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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dinner with and new managing director Mauro Cocchieri at Paris Delice ( it’s a blog post about food panda ph )

Food delivery service is a service that we always wish for, we love to stay home or just go busy with our work in the office and we don’t have the time to prepare for our lunch or snacks, the only thing we can do is order food via phone or go online.

Fish farm project starts now

Farnham 01107 Lake Guina Tilapia

Our project to have our own fish farm started today, we did lots of research about doing aquaphonics to grow your own veggies and also breed tilapia fish. Lace did some research and she discovered this aquaphonics hobbyist online community in the Philippines. This morning we visited an aquaphonics experts who breeds red and black tilapia in their backyard, they also plant and harvest some lettuce and tomatoes in a grow bed setup.

The KFC Breakfast Buffet is back! this Oct 11-Nov 2, 2014 at 7:30am to 10am in selected 7 branches

Breakfast Buffet Flyer

This October 11, is the new start for your weekend morning, because KFC just brought back their KFC Breakfast Buffet in all weekends starting this Saturday Oct 11-Nov 2, 2014. From 7:30am up to 10am, in selected 7 branches of KFC, you can experience the unlimited food bunch of morning treats.

8 weekends of Saturday and Sunday for the ultimate breakfast buffet!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

photo coverage: Total Lunar Eclipse of Oct 8, 2014–Philippines


Another total lunar eclipse was viewed for this year and this time I was ready to do take photos and observe. But the problem occurs when the weather starts to be cloudy and the moon rises behind the dark clouds. We are expecting a storm and I’m glad that it didn’t rained yesterday, but thick clouds and the air pollution added more hazy effects to view the moon.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Taal volcano now in alert level 1 after 5 volcanic quake since Oct 7, 2014


Me and my blogger friends went to Talisay, Batangas after an overnight stay in Tagaytay, we took the Ligaya road in Tagaytay going to Talisay, Batangas. Its a long mountain drive going down to the town of Talisay and to the Taal lake, the sudden change of air pressure made me sick yesterday, I'm glad that Ted decided to stop and park his car near this observation site in Ligaya road. Then we noticed some ABS CBN camera crew filming and shooting the Taal volcano.We didn't know that time that our Taal volcano is having some hiccups.

Unboxing: Kata F1s qHD display and 1.3Ghz quad core smartphone (SRP PHP 4499)

I have on hand the brand new Kata F1s smartphone from Kata Digital, this new smartphone is the newest line of dual sim and quad core smartphone with 4.5” qHD display. From the size of the Kata F1s, you can really tell that this is for the small hand people who are not fit to hold a bigger screen phones.

Few months back Kata Digital unveiled their phablet series - Kata M1 and M2, its their large screen series with a monster battery life and fast quad core processor. Perfect for gaming, browsing and net surfing for the entire day.

Total Lunar Eclipse event later Oct 8, 2014 at 4:14pm-9:35pm Philippine time


Another astro event will happen tonight and let's hope that the skies are clear and no rains. The total lunar eclipse will start later at 4:14pm, our moon will start to rise at that time, and I think its the start after it rises from the horizon, the total eclipse where the shadow of the Earth will start to cover the moon will start at 6:25pm, that's the most exciting part of the astro show.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Incoming: Nikon Philippines "Showroom and Service Center" will have a grand opening


Tonight, the new Nikon Showroom and Service Center will be opened in Makati. I think its the same venue where they have the old service center located near Greenbelt. I will attend this and check out how we can avail the repair and cleaning services and also view the new camera models displayed for touch and try.

Photo diary: Long weekend staycation in Tagaytay (captured by Nikon D5300)

Everyone are waiting for this long weekend, I can’t even feel the long weekend because I’m a freelancer and for us its like a long weekend forever. My family went to Tagaytay last Friday, and then I followed them on Saturday, then my blogger friends invited me to join with them on an overnight stay in Crosswinds Resorts Suite for Monday, and now I’m here with them, we took a road trip around Tagaytay and did some photography during daylight and night time.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Nickelodeon new line up of series and shows this Oct 2014

Make mornings with your kids fun and educational with Wally and Norville in Wallykazam, showing Monday to Friday
Our weekday of 10:30am will be different, because me and Ashton will check out later this new show called Wallykazam, it’s a new animated series from the creators of Blue's Clues, the show is filled with educational content and humor to teach kids to recognize letters , rhymes and also do vocabulary.

Thanks to Nickelodeon for passing this info to us, to know more, then read the info below

Enjoy up to 55% discount for your staycation and travel at Discovery Travel Mart in SM Megamall (Oct 10-12, 13-16)

If you are planning a staycation for the holiday or for the next summer, then you have to check out the upcoming Discovery Travel Mart of Discovery Leisure Company, an event that offers discount packages and travel ideas for your next staycation. The event is similar to Visit Discovery that was launched last May 2014.

read up the details below

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Checking the price of some Go Pro housing in SM Store


I’m saving up some fund to buy this housing. because I found a crack in the housing of my Go Pro Hero 3+. I think I got that after I crash while filming my skateboard cruising.

I need to buy this new housing for underwater shoot and also photo. I will make sure that my Go Pro will have its own dedicated housing for different conditions.

Hot Wheels Workshop plans and track set up


Ashton sometimes changes to Hot Wheel whenever he gets tired of playing with his LEGO or Tomica, Few days ago me and Ash set up a gravity track with one loop, I attached the Hot Wheels orange track to the loop of Go Gears. It worked and we got an instant gravity loop track with a stopper.

7 Eleven original character hoodies up for grabs in limited time via reward points

ENDCAP HEADER_hoodie time
7 Eleven’s Hoodie Time merchandise trended since last month and I didn’t even noticed it. Maybe because I just go, grab and exit whenever I visit 7 Eleven store to buy some food and water. We grew up with 7 Eleven and we know that it’s the largest convenience store chain and one of the long time store to operate here in our country.

I discovered 7 Eleven during the 80’s and I just can’t believe that they are still here and then I learned that 7 Eleven in HK and Japan are a bit upscale. As for the PH version, some branches now are starting to have some make over.

Why Colgate Total® added Charcoal in their toothpaste

I’ve seen the commercial and I’m sure you saw it too, it’s a bit disgusting at first when you learned that Colgate Total added charcoal in their toothpaste, and they advertised it that it can help for deep clean in our teeth. What happened to the pearl whitey teeth and bacteria protection?

Don’t worry, charcoal is in micro format and not purely charcoal for your toothpaste, this is a latest innovation from Colgate Total, they use charcoal and also the ingredients of Colgate for cleaning and removing stains, bacteria and odor in our teeth.

New Generation of Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner landed in my bathroom and yes…we guys use it too

Promo promo time!!! What we have here is a new set of shampoo and conditioners from Palmolive, I know it will sound weird why I’m blogging this shampoo designed for female, but hey! even us guys also use this shampoo at home, if you have a female who lives with you….like your mom, aunt, cousin, sister, daughter or wife, I’m sure you are using the same shampoo that they are using.
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