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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Win this! Avengers: Age of Ultron shirts from IMAX 3D #AvengersInIMAX #SMLifestyle


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Monday, May 11, 2015

Spotted: PH set Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous motorcycle burnout in TAGAYTAY CITY ( with good and bad stuff)

Guinness Record for the largest gathering of motorcyle burnout in Tagaytay City

I spotted this scene in Tagaytay City last April 9, 2015, there was this big motorcycle convention and also preparation for the Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous motorcycle burnout here in Tagaytay City. The event was organized by Ropali Motorcycles, Kymco, FDR and History Channel. Also for the motorcycle convention it was organized by a motorcycle club.

The new Mahogany Market in Tagaytay City is now called Tagaytay Mahogany Beef Market and Bulalohan


We were surprised to see the new building and new place for the beef market and carinderia in Mahogany Market in Tagaytay City. They now abandon the old market place and all of the beef sellers and carinderia operators transferred to this new building developed by their local officials.

Win a dinner for two at Nobu Manila restaurant

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People are raving about Nobu Hotel Manila as people can get to experience celebrity-inspired hospitality in Japanese setting right at the Philippines’ newest entertainment capital, the City of Dreams Manila.

In celebration of its upcoming official launch, Nobu Hotel, City of Dreams Manila is giving away a delectable set-dinner for two at the Nobu Manila restaurant to a lucky winner!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

INTERVIEW with WWE Diva Eva Marie (Azrael’s Merryland Blog exclusive)

Eva Marie 06042013rf 076 w1 copy1

The world of WWE is changing and it changes more when they introduced the new batches of their WWE Divas, it’s a female version for the WWE wrestling and its makes a lot of raves of feedback already because of the their reality tv show Total Divas, were we can see the behind the scene story and real life situations of these WWE female wrestlers.

One of the most popular WWE Diva is Eva Marie (Natalie Nelson), a WWE Diva who started first as a model who then climbed its way up to the top from the Total Diva series and WWE matches. Eva Marie promised her fans to be back on the ring once again, she just finished her recovery from an injury and she will be back as better than before.

Check out my interview of her below, You see that I’m not a fan of these WWE Diva, but after this interview, they brought me back to WWE and it made me an interest to watch them again. Thanks to Eva Marie for the interview, John Ruzicka of WWE and Lhen of Ogilvy for this rare opportunity to interview the Red Nation Queen Eva Marie.

Me: Hi Eva Marie, thanks for giving me this opportunity for a phone interview
Eva Marie:  oh absolutely, thank you
Me: so here are my questions and I thank also the fans who helped me generate these questionnaires

How are you today?, You know that many fans are waiting for you to come back and do more action in the ring
Eva Marie: You know what I'm doing fabulous, hopefully I'm back in action in couple of weeks, you can see me definitely back in the ring.

Why wrestling? and not other career?

Eva Marie: You know what for me, when I decided to go ahead to try out to be a WWE Diva, it was because I was an athlete in my entire life, I have two brothers so I grew up a major tomboy and I play soccer through out college and after I graduate, I moved to LA and did some modeling and acting a little but then WWE went to LA doing a Diva search, when I found it out there's this opportunity, I was like omigosh, its my dream job not only to be extremely athletic to handle the physicality inside the ring, but you get all walk the red carpet and WWE is amazing and we do so much for the community, I already been to Afghanistan to visit the troops, I worked with special Olympics already, there are so much outreach programs that we do.

How is it being in the WWE ?is it different to have a normal life and begin in the WWE
Eva Marie
: For me, its my dream job, the only struggle and difference is the travel we do, all travel around on the road, its about 290 days in a year, that's the biggest struggle but for me what really cool is to see lots of little girls and boys they dye their hair red, that's the best feeling in the world running into fans and seeing have them have my hair color is pretty awesome.

Who do you look up to in the WWE?
Eva Marie
: You know what, Right now I'm actually under the training of Brian Hendricks and he was a former WWE superstar, I really look up to him just because his attitude is extremely positive and he's being able to mold me already into a better performer and wrestler, so I guess I look up to him.

What are the best advises from your trainer to you for your wrestling career?
Eva Marie
: To never give up, strive to be better than you are yesterday, that’s the biggest thing, because specially in the entertainment world its like what we do for a living, its not easy to get out there in front of many people and make them see a great show because they buy tickets and watching you, to whatever you want to do, just continue doing everything great in single day to be better  yourself living before.

How tough is Eva Marie after taking so much beating and slamming?How do you recover after?
Eva Marie: Surprisingly enough, the body just kind of used to it for sure, my first few weeks getting slammed in the ring were definitely painful .. but I do lots salt bath and lots of ice and then you want some more.

How do you maintain your physique? any special strict diet/program that you're following?
Eva Marie: You know what, I tried to break a sweat in every single day, no matter what, My regimen is break a sweat in every single day, it helps and my husband is extremely fair and pro and he motivates me to go to the gym everyday but also you should have endurance to definitely be better and I work out in every single day and my diet is pretty strict, I eat a lot of protein and vegetables and I stay away from any process food as possible, but I am human and I love a cheat day, as a major sweet tooth, so allow myself 

How’s being on Total Divas different in competing in the ring?
Eva Marie: Its the biggest difference is that in WWE you show up there in character and then in Total Divas, what really cool is that its different from any reality show and it really shows the backstage peek what it is really like to be in a WWE not only the cameras following us and traveling around the city, you also take a peek of our personal lives, I know you guys are in Season 1 right now, you get to see myself and the other girls get evolve, you see we do make up, break up, we get more fights but you see our home situation, you saw me get married on the show, me and my husband go public together, and you also see that he proposed on the show, its just like to see the little snippets of our personal lives, then  in Monday RAW is based on stripped story lines of your character, because you can see there our everyday struggle.

We all have family and husbands, we are balancing our personal lives but we also are on the road quite a bit, and Total Divas is showing that to the world. The great part in Total Divas is that it hit a different demographics, a lot more little girls and moms tuning in to Monday night RAW because they want to see us girls get dirty in the ring, and its really cool and you see that there’s a diverse audience getting from WWE and Total Divas and vice versa.


How about retirement, is it listed in under your long term plan ?
Eva Marie
: just started, Eva Marie just arrived and  all everything, I haven’t even began what I’m about to do in doing major imprint in WWE Diva, and as well in Total Divas, I just began and there’s no plan of retiring any time soon.

Any messages to your WWE fans and WWE Diva fans in the Philippines?
Eva Marie
: I love each every one of you, their support is everything to me that was keeps me going in every single day, I saw them on Twitter and Instagram the awesome messages that I get, It motivates me to be the best possible as it can be, so I'm very grateful for everyone over there, I want to say thank you so much for the continued support for Red Nation
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