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Monday, January 19, 2015

Cavinti Underground River and Caves Complex - I hope to see you next time


The only thing that is not included in my eco adventure tour in Cavinti is the tour inside the Cavinti Underground River and Caves Complex. We were suppose to go here last December 2014, but the LGU of Cavinti sent a notice that all tours and exploration will be postponed for awhile due to heavy rains and the terrain going to the cave is muddy and the inside part of the cave is flooded with rain water. We expected that we are scheduled here for the January tour, but all tour and guides are not yet allowed due to the bad weather in the area of the cave.

2nd Cavinti Water Sports Fest 2015 this Feb 8-14, 2015 in Lumot lake, Cavinti, Laguna


The upcoming event highlight in Cavinti, Laguna is the 2nd Cavinti Water Sports Fest 2015, last year started with local competition but for this 2015 they target to have the international leg of different kinds of water sports.

Chasing the sunset at Caliraya Lake Spillway- ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 15 (END)


Our last part of the tour is to stop here at the area of Caliraya Lake Spillway just to catch the sunset. I didn’t expected that this site is a sunset viewing area. Lots of motorist, locals and tourist stop by here just to watch the sunset. I also saw some teenagers dating and others are drinking some beers and eating chips.

Lago Fishing Village– best for camping and fishing - ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 14


One of my favorite site here in Cavinti is the Lago Fishing Village. It’s a fishing site with nipa hut houses and two kinds of hotel. Lago Fishing Village is like an eco park to me because they have their own lake, it’s a big lake with lots of fish. Here they breed different kinds of fish – red tilapia, pangea fish, pacu fish and the alligator gar fish. All fish are for competition and fish sport activities. They installed dividers at the lake to separate the different kinds of fish. There are areas for the pangea and the alligator gar fish.

The Japanese Garden of Cavinti - ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 13


One of the popular spot for picnic, mountain bike, and a place to have a me-time is here at the Japanese Garden in Cavinti, Laguna. Normally it’s a part of a hill with a vast space of nature reserve, there’s a field, a lagoon and a stairway that leads to the top of the garden. According to our local guide that this garden was built as a memorial and also a symbol of friendship of the Japanese to the Filipinos.

Boating the Caliraya Lake - ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 12


There are several kinds of ways on how you can conquer and enjoy the waters of Caliraya Lake, you can do boating, kayaking, boat paddle, jetski, kite boarding and wind surfing. For our case, we tried the boat pasyal here in Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort, it’s a tour around Caliraya Lake riding this motorized tour boat, the big boat can accommodate up to 15 people. We went around the lake for 30 minutes and here I got another adrenaline pumping moment when we return to the docking bay.

Kayak, boat ride, zipline,fishing and outdoor activities in Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort- ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 11


Finally…after a day of imagining myself in a kayak, I’m now here at the Caliraya Lake paddling a plastic kayak!! It’s the most awesome part of my trip to do kayak, because it’s the next watersports activity that I’m targeting for this 2015, and yes, I do have a plan of buying my own inflatable kayak, because I have this plan of kayaking the Manila Bay hahaha. seriously! my plan also is to buy a paddle board, but its too expensive and its bulky to carry around, that’s why I chose to get next time an inflatable kayak. Para no need to rent na and will use it unlimited.

Play Golf at Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort - ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 10


The golf course is formerly known as “Caliraya Springs Golf & Country Club”, but now its part of Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort. It’s a popular golf course site that features a championship golf course with 7,000 yard long area and with 18 holes. The view here is spectacular, you can view the Caliraya lake anda also Mt. Banahaw.

When we arrived here, we learned that the whole hotel rooms are booked by Korean nationals, all are golfers and they are in the field playing golf for the entire day. But the best part here is that we ate our snacks and got a chance to play golf.


We spotted this 2nd reception area, for Koreans only. I think this will break the barriers of any translation problems. I’m not sure if the Korean is working here or a local agency hired him to do customer service for Koreans.


The site is also a good for mountain biking, here I saw a double seater bike. Its so cute and we’re surprised that the brand is Avant.


And here’s a side car 2 seater bike with umbrella. For lovers and couples who wants to seat side by side.


Here’s a view of the golf course. We weren’t allowed to roam around the field because there are golfers who are busy playing. We were allowed to stay and check their golf driving area.

Golf rates:

Green fees:
9 holes - PHP 850 for weekdays, PHP 1130 for weekends
18 holes - PHP 1700 for weekdays, PHP 2036 for weekends

Golf cart rental
9 holes - PHP 450
18 holes - PHP 780

Caddie fee
9 holes - PHP 250
18 holes - PHP 300

Umbrella girl - PHP 200
Gallery - PHP 300
Driving range fee - PHP 200
Ball - PHP 50 per box of 40 balls


It’s a good sunny day and I wanna play golf! It’s one of my dream sports since I was a kid, its an expensive sport and I didn’t got a chance to try this.

Inside the Caliraya golf course main building at Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort


Our lunch courtesy of La Cucina de Caliraya restaurant.
The resto specializes an all pinoy meals. They prepared a tapa and longanissa silog lunch for us.


Flyer of the resort.


Happy lunch to all


nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom……….. happy lunch talaga.


Here’s our chance to try the golf drive. A local golf instructor were there to teach us on how to hit a golf ball using a driving club.

It looks so easy but its hard to hit the ball using all your energy.


My first time to golf drive..
1st shot – missed shot
2nd shot – it just flew on top of the ground

my verdict:
My arm and shoulder hurts after the drive


Here’s Jen in golf mode pose.


It’s a fun day here in Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort, but this golf course area is just a start. We will check out other activities and amenities of the resort in my next blog post.

I just can’t believe that this blog series will reach part 10 hahahaha.
I will get my revenge and practice golf next time.

Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort
Tel: 723-0781 to 88 loc 306
0917 5532613 / 0998 9893832


Address: Caliraya Springs, Brgy East Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna



The #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour is a Tourism Advocacy Campaign to help generate online buzz for the upcoming Cavinti Water Sports Olympics: 1st International Competition happening on February 8-14, 2015.

2015 Cavinti Water Sports Olympics: 1st International Competition
watch the video:

The #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour is organized by Herald C. Bebis for the Municipality of Cavinti headed by Hon. Mayor Milbert Oliveros. The event is fully supported by the Cavinti Municipal Tourism Office, DigitalFilipino, Pelikula Padayon, Caliraya Lake Mountain Resort, Camarin Resort and Lago Fishing Village.

1. Ride Sta. Cruz, Laguna bound DLTB Bus in Buendia Terminal, located below Gil Puyat LRT
2. Bus fare to Sta. Cruz, Laguna is PHP 140 (air con bus)
3. Drop off at DLTB Sta. Cruz terminal
4. Ride a a tricycle or jeep going to Sta. Cruz Market
5. At the market, look for the jeepney that will take you to Cavinti, Laguna
6. If you will go straight to Caliraya Lake, ride the Lumban-Cavinti Jeep
7. If you will go straight to Cavinti town proper, then ride the Pagsanjan-Cavinti jeep (this jeep will take you to Bumbungan resort, and also the Cavinti Municipal Tourism Office)
8. If you will go back to Manila, just go back to Sta. Cruz bus terminals, DLTB bus last trip to Manila is around 7:45pm
9. Other option: You can also ride a Lucban jeep in Sta. Cruz, you can drop off at Cavinti junction and just ride a tricycle going to Bumbungan Eco Park or to town proper


Lumot Lake - water sports and bass fishing spot - ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 9


Lumot lake is the 2nd man made lake here in Cavinti, Laguna. The lake was created as a water reservoir for the Lumot dam and the hydroelectric powerplant at Caliraya lake. The lake is connected to Lumot river, and it’s the source of water of the lake. Lumot lake is a popular watersport and fishing competition spot. Every year the LGU team organizes the watersports tournament and also bass fishing contest. The lake is rich with fresh water fish such as tilapia and large mouth bass fish.

Cavinti Church–a 4 century old Catholic church - ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 8


Our day 2 in Cavinti, Laguna started here in Cavinti, Church, I’m glad that the tour included a church visit because I have section here in my blog that is all about churches, a blog collection of old churches here in the Philippines. check -

I learned that this church was founded in the year 1621, then it was damaged during the year of Chinese uprising here in Cavinti, Laguna. I didn’t know there’s a Chinese uprising in the old age of Laguna. I have to Google that later.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Food and Inside the bloggers camp (rest house) - ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 7


I decided to include this in my blog series, just to show you where did we sleep and stayed for a night. We stayed here in rest house provided by the Mayor of Cavinti, a day before the trip the temperature here in Cavinti is around 18C and that’s close to the weather in Baguio this season. When we learned about the weather, we gear up with our jackets and went around in layered clothing. I think the Ber- season is much colder because the cold front or the Amihan is still present til February.

Camarin Resort and Eco Park - ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 6


After the energetic activity in Cavinti Falls, we went here in Camarin Resort sitting by the side of Caliraya Lake, it’s a resort owned by the NAPOCOR or National Power Corp. It’s a resort open for everyone and you can come here to have a picnic, organize your event or just want to chase the sunset that will glow over the Caliraya Lake.

Cavinti Falls (formerly Pagsanjan falls) - ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 5


From my part 4 blog post of this series, I showed to you the hike and trek from the mountain going down here in Cavinti falls, it’s the most adrenaline pumping trek because its my first time to rappel down with nature around me and the reward that awaits there is the beauty of the falls. Cavinti falls or formerly known as Pagsanjan falls is very popular for the 80’s kids, because this falls have lots of photos in our post cards and also in every Sibika at Kultura text books, back in my grade school years in UST, I bought a Pagsanjan falls post cards in National bookstore and glued it to a bond paper and submitted it as my assignment about the nature wonders of the Philippines.

Pueblo El Salvador Nature’s Park and Picnic Grove (gateway to Cavinti Falls) - ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 4


For the part 4 of my blog series about our eco adventure tour in Cavinti, Laguna, I can say that this is the most physical enduring activity. I didn’t expected that we will trek down the mountain going to the site where we can see the Cavinti Falls (formerly Pagsanjan falls). I thought that it was just a several hike because in my other water falls adventure, the trek and hike down the mountain is just around 15-20 minutes, but here in Cavinti, it was like for 1 hour of trek, I managed to call all my energies to use it to trek down and also rappel myself for two times just to reach the lowest part of the mountain, and take note, we also climb up going back to the site were we started haahah.
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