and Day” books to an earlier opening on June 24 (Thursday) in Philippine cinemas.

“Knight and Day” shoots into a series of high-octane events when June Havens (Diaz) accidentally bumps into Roy Miller (Cruise), a mysterious man who seems to have fallen out from the government’s secret service. Popping in and out of June’s life, Roy manages to pull June in a string of ballistic episodes that threaten their lives. Running away from every group who assures them of safety, Roy and June continue the globetrotting chase as they try to figure out the truth in order to survive. (more below)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Me, Lace and Baby Ashton delivery in The Medical City updates #4 "the internet"

Wow! I'm just surprised that Globe Tattoo supplied me with this speed, I just felt that I'm surfing the web at home. I bought a new sim here in 7-11 and used my Globe Tatttoo internet stick, at first I felt disappointed due to slow connection and I used the 24 hours unlimited supersurf50, and after disconnecting this afternoon and logging in back at night, I just experienced a high speed connection.

wow. keep it up Globe.
you never fail me this time during the birth of my 1st kid...and also after the ondoy too.

Me, Lace and Baby Ashton delivery in The Medical City updates #3 "the mom is here!"

I took this pic using the webcam of Lace's Acer laptop and since that all of my data cable and card reader are at home.. I managed to use the webcam as a still camera. Lace doesn't want yet her pic to be uploaded because she said that her look is terrible, She's here with us inside the room, having a lot of rest and the moment she lie down is that she looks for food to eat and she's hungry. I'm glad that the food ration is here and she ate all of it, plus the choco fudge cake.

Nurses came in and they fix her properly on bed and applied some ice packs on her tummy and private parts as it was swollen and recovering, I saw blood under the sheets and I got dizzy and weak , you see that I have some phobias in hospitals, but I tired to be brave and help her aunt to assist Lace.

We're waiting til 10pm and she's going to give her first breast feed to Baby Ashton, the milk of moms are very important and it contains a special formula to keep them healthy. Tomorrow will be day 2 of our stay here, I'm excited to go home now and start a new life again..with me, Lace and baby Ashton.

Me, Lace and Baby Ashton delivery in The Medical City updates #2 "baby is here!"

We waited for hours here in our room in The Medical City, we were wondering that Lace might deliver the baby around night time, but I decided to visit the pre labor room at around lunch time to test this Sony HDR XR550 video cam, and then the receptionist told me that Lace is already in 3cm. and delivery might be around 3PM. So I went back into the room and rested, I'm updating heavily in Facebook and in Plurk, so that all my friends, family and online network and community will be updated on what's going on.

I didn't expected the massive response of people in Facebook, and looks like a big and successful Facebook coverage, been updating it using my Globe powered laptop and Smart Sandbox mobile post. Everyone is excited and also praying for the safe delivery of Lace and our baby Ashton. As I was busy waiting some websites to load in the slow connection of internet, I fell asleep and been feeling worst as this flu is getting worst. I drank some water and then went back to sleep, I was already in the middle of dreamland when a loud ring of the landline phone woke me up, I stood up and answered the phone, the lady receptionist told me that Lace is in the delivery suite and ready to give birth, she told me if I have a camera and informed me to bring it and give it to the nurse.

I instructed the nurse on how to use the Sony cam, but then she told me that video is not allowed inside the delivery room,then I told her that's okay because the Sony HDR XR550 can take good still photos with flash, and then she told me that it is okay and flash photography is fine.

I waited for minutes in front of the delivery suite and then my sister arrives, and later on Lace's auntie arrived. It was around 2:40pm that we were called to meet the nurse and after a few minutes, the receptionist got a phone call and informed us that the baby is on the way at the lobby to meet us.

We went inside the delivery suite, but we were allowed only to stay infront of the lobby door and should step on the blue carpet of the delivery suite lobby, because the room is sterile and we are not allowed to go in there and we might infect the people inside, because we are not disinfected.

There we saw Baby Ashton lying in a special bed for babies and saw his eyes opened and with reddish lips and wow! he's a handsome baby! It was funny that he came out with the video cam, hhaahhaha. after having some short hello and welcome to the bright world to baby Ashton, we went back to the room and there I viewed the Sony cam and saw that the nurse took some videos during the baby clean up, and Lace fully awake and with the baby, saw the first time Lace kissed Ashton on the cheeks, she even asked permission if it is okay to touch the baby, and then she touched the cheeks and said that baby is cute and he greeted me on the video, and she laughed and thanked Sony for lending us the video cam hahaaha.. And I informed everyone that Ashton is a healthy bouncing baby blogger boy.

Doctor said that baby viewing is around 5-6pm, and Lace will be back here in our room.

wow! whew! tough day today..but the wait is worth it.
thanks everyone for the support and prayers.

il try to post pics and videos tomorrow.

azrael, lace and baby ashton

Me, Lace and Baby Ashton delivery in The Medical City updates #1

I'm not feeling well today, and since Saturday I'm already fighting this flu and colds and the night of Sunday made me feel very sick and slept early in the evening, taking some medicines and canceled all of my internet work and blogging stuff. Lace woke me up in my middle of sleep, I'm so high and weak to stand up and I think that was around 9pm or 10pm, she told me that there's blood already coming out and she might be ready to be in labor anytime, I just told her to be ready and inform everyone the plan, I'm weak and sick that night and hoping that the deliver wont push through as I need to recover.

Then at 4:30am, Lace's water broke down and her mom woke me up and inform me that Lace is ready to give birth. I got my reserved energy and woke up. I check on Lace and she's on bed and told me that it is time.

Everyone started to move and pack our things, we drove to The Medical City from Cavite and arrived at 5:30am. We are relaxed and calm as Lace haven't felt any weird contractions. But after arrival in the pre labor room, the doctor said that she needs to be admitted quickly and be ready for the big day.

It is my first time to be a dad, and also sign all those forms at the admission office. We are required to place a 20k pesos initial payment and I decided to take the 3.3k per day Superior room, i took it because it has TV, telephone and refrigerator, I like the one room with internet connection but it is too pricey for me, thats around 6k per day.

Funny that we left all our valid IDs at home and I just told the admission lady that we panic and forgot to bring it, I'm glad that they accommodated us and happy that everything will be okay. We are now here in the room waiting for the announcement, I'm ready and will try to shoot the delivery with this Sony HDR-XR550, and it was a review unit that I'll use for shooting videos of Lace and the baby on their first week. I got my DLSR, but I forgot to bring the memory card

I brought Lace's laptop, as you know that my laptop is broken, I like to bring the Mac Book Pro review unit,but I might encounter some problems loading and using this internet stick. I'm using the Globe sim in my Tattoo internet stick, I bought a new sim in a store here because my old tattoo sim seems not to work properly, but I still can surf it for free without and load, but I'm honest and want to pay the internet with Globe. I used the SuperSurf50 and send to 8888 unlimited one day internet surfing and it works properly, the only problem is that the new sim I bought loads only GPRS and not the HSDPA. But it's okay, I can still surf and check email and update everyone of the blogger baby :)

more updates soon and let's pray for a safe delivery.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ayos! Pinas: Pepsi Philippines joined forces with Hamilo Coast, WWF and the youth for coastal clean up

hamilo 2
I got invited to an out of town trip few weeks ago by Yehey! and it's the coastal clean up project conducted by Pepsi Philippines, WWF and Hamilo Coast. The trip is in Nasugbu, Batangas and the coastal clean up activity is at Hamilo Coasta. I got interested to join, because I haven't experienced a coastal clean up in my life and not only enjoy swimming under the sun, but also to learn the importance of cleaning our sea and protect marine animals. I didn't know that there were volunteers, and I thought that it was just me and few bloggers, the event became exciting as we arrived in Hamilo Coast with 2 buses packed with college students who volunteered in a print, tv and Facebook ad by Pepsi about Ayos! Pinas clean ups! (read more below)

SM City Taytay Grand Wifi Launching (event details)
JOIN SM CITY TAYTAY's GRAND WIFI LAUNCH on May 29, Saturday and get a limited edition SM City Taytay premium items!!!

Free WIFI Dogtags for the first 60 registrants
Free ILOVESMCITYTAYTAY T-shirt for the first 100 registratnts
& Free Devant Gift Packs for the first 150 participants!!!

PLUS get a chance to win an LCD TV or portable DVD Players from DEVANT in the raffle and in-mall contests.

How to register:
- present a minimum food purchase of Php 150 with SM Bottled Water from SM Foodciurt
- participants should bring their own WIFI ready laptops, cellphones, PSP, etc.
- Should be a fan of SM City Taytay and Devant Facebook Fan Page...

For more details, call 6612033 to 37 :)

This event is brought to you by SM City Taytay and DEVANT :)

RSVP here
(read more below)
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