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Friday, April 13, 2018

Shopee announced 5.5 super sale and Anne Curtis Smith as brand ambassador


Anne Curtis Smith is happy to be on board as Shopee's first celebrity brand ambassador, she revealed that she loves Shopee, she always love to shop online and also she's excited to share to all that her make up brand BLK Cosmetics is now part of a Shopee shopping page and she's giving away limited edition autograph mirrors for the first 100 customers who buy her products at Shopee.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Buhay Carinderia - The Biggest Culinary Event to Feature Home Cooked Filipino Food

I’m a patron of affordable and delicious food from carinderias. You can choose up to 2 or 3 varieties of dishes, a cup of 1 and a half rice (extra rice to follow haha), a soda and a hot sabaw (soup) and all it’ll cost you is under 100 pesos only!

You can even request to add just little bit more of your favorite dish or ask to top your rice with that savory adobo sauce. This time, home cooked Filipino food from local eateries will be this year’s highlight for the biggest culinary event in the Philippines called Buhay Carinderia.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Globe myBusiness and Lazada Philippines partnership launches DigiMall


Globe and Lazada Philippines announced today their fresh partnership, and inline with the new partnership and Lazada's 6th anniversary, they launched a new way of shopping online experience and also let the shopper touch and inspect the items before they bought it, meaning these items are lifted out of the online store of Lazada and can be seen in a Globe and Lazada's - DigiMall, an interactive set up of products which allow the shoppers to see the items and use the Lazada app to scan the item's QR Code and direct them to the main shopping page of the seller containing the item.

Shopping with Lazada will be more convenient, and thanks to Globe Telecom's micro, small and medium enterprise arm Globe myBusiness for partnering with Lazada.

Globe myBusiness  and Lazada will be helping the SME's and especially the seller at Lazada to expand their reach through online selling and provide a worry-free shopping experience to their customers. Globe myBusiness will be providing a series of workshop and business consultation via their AdvantEDGE program to all their members, to give them more knowledge on how to run the business and also market their shop online through Lazada.

Joining with Globe myBusiness, the seller will be included in the special DigiMall marketplace at Lazada, a separate marketplace within the Lazada app to help them get more attention, and subscribing with Globe myBusiness and Lazada, the seller will have a waived commission capped at PHP5,000/month.


"We are very happy that Globe myBusiness has chosen to partner with Lazada in championing the success of our SMEs in this age of digital retail. We are positive that our marketplace service tools, trainings and digital solutions will revolutionize the way they do business. This marks the beginning of a bigger future for every entrepreneur,"
- Raymond Alimurung, Chief Business Officer for Lazada Philippines.

IMG20180411130958 IMG20180411122350
IMG20180411110809 IMG20180411131010

“We believe in strength through partnerships – and strategic partnerships with other enablers help us turn this vision into a reality. This is why we partnered with Lazada Philippines to enable online sellers to bring their products to where the market is, As more and more people turn to their phones and gadgets to shop online, there is a great opportunity waiting to be taken advantage of.  Lazada’s success is proof of this. To complement Globe myBusiness’ solutions, Lazada Philippines will enable them to reach the growing online market – creating our formula for digital success.  We are only just beginning but through this partnership, we can take great strides in bringing the future of retail today.”
- Derrick Heng, Senior Advisor for Globe myBusiness.


I've noticed that the Lazada app is now updated and you can see the new menu and user interface of the popular shopping app.

Look at the upper left corner and you'll see a QR Code scanner square [   ]  -- that's the QR code scanner activation.


The QR Code will help the shopper scan a particular item at the Globe x Lazada's DigiMall interactive shop, and if they scan the QR code from the item, they will be brought directly to a Lazada link of the seller's page for the shopper's option to buy the item via Lazada using cashless transaction or COD.


At the DigiMall interactive shop in BGC Central Mall. There's this shelf item with the QR code of Lazada, after scanning it, the Lazada app automatically brought me to their shopping page and I have the option if I can buy the item or look for more.

IMG20180411130825 IMG20180411130823
IMG20180411130813 IMG20180411130809

At the DigiMall interactive shop in BGC Central, lots of items are on display and these can be purchased only through the Lazada app.

These items are from the Lazada group of merchants who are under Globe myBusiness program.

IMG20180411130803 IMG20180411123845

Check the Globe Telecom FB page of the Lazada Philippines FB Page for announcement of the next DigiMall interactive shop in a shopping mall near you.


As a sample test of the new DigiMall set up by Globe and Lazada, we did some shopping around the interactive shop and bought some items using the Lazada app.


Here are my pending purchase earlier at the DigiMall.
- DSLR backpack
- smartphone car mount
- universal smartphone mount with adjustable clamp adapter


The PBNET boys--- aftermath of the DigiMall shopping experience
Ron bought a toy drone
Enzo bought an external hard drive
while Ted bought a camera external flash

I was about to but that shelf, but I change my mind when I learned that we can also shop around outside the DigiMall section.

I was planning to acquire that camera drone with altitude hold, but my budget reached its limit.


Congrats to Globe and Lazada for your partnership! is part of Lazada Group which operates Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Pioneering e-commerce in the region, Lazada provides customers with an effortless shopping experience and retailers with simple and direct access to the largest customer base in the Southeast Asian region.

Sign up for Globe myBusiness The Plan to be part of the Globe myBusiness marketplace in Lazada today, visit,

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Star Cruises' SuperStar Virgo - 3 days high sea trip with my family (walk through and experience)


When the news was out about the Star Cruises offerings for the VISA free trip to Taiwan and Japan via their SuperStar Virgo cruise ship, everyone were excited to book the 5 days trip that set to launch on March 2018. My wife got the interest too, but since they will be in Australia for 4 months, the plan is to book next time, maybe on 2019 for our Manila-Japan-Taiwan trip.

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