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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Mr and Ms Bambanti Festival presentation on stage - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 9

Colorful gowns and costumes were presented by 25 contingent of Isabela for the Bambanti Festival 2019. Each costumes showcases the identity of their home town and tribe. Days before the festival, the gowns and costumes were displayed for exhibit for the final judging of the costume contest.

A world record: Bambanti scarecrow street dance - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 8

The major highlights of the Bambanti Festival is the grand street dance of people wearing scarecrow costume dancing in sync with the festival music.  The most interesting part here is that Isabela was introduced to the world as the feat of the street dancers set a Guinness Book of World Records for the largest group of dancers wearing scarecrow costume dancing on the same music.

Tumauini Church and the belfry that look like wedding cake - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 7

On the 2nd day of our coverage for the Bambanti Festival, we went to Cabagan, Isabela to attend a town fiesta and to eat our lunch at the residence of the Vice Governor of Isabela. We first drop by here at the town of Tumauini to visit a one of a kind of church with a belfry that looks like a wedding cake or a white candle.

Makan Ken at Inumin cooking contest - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 6

We attended and watch the live cooking contest at the plaza of the capitol where they hosted the Makan Ken at Inumin contest for the Bambanti Festival.

Its a cooking contest for the 25 towns of Isabela and I heard that whoever will win the contest will have a chance that their product be featured as a future business for everyone.

The scarecrow and hut exhibit at the Bambanti Village - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 5

At the capitol plaza, you can meet there different kinds of scarecrow art crafts, these are handcrafted by town folks for the contest organized by the Isabela Provincial Government. The contest is to set up a large scarecrow and a hut using products that are produced by their town.

Festival gowns and costume on exhibit - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 4

Festival gowns and costume for the Mr and Miss Bambanti Festival was available for viewing in a big hall inside the capitol. The festival gowns and costumes are on exhibit days before it will be used by the festival participants.

There’s also a festival costume contest, the judges of the contest are here inside the exhibit room to have a closer look of the detail of each costume.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

National Shrine of Our Lady of the Visitation of Guibang - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 3

A member of the media who are with us requested that if ever we can drop by to the church of the Our Lady of Visitation of Guibang in Gamu, Isabela. It was okay, because the route is near to our next destination: Ilagan City, where the Bambanti Festival ground is happening.

There’s an info banner in front of the church and it says that the image of Mama Mary was found on the river during the 1900s, and then was given to a poor family since they dont have money to buy an image of Mama Mary, the image found from the river started to show some miraculous activity, and then the town decided to build a church and house the image there.

A visit to Hacienda de San Luis - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 2

For our 1st day tour around Isabela, since we are in Cauayan City, our tour guide from the Provincial Information Office of Isabela brought us here in Barrio San Luis aka Hacienda de San Luis.

I did some research that the entire barrio is the hacienda, during the early times this hacienda is a tobacco plantation. The Hacienda de San Luis was named after the saint of Spain - St. Louis.

Travel to Isabela Province - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 1

I went to Isabela Province to attend the Bambanti Festival, I first heard about the festival when my blogger friend Ted Claudio went there last 2018, and he told me if ever Im interested, I can join with them to a road trip going to Isabela, I laughed when I heard “road trip” because its really a road trip with 10+ hours land travel via bus, I learned the travel time when I experience for the first time going to Sta. Ana, Cagayan for Partakan Festival, we passed by Isabela Province and we reached Cabagan City after 16 hours, and we ate our early dinner at 4pm in a small carinderia where I first tasted the Pancit Cabagan.
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