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Saturday, December 21, 2013

photo gallery: PhilipAbadicio.Com website launch party at Tempura Grill

Philip Abadicio the host of the new lifestyle tv show in TV5 – Philip the Lifestyle Guy, launched his own website, , he said that this will be the web portal and blog of his lifestyle show that airs every Sunday at 11am in TV5. Expect behind the scene photos, article and write up about the episode, food and lifestyle feature, video of past episodes and also interview with his celebrity guest. Philip said that the content they produce that wouldn’t make it for TV will land here in his website. Also a series of contest and giveaways will soon launch in his own website/blog. The fun factor here is that, Philip writes all the content in his website.

Azrael’s Merryland the web show–in the works this 2014 (production note 1)

The message last November 30, 2013 at 3:37am was --- “ I'm proposing for an online tv show, your own online tv show. Tentative schedule of first test broadcast. January or February 2013” When I received that message, I wasn’t so serious and then I did a little research about the guy who sent me the message, then I learned that he got a nice portfolio, he knows and worked with top personalities in the industry. So, I gave it a shot, I agreed about the online show starring me!

Grab Taxi outdoor modules in selected malls taxi bay area

I met Chari and Van of Grab Taxi team, I just saw them standing beside this Grab Taxi module and they are inviting people to try the Grab Taxi app from their iPad tablet OR book a taxi for free if ever they use Globe network, but they also invite others who are not using other mobile networks.

I spotted them at the valet and taxi bay area of SM Aura last December 13, 2013 at 9pm, and I told them that they are like superheroes because they help people get taxi via the Grab Taxi app. You know that getting a taxi in the middle of rush hour is so chaotic. Some taxi drivers avoid the malls at night just not to escape the traffic hassle and also driving a passenger in far location.

Thanks Headway Salon for my haircut last week in SM MOA #hindisponsored

Its my 5th time to get my haircut here in Headway Salon in SM Mall of Asia, my regular haircut is barbers cut (and its forever barbers cut) + shampoo service. I always pay Php250 here for the two hair service and plus Php50 for the barbers tip and if ever his back massage to me is good, I always add another Php50 as tip. heheheh.

Its my first time to post a blog about my visit in Headway Salon, I always mention it and post a pic in my Instagram, but I haven’t posted yet here in my blog. Maybe next time, I will get the name of my barber there, para may regular hair cutter na ko.

Travel log to Fairview

Here' my travel log, i composed it using the Blogger app

I rode the bus from Cavite going to Coastal terminal, i want to ride the bus going to Mrt Pasay station, but all buses are full and I heard that the qeue of line in Mrt are a mess. So my idea now is to ride a bus from coastal up to Fairview. 

Yup! Im seated at the tail of this bus.

I rode this bus from coastal, I paid Php 69 for the bus fare. I dont know how many hours it will take going there. I have to waste more time here and wait longer.  Ohh Man of steel movie is playing on tv.

I just arrived in ayala makati

Im bored 
The bus is playing the movie - man of tai chi


Saw fairiew center mall


Im finally in Fairview!! Whew!!

Im taking a break for awhile and eat my snacks here in Jollibee

Hello food!!

Jeep in lagro

Landed in my agenda

Fx to buendia


Just arrived in Buendia
Now ride a bus going to las pinas


Im home!

Friday, December 20, 2013

My toy hauls at 8th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2013

In every ToyCons or Toy Fair we organize every year, I always buy toys for my son and also for myself, these toys that I bought in our event are like trophies and reward to me, in every toy I buy in our event is very special and memorable, also shows how successful and effective our event every year.

Belkin YourType Keyboard + Stand (touch and try review)

Here’s my touch and try review of the Belkin YourType keyboard with stand, I officially include this now in my Christmas wish list because I want to have a wireless bluetooth keyboard for my iPhone 4s. Why I need it ? because its easier to take down notes with the wireless keyboard and also I can do live blogging anytime and anywhere. Basta ba may table sa corner I can already publish a blog post, because I can write more whenever there’s a keyboard.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

New HBO and Cinemax Originals on HBO Asia's Channels in 2014, including True Detective – starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey

PHILIPPINES, 19 DECEMBER 2013 – HBO Asia has unveiled a tantalizing slate of new and returning original programs airing across its channels in 2014, all of which will premiere in Asia within a week of their debut in the United States.

THE NORMAL HEART, a new HBO Original Movie starring Julia Roberts and Mark Ruffalo, will air in 2014; along with TRUE DETECTIVE, a brand new HBO Original Series starring Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson and Michelle Monaghan; a four-part HBO Miniseries, OLIVE KITTERIDGE; THE KNICK, a Cinemax Original Series with Steven Soderbergh and Clive Owen; and more.

Lunch at “We Are Open” carinderia near NAIA terminal 2

Oh! our food blog post is much different, because we ate in a carinderia or an eatery behind a building located in NAIA terminal 2. Its different because we're not featuring a restaurant for today.

Me and my wife arrived there 2 hours early and instead of waiting at the guard house for hours (because we're not yet allowed to enter the building's premises due to the meeting is at 2pm pa daw accdg sa guard),
We went around the building to look for a restaurant to stay for two hours and then we found lots of carinderia standing around the building. We saw lots of employees from airport and cargo companies eating their lunch there. I told my wife that we can stay there and eat our lunch.

Arghhh! I forgot to modify the watermark on the photo, but its okay, the most important thing is that the photos are now uploaded hahahaa, now it looks like the photo were taken by John hahahaha…hi John!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

4.2 Magnitude Earthquake felt in Manila-Pangasinan this December 18, 2013 at around 10:50pm

Pls post your location below if you felt the earthquake earlier. I think it was a 5 seconds quake. I posted a crowd source info in my Facebook to determine the scale of the quake and we learned that the quake was felt from Manila-Marikina-Cavite and up to Pangasinan.

also you can post it here in my Facebook status if you felt the quake in your area -

I'll get full details of the quake and post it later

(a developing blog report)

Photo printing with CANON PIXMA MG3570 - part zero

Seryoso...I'm printing my pic with Piolo Pascual in a glossy photo paper using this CANON PIXMA MG3570  hhaahah!

According to, Canon Pixma MG3570 is price at PHP 4,495.

I'll post a feature, review and some pics :)

Solaire Resort year ender bloggers party #solairemoment

Thanks to Solaire Resort for inviting us and organizing a year ender bloggers party, me and 20 bloggers stayed in one of the suites hotel room of Solaire Resort, the program, the party, the food fest, the chikahan, the kulitan and laugh trip was held there for around 5 hours. I like the set up and its very comfy to party with our blogger friends, no need to wear a coat and tie hahaha.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Art for Generations - A 2-day art exhibit at it's finest in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City

By John Bautista
on December 12, 2013


Arts at its finest quality together with the ambience of nature opened it's doors to the young and master artists to showcase their masterpiece to the public.
Artists and their crew began to put up their booths and soulful arts to the public as critiques, enthusiast and visitors marvel at their genuine work of art.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Jollibee Family Holiday Blowout

By John Bautista
on December 12, 2013

Jollibee shared a heart warming celebration to invited families as they coursed through a Filipino tradition of sharing or the term "salu-salo" that is commonly exercised by most of the Filipino family.

The event kicked off with a meet and greet of guests with a welcoming appetizer to start the celebration.
To formally start the event, 3 sets of families were selected to participate in a game of charades the Jollibee way. A set of keywords "Chickenjoy Bucket Treats" were needed to steal a point and with 3 categories to finish.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

coverage: Nickelodeon SHARElebration in SM Mall of Asia

By John Bautista
on December 12, 2013

A ground-breaking celebration took place at the SM Mall of Asia's Music Hall as Nickelodeon zooms in to it's 34th year globally and shared a dashing celebration to all kids and families who participated.
Registration booth were filled with lots of people as they trail away on a fun journey with Spongebob Square Pants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other Nickelodeon's famous characters.

Try and taste–Tokyo Tokyo Ramen

The entire metro is raining with lots of ramen and new restaurants that offers and sell ramens in different kinds, shapes and serving. But our Japanese fast food chain won’t be left behind because they must join the trend and offer ramen in a special and affordable way. Here in Tokyo Tokyo, they launched their own ramen, we waited for three months for their ramen to arrive here in Tokyo Tokyo SM Bacoor, and the lady at the counter always share to me the news that their main resto office is already working hard to bring the ramens outside Manila.

I’m glad that they are here and no more ramen crave even if you live outside the capital city of Manila hahahha. Thanks to Tokyo Tokyo for this.
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