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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Ash and Medical City day 2

Ashton starts to get bored already for our day 2 stay in The Medical City and thanks to our Acer laptop that gives a little entertainment for Ash in watching Brainy Baby dvds and playing online game at the Fisher Price's website. I received bad news when I arrived there this afternoon and the high fever still kicks in and Ash started to chill at night, We're glad that they are already in the hospital and doctors and nurses are available 24 hours a day. Ashton loves to ride the Hummer motorized car inside the lobby, this was used by kids whenever they exit the room going to the gate of the hospital, the toy car ride sits on a metallic bar and like a wheel chair and push cart, the parent will control its movement and as for Ashton, it is his new toy that day, he rides and enjoy it..just to make his day not so boring. ( More below )

Ash and Medical City

originally Posted: 12 May 2011 10:26 AM PDT (before downtime)
Been busy since yesterday as we brought baby Ash in The Medical City to find out what’s the cause of this high fever in the afternoon and at night. We are so worried that there might be some kind of viral infection going on inside his body and we are not sure of it and we let the doctors find it out after doing some test. I declare that I’ll go absent in attending all activities this week, and that includes some events and PFW 2011. (more story below) you are back! i miss you!!

1st post..after a 2 day downtime of
it feels great to see you back online!

Ok what's the damage you left from us?
1. my two new post were deleted
2. 5 scheduled blog post were gone too
3. some of my new widgets updates and add ons were gone

But I'm glad that I have an email notification that was sent to me after publishing a blog entry. I can just go to my inbox and copy the email notification containing my blog post

Ok what should I do next ?

For those who want to do a back up for their blog
just visit your dashboard

click Settings>ExportBlog>Download blog

Check out also their update at

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alex Ross in Manila today ?? (true?)

A friend sent this info via DM this afternoon and I dont have any confirmation about Alex Ross's visit here in Manila. But reading this blog makes me wonder and teleport myself to Katipunan.

news was first posted here at

Few years ago, Alex Ross emailed me and he showed interest to buy that Captain America lifesize statue that was based on his design. Ok, Mr. Ross, if you read this.hope you can confirm  :)

Coca-Cola Music Studio launches its way on the web

Coke Studio (1)
This is a great news for music fans and also for those who love Coca-Cola, this date: May 11, 2011, is the official launch of the Coca-Cola Music Studio website ( ). Its a new website for music fans to dig in for the freshest sound and audio created by our talented local musicians. The aim of this website is that Coca-Cola wants to connect to all teens of this generation and use music to provide a channel of message and communication by Coca-Cola to our teens, for me that’s a cool way in bringing in more Happiness! so yey! to Coca-Cola.

8 OPM artist will give birth to a new collaboration of style and sound creating new music for us and these new music content are mash up by two artist performing their original songs with the other artist and these are only exclusive at the Coca-Cola Music Studio. Click your way to the web and check out the mini concert for episode 1 featuring: Gloc 9, Tanya Markova, Pedicab and Yeng Constantino, Sponge Cola and JayR(More story below)

Jomike Tejido's FOLDABOTS comic book launch

Save the date of May 21st at 2pm in SM Megamall for the 1st comic book launch of Foldabots by Jomike Tejido. These Foldabots are robot characters inspired from the Transformers, can transform to different forms like animals and vehicles.

Don't miss the 1st ever comic book launch and get a chance to meet the comic and toy design creator Jomike Tejido. I've been waiting for this release and I feel a kid again, excited and want to read the story of the mighty Foldabots.

congrats in advance Jomike!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Justin Bieber concert in Manila tweet updates

Justin Bieber concert in Manila will be tonight and its a sad thing for me that I have tickets and I can't go to watch it...same goes to the Mr. Big concert. . I gave the tickets to my sister and she will be there to watch and cover the concert for my blog. I posted here a visibletweet embed and you can monitor here all kinds of tweet updates about Justin Bieber concert from his fans.

check out below for other tweets about the concert of Justin Bieber in Manila

Monday, May 09, 2011

my PFW 2011 check list

I’m re-organizing my schedule because I’m going to attend some fashion shows of top brands and designers at the 2011 Philippine Fashion Week for their holiday collection and Its hard to get an invite for this year and I’m so busy in my work and other things and got no time to get in touch with my contacts who can help me score invites for this show. I love attending the show and got the passion of covering fashion shows for my blog. I always do a full photo coverage of their show and post it here in my blog. Fashion fans of clothing brands and designers love to see my photo coverage and also I always receive some emails from models who participated at the fashion show asking for a copy of their photos for their portfolio. (More story below)

Red Nimbus store opens to offer Toki Doki items, Kid Robot and Vinyl toys

A new pop culture store just opened last weekend in Robinsons Galeria, the new store – Red Nimbus sit on the corner of Jump Street Wing in the mall and they offer and sell authentic Toki Doki merchandise – tshirts, bags and baby clothes, Kid Robot merchandise, Vinyl toys and Harajuku inspired items. Sandy of Comic Odyssey told me about this after visiting him last Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day and he shared that his brother Gerry owns the big store. (More Story Below)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

35,000 pcs of comics given by Comic Odyssey for Free Comic Book Day Philippines

Going to Free Comic Book Day every year is a fun event for comics fans because its like a loyalty award given by comic shop owners to their customers but at the Free Comic Book Day you can get a free comics even if you are not a customer. This is a global event created by American comic book stores and distributors in 2002 and the purpose of Free Comic Book Day is not only a reward program but also a way of getting new comic book fans and readers, bring back the old fans to comics, introduction of new comic creators, engage everyone to different comic book fans and readers, and a way of reminding us to READ.

Comic Odyssey is our premiere organizer here in the Philippines and they are doing this for since way back 2005 and I went there in Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galeria to take a short visit and do a coverage for this year’s 2011 Free Comic Book Day Philippines.

more photos below

Survey: Tokio Hotel concert in Manila

A local concert producer contacted me yesterday and asking for some help to do this survey and ask everyone if they are a fan and want to have a Tokio Hotel concert in Manila this year.

If you are curious about this band then read more info about them at
and at

If you want Tokio Hotel to have a concert here in Manila, then post a reply and comment here
so that I can submit a report of this survey to them today.

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