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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kalakal–Pandan Sambalilo Weaving and Handicraft Center - #‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 3


#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 3 --- I heard that we will be going to Kalakal, the first thing that came to my mind is junk trade, here in Manila, we call junk trade as “kalakal”, but here in Cavinti, Laguna, the word kalakal is much the same as “trade”, but the difference is that they have a product to sell, trade and export. The main product that they are proud of are the pandan straw hats or called as “sambalilo”, and pandan woven baskets, floor mat, banig and many more.

Bumbungan Eco Park - #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 2


Welcome to my part 2 of my blog series - CavEAT: the Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour. Our first visit in one of Cavinti’s eco tour site – the Bumbungan Eco Park. We traveled for almost 30 minutes from Sta. Cruz, Laguna and taking the Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti Road. Bumbungan Eco Park is very common and not so famous to other visitors, because it looks like a man made falls. The over flowing water is coming from the Bumbungan River and this connects to Cavinti River going to Cavinti falls.

The Pope, the people, the cops and the wave - my blog coverage of Pope Francis in Manila day 2

DSC_0052 2

I went to SM MOA complex to get a another chance to photo image Pope Francis with my camera, but the area of Macapagal blvd is super crowded and its hard to get a descent photo shot of our Pope. I went there around 3:30pm and I walked from McDo Aseana area going to Blue Wave. My idea is to stay at other side of the road for me to enjoy some drinks in Mcdonalds and Starbucks. But….

Friday, January 16, 2015

On the road to Cavinti, Laguna for the #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 1


Hi everyone, welcome again to my new travel blog series and here I feature to you the nature wonders and tourist destinations at Cavinti, Laguna. I like to thank Herald Bebis for his awesome initiative to co-tie up with the LGU of Cavinti to organize a trip and tour for us. Cavinti, Laguna is not an alien town to me, it’s a very common town that everyone knows about it, but I thought that I know everything about Cavinti, but I learned more and my info was unclouded once more because I discovered new places and also stuff that is not written in our Sibika at Kultura books back in grade school.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My blog coverage of Pope Francis in Manila - day 1 #PopeFrancisPH #PapalVisit2015

DSC_0600 2

I promised myself that I will do a blog coverage of the Papal Visit this 2015. I even prepared since December last year, because I always prayed for the safety of Pope Francis when the time comes for his arrival here in Manila. The Sunday mass always have a prayer for the Pope at the end of each mass. Because of that, I got reminded last year that I should try and do a blog coverage.

But flashback to January 15, 2015, Pope Francis arrived in Manila at around 5:30pm, and I was still at home nursing a tummy ache and also I came back home after I ran an errand with my wife for her chest xray, I heavily monitored the news on Twitter to be informed what’s going on.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fundacion Sansó Museum Opens in San Juan, MM


I just received an email about the opening of this museum. I haven’t visited it yet, let me share here the info that was sent to me. I saw Mr. Juvenal Sansó in person, in a gallery exhibit opening of Lopez Museum, but I didn’t got a chance to check out his works, I guess this is the right place to explore and appreiciate his art pieces.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sinulog sa Kabankalan kicks off 2015 Fiesta Season this January 16-18, 2015


Sinulog Festival in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental is my first ever Sinulog fest, me and my three blogger tropa went there last year to witness and also participate in the grand festival. It was fun and It was less commercialized.

I provided here in my blog post a media release about the festival and also I posted the program schedule of the last 3 highlights of Sinulog de Kabankalan.

thanks again Mika for this news.


Although the longest holiday season in the world will be officially over with the Feast of the Magi on January 6, it is definitely “more fun in the Philippines” as the 2015 fiesta season immediately kicks off with community celebrations venerating the Santo Niño.

Kabankalan City, at the heart of Negros Island, holds its festival of thanksgiving with the Sinulog sa Kabankalan, on the third week of January, culminating in a grand weekend of revelry from January 16-18, 2015. It is both a cultural and religious celebration.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

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