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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A trip to the grocery this Black Saturday

Its a crazy Black Saturday for me for racing against time and avoiding lots of shoulder in a crowdy grocery here in our city. I went out to carry out some grocery duties for the family and I have with me is a paper with list of items to buy and a pocket money. Its my first time to shop carrying a big list of things to buy.
According to the cashier of the grocery, they felt that it was Christmas, due to the crowd today in our malls.

My Flickr Pro just extended for another year (and a feature of my Flickr friends)

my flickr pro is here
I subscribed to Flickr Pro for the 1st time (using my own money) and I extended my pro account for another year and it will expire next year April 2012. I decided to use Flickr for now on in hosting large photo files and albums for my blog. I can still upload more photos in Multiply and in Facebook, but uploading it in Flickr is much easier for me in blogging and using a Windows Live Writer adds a little help in posting the entire photos in my Flickr album. I like that feature and posting all photo contents in my blog is fast and easy to manage. (more story below)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo time during Holy Thursday

The whole gang is here at home and we are busy in our house doing some chores, play with Ash, do some blog back logs, argue with a slow internet speed, cook and eat, and also relax. Lace put up her own garage sale at home and its doing well after the launch last Sunday. The garage sale is open at around 4pm and she sells her old and good condition clothes.. I almost cried to see her plaid skirts up for sale.. ahh memories.

check out some photos and macro test shots I did in Mama’s secret garden

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SMART Evolution LTE is now on test in Boracay
Jen shared some photos of the live event test for SMART's LTE connection, thats our new fastest mobile broadband connection, and I heard that this will be available on May 2011. Jen posted some photos in her Facebook and she's satisfied on the mobile internet speed. I'm now interested to read her review that will be posted at

All I can say is..that's a big wireless USB dongle for a LTE connection

Hello backlogs and flickr expiration


Arghh! I encounter lots of problems lately.
1. slow internet connection
2. no wifi signal inside the room
3. laptop battery charger is dead
4. lots of blog back logs are growing everyday
5. sm malls are closed this holy thurs to holy friday
6. banks are closed today
7. barber and salons are closed too
8. i want a new phone for my Globe sim
9. deadline that goes to infinity..i must finish this before next week
10.  --------bzzzzz

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What makes Chicken Charlie so good?

Yup! I’m a new convert to Chicken Charlie, I dunno why..maybe because its pinoy stylish and a little close to my heart because it brings that nostalgic taste that I used to have during the 80’s. They have a new branch now in Adriatico st. near Robinsons Manila. From its process, frying it two times to remove the fats and then fried it with special sauce or spice.

read my foodie feature in my food blog at

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kenny Rogers Roasters introduces the Younghusband, Pinoy Athletes and Hainanese chicken

Phil Younghusband of the Philippine Football Team Azkals together with Professional Triathele Mica Tantuico

Have a Delicious Healthy Life - Kenny Rogers Roasters Hainanese Chicken
by DaoMisyel

We've been familiar with Kenny Rogers Roasters as country's famous Classic Roast Chicken. As I've remembered few years ago, my family and I usually chose this place as our favorite hangout every weekend. (more story below )

The New Luneta, plus The Shark Attack attraction and Sandbar opens in Manila Ocean Park

Picture 245
Written by Trish Tanizaki

As Azrael’s representative, I was invited to go to Ocean Park on April 14, 2011 to the launch of Sandbar.

The first thing that we did was ride the tranvia to Luneta Park. Admittedly, I haven’t been to Luneta for a
long time. I probably did go once on field trip as a child – but could hardly remember it.
(Read full story below)

Barbie doll in real life proportion of weirdness

A group of students created a dummy life size Barbie doll following its scale in toy form and applying the sizes into a real life human being. I saw this model Barbie Doll lifesize replica on TV last night in Today Show and I’m very disgusted to see a weird form of the doll.. hindi ako sanay!  More story below

me, my breakfast, my swirl card and CBTL Burgos Circle

P.Burgos Circle here at the Forbes Town in Global City is now my 2nd love for great ambiance and food. I love to stay here and now I just discovered something that it will let me stay and enjoy more. I finally bought my own Swirl Card here at CBTL just to experience wifi access anywhere whenever Im at CBTL. Btw, I’m here today at Burgos Circle. Read my full story below

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SMART evolves to deliver 50mbps speed mobile broadband this Holy Week

I just received a press statement from Smart and its about that they just evolved and will serve a faster speed of mobile broadband or mobile internet connection up to 50mbps speed, and they will launch the big evolution this April 21-24 in Boracay, SMART will set up some demo booths where users can try it themselves the speed of the LTE technology that they used for a new fast mobile internet connection.(more story below)
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