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Wednesday, November 01, 2017


The Late Isabel is back!! And they've announced the release of their upcoming 2nd album. To celebrate the launch, the band invites everyone to come and be at their listening party this Nov 2 at 20:20 in La Fuerza Compound, Pasong Tamo, Makati City.

Read the details below about their new album.


The Late Isabel is a band that exists outside of time.

It took them 13 years to finally release IMPERIAL, the second album following their groundbreaking debut DOLL'S HEAD in 2004. It was not deliberate procrastination that delayed the album for so long, more like a series of fortuitous events that kept IMPERIAL from being realized, because grander things were to come. 

"We had started recording IMPERIAL in 2006. There were songs we had written as far back as when we started the band in 2000 that did not make it on DOLL'S HEAD, and so the plan was to include them on the next album, with the new ones we were writing at the time," recalls Allan Hernandez, the band's guitarist and chief songwriter. "Halfway through the recording, technical problems in the studio forced us to rerecord what we had laid down."

But by then Wawi Navarroza, TLI's vocalist who is also a renowned photographer, had begun taking her visual images to the world, her journeys seeing her in Asia, Europe, and the US, sometimes for up to a year. The Late Isabel had to disappear for a while. Despite the hiatus, new songs were also being written. 

In 2011, before Wawi left for Spain on a yearlong art grant, The Late Isabel released the LACKADAISICAL EP, a teaser of what was to come.

Fast forward to 2016, a chance meeting between Wawi and Pinoy rock icon Ely Buendia at the Hong Kong Art Fair got them talking about the stillborn album. It turned out Ely had just set up his new label OFFSHORE MUSIC, and he offered to produce IMPERIAL as his label's first full offering. 

And finally, after a year of studio work in Ely's home studio, The Late Isabel unveils IMPERIAL in 2017.

IMPERIAL contains 12 tracks exploring many soundscapes, evoking a wandering mood that gives both a clear sense of sound AND place, a reflection of what The Late Isabel has experienced and seen, especially in Wawi's many travels. There is the moody Spanish flamenco-inspired "Contraluz", the Middle Eastern overtones of "K.S.D. (D.T.F.W.)", the Scottish Highlands march of "Outside Of Time", and the Oriental fantasy of the title track "Imperial." The album is both grand and minimalist, raw and refined, dystopic and hopeful. 

You don't hear much of this kind of music these days. And that The Late Isabel is still around after 17 years, still working on the fringes, still playing by its own rules, is testament to what real independent artistry means. 

IMPERIAL will be available on Spotify, iTunes and Deezer in November 2017. CD and vinyl release is scheduled for 2018.

Band Management: RIVERSIDE MUSIC GROUP/Pearl Lleno 0917 1533765

1. Lackadaisical
2. K.S.D. (D.T.F.W.)
3. Love On Broken Glass
4. Subterranean Day Glo Queen
5. Imperial
6. The Enemies Of Sleep
7. Eunuch
8. Contraluz
9. Isabel The Damaged
10. Tinstick Romance
11. Spin
12. Outside Of Time




Wawi Navarroza, vox
Allan Hernandez, guitars
Roval Bacale, bass
JP Agcaoili, drums
Ted Baula, percussion

Producer: Ely Buendia
Sound and mix engineer: Jerome Velasco
Recorded at The Bunker
Manila, Philippines

photographs and album art direction: Studio Wawi Navarroza
album cover illustration: Mark Olivan
graphic design and typography: Jorell Legaspi

Band Management: Arnie Sison and Pearl Lleno


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Celebrity blogger and DJ Ashley Rivera is thrilled with her Vivo endorsement


Dishy celebrity Ashley Rivera travels to relax and is known to have once moved to Las Vegas in the United States apart from her tours in Europe and all around Asia. Apart from being a wanderlust, Ashley is a celebrated blogger and social media hot topic not to mention a famed DJ who spins at the hottest clubs and music festivals.

Huawei Nova 2i - first smartphone with 4 camera for Bokeh selfie and photography


We're so excited to see the new Huawei Nova 2i smartphone, it is the 1st ever device to have 4 camera. That's 2 camera at the front and 2 camera at the rear side of the Huawei smartphone. We know that Huawei  P9 with dual lens is one of the early best for mobile photography, for my experience with a hands on with their Huawei P9, Im amazed on its color clarity, bokeh effect and crisp photo quality taken by the dual rear lens on a Huawei P9.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Enjoy your favorite movies and videos with the Vivo V7+ All-screen display

Inigo Pascual
"Inigo Pascual, the top 1 Filipino singer on the first ever Billboard Philippines while watching his favorite Kpop bands”
Legendary American filmmaker David Lynch was once famously quoted years ago that even at this age, one can never have a fulfilling experience watching a film on a mobile phone as compared to watching it on the big screen. But with the dawn of high technology, revolutionary features in most smartphones, the once impossible are now possible.

OPPO F5 - a camera phone with A.I. Beauty Recognition Tech and Speedy Facial Unlock


OPPO Philippines just unveiled the latest technology for their latest camera phone, the OPPO F5. The new tech, the A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology, uses 200 facial feature spots and analyze 2 million kinds of faces to capture the real you with its camera. A beautification feature that uses a non-filter camera tech that refines the facial traits of the subject and it can detect the face of a female and male on the photo and apply the better beautification in  a much personalize way.
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