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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Top 20 toys and collectibles at day 1 of 8th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2013

I compiled here in photos the top 20 toys and collectibles that can be found in our event - 8th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2013, this is just day 1 and I’m sure there will be more top 20 toys for day later. I will go around this afternoon and see which is the most attractive and catchy in my eyes.

Later…I’m going to buy that Metroplex Titan Class Transformers…but that toy is not mine hahahah.

anyway, here are my top 20

Portable Powerbank Feature: Magicstick by @powerocksusa - A Special Feature

Now you can recharge your gadgets, goodbye low battery!

I was asked to review this product so I sent my details to (ahem, thanks to Kuya Azrael too!) and am glad that it arrived last weekend, a perfect timing because I went out of town (traveled for 4 hours from Chicago to Alton, IL via Amtrak). I brought my new Magicstick and tested if the battery can accommodate my Samsung S4 and mom's iPhone 5s.

 Charging my Samsung S4

Mommy asked if she can charge it on her new iPhone 5s

Having this device will keep us to get entertained while traveling. A very convenient and quick solution in charging your electronic gadgets such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphones, etc. It's very compact so you can carry it on your pockets, bags or purse and never panic if you run out of batteries while on the go.

Beer and some nice tapsilog at Plantation Bar, Makati City

The team of BPI 24/7 Banking invited us for some dinner treat here in Plantation Bar, Carlos Palanca, Legazpi Village, Makati. When I heard about the location of the resto venue, I started to think that Legazpi Village is like in the edge of the Universe, its so hard to go there when you are in commute mode. But its more easy to travel there than going to Salcedo Village. On the way to Plantation resto, I got stucked for 1 hour in Buendia, and the taxi cab that I’m riding crawled its way out of that heavy traffic at around 6pm.

But that’s okay, I’m surprised to see some of my blogger mates and PB Network team present at the dinner treat x bonding x chikahan with our friends in BPI. Thanks to Patrick for the awesome treat!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Dinner in Lugang Café in SM MOA

It was another date for us, but both of us are sick that day and we forced ourselves to go out just to have a nice weekend getaway in a nearby mall. After arriving in SM Mall of Asia, the first idea is to visit a coffee shop and stay there while we wait til the clock ticks to 7pm, because we have to attend an occasion in a hotel and we have to be in top shape before 7pm.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Test driving this 5600 mAh Cooler Master Fort power bank with touch pen


I'm using this now, its a 5600 mAh power bank from Cooler Master. The power bank can charge 2-3 gadgets or phones depends on the size of their battery, here I use my Philips Mp3 Player to charge it up with some stored energy juice from Cooler Master Fort.

Watch out for more features and review about Cooler Master Fort here in my blog.

If you want to send your loved ones a gift, then get one now via Lazada or gadget store in malls.
Price range Php 2.3k - Php 2.6k

Beware the Batman toys in Mcdonalds Happy Meal

I saw this two weeks ago but I forgot to buy some for my son, but when we went to Tagaytay, I proposed that we should our lunch there in Mcdonalds because Batman toys are still available for their Happy Meal line. We went there after the Sky Ranch fun day and I’m so glad that they have lots of stocks left, so I let my son choose the toy and he grabs that awesome Batmobile toy car.

Family day in Sky Ranch in Tagaytay City

Last weekend was our family day and after the staycation in Tagaytay, we went to treat our little person a tour around in Sky Ranch, it’s a theme park located in Tagaytay City and it’s the most visited place there every weekend and especially during this holiday season, many people go here to eat, to enjoy the rides, enjoy the Taal volcano view and also the cold breeze. I suggest that you bring your jacket when you go here in Tagaytay because its super cold whenever its cloudy and also much cooler at night.

Happy cake take out in Caffe Bene in SMX, SM Mall of Asia

I hoarded some cakes at Caffe Bene last month’s Halloween hahahaha. I was with my son that day at SMX and right after attending a Halloween event by Nickelodeon, we visited Caffee Bene at the other side of the entrance of SMX, they have two café there, and one of them is Caffe Bene. I already ate a snacks here last year and same event haahaha. But the most special delights here are the cakes and gelatos. I haven’t tried their coffee, but I will try it on my next visit.

In the early years, Caffe Bene is just a small kiosk here in SMX in SM Mall of Asia and then as time goes by, I see that the small kiosk café just turned into a full blown coffee shop. I visited their website and then I learned that they have some branches in the metro – Ayala, Eastwood City and in SMX.

Then I read from their website that Caffe Bene is the fastest growing coffee shop chain in South Korea.

oh…..its Korean pala

ok..will just paste this info that I found from their FB Page

Meeting a blog reader inside the bus

I’ve met Agnes yesterday in a bus station on the way home to Cavite. she’s my blog reader and I thank her for talking to me directly and asking me if I’m Azrael hahahaha. It’s the sweetest thing for a blogger to meet their readers and here’s the moment that I finally met one of them. Thanks Agnes for supporting me and my blog, I always take a photo with my readers whenever I met them in person, but I just took a photo of Agnes sitting from her seat , because there's passenger in the middle of us sitting one seat apart from me inside the bus hahaha.

Why I Want a Cyberya Minigosyo #iWantACyberya @PLDTKaAsenso
The need for internet is really important in our lives connecting to different people all over the cyberworld. Having the access for Internet makes each life easier from researching, communicating or even for business. As a blogger, I always go online everyday and should not miss those important emails and events. I am also thinking of putting up a good business that must be related to my passion - the Internet that is Why I want a Cyberya Minigosyo in my place so that I can able to monitor my online activity at the same time to earn money.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Carnivale in Mckinley Hills–a night market and food fest with circus act by Mercato Centrale starts this Dec 12


If you are looking for a new night life and food hang out this Thurs and Friday, then I suggest that you take a peek at Mercato Centrale’s new night food and lifestyle market at Venice Piazza Mall in Mckinley Hills, Taguig City. The new night food-lifestyle market will start this Dec 12, 2013 at 6pm-3am, it’s a new foodie hub in town with circus acts and acoustic performance, I think this will run every holiday season, but I’m so curious about the circus acts…hope not with the death defying stunts and no animals involved.
I’m interested to see street magicians, clowns, mimes, costumed people, jugglers, balance performers, fortune tellers, caricature artist, and street actors performing here in Carnivale. For sure I will enjoy my roasted beef burgers while I watch some guy performer pulling a rabbit toy from his hat.

read the details below

Az video blog: Street art in ceiling of Dela Rosa st Makati City walkway (Olympus E-PL1)

I'm always amazed with our street art and we usually see this in every corners or abandoned lot with walls, but here in Makati City, a group of street artist and a private building owner, did the wonderful feat to showcase the talents of our street art groups.

I still believe that the best way to show art and get more appreciation is to place them in public street.

Its my 5th time to walk in this elevated walkway in Dela Rosa st. in Makati City, its parallel to Ayala ave, and I always walk here and looking up at the ceiling and being entertained by those "astig" street artworks. I took a video of it so that I can watch it over and over again and the next time I walk here..I will just take a short glimpse of the ceiling again and avoid to bump a person walking towards me hahaha.


Breakfast at Tully’s Coffee @ The Exchange Regency

I accompanied my wife in Ortigas for her morning meeting, we know that traveling from the south to Ortigas is very chaotic in the morning, that’s why we planned to leave our home and start traveling 4 hours before her meeting. The result is awesome, we arrived so early in Ortigas and the big question is…where do we eat our breakfast, there’s lots of café and fast food around our area, its hard to choose where to eat our breakfast and start the day with an awesome meal that can help fire up the productivity of our day…. then we found a nice coffee shop – Tully’s Coffee, at The Exchange Regency building, it’s a building infront of Benpres Bldg.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug showing this Dec 11, 2013 in Philippine cinemas


The Hobbit 2nd chapter and movie with sub story "The Desolation of Smaug" will be showing in all Philippine cinemas tomorrow Dec 11, 2013, the adventure of Bilbo Baggins with Gandalf the wizard and 13 dwarves continues in the big screen. I'm sure that this movie will have lots of energy pumping scenes just like in the 1st movie, everything is like going back to the days when I first saw Lord of the Rings movie and grabbing the Two Towers book, the amazement and fascination of Tolkiens imaginations will surely be felt once again.

Also the biggie thing here in The Hobbit 2, is that there's again the HFR 3D cinematic effect that beats the regular IMAX 3D, that's 48 fps and its like watching it in a high powered Android or iOS device hahahaa.

Tech Box –your new tech venue in the city

Tech Box, a new tech and mobile device and accessories store just opened up their 20th store here in the country, it looks like that they are the fastest technology kiosk store to open several branches in just one year. Tech Box started as a mobile phone exhibit last year Nov 2012 in Alphaland, they offer brands such as Lenovo, Nokia and HTC, and then on Dec 2012 they put up three more stores in SM Sta Rosa, Pampanga and Sta Mesa. Tech Box offers all genuine tech and mobile products and some new brands are exclusively carried by Tech Box.

With the rise of tech stores, we are now comfortable in buying genuine tech products from official vendors, we no longer worry if the products we bought are fake or defective, and the risk of buying a tech item from a gray market with higher price will be avoided in this year, well for 2014, more Tech Box stores will be open to serve the pinoy needs for tech products. The prices that Tech Box offers are much more similar to the main SRP offered by tech distributors.

Lunch at Felix restaurant in GB5

I ate my lunch here in Felix restaurant in GB5 with a group of foodies for a half day of salo salo, during this lunch treat, my mind is not cooperating well and I’m a bit distracted on something, maybe because that I’m with my wife and she’s attending a meeting in the other side of the building. But that was okay, when I saw food on my table, my mind started to pump up some brain juice hahahah. Okay..that’s a signal that I’m hungry.

Monday, December 09, 2013

My 2013 visit in Balaw Balaw restaurant in Angono, Rizal

My last visit here in Balaw Balaw restaurant was in 2010, I was with the group of travel bloggers in a tour and over night stay in Thunderbird Resorts Rizal, that was my 1st time there in Rizal and I haven’t visited the place after three years. But then another junket event took place in Antipolo and one of our agenda is to eat our dinner here in Balaw Balaw restaurant, when I saw the name of the resto being included in our itinerary, I got excited to join and through out the trip, names of their food always come out from my mouth hahahaha. you may read my 1st visit here in my old blog post at

Here’s the entrance of Balaw Balaw restaurant, I forgot that I’ve been here before 2010, that was around year 2003 when I always visit a girl here in Angono, Rizal at night. I think my friend Josie is already in Japan today. But she’s the one who told me to try eat exotic food here in Balaw Balaw, back then they serve python meat in adobo and ihaw ihaw. But after some years, they started to ban cooking pythons because we have a law now that protects endangered species.

Blog contest: win an internet rental home business package- PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya #iWantACyberya

PLDT KaAsenso is having a blogging contest, if you want to take the challenge and win a business package totally FREE,then read the details below.

3 Finalist prize: PLDT Cyberya mini business package + take home all the earnings
Grand Prize is 1 PLDT Cyberya unit with 12 months of FREE monthly service fee for PLDT KaAsenso Broadband connection.

for more details of the PLDT Cyberya home business, visit

Audio: Irene Enriquez Girly Geek PH in Happy Thoughts with Francine Delas Alas in DZRJ 810am radio

I'm at home, and after editing some stuff in Photoshop, I got reminded that Irene Enriquez, the geekly blogger girl of will go live at 2pm in DZRJ 810am radio, so I pop up my laptop again, logged in to Tunein radio for the radio stream of DZRJ, btw I also created a shortcut for the link just visit

I'm trying to find out on how I can record the audio stream coming from my laptop, but after some google-fu, I found that Audacity is a good desktop app to record and capture those speaker sounds coming from my laptop.

so I compiled everything, did some edit-fu and uploaded it in my Youtube channel :)

Listen to Irene's tips and her story about blogging and work at home

Listen here!

full audio is here!! provided by Irene!

thanks to the lots of love mentions hehhhe!

Happy Thoughts by Francine Delas Alas in DZRJ

Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Beavers Ball toy in tiangee market

There's a new toy that I spotted in a tiangee market here in Tagaytay City, its a battery operated ball with a beaver animal stuff toy, I wonder why they make this kind of toy, I got curious and then I inquired about the toy,  the sales lady showed it to me on how the toy works, they placed the ball and beaver in a planggana of water and you'll see the beaver will come to life and it will push the ball round and round over the water. ahhahaha.

the lady told me that the selling price is Php 180.

Az video blog: Tagaytay sunrise time lapse 2

Here's my 2nd time lapse video experiment. I was awake at 4am and then I shot this video capturing the sunrise and cloud formation here in Tagaytay City at 5:30am - 7:00am.

I downloaded a music from and included it in to my video

I used the Diorama art filter video feature in my Olympus E-PL1 and tried a test if it will work better than taking pics

But after the time lapse shooting and editing , I realized that the quality is awful, so I'll stick to taking massive pics next time lapse project.

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