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Saturday, January 31, 2015

O’ Rice–trying this Korean stylish fried rice in BGC


I landed in BGC to attend an event and before I enter the venue in Forum BGC, I decided to eat my lunch first before proceeding to that event, and I really want to eat that is something good and it will help me to kick away the holiday blues.

 I spotted O’Rice, a Korean restaurant that specializes in pan fried rice, they have many kinds of fried rice concept created with lots of Korean spirit. But I’m not familiar with their dishes so I gave it a try, since its New Year, I should try something new.

More than a thousand of people wearing wings joined Angels Walk for Autism in SM MOA ARENA last Jan 25, 2015 (photo coverage)


Various organizations and community for autism joined forces in a world record breaking event that was held at the SM MOA ARENA last January 25, 2015. The gathering of people wearing angel wings is for the celebration and awareness of National Autism Consciousness Week.

National Autism Consciousness Week is an annual event that started in January 1996 after the issuance of Presidential Proclamation No.711 signed by Pres.Fidel V. Ramos, its about awareness on autism here in the Philippines and also for the government to provide assistance to those who are in need and tap different local agencies for community driven assistance for families.

Friday, January 30, 2015

This Feb 2015 - Resorts World Manila’s Imperial Festival feat. Chinatown with Valentine's Day Flavor, Concerts, NBA Weekend, Bituing Walang Ninging musical, and World of Luck


Resorts World Manila launches The Imperial Festival 2015 as their event and monthly theme for February, The Imperial Festival combines Chinese New Year and Valentines Day as one theme for their events, attractions, promos and also for celebrating the year of the goat and days of love. Not only that, the Imperial Festival promotes the World Of Luck, as Resorts World Manila brings luck to everyone who will visit them and patronize their promos and attractions.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Skin treatment and wart removal experience in Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations


Its been close to 20 years since my last visit to a skin clinic or derma, during my youngling days, my parents are very concerned for the health of my skin, my mom said that we are so lucky in our generations that there are skin clinics and skin doctor that can take care of our skin, back in the old times, people live with acne and skin problems every day and skin treatment are not easy to access.

When my mom brought me to a skin clinic, I was so shy and embarrassed because all I know is that girls do the skin treatment regularly, and because I’m a boy, I don’t mind too much about treating my pimple or make my skin glowy under the sun. Its not an easy start for my skin treatment, I have lots of horrors back then, but as time goes by and with a monthly visit to my skin doctor, I was very appreciative on the result for my pimple problems. My facials is smooth and all pimples were gone as I reach college, I am very glad that I got the right treatment for my face and skin.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Auldey’s Infinity Nado–toy top with RFID chip to record your score and ranking in every top battle


2015 started with a spin and bang when a new toy comes out from the market. Infinity Nado by Auldey captured easily the old fans of Beyblade when they launched their new version of their own toy top added with some technology to record your score in every battle and place you in the Philippine scoring rank. Yes, the plastic and metallic top that spins with a launcher and spine can record your score with its embedded RFID chip located on top of the top.

Rekados Café and Restaurante– your stopover in Sta.Rosa-Tagaytay road for a Fil-Spanish food


If you will travel to Tagaytay and want to add a little spice in your road trip and adventure, there’s a restaurant that is worth to visit when you are along the long road of Sta. Rosa and Tagaytay highway, The Rekados Café and Restaurante is there near the boundary of Silang, Cavite and Tagaytay City. It’s a 20 minute drive if you are coming from Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, but it’s a 5 minute drive if you are coming from the public market of Tagaytay, or 15 minutes if you will come from Olivares in Tagaytay.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Lopez Museum and Library new exhibit "Propaganda" opens to the public on 6 February


Lopez Museum and Library will unveil their new exhibit this Feb 6. The museum will exhibit their archive and large collection of World War 2 propaganda and election materials of the yester years and along side with the exhibit are contemporary works by our local artist.

read the details below

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'll be on tv as one of the panelist for Gma News TV "Ang Pinaka" featuring Philippines extraordinary record in Guinness World Records


Hey guys! I'm inviting you to watch the episode of "Ang Pinaka" later at 6:30pm in GMA NEWS TV, their episode today will feature our country's record in Guinness World Records, its not a common feat of a record, but its an extraordinary record that is hard to beat and hard to execute.
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