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Thursday, June 04, 2015

unboxing and hands on: Kata M3 with 5.5 inch Super HD display, 1.7ghz Octa Core, 2GB RAM, 16MP camera (SRP PHP 9,499)

Kata M3 smartphone from Kata Digital Philippines - 5.5-inch Super HD, 1.7GHz Octa Core, 16MP+8MP Camera, Dual SIM, 2GB RAM & 16GB Storage

Kata Digital Philippines was teasing us for the launch of Kata M3 few months ago, it’s a long wait for Kata fans but the long wait is worth it because they unveiled a superior smartphone packed with the right tech innovation for the mobile lifestyle. If you are multi tasking person and a fast swiper like a fast gun drawer of a Lone Ranger, then you might consider a 1.7Ghz Octa Core for you, because its fast to load an app and also best for gaming too.

The continue rise of BPO in the Philippines provides more jobs to Filipinos



I first encountered the word Call Center was back in year 2001, it was a fresh word for me and I just knew that the job is for people who accept calls and connect you to another phone line, just like a phone operator. Well, its normally called a phone operator back in 90’s but then the job evolves to a more respected title and we didn’t know that it will change more lives of Filipinos after the succeeding year.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Starmobile releases 3 new quad core smartphones with digital tv channels, DTV Phones are here! (SRP PHP5k-9k)

Starmobile quad core smartphones with digital tv signal

This morning, Starmobile launches their new quad core smartphones with DTV or Digital TV, it’s the first line of Digital TV phones in the Philippines and this will enable the smartphone receive digital tv signal and deliver a clear and crisp color and also good audio quality of a tv channel. The new trend is here for smartphones, the DTV tech on mobile devices is just in the right time after the release of Digital TV signal few months ago by ABS CBN, selling their magic tv box aka the ABS CBN TV Plus digital tv box. Then GMA and TV5 followed in releasing their own digital signal. The evolution for TV is now here and mobile device brands like Starmobile follows because RF signal will be obsolete anytime soon.

unboxing & hands on: Kata F2 smartphone (SRP: PHP 3,999)

Kata F2 smartphone from Kata Digital Philippines - 4.5-inch qHD display, 1.3GHz Quad Core, 8MP+5MP Camera, Dual SIM, 1GB RAM & 8GB Storage

Kata Digital Philippine brought here the all new Kata F2, it’s a twin brother of Kata F1s, they look the same, specs are a bit the same but the difference of this Kata F2 is that the screen and power battery is much more superior than his younger brother Kata F1s.

in photos: Kundalini Yoga Sessions by Rosan Cruz at The Grove by Rockwell

in photos: Kundalini Yoga Sessions by Rosan Cruz at The Grove by Rockwell

I was at the Kundalini Yoga Manila session at The Grove by Rockwell last weekend to take photos and video of the activity organized by Kundalini Yoga Manila and the The Grove.

To know more about Kundalini Yoga, you can visit their website at

A grand day of toys and pop culture at Resorts World Manila ( Toycon PH 2015 launch event)

Toycon PH 2015 grand launch in Resorts World Manila

Our grand launch and press con for Toycon Philippines 2015 is getting better and bigger every year. This year, the entire floor of the Plaza of Newport Mall was covered with large display and set up from the World of DC Comics, there’s also a set up display of the coolest toys and collectibles featuring Hot Toys, Funko Pop and lots of 16 inches figures, our event partners and sponsors were also there, we brought in a piece of our event and this is serves as a teaser for the big event this coming June 19-21 in Megamall.

Monday, June 01, 2015

reviews and reaction: Supergirl tv series from CBS (pilot leaked eps.) (7/10 rating)

Supergirl CBS tv series

Leaked pilot episodes are a big thing today, because producers of the show can get early reactions and reviews from fans and critics. It happened during the planned Wonder Woman tv series, started with a big debate for the costume and also the actress, why her, why that costume, the intro sucks, that’s one of the earliest review and then the tv series folded. Then followed by the Flash tv series, it receives a good review and also good hype after it was tie up with the ongoing series Arrow, it means that different tv series but same character property can exist in one world…. which is we call the tv series universe of the DC comics tv universe.

review and reactions: Mad Max:Fury Road (8/10 rating)


Those are the words that I can describe for this movie. The entire netizens gave the right advice that you must watch this movie in a good cinema with good screen and also audio system. Because it’s a visual eye candy of destruction, loss of humanity and also a grim future that can happen in real life if people became too greedy for power. I’m a fan of the Mad Max trilogy and it’s the only movie that I want to see before I die, because everyone dies in that movie, there’s the struggle for survival and the strongest man can only live vs. the weak.

review and reactions: San Andreas movie (7/10 rating) (watched it in 4DX )


EARTHQUAKE: THE REAL WORLD VS. THE MOVIE WORLDI was right that this movie will tickle some pinoy viewers, because we have already the West Valley Fault, like a time bomb waiting for the strike of the big one. It was scary to learn from our local scientist that the big one will strike any time this year, and our local government are starting to prepare by doing some earthquake drills and also emergency preparedness. But some of us just don’t care about it because they lived far away from the fault lines and there are times that we just lay back so comfortably in our couches and don’t even care on what's going on, because in this time, few of us don’t believe in our scientist.

TOYCON Philippines 2015: The Country’s biggest pop-culture event celebrates its 14th Year with Battlefields of Play

Those of us who grew up in the pre-social media era or even the pre-electronic gaming age remember a time when “Play” was associated with the outdoors. We fondly remember halcyon days of setting up toy soldiers in the hilly terrain of our own backyard or lining up our Star Wars action figures to go into battle with our He-Man toys in the wonderland of our childhood bedroom.

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