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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seshami Street Boys - Japanese Street Performance @ Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Get ready for another exciting showcase of Japanese culture and arts as the Japan Foundation, Manila and Shangri-La Plaza Mall present the Seshami Street Boys in a one-night concert on February 26 (Saturday), 7:30 pm at the Atrium, Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City.

Try to discover the UNKNOWN movie with Liam Neeson (movie review after a coma)

You arrive in a foreign land, check in to a nice hotel, then you discover that you left your passport at the airport, you went back to pick it up and rode a taxi, then you woke up in a hospital, you remember something but you didn't lose your memory, then someone took over your identity and your wife can't recognize you.

what would you do?

Bannister Academy is looking for scholars
I'm not familiar yet about Bannister Academy, but their program for our kids is interesting, I really want my kid to be a street smart, you know that our street community changes and I don't want him to be a clueless and wimp person when he is in Manila, so if Ash is in high school, I'll send him here and let my worry fade away and want him to be trained and survived as a street smart Manila boy like me :)

Bannister Academy is looking for scholars for their unique high-school experience through its scholarship program. Read the details below

Philippine International Jazz Festival feats. Israeli Jazz Artists @ Ayala Museum

Ayala Museum is located at Makati Avenue corner De la Rosa Street, Greenbelt Park, Makati City

Contact AYALA MUSEUM at telephone 757.7117 to 21 or visit

source: Ayala Museum Newsletter

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man movie - title announced and new photo released

The title of the new reboot Spider-Man movie is now titled "The Amazing Spider-Man", I was hoping for spectacular, but Amazing is simple amazing for me, I'm afraid that other titles of Spider-Man might pop up, but if they will make more, I hope they get the title Web of Spider-Man then Sensational, next or Untold tales of Spider-man hahaha.

I received this release from Sony Pictures, the photo is awesome! but is Andrew Garfield really wears the costume here?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Characters revealed for Cars 2 movie

Finn McMissile

This 2nd movie will be fun to watch because they added a James Bond like story and characters to the world of Cars, good part is that they made it to the 3D revolution and IMAX. The Cars world is expanding, the other side of toy collecting means...collect them all. It wil be great if they add a Sarao Jeepney character.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentines Day set up for Lace

Mommy Lace, Baby Ash and Daddy Az

Here's my Valentines Day set up that I did for Lace awhile ago. The funny smile and look of her face was captured by my dslr and a hidden camera installed infront of her ahhaha. February is the month for Lace, because her birthday is on Feb. 17th, that's 4 days away after Valentines.

more photos below

Az Video Blog - Valentines Day 2011 adventure and surprise for LACE

Here's my video blog for Valentines Day 2011. This video has the same concept last 2008 when I surprised Lace, my girlfriend in that year, in my 2008 video blog on Valentines Day.

I surprised her in the middle of the mall and gave her flowers, but today I created another video blog, much more special because we're married and our first time to have Valentines Day together at home with our baby boy Ashton. Here in the video, its me and Ash work together on how we can surprise Mommy Lace at home after she arrive from her field work this Valentines Day.

The adventure started at home with Ash and then continues inside the mall were I bought gifts for Lace. The highlight of the video blog when Lace arrives home and saw our surprise and also a mini laptop being played back with me and Ash greeting Lace.hehehe. caught by a hidden video camera of my PSP.

Do You like the video blog? hehehe
Happy Valentines Day to all!

It's time to upgrade with Globe's affordable data plan and mobile device offer
let's upgrade and volt in! with GLOBE

If you are planning to get a new mobile device or gadget and you need good deal in terms of data plan service, then don't look around and read this news from GLOBE, as they announced their new series of gadgets and mobile device that comes with a perfect data plan price for your mobile communication needs.

more story below

Sunday, February 13, 2011

coverage: SPAIN @ 2nd Philippine International Pyro Musical Competition 2011

SPAIN performed the 2nd pyro musical attraction after an hour and after Korea. The intro of their pyro musical performance started with a blast, Their performance is my favorite that night and I love the way they sync the fireworks with their music, they performed it really well. Everyone was amazed when the fireworks blasts in the sky in sync with the "2001: A Space Odyssey" movie music theme and then on some segment, I heard a theme song from a Final Fantasy game, I'm not sure, but I know the music used is from a video game.

On the end part of Spain's pyro musical act, they blast everything on the sky with bigger flares and flowery effects, everyone scream and I even shouted and clapped with lots of amazement. I captured all their performance and noticed that both of the participants got a 19 minutes fireworks display performance. Spain won the crowd and for me they got the winning card for day 1.

more photos below

coverage: KOREA @ 2nd Philippine International Pyro Musical Competition 2011

Korea started the pyro display with the theme song of "The Terminator" movie and later on various symphonic and oriental style music. Some of the fireworks went on sync with the music, I also like the rocket ship fireworks that flew up slowly in the sky one by one. Korea is the first player in the pyro musical competition.

more photos below

My blog under construction

To my blog readers and partners,

I accidentally changed the layout of my blog, I was working on my back up blog and It so weird tha the blog template update reflected to my main blog. It was a mystery for me on how did it happen and I am very careful and I click the right button. My back up blog is a set to private and I'm so shock that the template update reflected to my main blog.

I'm fixing my blog as fast as I can and will go back to normal in the next few hours.

1. I have my back up of my blog's template, problem is that the widgets and other add ons will be gone

2. I will put everything back manually

3. I'm thinking of changing a new blog template, but I love my original template

4. My tummy is in pain and I need to go to the rest room, problem is that I need to put my blog back in shape 1st

5. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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